Final Fantasy 3 part 3 – Fire and Flames

Last time we put an end to the curse that was plaguing Kazus and Sasune by defeating the Djinn with help from Princess Sara and her mythril ring. We then met a man named Desch who decided to travel with us.

We also helped out the vikings by infiltrating the Nepto Temple and retrieving a missing gem for the Nepto Dragon.

For a reward, we were given control of a ship, the Enterprise, to do with as we please!
Now, we continue our adventure by exploring the seas with our new ship!

First, we take a loot at the map. Handy, but it doesn’t allow us to see towns or places we haven’t been yet, but once we enter them, it appears on the map.

We find a town almost right away, and decide to investigate. It is the town of Tokkul, but it appears the townsfolk fear us and flee if we talk to them. We find a few hidden items, a Bacchu’s Cider and a Great Bow before entering one of the homes.
We find a mother and child, who think we are soldiers after them. Luneth tells them it is all right and they say that some soldiers came bearing the crest of King Argus and took people to the desert to the west.

Speaking to Desch, he tells us we should talk to King Argus about getting another airship, so I suppose we should try to find him.

We enter another home and find the elder who tells us the soldiers took their food, water and anyone who could work to the west desert. A woman in the house lets us in on a secret, telling us that in the fireplace there are hidden weapons and armor.
Following her advice, we enter and find a Kenpo Gi armor and Sonic Knuckles hidden away in some jars along with a Serpent Sword.

That Kenpo Gi was a much needed upgrade for Luneth, bringing his Defense from a 7 to a 24! He also equips the Sonic Knuckles, dual-wielding them with the Bronze Knuckles from before, bringing his attack to 40, the highest out of the party thus far.
We explore the desert for a bit and find a floating… Thing hovering about the desert. It doesn’t appear we can interact with it at this time, however.
Just a little side note, Desch is awesome with his Thundara. It decimates entire encounters if he uses it.
We explore around this area a bit, traveling a bit farther southwest, and run into Griffons, who are now regulated to random encounters! They go down fairly easily though.

We eventually find a small village, the Village of the Ancients nestled far to the west.
This place has some good shops, but they are expensive. We buy a Headband for Luneth, plus Sight and Cura for Ingus. At the inn, we pick up some Echo Herbs for silence, just in case.

We leave and head back for the ship. Outside of the Ancient’s Village, we find a chocobo forest, and hop on for a quick ride back to the ship. Just like in FF2, when riding a chocobo, you do not enter random battles, so it makes for a quick ride to get where you need to go.
Back on the ship, we continue to explore west. We reach a land mass and follow it north, to a castle.

It is Castle Argus, but it is suspiciously empty.

Near the top of the castle, we find two small pools of water, one to revive with and one to heal with. Perfect.
After exploring the what seems to be empty castle, zooming in the camera reveals one of the candelabras can be interacted with, opening up a secret passage!

We find 3000 gil in three chests and head up some stairs.
The chests contain even more gil, and we continue on.
We come up to a locked door, but moving Refia to the front of the party allows her to pick it, unlocking the door!

Entering what appears to be a study of sorts, we find a secret button inside the wardrobe that opens yet again, another secret passage that leads to a Killer Bow along with some arrows, of note the Medusa Arrow.

We continue on the upper floors of the castle and find another locked door that Refia gladly picks for us. In doing so, she finds another treasure trove of goodies.
This time, it contained a few elemental books, elemental arrows and a scholar robe.
We leave and explore the area outside of the castle.
We happen upon a cave, the Gulgan Gulch and explore it. Inside, we find it is the cave of the diviners, people who are blinded at birth, but can see into the future.
From one of the men we receive the spell Toad, and are told to enter the Tower of Owen to the north, where Desch’s destiny awaits.
We also find out the fire crystal might reside on the island of the dwarves somewhere.

Exploring a hidden path, we find some treasure, a Mage Robe, Fire Staff and a Ice Staff.
Following the sage’s advice, we head north to the Tower of Owen.

