Final Fantasy – The Prelude

Let’s talk about a game series. A series that captured my youth and never really let go. That series is Final Fantasy.

Most gamers know the name Final Fantasy. Some hate it, some love it. Myself, I do enjoy it. There isn’t a single Final Fantasy game that I have personally played that I absolutely hated. I may have not liked certain things in a particular game, but I consider them all at the very least, decent. Yes, even the 13 series. Oh god, I just had flashbacks from 13-2 of the clock minigame. Man I hated those. Anyway…

I own almost every main entry Final Fantasy series, starting from 1 and going down the line, or at least, some form of the game. For instance, I own the Final Fantasy Origins PS1 game, which has Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 on it. The only game I do not own in some form is Final Fantasy 10 for the PS2.
Not sure why I never got my hands on it. I would buy it, but in making this article, I have come to the horrific realization that my poor PS2 is pretty busted. The controller is iffy, but still usually works, but my memory cards… My precious memory cards don’t appear to work. However, that is to be expected of an old console that has merely collected dust for years. I love my PS2, but that was the first time I had hooked it up in ages. Poor thing. I own an original PlayStation, but that thing is even more busted. So no hope there.

But nonetheless, let me get to my point. This year, and possibly into next year, who knows, I am going to play through each of the main FF games, in order, and talk about them after completion. This excludes the MMO’s, of course, even though I did have a quick stint with FF11, which was pretty fun. I will start with 1, and work my way down to 13, or possibly even 15, if it comes out by the time I am finished with the rest of the series. I also won’t be playing any of the “spin-off” games, like X-2, Tactics or the like. Even though I have played both of the aforementioned games and loved them(especially Tactics, but what FF fan doesn’t like FF Tactics?), I will be sticking to mainly the “numbered” FF games. But perhaps in the future.

Why am I doing this? I have had this idea floating around in my head for a while. I am an avid lover of the Final Fantasy series, but despite owning many of the games in the series I never finished some of them. I got really close on some, but just never completed them, like the bad gamer I am.
So, I am going pick them up and play them through and give them the attention they deserve. So stick around to read about my journey through the FF games.
A reminder, these won’t really be reviews, merely just a journey and my opinion on the game and what I thought. Most of these games are old classics, many of which I am sure you have already played through, so no sense in trying to get fancy with ratings and such, although I am sure I will talk about graphics, gameplay and the like. There will also be spoilers, so keep that in mind.

But, I will begin my journey with the father of the FF series.

Final Fantasy.



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