Final Fantasy 2 Part 5 – Old Friends and Sacrifices

Last time we managed to find both Masks needed so that we could get the Crystal Rod, which would allow us entry into the Mysidian Tower. But before we could get close to the tower, a monstrous beast, known as the Leviathan, swallowed our ship whole. Losing Leila in the process, the group stumbled upon one of the last dragoons, Gareth, in the belly of the Leviathan. Joining us in our search for the Ultima Scroll, we managed to escape, and finally entered the tower using the Crystal Rod.

We now continue our climb up the perilous tower in hopes of finding the Ultima Scroll.

Back at the ice floor, we continue on up the tower.
We later find an Ice Brand in a chest, which was surprisingly not trapped with monsters.

We come up to another mage who blocks our path and transforms into an Ice Gigas. He went down pretty quick with Gareth wielding the Fire Sword.

On the next floor, I have no idea what the theme is. It is a purple hue? I also found a new staff for Maria, the Spellbinder. It says it is a poison staff, so maybe poison theme?

We gather some items and face down another mage that morphs into a Thunder Gigas? Wow I was way off. Anyway, we beat him soundly and continue on.

After traversing through a ton of empty encounter rooms, we come across a chest with Flare in it, which very quickly goes to Maria.

We explore a bit and come across a chest with a Black Robe in it, but get ambushed by a White Dragon! I was seriously not expecting that at all. My party was not at full health, and it got pretty close. He hit through our Evasion and could pretty much one shot anyone. Along with his Icestorm16 ability, he hit really hard. Once everyone got on their feet and Blink got up, we outlasted him, but those first few rounds scared me.
It also dropped Genji gloves, which I probably won’t use since they are heavy.

Little side note, Osmose is amazing. It is only at level 2 and Maria drains almost 100 MP sometimes. I am half-tempted to just sell all but maybe one Ether, since I never really need them now. I wonder if there is another Osmose scroll in the game somewhere? Hopefully, even with Firion’s single digit Intelligence, Osmose would still help him out.
In any case, we now are the proud owners of a Black Robe, which goes to Maria to increase her already high Intelligence. It also provides a good Defense boost as well.
Continuing on, we meet up with Mindu. He tells us the door has a seal on it, and that he is going to give it all he has to break it down. He does so with a super sayian beam, but it is too much for him, and he fades away.

Mindu, you will always be in my heart!
The group mourns the death of Mindu, but must continue on; they cannot let his sacrifice be in vain.
When we enter the door, we are greeted with four silver orbs and a gold orb. Touching the silver orbs grants us various stat boosts. Except, I don’t really see the increase. For instance, Firion has 3 Intelligence, but after the Intelligence boost, he still had 3? Not sure what that was about. Maybe it goes to certain characters? I have no idea.
We go to the gold orb and it gives us the Ultima scroll. I teach it to Firion, but I doubt I will level it up. Ultima is a spell that gets a large chunk of it’s power by the level of the character’s other skills and spells. It is mostly for players who power level their characters. Sorry Ultima!

We leave the tower and head to Fynn, but on the way, Altair has been destroyed!? There are also powerful enemies roaming the land now, like Sorcerers and Sergeants. We head to Fynn immediately and see a giant tornado outside of the city!?
The town of Fynn is empty, save for a few lucky individuals. A child tells us that everyone has been killed. Talking to a guard, he says that a Cyclone came through the town, demolishing all that stood in it’s path.
We clear our inventory, heal up and go to see if Hilda and Gordon are doing all right.
We find Leila in the throne room, who survived the ship being swallowed by the Leviathan.

We speak to Hilda and Gordon, who tell us that the Cyclone has destroyed Altair, Gatrea, Paloom and is now heading this way. Asking her about the Wind Drake, she says that using the Pendant with the mirror in the castle is supposed to call forth a Wind Drake. With the Pendant in hand and Gareth at our sides, we investigate, and sure enough, the egg from the Sacred Spring hatches, and the last Wind Drake comes to us!

Is that you, Charizard? Or maybe Dragonite?

Hilda is hopeful that the Wind Drake can get us inside the Cyclone, where the winds aren’t deadly, so we can put a stop to it before it does anymore damage.
In town, we speak to Pavel, who lets us in his secret room filled with goodies, including another Blood Sword. Thanks again, Pavel.
Using the Wind Drake, we enter the Cyclone, and find a giant tower inside of it. We enter it and begin our quest to extinguish the Cyclone.

Going through, we pick up a Venom Axe for Gus, including a Defender, a sword that goes to Gareth for the time being.
We also pick up a Diamond Mail from a trapped chest, guarded by a General. He hit Firion from full HP to critical in one blow, so a Blink and a heal was necessary, but after that, he couldn’t touch us.

We open another locked chest, this time holding a Zephyr’s Flute, but guarded by a Green Dragon. Thankfully, I was a bit more prepared than I was against the White Dragon. He hurt pretty bad with Toxin16, but Firion had us covered.

