Final Fantasy 2 Part 2 – Success at a cost

When we last left off, we were about to enter the Snow Cavern with Josef in search of the Sunfire, which we were told could be used to destroy the Dreadnought.

Going through the cave, undead run rampant, along with goblins and “bomb” type enemies. Thankfully, the undead are weak to Fire, as well as Cure and Life, making this the first installment in what would later be the norm for a Final Fantasy game.
Also, Josef is putting in the work, dealing a ton of damage to enemies. I am pleasantly surprised.
We also get lucky and an enemy drops the Battle Axe, a much needed upgrade to Gus’ starter axe he is still lugging around.
Which is funny, because not a few moments later, there is a Battle Axe in a chest.
We also come across an Ice Scroll, which completes Maria elemental spell list.

We also nearly get a game over when four Deadringers get the jump on us and proceed to critical Firion and Maria to single digits. Thank goodness Josef and Gus tanked some hits while the others healed up.
After traversing further in, we come across a room filled with giant beavers. Gus can apparently speak to them, and we ask one of them about the location of the Goddess’ Bell. He tells Gus there is a secret break in the wall, which is where the bell is hiding, except there is a monster guarding it.

Also you can’t cast Warp in this dungeon!? What the heck FF2, here I was just praising you about giving us Warp so early and we can’t even use it on the next dungeon!
Well, with that new information, I guess we press on with less than stellar MP. Arriving in the next room, we pick up a Silver Plate, which will definitely come in handy. Plate items offer decent Defense, at only a small reduction of Evasion. We will be having everyone wear plate armor when we can afford it.
The boss, Adamantoise, is the big brother of the Spiketoise. Thankfully, he has a weakness to Ice, as I recall, so Maria will help out here a lot with that new spell of hers. He managed to take out Firion at one point, and nearly killed Gus with a 100+ damage attack, but we managed to get him with everyone standing.
After retrieving the Goddess’ Bell, let’s get out here!
Thankfully, the game is merciful and puts a quick short cut to the entrance, but someone is waiting for us?

Borghen, the traitor! He is a fairly easy fight. Josef did almost 200 damage to him, and he went down shortly after. But he has one final trick up his sleeve…

Cue Resident Evil 1 flashbacks.

Battered, weary, and heartbroken at the loss of Josef, the group leaves the cave and heads back to Salamand. In town, I sell some stuff, rest, and pick up Life for Gus. After speaking with Josef’s daughter about her father, we head out in search of Castle Kas’ion, where the Sunfire rests.

We arrive and see the Sunfire blazing at the entrance, but we need something hold it with. Ringing the Goddess’ Bell at the door unlocks it, allowing the party to venture in.
We meet up with Gordon, who was attempting to get something called the Egil’s Torch. We join up to search for it together.
It looks like he has some decent stats, but that HP, good lord. I will probably just stick him with fighting with a spear and shield, since leveling up spells would take forever with him.

Holy crap this place is tough on the later floors. Spiketoises, with Ogres and Ogre Mages who can cast Ice 5!? Then a trapped chest with Mines in it that deal a huge chunk of damage. I had to Warp out with Firion! Time for a rest! At least everyone got some level ups from it. Even Gordon is becoming slightly more helpful.

One thing that bothers me about dungeons, why are there so many empty, high-rate encounter rooms? What purpose do they serve other than to annoy the player and artificially lengthen the dungeon? There have been so many just this early in the game, it is quite frustrating. Other than that annoyance, the game has been pretty fun thus far.

Back at Bafsk, we heal up and I buy Silver Plates for everyone, now that I have some money to spend. We then hike back up for round two against the castle.
Adamantoises are already random encounters in the castle!? What the heck, I just fought him as a boss not 30 minutes ago! It took Maria 6 shots of Ice1 to clear him out, since everyone else can’t even damage him. Thank goodness I got out of here when I did. Thank you Warp!

