Final Fantasy 2 Part 4 – The Leviathan and the Tower

Last time on Final Fantasy 2, we thwarted an attempted robbery, but managed to convince Leila, the lady-pirate to join the rebellion. Then we traveled to Deist and spoke with one of the last Wind Drakes, who died from being poisoned by the empire, but not before bestowing upon us a Dragon Egg, which we put in the Sacred Spring so it could hatch. After defeating an impostor of Princess Hilda, we rescued the real Princess Hilda with help from Gordon. At the end, we also liberated Fynn from control of the empire, and found out from Hilda and Gordon that Mindu has went missing somewhere near Mysidia while looking for the Ultima Scroll.

Also, Hilda told us about two masks that we would need to enter the Mysidia tower. She gave us the magical incantation to open a secret door in the castle which supposedly holds one of the masks, but she doesn’t know where the door itself is.
If you recall last time, Gordon told us that perhaps Pavel would know how to enter the secret door in Castle Fynn, so we can procure the White Mask, one half of the key needed to get the Ultima Scroll.

After checking in on Altair, it seems the rebel base is finally empty, with everyone now in Fynn.

There is also a guard in Altair that says we should retake Fynn, and that Hilda and Gordon are waiting. Did he not get the memo, or…?

Going back to Fynn, we find and speak to Pavel, who seems not interested in the royal “trash” treasure that is the White Mask. He tells us the hidden door is in the upper right of the Grand Hall. Thanks again, Pavel!
Quickly entering the castle, we find the secret door and enter. We enter down deeper into the castle, and find… Monsters!?

On the third floor, we run into some Killer Mantises. These things hit pretty hard, and despite our evasion, without Blink, can strike through and hit us. Thankfully, Maria’s Curse spell made things much more manageable.

Continuing on, we later come across a Blood Sword! This heals the user when they hit with it. It goes to Firion as back-up in his item list, since there are a lot of undead in this area, it would actually hurt him if he struck undead with it.
We come across a chest with a Orichaldagger in it, but get ambushed by two Rhyos. Which are like super Chimeras, except they have the Bad Breath attack! One of them used it and petrified both Firion and Maria. Thankfully, I had one Gold Needle that Gus had equipped, so I used it on Firion. Now I am stuck with a dilemma.
Warp out and heal Maria, or continue on and hope the dungeon ends soon.

I continued on, but we are stopped by a bunch of empty encounter rooms! Man I hate those. Eventually, we pick the right one and grab the White Mask, thankfully. We Warp out thanks to a teleporting crystal behind the mask and rest up.

After healing Maria, purchasing a couple of Gold Needles, we speak to Hilda and show her the White Mask. She tells us to head to Mysidia with the White Mask, that the mages will know what to do. Gordon just tells us to get the Ultima Scroll as soon as possible.
Working on it, Gordon!

We get to Mysidia, and finally Gus gets an axe upgrade to the Ogrekiller, doubling his attack! If he doesn’t hit harder now, there is no hope for him at this point.
We also buy everyone Thief’s Gloves. Mysidia is also home to a bunch of spells, so we pick up Barrier, Wall and Holy for Firion.
Talking to the residents around town, we find out that the Black Mask is on a small island in the ocean somewhere. We also find out that Mindu has just left to go to the tower. But, we also need something called the Crystal Rod to help us.
We go to an underground area and find a goddess statue there. We place the White Mask on it, but nothing else happens. Time to look for that Black Mask somewhere on the ocean!

We arrive at the Tropical Island and enter the cave. It appears to be full of weak monsters that we have already fought, but I am not complaining!
Eventually, we make it to small village, where everyone is wearing creepy masks. There is also a merchant here, but he doesn’t sell anything worth-while to us. Some of the villagers mention the Black Mask, that it is at the deepest part of the cave. With nothing else to find, we retrace our steps.

Gus is once again dealing decent damage now!

I am also having trouble with the inventory limit in the game now. You only get to carry 63 items, and key items stick around in your inventory, and can’t be removed. Plus, this dungeon keeps giving me random weak stuff, like Blind, Sleep and status items. I will have to sell off some stuff when I get back, and try not to carry things I really don’t need, like Antidotes and Eye Drops. I know some people complain about this feature, but maybe I am just used to games that have a limited inventory space. While it is sad you can’t “store” items somewhere, you have to remember, this game came out a long time ago.
If you really can’t stand it, however, the later remakes removed it entirely, so there you go.

Anyway, we make it to the end and find a single Gigan Rhino as the boss!? I fought these back near Mysidia. He is absolutely no trouble at all.
We grab the Black Mask and Warp out.

That whole dungeon was a slog, but an easy slog. Pretty much all of the monsters were just re-hashes that we had fought before. Even the boss was just a lone Gigan Rhino? What was that about? At least we got the Black Mask. We head back to Mysidia to heal up.

