Final Fantasy 2 Part 3 – Trickery and Drakes

Last time, we managed to retrieve the Goddess’ Bell, but at the cost of Josef’s life. We then met up with Gordon who helped us find the Sunfire, which we used to rescue Princess Hilda and destroy the empire’s Dreadnought. Now, we go to Deist to find the Dragoons and the Wind Drakes, at the behest of the king as his final words before he perished.
I would like to mention at this point, my memory on what to do and where to go gets pretty fuzzy. I know a few things later on down the road, but I don’t remember any specific details, so let’s hope I don’t get hopelessly lost.
First, we check up on Hilda, who is being really creepy. I am sure nothing bad has happened to her! Nope, nothing at all!

In any case, we are to head to Paloom and find passage to Deist.
Upon arrival, we come across a woman, named Leila, who agrees to sail us to Deist. How perfect.
Maria, however, isn’t convinced, thinking she is shady. A woman’s intuition is never wrong! Usually.

Well, Maria called it.

After a simple fight with her lackeys, she surrenders. The group decides to spare her and asks her to join the rebellion. She agrees, and we now have Leila and her ship on our side!
Leila has really good Agility, as well as some proficiency with black magic, so we will probably keep her with knives and a shield, with some black magic as back-up. She is also the only character we have seen thus far that is left-handed. Neat.

Also, no longer do you need to dock at a port to get out of the ship, as long as there is some walk able land, you can leave your boat! That is a very welcome addition.

We make a stop in Altair to pick up Fire and Ice for Leila, then make our way to Deist.

After some time, we finally get to Deist, and enter a castle. There, a boy sees us and runs away. We come across the boy and his mother, who tells us that her husband was a dragoon, but died to the imperials. She tells us that there is a Wind Drake in the next room, but only the dragoons can understand it, but using a dragoon’s Pendant, we might be able to understand it. With this new information, we head out towards the cave to the north.

Before that, however, we do a quick run through the castle for it’s loot, picking up a plethora of goodies.

Heading to the cave, we very quickly find the Pendant. On the way out, however, we are stopped by a Hill Gigas! Already!? This game loves to re-use “bosses” right away. Anyway, after a Blink3 and blinding him, he couldn’t touch us, so I just did some spell grinding with Maria and Leila while everyone else attacked.

Heading back to Deist Castle, we talk to the Wind Drake, who tells us it is dying from poison due to the empire. It tells us a dragoon by the name of Gareth was traveling to find the Ultima scroll.
It also gives us a Dragon Egg, and instructs us to take it to the cave and place it in the Sacred Spring, otherwise the baby drake inside will die. We go and rest up, and head back to the cave.

After a fight with two Hill Gigas, we come across a chest that holds a Mage’s Staff. This staff casts Bolt5 when used in battle. Handy. It auto targets every enemy though, so it does have less than stellar damage.
By the way, Hill Gigas in this dungeon are horrid to fight. They take forever, because of their sky-high Defense and HP, but they can also dish out the damage as well. Not even Maria and Leila’s spells deal that much damage. If it wasn’t for Blink, I doubt I would be able to beat them.

After more chests opened, and a few harrowing fights, I had to Warp out. This place is tough! Also, I need to remind myself to check at the beginning of the dungeon if I can Warp or not, that would have been bad if I couldn’t. Thankfully, everyone is slowly getting stronger.

After going through this cave for what seemed like an hour, we finally come across the boss of the cave, the Chimera.
We end up fighting two of them, but between Firion’s buffs and healing, Maria and Leila’s spells, they don’t stand a chance. They only used Blaze7 twice through-out the whole fight, so I got somewhat lucky there.

For some reason, Gus just isn’t doing that much damage compared to everyone else. He struggles to even deal as much damage as Leila with his attacks, despite having higher Strength and more weapon proficiency. I guess it is because he is still using just a mythril axe, which has lower base power than everyone’s weapons. Hopefully an upgrade comes along soon.

Despite that, we win, and put the egg into the spring and Warp out. Back at the castle, we find that the Wind Drake has died. The woman tells us that when the drake hatches from the spring, it should help us. The boy of course, is distraught.
With nothing left to do here, we head back to Altair to let Gordon know what has happened.

Upon arriving in Altair, everyone speaks of how the Princess is acting very strange. Even Gordon has asked us to investigate. This can’t be good…
When we talk to Hilda, she asks to see Firion alone. The others leave and she… Tries to seduce Firion!? She reveals herself to be a monster, but everyone jumps in to save Firion.
The Lamia Queen isn’t that tough, just more annoying than anything else. With Firion buffing us, we really only had to worry about her Entice attack that confuses. But, halfway through the fight, she used Blink16 on herself, essentially making her invulnerable to our physical attacks. That was really annoying, considering that shut out Gus almost entirely. She also has a pretty mean attack that can sleep if it hits, which, surprisingly, she hit through Maria’s Blink and KO’d her. Firion got her up on her feet just in time as Leila dealt the final blow.
But, I got really lucky and she dropped a Gold Hairpin at the end of the fight, so that was awesome.

