Final Fantasy 3 Part 2 – Gnomes and Vikings

Last time, we fell down a hole, killed a giant turtle, made some friends and now are about to attempt a rescue mission of a princess from a Djinn.
Let’s hop right into it.

We begin to head north to the cave that King Sasune had told us about.
Okay… Maybe that was the wrong cave.
Nope! It is the right one, but you will probably get owned if you try to enter right away. That means, yep, time for some levels!

After another game over, I teach Blizzard to Arc and Poisona to Ingus. Right now, Arc is doing all the work with his Blizzard. I put everyone in the back row and guard while Arc casts Blizzard. After each fight I am forced to go back to Ur and heal using the wellspring in town.
Thank goodness for Cid’s airship!
Also, wellsprings do not remove status ailments on your party.

We make a break for one of the chests in the cave and pick up Cure. It goes to Ingus. There are a lot of undead in the cave, so Ingus can serve as healer and damage dealer in here, if need be.
Of course, with our limited MP, we still have to be cautious.

We take a trip to Castle Sasune and find the west tower. Inside, we pick up some wooden arrows and some holy arrows. At the top, we pick up the Wightslayer sword, but it’s trapped by a Griffon!
This guy was easy. He cast Fire, but it was spread out over the party, meaning it didn’t deal a lot of damage. With Arc spamming Blizzard, and Ingus throwing out Cure, he wen’t down without a hitch.

The Wightslayer goes to Refia. If I recall correctly, the Wightslayer does more damage to undead, which will be a great boon in the Sealed Cave, since it is overrun with undead.

We heal up at the wellspring and head back into the Sealed Cave. We head down a floor, picking up 500 gil along the way. We also find an odd skull. Zooming, we can interact with it. In doing so, a secret passage opens up.

But, before taking it, I decide to head back. On the way, I pick up a chest I missed, a potion.

At the entrance, I do some grinding before I leave and heal up, getting everyone to level 7.
With Refia wielding the Wightslayer, Arc with Blizzard and Ingus with Cure, the cave isn’t so harsh now, although it still is pretty annoying with the amount of status conditions the enemies inflict, Poison, Blind and Confusion.
Back-tracking through the cave, we find Princess Sara wandering the cave. Refia asks Sara for the ring, but Sara insists she will accompany us to dispel the Djinn. We are also told of another mechanic. By touching the speech bubble icon, we can speak to any potential guest characters that are with us.
Right now, all Sara talks about is saving. Sara also trails behind us as we walk through the cave.

After that, we press on.
We accidentally stumble on the Djinn sooner than excepted, but that is fine. We approach him and Princess Sara attempts to use the ring, but it doesn’t work?
The Djinn says it is empowered with the power of darkness, and that the ring won’t work. He then attacks us.

The Djinn can be pretty tough, but manageable, as long as you are lucky. He can cast Fire, either on one character or the whole party. His main strength, however, is the fact he can attack twice in one turn, making it easy for him to take out a character if he casts Fire on them and then attack that character. He also appears to be weak to Blizzard, with Arc doing almost 150 damage a cast on him.
Refia came close to death at the end, but thankfully, he went down without casualties.

With the Djinn weakened, Sara rushes forth, and with a brilliant light, banishes the Djinn back from whence it came.
After a moment, Luneth and the group, minus Sara, begin to fade away. Ingus tells the Princess to return to the castle as soon as possible.

After a flash, we are brought before the crystal that Luneth happened upon in the intro.
The crystal tells us that we are the four chosen light warriors, and that once we accept its power, we can get further power from the other crystals.
Then, an intro sequence rolls with credits. After that, we are blessed with the crystals light.
Then, a moogle appears on screen and very briefly tells us we can change jobs now.
Now that we have access to the some more jobs, I go ahead and switch everyone out of Freelancer for something stronger.
The jobs we got are:
Warrior: Your basic armor and weapon user.
Monk: Attacks with claws and fists. Has the best Vitality out of all of the jobs right now.
Thief: Has amazing Agility, as well as the ability to Steal items.
Red Mage: Jack-of-all trades, can wield weapons, armor, shields, plus cast white and black magic.
Black Mage: Magic nuker in the game.
White Mage: Healer, of course.

I made Luneth into a Monk, Refia into a Thief and Arc and Ingus into a Red Mage.