We get a tip from one of the mages in town, telling us to go to the cave to the north of here if we have both masks, so we head out in that direction. Well, I found the tower, but I guess I need the Crystal Rod to enter. Back to Mysidia for information!

We eventually find a small cave to the east of Mysidia. I am assuming this is where I am supposed to go. Did I miss an NPC that was supposed to tell me to go here?
Inside, we find a Ninja Suit, right off the bat, which offers great Defense and increases Agility by 10! We give it to Gus, who has the lowest Agility out of the party.
We find a Gold Hairpin, which also goes to Gus, rounding out everyone’s equipment slots, finally.
It seems like this place is pretty MP-intensive. Most of the fights are with Dark Flans, which only take decent damage from Fire. Firion can help with Holy, and Leila has a lower level Fire spell, but it still is a drain on everyone’s MP. I might have to take this dungeon in doses. Especially when there are still so many empty encounter rooms! Man those are annoying.
We come across a doppelganger of Firion, who won’t move. We place the Black Mask on it, causing it to disappear, allowing us further access into the cave.

After traversing the cave, we finally get the Crystal Rod, along with some other goodies, like some Drain Scrolls and the amazing Osmose Scroll. The Osmose scroll drains MP, which is extremely handy for keeping up your MP reserves. My initial thought was to give it to Firion, so he can keep his MP up and heal the party, but with such a low Intelligence score, it doubt it would ever really be effective, so it went to Maria. Maria’s MP is usually the first to run out anyway, what with her blasting everything.
We grab the Crystal Rod, Warp out and head back to Mysidia to heal up.
We clear our inventory, and head out to the Mysidia tower with the Crystal Rod.
Before we can get there, however, a large whirlpool opens up and takes the ship down! When we come to, we realize Leila has gone missing, and we are now inside some kind of creature.

While exploring, the party must wade through something I can only guess is stomach acid, since it damages the party with each step.
We open a few chests and grab a Power Sash, a body armor that increases Attack and Defense, which goes to Firion for the time being. We also get a Headband, which increases Attack by quite a bit, which goes to Gus.
We come across people, apparently living down here in this beast’s gullet. We talk to a man named Gareth, and he stops us, asking us for identities. We ask him a few things about dragoons and the Wind Drakes, but it seems he has been down here for quite a while, since he doesn’t know anything that has happened to the world lately, so we show him our Crystal Rod. He says he is also searching for the Ultima Scroll, and he will help us. So, Gareth joins our party.
He has amazing Strength, decent HP and good weapon proficiency, so he will become our attacker, much like Gus. I will keep him with sword and shield.
He tells us that the boat is ahead, but a monster is guarding it.
Talking to the other trapped individuals roaming the stomach, the Leviathan will swallow anything with a Crystal Rod. Did Mindu get to the tower safely?

Exploring the next area, with more of that damaging liquid, we come across a Terra Sword, which I give to Gareth for now, since all he can really do at this point is attack, anyway.
We come across the creature guarding the boat, and steel ourselves to face it!

The Barrel Worm faces off against us! The usual strategy of buff then attack worked like a charm, not even able to damage any of us.
We exit and end up safely outside of the Mysidian tower. Since the party was still in great shape, I decided to head on it. But not before being an idiot and casting Osmose on a Vampirette, instead draining a chunk of MP from Maria. At least she got an MP and Magic increase from it.
We use the Crystal Rod and open the tower, and prepare ourselves for the climb. After some running around, we pass through a fake wall and find the White Robe, a body piece that raises Spirit. It goes to Firion and the Power Sash is moved to Gareth.
We also find three Staves. Why, I have no idea.

The next floor features a red hue, and flame items. I am sensing a theme here.
Called it. Next floor, lava puddles that damage you when you walk on them. So fire it is then.
We grab a few more fire related items, such as a Fire Sword, Mail, and Shield. Then, we come across a mage who challenges us!
He transforms into a Fire Gigas. It was fairly quick fight. He did cast Fire16 on Gareth, but it only did about 120 or so damage to him.

The next floor… Blue hue. Maybe water/ice?
Yep, just got an Ice Shield from a chest.

These Basilisk fights and their petrification are really bad. They always seem to nail Gareth with it since his Magic Defense isn’t built up yet. I had to Warp out because I didn’t want to walk around without any Gold Needles. Oh well, my inventory was pretty full anyway. I am slowly building up Esuna, hopefully that will end some of my trouble once it gets high enough level. Unless, of course Firion gets petrified, but that it is why I will carry at least Gold Needle once Esuna can cure petrify.

That is where we shall conclude this chapter. Next time, we continue the ascension of the Mysidian Tower and attempt to get the Ultima Scroll!
No stats this time, since it’s in the middle of a dungeon.

Stay tuned!


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