After the fight, Gordon and some guards come in saying that the Princess is to be a trophy for a battle tournament in a place called Palamecia. Gordon insists on coming with us, causing Leila to take the reigns of the rebel base for a while.
Speaking to the old man reveals he has a bit of soft spot for us. Thanks old man!

I do a small grinding session to level up a few spells and get everyone’s HP and MP up.
Afterwords, we cross the desert south of Kas’ion, and make our way to the coliseum.
When we arrive, we are greeted by the Emperor himself, who cages us in, and makes us fight the Behemoth for Princess Hilda.
The Behemoth was a very easy fight. With Blink up, he never hit any of us. Also, I have been leveling up Curse and found that it lowers the enemy’s  Attack and Defense, which is very helpful for Gus. It still has a low chance of success, but when it sticks, it stays.

After the fight, we go to attack the Emperor, but he vanishes and his guards, along with the dark knight, captures us.
While in the cell, Pavel the Chaotic Good thief just randomly shows up, beats up a guard and saves us, saying we are even now. He then disappears. Thanks, Pavel!

We pick up a few items, but the main ones are a valuable Elixir, which completely heals HP and MP on who it is used on and an Ether, which restores some MP. Shortly after, we find Hilda. Firion tells Gordon to get the Princess out while we distract the guards. Gordon agrees and takes the Princess.

Right after, we get into a fight with four Chimeras, who almost killed the party when three out of the four used Blaze7. I guess I did get really lucky in the last Chimera fight in the Deist Cave. It doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage, like 50, but they are hardy, and it wears you down. Firion and his Cure4 couldn’t keep up, so he and Maria both had to go on healing duty for a time. Gus still can’t hit things very hard though, despite his high Strength and weapon proficiency. I better get an axe upgrade very soon.

Another thing that really bugs me is so far, how useless multi-target magic is. Even Cure4 only heals like 80 HP to everyone, when it heals almost 300 for a single target. For black magic it is even worse. Dealing 20 damage with a Fire3, or almost 150 single target. I understand that for black magic, hitting a weakness is the way to go, but even then, it still isn’t enough to really constitute using MP to hit everyone with a weak amount of damage. Especially when you can just hit with your weapon, or single target a spell to deal a lot more damage.
It seems the only exception is buff spells like Blink, Shield and Shell. They may not hit everyone, but even at a low level, it seems like they have an okay success rate. Oh well, from now on I am going to try to stick to more single target spells for healing and damage.

When we arrive back in Altair after escaping, a guard informs us that Gordon and the Princess are at Fynn, ready with troops to retake it back from the empire, so we rest, sell some loot, buy some more supplies and head that way.

We find the rebellion camped outside of Gatrea, south of Fynn. After speaking with Hilda, Gordon tells us our mission is to sneak into the castle and take out their commander.
When we enter the castle, Leila is waiting for us, who re-joins us for the assault on the keep.
While exploring the keep, we meet up with a pack of spell-casters who nearly cause a game over when they cast Toad6 and toad Firion and Gus. Thankfully, killing them off and reviving them removes the toad, because I don’t think Firion’s Esuna spell is high enough level to remove it. Not that he could cast it as a toad, anyway. It got pretty close for a second there.
Side note, Curse is amazing when it lands. It brings a Captain from almost 1 hit killing our party to piddly damage and increases our damage done to it by quite a large amount. I am definitely leveling it up more.

While exploring, we come across a chest that holds the spell Aura, but it comes trapped with some monsters, namely Mages and Sergeants.
But! We managed to snag two Hastes and one Drain scroll as monster drops after the battle! How lucky!

We eventually meet up with the enemy commander, Gottos, who promptly attacks us. He went down pretty soundly. The usual buffs, then attack and he went down. I spent a little bit spell grinding with Maria, to level up her new spells a bit, but other than that, it was an uneventful fight.

Speaking to Hilda, she speaks of Mindu, and a place called Mysidia. Apparently, he went off to this place and never returned. Asking her about Mysidia, she informs us that it is a place of mages, and that we need their help to overthrow the empire. She also says there is a powerful spell sealed away there, and two Masks are needed to open it. Asking her about the Masks, she says the White Mask is in the castle, but sealed with a magical incantation. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where the door is to the White Mask. Memorizing the incantation, we continue on.
Asking Gordon about Mysidia, he tells us that the Ultima Scroll is kept in the Mysidia tower, saying it would prove to be invaluable against the empire. Asking him about the incantation we got from Hilda, he doesn’t know where the door is, but he thinks perhaps Pavel, the Chaotic Good thief might know.

With Fynn now free from the empire’s hold, the stranded at Altair now return to Fynn, making the place much more lively. We buy a few things, notably Gold Plates for everyone, a few spells for Firion, Dispel and Slow, then rest, which is where we will conclude this chapter.

Look at that Agility score!


Leila has definitely been putting in the work. With her knife skills and black magic, she is a great all-rounder. I probably should have taught her at least Cure and Life, but ah well.

Next time, we talk to Pavel, in hopes of finding the White Mask in Castle Fynn, as well searching for Mindu, who has went missing searching for the Ultima Scroll in a place called Mysidia.

Until next time!


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