We arrive and find toads hopping everywhere. As we explore the first floor, we find a hole filled with water. Luneth says only toads would be able to swim down that far, suggesting that we cast Toad on ourselves.
Refia isn’t pleased at this prospect, but despite her protests, we must.
On the second floor, we turn ourselves human again and continue to explore.
Just then, a voice rings out and gives us a… Welcome.

We find some Echo Herbs in a chest and continue on.
A cackle rings out from somewhere, but our heroes press on.

We come to a chest that contains a Spark Dagger, which goes to Refia.
After some more idle threats from our unknown assailant, we hit a switch that opens up the way forward. We also find a chest that contains more Echo Herbs.
We grab an Echo Herb and a Bomb Fragment from a chest. The next floor, we find a pair of Sonic Knuckles, which Luneth dons.

We also pick up a Salamand Sword and Flame Mail. The Flame Mail goes to Ingus, and I decide to walk all the way back out, since everyone isn’t looking so hot, and I don’t want to have to grab all of this treasure again, in case I die.
I also make a quick stop at the Ancient’s Village to grab Teleport, Thundara and some Antidotes. I also accidently buy a Cura, forgetting that both of my casters already have it. Oh well!
We return to the Tower of Owen for our second trip, stronger than before!
Well, as long as we don’t get into an accidental random encounter while we are frogs!
We head up the tower and see a woman who attempting to destroy the whole tower. She reveals herself to be a servant of someone called Xande. She then attacks us.
Medusa is very strong at this point. She can cast the -ra line of spells, and single targets them too, dealing over 200 damage. Plus, she gets two attacks, so she will very happily cast a spell on someone, nearly killing them, then attack. If she attacks the same target she hit with the spell, it’s bye bye character.

My first time fighting her, she killed Arc within two rounds because she wouldn’t stop targeting him. I just reset, since I only have one phoenix down, and I can’t waste anymore at this stage of the game.

The second time around, the group managed much better. She used an attack called Stare quite a few times, which never hit and her physical attacks don’t hurt nearly as much as her magic. Thankfully, when she did cast her magic, it was always against the whole party, which didn’t nearly instantly kill anyone. As long as Arc or Ingus could get a Cura off before her next attack, we were golden.

She goes down, but the group realizes that the tower is about to explode from whatever is was that Medusa had done to the reactor… Thing.
Desch, finally regaining his memories, realizes he is an “ancient” and that his destiny was to protect the tower, but he didn’t realize it quick enough. Instead, he decides to sacrifice himself so that he can save everyone and the tower.
He gives one last goodbye, telling us to go the dwarf island, that we will find the crystal of fire there, before leaping into the flames.

We are then transported outside onto the enterprise. Also, there is a whirlpool that had been blocking us from leaving this part of the world, but with Desch’s sacrifice, the whirlpool weakens, allowing us to go freely over it. With that, we head off onto where-ever this dwarf island is.
We quickly find the dwarven hallow, but the dwarves appear to be in a bit of trouble, of course. Apparently, some rogue took off with a relic of theirs. They ask us to investigate. Before we go, we check out their shops, and buy some Ice Armor and Ice Helms. After, we have to Toad ourselves again to enter the Subterranean Lake.

We search through the cavern, picking up an assortment Gold Needles and two Zeus’ Wrath.
It is a good thing they give you so many Gold Needles, considering nearly every enemy in here can petrify you.
That is what can happen if two Manticores get a back-attack on you. It sucks. The ice equipment I picked up really helps out Arc and Ingus, since Manticores love to spam Blizzard.

I left and revived everyone at the reviving spring in the dwarven hallow, and sailed all the way back to Castle Argus to heal up at the wellspring there for free.
We head back to the cavern, hopefully with less trouble this time.