Wow, FF2, four Admantoises out of 5 fights?
After making our way back through the castle, we come across this guy, called Shrieker.
This is a gimmick fight, it seems. He blasts us with powerful magic, but soon runs out of MP after a few castings. So as long as we can survive the first few turns, it is smooth sailing. A few things, however, one, the Shrieker absorbs magic and two, he has super high Defense.

This was a Fire3, which he happily absorbed.

After a round of Shell, Blink, and a few Cures, the party just wailed on him until he was defeated. Taking the Egil’s Torch and grabbing the Sunfire, it is time to head back to Altair.

Well, that can’t be good.

Talking to the NPC’s in Poft, we find out the Princess has been captured while she was on the airship that we seen.
Another thing that just dawned on me, this game seems really front-loaded with white magic. So far, I can only recall seeing Fire, Bolt and Ice for sale and being found in dungeons. I suppose that isn’t a detriment, really, considering how useful white magic is, but just something that I found odd.

Back in Altair, we get a tip from a guard that says the Dreadnought was spotted moving north of Fynn, so with that, we head in that direction.

Wow, have some faith, old man.

On the trek there, we fight some Warlocks, who drop the Poison Scroll, perfect for Maria to start leveling up! Not sure how useful it will be, but we shall see.
And an Ogre Mage drops Blind for us as well! Wow, all that talk about how lacking black magic was might have been a tad bit too hasty.
Also, Maria just got an Evasion level up. Awesome. Another thing I forgot to mention about stat-ups, sometimes, when one increases, another decreases. It doesn’t happen every time, just every so often.
Strength can decrease Intelligence, Spirit can decrease Strength and Intelligence can decrease Endurance.
I think that is how it goes. More often than not, it might go down, but unless you are unlucky, you will probably get one or two stat ups for that stat anyway, so it isn’t a big deal. For the later remakes, this was removed entirely, so no need to worry about it at all.

We reach the Dreadnought, only to be stopped by a guard who won’t let us through. Apparently I missed an item in the Bafsk Cave. Time to head back!

The trip back to the Dreadnought was pretty eventful, I got a couple of scroll drops, like Sleep, Banish and Ice, as well as everyone getting an Evasion up.
After presenting our Pass, we head inside and quickly find Princess Hilda with Cid. Cid instructs us to throw the Sunfire into the engine while he and Hilda wait at the Airship.
We also find a pair of Thief’s Gloves, which are light-weight armor and increase Agility. Perfect.
On our way through the Dreadnought, we come across some loot, one of which holds an Ice Shield, but also a Hill Gigas.
This guy wrecked me. I never did get a game over, but it got close a few times. Once again, my guys couldn’t hurt him, only with Maria’s magic and the occasional critical. For some reason, he almost always went after either Firion or Maria, even bursting through their Blink2’s they had set up, so I had to keep casting Life with Gus while Maria burned him with Fire3. After the fight, everyone got a nice set of level ups, but now Maria is out of MP, Firion is low, and Gus doesn’t have that much MP to begin with.
After making our through a maze of guards, we get to the engine, where we throw the Sunfire into it, causing it to roar into flames.
The dark knight then shows up, but Maria thinks it could be her brother, Leon? Before we can even think about it, we quickly make our escape as the Dreadnought explodes.
We all escape, and Cid and his airship then drop us off at Altair.
We meet with the King, who is dying. He tells us some final bits of information; that we need to go to Deist to find the Dragoons and the Wind Drakes. He then tells Gordon to command his troops in his stead. He informs Mindu that Ultima must be unsealed. He then fades away.
Gordon leaves the party, and takes command of the throne in Altair. Also, Princess Hilda is not on her throne for some reason. Talking to Gordon reveals some new information about the Dragoons and the Wind Drakes. Speaking to the old man also reveals that Deist is very far south from Paloom. After some selling of loot, we continue on our quest to Deist. But we will save that for another time.
Here are everyone’s stats. I included Gordon’s before he left just for completion sake.
Next time, we will find our way to Deist, speak with the Dragoons and find out about the Wind Drakes.


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