I seem to remember in the beginning of the game how useful Red Mages were. They can equip weapons, armor and shields, plus they have access to both white and black magic. That seems to be the case for most games with Red Mages in them, they excel at the beginning of the game and gradually decrease in usefulness.
Arc will focus on more magical damage while Ingus will be more support/healing orientated.

We walk behind the crystal and are transported outside of the cave.
Walking back to the castle, Princess Sara meets us at the entrance. She tells us the ring must now be purified in the spring inside the castle, and the curse will be lifted. We follow her to the spring, she throws the ring in the water, and the curse is lifted!

We talk to the king, who gives us a canoe as a reward for lifting the curse. As we leave, the Princess gives us one last goodbye before we set out.
Looking at our stats, you can see the difference between character level and job level, as indicated on Luneth’s status screen. The yellow stats shows that Luneth is currently in the “transition phase” of changing to a Monk, so his stats are lowered for a few battles.
You can also see an indication on the main menu, below everyone’s name. The grey arrow pointing down shows everyone is transitioning to their jobs.

Heading back to Kazus, Refia’s father is worried sick about her. Before she can explain anything he runs back home. Before we talk to Refia and her father, I purchase a plethora of new equipment from the shops here, mainly mythril gear.

We also see a moogle wandering around town. When we talk to it, it tells us about MogNet, essentially a mail system where NPC’s can mail us letters and talk to the party.
We talk to Cid, who lets us use his airship a bit longer, but tells us that he wants to go back to a town called Canaan, where his wife and home are. He then joins the party.

With Cid, we talk to Takka and Refia. Cid says he wants to try to smash the boulder that is blocking him from Canaan with a mythril ram that he will put on the front of the airship, but he needs Takka to smith it for him. Takka completes it in no time and we head out.

When we get on the ship, we see Refia already on it, ready to go. She explains that she wants to go with us. She also mentions that she is an orphan, to which all of the others say they are orphans as well. Luneth says that the crystal must have known this all along.
After a moment, we decide to continue on by smashing into the rock with the mythril ram.
We do so, but the airship gets blown to smithereens as well.
Bye airship! I will miss you!
Thankfully, no one is injured and we continue on.

We head back up to the Sealed cave to explore the rest of what we missed.
I also forgot to mention, if you have a guest character, sometimes during battle they will appear and do something. In this case, Cid attacked with his hammer, dealing a nice chunk of damage.

We head out of the cave, grabbing the Antarctic Wind and Eye Drops we missed before heading to Canaan. When we arrive, Cid leaves and tells us that if we want a new airship, talk to King Argus, since Argus is the one who actually builds the engines, Cid just builds the hulls.

We talk to a woman who is concerned for a man named Desch. She says he has went to the east mountains, where a dragon is supposed to reside.
We also see that Cid’s wife has become ill. Cid says he wishes he had an Elixir. We will have to keep our eyes out for one.
The shops in town sell mostly the same stuff as Kazus, but the magic shop sells a couple of new spells, namely Cure and Thunder. We buy one of each, and head out to find this Desch.

We enter the mountain, known as Dragon’s Peak and explore a bit. We find a phoenix down, but monsters are roaming the area. Thankfully, with Arc, he destroys anything with a single casting. Refia is the only one that is dealing okay physical damage, since everyone is in the back row.

Being in the back row isn’t like in FF2. In FF3, you can still be attacked by physical attacks in the back row, but they deal reduced damage, but in return, you deal reduced damage with your physical attacks as well. Magic isn’t affected by what row your in, so magic is good to go in the back row.
Speaking of magic, here is something that is great about magic with FF3.
You can switch learned magic out anytime in the menu.

For example, instead of Fire, I wanted Ingus to know Blizzard, since there are enemies here weak to it. But, mages can only learn three spells per spell level, and his slots were full. With this system, I can merely remove Fire, which goes to my inventory, and replace it with Blizzard.

This is very handy, especially later on when you need to cast certain spells to progress in the story. You can buy a few spell books, and just rearrange them between your casters as you need to. Unlike in FF1 or FF2, where you just forget the spell and you have to buy/find it again and re-learn it, here, the spell just goes into your inventory. Unless you sell it, it will stay with you so someone can learn and unlearn it as you please.
Note, if you want more than one person to know the spell, you do have to buy/have multiple copies. You can’t teach 2 people a spell with only 1 spell book.