I know a lot of people don’t really use Thief, but I am enjoying it so far. They can steal, plus open locked doors, and they get the Flee ability, which has saved me a couple of times.
Anyway we get back to where we were and find two chests that holds 3000 gil each. Nice.
Eventually, we find the rogue, Gutsco, who stole the Horn of Ice relic from the dwarves. Of course he isn’t giving it up without a fight.
He wasn’t that hard, really. He mostly just attacked twice, but it didn’t do that much damage. He also healed himself with Cure once, and tried to cast Mini on Luneth, but it didn’t stick. I eventually even had Arc and Ingus blow their level 3 MP on Thundara, since I figured I didn’t need to save any Curas for the fight.
We finish him off and grab the Horn of Ice, but he disappears? Oh well, we Teleport out and head back to give the dwarves back their relic.
But on the way, there appears to be something following us…

We talk to the dwarf, who lets down the barrier keeping the other Horn of Ice safe. As soon as we place the other Horn of Ice on the pedestal, Gutsco appears and steals both!
Luneth asks why he is doing this, and Gutsco explains that those Horns of Ice protect against the fire crystals flames, allowing those who hold them to get close to the crystal. He then says the power of the fire crystal will be his!

The dwarf says that the fire crystal is to the north, so we head there immediately.
We enter the Molten Cave, which, you guessed it, is full of molten lava that harms us when we step over it. Being a fire dungeon, a lot of things here are weak to Blizzard, but I only have one Ice Staff. I think I might make a trip over to the Ancient’s Village and pick up another one, since I have a feeling it would help quite a bit in here.
After buying another Ice Staff, we head back into the Molten Cave.

On the next floor, we pick up a Freezing Blade, which is great, except Luneth nor Refia can equip it, which is who I would want to give it to, since Arc and Ingus have the Ice Staves equipped. Still good loot though.
We also pick up a Hi-Potion and a much needed Phoenix Down.

The next floor, we pick up a set of Impact Claws for Luneth and yet another Phoenix Down.
We come to a rock that has a secret switch on it that opens up the next part of the dungeon.
We travel further on until we find Gutsco with the Fire Crystal. He says he has the power of the crystal, but he needs to defeat us to fully awaken it’s power, so he then attacks us.
This guy was tough! At the beginning of the fight, he attacks twice, for a good chunk of damage, but it was manageable. I had Arc use his level 3 MP slots for Blizzara, which did almost 700 damage to him, which was great.

As the fight dragged on, however, he started using Fire Breath. This is where things got nasty. Poor Luneth can’t equip any of the ice gear, so he got demolished, with fire breathe doing almost 350 damage to him, which would be a one-hit KO even at full health. Refia took a good chunk as well, but she survived. Arc and Ingus took about 100 damage from the attack, so they could survive it, but not without healing every turn.

At this point, I knew it was pointless to revive Luneth, since one Fire Breath and he would go back down anyway. But then, he used it again, taking out Refia before Ingus could get off his Cure. Then, it was down to just Arc, Ingus, and the Salamander. I figured I could win a battle of attrition with him, since Ingus could heal, Arc could use his ice staff to cast Blizzard, and eventually win.

However, this guy had a ton of HP. So much, Ingus ran out of Cure MP, so Arc had to take over healing duties. But, only problem, after a few rounds, back-to-back fire breaths managed to take out Arc!

Ingus was left alone, no Curas, no Cures, almost no hope.

So, I got desperate and spammed Antarctic Winds, which dealt about 650 damage. Ingus was on his last leg, but after the second Antarctic Wind, Salamander went down! Whooo!
That fight was as close as you could cut it. I really think, however, I am changing Luneth to another job. Monk deals some good damage, but magic just cuts right through him like butter. I have never been a fan of glass cannon jobs, unless the damage they deal is really worth it.
But anyway, thankfully, the crystal was nice enough to fully revive and heal the party as well as giving us our next set of jobs!
My gamer OCD is kicking in a bit, having everyone really far apart in EXP now, but oh well. I am not resetting after that fight.
Knight: Basically a more defensive Warrior. Can equip some great armor and weapons, and can even protect critically injured allies.
Ranger: A bow user who can use some low level white magic.
Geomancer: A mage-type whose ability changes depending on the environment. But I don’t think their ability requires MP, so spam away.
Scholar: Scholars are a bit of an odd bunch. They have the lowest Vitality (meaning low HP gains) out of all of the jobs, but have a few unique perks about them. They can cast low level white and black magic, as well as Item Lore, which allows them to double the power of items used in battle.

Next time, we switch some jobs around, give back the Horns of Ice to the dwarves and continue our quest to restore the crystals!

The job images were taken from the FF3 Wikia page:


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