We finally meet up with the Emperor, who is on his throne. He sends some guards at us, which we easily dispatch. Then, he faces us head-on.
He comes with two Royal Guards and a Wood Golem. We rip through his lackeys quickly, before cleaving him in half. All he did was cast Haste 8 twice and attacked us but missed.
He exclaims he “will not die!”, and we head back to Fynn.

We celebrate by having a little dance number, while Leila awkwardly stands in the corner and watches, while Gus and Gareth are nowhere to be seen. Before the dance is finished, however, a guard rushes in and says that Leon, the Dark Knight, has made himself emperor, before collapsing and perishing.
Hilda says that the new emperor now resides in the secluded mountain fortress in Palamecia. She says it is impossible to reach it on foot. Perhaps the Wind Drake?
Speaking to Gordon, he reveals that Pavel boasts he has once broken in before. Time to visit Pavel once again. Pavel doesn’t have any help, but when we get to his home, Cid is waiting.

He says the Cyclone wrecked Poft, but his Airship is fine. He lends us the Airship until he gets better, but then dies in Pavel’s bed. Good lord this game has a lot of people dying in it!
We speak to Pavel again and ask him about Palamecia, and now he tells us he used a kite to glide onto the roof. He suggests using the Airship to get on the roof.

I guess we now head to Poft to find Cid’s Airship.
We arrive, and get ourselves the Airship. Testing it out, it seems to fly slower than the one in FF1, but hey, no big deal, no encounters!

We land on the roof of Palamecia castle and begin to explore. Unfortunately, we come across a trap door that sends us plummeting down into the first floor of the castle.

While exploring the castle, we come across Black Knights, the first enemy we ever fought and got our party wiped. They go down pretty easy at this point.
We open a chest that reveals a Fallen Emperor in it? Also, like an idiot I cast Osmose on him, completely draining Maria’s MP. I didn’t realize he was undead, as if the name “fallen” was any indication… Good thing I have a few Ethers floating around.
The Fallen Emperor casts a few status spells, but none of them stuck. He went down after a few rounds of attacking.
We got a Thunder Spear for our trouble.

Further in, we come across a trio of staves, a Spellbinder, a Mage’s Staff and a Healing Staff. The Healing Staff heals those hit with it instead of harming them, although it does harm the undead. I give it to Maria, since she doesn’t really attack physically that much anyway, plus she has been training staff the whole game. I give her a back-up, though, just in case.
Speaking of the Healing Staff, Maria heals almost 1200 HP with it! That is insane! I almost wish I would have trained Firion in staves, since he is my “dedicated” healer. The only problem with that strategy, though, if we cast Blink on the party, Maria can’t hit anyone with the staff to heal them! So it is a bit of a trade off, but great to heal up in weak random fights.

We venture on and fight a monster-in-a-box, consisting of a Lamia Queen and her two pet Coeurls. We take out the Lamia Queen before she can cast Blink16 on herself and the two Coeurls quickly follow suit. We get the Sunblade from the chest.
We also happen upon a room that holds three Elixirs! Handy.

As we venture further and further in, we eventually reach Leon, the Dark Knight, who is waiting for us on the Palamecian throne.
Leon says he wants power, to conquer the world. Maria tries to intervene, but he objects.
Just then, a rumbling shakes the castle as the emperor appears!
He says he has escaped from hell itself and now wishes to destroy everything in this world! Leon laughs at him, saying a ghost cannot harm him, but that only serves to make the emperor angry, and causes dark energy to flood the room. As the flames draw closer, Gareth holds him at bay, and tells the group to escape on his Wind Drake.
With that, the group reluctantly agrees, and flies off as the castle is obliterated in light. But, from the ground and ashes arises a new castle…
We arrive in Fynn, where Hilda is wondering what happened. She notices the Dark Knight beside the group, but decides to hear their story first.
Explaining what has transpired, Firion has had enough. Leon intrudes, saying that if they quit now, the now newly-born emperor will destroy everything. Firion asks Leon to join them, and so he does.
Now the four youths who escaped at the very beginning are back together once again.

There is one thing that bothers me, though. Was Leon really mind-controlled? Or did he just decide to help the group because the world was about to get destroyed? Maybe we will find out, but I just find it kind of a rushed thing that he joins again at the snap of a finger. It makes me wonder, even if we beat the emperor, will we have to contend with Leon next? But anyway, regarding Leon’s stats…
Leon has decent stats all around the board, making him a decent character. He does have good offensive stats though, so he will function primarily has a fighter, much like Gus. It is a shame that you get him so late in the game, though, since by now you probably don’t want to train up another character.

Now begins the last leg of the game!
But I will continue that for next time! Next time, we will try to put a stop to the emperor, once and for all!

Stick around for what might be the finale!


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