UNDERTALE – a game of emotions(Spoiler free)

undertaleUNDERTALE is a game I have been hearing and seeing for a while now. After seeing the praise and accolades the game had gotten, I knew I had to try it. $9.99 seemed pretty cheap, so I picked it up.
I told myself not to be to hyped up over it, since having the bar set too high, only to be disappointed really is disheartening.

Boasting a 98% positive rating out of 20,530 reviews as of writing, plus numerous reviews, videos, forum posts and just general talk about the game and it’s attachment to the gamers that have played it, it was a bit tough NOT to have high hopes for the game.

I will tell you know, the game deserves all of it and more.

After playing through the game a few times, it left me emotional, puzzled in some aspects and overall just invested. I can see why individuals have fallen in love with the game as they have. There is an unmistakable charm to this game, that no game thus far has had.

The story is surprisingly deep. More than once at the end of my last play-through I got a little misty-eyed. This game really manages to enthrall you, to it’s characters, plot, and theme.

I had read about how people kept thinking about the game, long after they beat it. It’s true.
I kept thinking about the choices that I could have made, or did make, the characters and feel of the world you fall into.

Another thing that stood out; the soundtrack. Very good. Go buy the game, stay awhile and listen. Enough said.

If the game even looks remotely good to you, as a gamer, you should definitely purchase this game. Don’t except to get tons of playtime out of it, but for $9.99, there is more than enough here to satisfy you.