Anyway, we leave, rest up at the inn in Canaan and make our way back to explore the rest of the mountain.

We find a Gold Needle, which we immediately have to use on Refia the next fight, and Aero, a wind spell, which goes to Arc. Petrifying enemies, this early into the game? Crazy.

But luckily enough, an enemy drops a Gold Needle in the next fight.
As we reach the top, a large dragon comes and scoops us up!
Dropping us in it’s nest, we find a man, who turns out to be Desch, also trapped in the nest.
Next thing we know, the dragon comes back! Desch tells us to just run away, which we do with Refia’s Flee ability, but not before the dragon takes a chunk out of Ingus, killing him.
Desch gives us the Mini spell, and asks to go with us. He says he has lost his memory, and only knows his name, but he knows he has to do something somewhere.

After we escape the nest, Desch tells us he was searching for a gnome village somewhere in the region, but it is only accessible by shrinking yourselves with the spell Mini.
However, he doesn’t have the skill to use the spell.

On the way south, we run into another wellspring with a gnome, who tells us about the gnome village Tozus in the southern woods.
After teaching Ingus Mini, and shrinking everyone down to gnome size, we come across the town of Tozus.

While in the the house of the resident doctor, we find mythril bracers, Fira, Cura and a Fire staff! I need to start searching things more thoroughly!

Talking to the doctor, he exclaims he needs an Antidote. We give him one and as a reward, he opens a secret passage that opens into the Miralka Basin.

As we descend the secret passageway, we find two chests with phoenix downs in them.
We run into some fights while going through the tunnel. While our characters are Mini, physical attacks are extremely weak, but magic still has the same strength, so it sometimes makes sense to change everyone’s class into something that can cast spells if you spend a lot of time in Mini. (Which we will here soon, if i recall.)

That’s a bit creepy…

We eventually make to the Viking’s Cove, where the vikings reside. Apparently, they are having problems after an earthquake caused from some sort of sea beast.

We speak to the head viking, who tells us if we can defeat the beast, he will give us a ship. With our next quest in hand, we head out. I change Luneth into a Black Mage for the time being, to boost our magical damage, since we are still mini. I leave Refia a Thief, which is probably a bad idea, but I thought perhaps she could steal us some stuff while the others pick up the slack.

Also, I just happened to find a secret path that had Fire, Blizzara and Thudara in it! Plus I found a Spark Dagger as well! This game has a ton of secrets in it that I never knew about!

We see the ship once we leave the cove and enter it, but immediately get into a fight with the sea beast that the vikings fear, the Nepto Dragon! Let’s kill it, shall we?
Nope. This fight is impossible. Looks like we will have to find an alternative.

Using the information we got from the cove, it appears there is a place called the Nepto Temple, a shrine dedicated to the Nepto Dragon, so we start there.
We enter the temple and find that one of the eyes of the nepto statue is missing. Arc suggests using mini to squeeze into the mouth of the statue and see what is inside.

Inside the temple, we find a Shell Helm and a Shell Armor. We split it between Arc and Ingus to keep them safe.
We also find a Serpent Sword, but an ugly critical takes out Luneth, forcing me to use my limited and rare phoenix downs. Hopefully with Refia, she can steal some more later.
Luneth goes down again, forcing another use of my phoenix down supply.
Eventually, we reach a giant rat that appears to be guarding a red gem. It attacks us, and we are thrown into a boss fight.

The Giant Rat is pretty deadly, mostly because of the mini status we are under. He can cast Fire, Blizzard, and attack, meaning it is easy, just like the Djinn, to KO someone, which he did, Ingus in this case.
I had to use another phoenix down to revive Ingus, plus an antidote and some potions.
Honestly, I should have probably reset, but I just want this stage of the game to over with. I am hoping with Refia as a Thief, I can do some farming of items with her Steal ability, if I need to.
After putting the Nepto eye back into the socket, the Nepto Dragon speaks to us, saying that by retrieving the eye, it can control it’s physical manifestation, which is the dragon itself. In return, it tells us that the water has lost it’s light, but we can restore it. It also gives us the Fang of Water and falls into a deep sleep.

With that, I have Ingus change us back to normal size and we head back to the Viking’s Cove to speak with them.
With the ship, Enterprise now ours, next time we set sail on the seas!

Stay tuned!

The job images were taken from the FF3 Wikia page:


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