Final Fantasy 3 Part 4 -A New Land

In the last update, we found the Gulgan Gulch, a place where blind psychics told Desch of his destiny in the Tower of Owen. Upon arrival, we were faced with opposition in the form of Medusa, a servant of someone or something called Xande.

Desch, realizing his destiny as an “ancient,” and seeing no other alternative, sacrificed himself to keep the tower from exploding, killing us all.
Before his leap into the flames to save us, he mentioned that the island of the dwarves housed the fire crystal and that we should head there.
Finding the dwarves, and seeing they had were having a problem with a rogue, the group quickly dispatched him… Or so they thought!

Gutsco the rogue, tricking us into thinking he had perished, managed to steal the last relic of the dwarves, and with it, the key to inherit the power of the fire crystals.
The group managed to put a stop to him, as he used the power of the fire crystal to transform himself into a terrible beast, the Salamander.
The fire crystal then granted us new jobs to use with its blessing, and from there, we begin!

I change Luneth into a Knight, and have him dual wield the Freezing Blade and the Salamand Sword.
We head back to the dwarf cave, and a dwarf gives us a Magic Key, which lets us open locked doors, but it breaks after using it.
They also let us take everything in their treasury, which is very generous of them.
We get a plethora of items, but we also get an Elixir! We will have to save that for Cid’s wife.
On the way out, however, a man claiming to be from Tokkul collapses, telling us the town is in danger.
He tells us that the man behind it, Hein, can change his weakness, that only a Scholar can see through it. The game wants us to really use a Scholar here, and I may, but I just don’t really like Scholar that much.

We quickly set sail for Tokkul to stop whatever is attacking the town.
As we arrive, we are instantly paralyzed, and taken away to Hein Castle, to be used for slaves. We wake up in a cell and decide to investigate.
We go through a hole in the wall to the other cells and talk to the people who are being held captive here, and find King Argus himself. He says Hein was his trusted adviser, but when Hein was corrupted by the darkness, he turned on him and cursed his soldiers to obey only Hein. The king asks us to defeat Hein, to put a stop to this.

Continuing on, we find a dying soldier who gives us Mini, and tells us that there is a hole in the wall we can use to escape.
We shrink ourselves and squeeze through the hole further into Hein’s Castle.
We find a Holy Arrow and two Phoenix Downs, which I will gladly take.

In the next section we find another Phoenix Down. The enemies in this section can dish out some damage, dealing almost 100 damage to Arc and Ingus, who have some of the best armor right now.

We find an assortment of attack items plus almost 10,000 gil in chests. We continue on in search of Hein.

We grab a Royal Sword, which is great for Luneth.
On the outside of the tree prison, we find another Phoenix Down.
Back inside, we grab another Elixir, along with a Rune Bow.

The enemies in here are a definite drain on resources, which is bad. The fact that you are just kind of thrown into this dungeon is jarring. I also don’t think you can Teleport out of here.
Anyway, we finally reach Hein, who is just lounging on his throne, contemplating his power and the darkness. We confront him, and challenges us.
Hein wasn’t that hard. It could have been much worse, but I think I got somewhat lucky.
You see, the game wants you to use Scholars, because of their ability that lets you see an enemy’s weakness.

Hein can use Barrier Shift to change his weakness as he pleases on his turn, plus get another action, like attacking or casting a spell.
When he changes his weakness, he becomes resistant to all other elements. Also, his physical defense is through the roof, so don’t even bother with physical attacks.
So in a way, this is a bit of a gimmick fight.

Thankfully, I managed to read his weakness pretty well through fight, and did some great damage. Once Refia was done stealing, she was pretty much useless, except for throwing items. She did get KO’d, which I thought about not reviving her, but I decided to go ahead and use a Phoenix Down and she stayed up for the rest of the fight.

His most dangerous attack is his Blizzara. It does some good damage to whoever he casts it on. Thankfully, he only cast it a few times during the fight.
I had Refia throw out some attack items at just the right time, dealing over 600 damage with them. If I had a Scholar with them, those numbers would be doubled, but I just wasn’t too keen on using a Scholar, although in hindsight, I probably could have just changed Refia into one for this dungeon, but oh well.

In the end, he went down, with only two Antarctic Winds and one Phoenix Down used. Not bad.
After the fight, the tree that we are in begins to speak, telling us it is a tree from the living woods, and that Hein put a curse on it.
It releases everyone who is trapped inside and takes us to the living woods.
There, it re-roots itself into the ground and explains that it must sleep for another one thousand years to heal itself. But, it also tells us that we need to go to the surface world, the world of darkness to fight the darkness itself.
We are given the Fang of Wind and are put outside of the forest.

After that, let’s check up on King Argus to see how he is doing after this whole debacle. Plus, we still need to talk to him about getting another airship.

Making a quick stop in Tokkul, everyone seems happy and thankful that Hein was stopped.
In Castle Argus, we speak to the king, who gives us the Wheel of Time, an artifact that can allow Cid to rebuild an airship.
We set sail all they way back to Canaan to find Cid.
In town I find a secret path to an Elixir!
Back at Cid’s, we give the Wheel of Time to Cid, and he uses it to turn the Enterprise into an airship! Awesome!
We still can only land it in water, but this is a great boon to us.
Cid goes on to tell us that we aren’t from this place, that we come from the floating continent, just as Cid does as well.
He explains that one day, while on his airship, a darkness came and destroyed his airship, leaving only him, and the gang still alive.
The party were only small children at the time.
He then tells us we need to go find out about what happened to our home.

Also, it appears his wife is fine. Either that or he found an Elixir sometime between our last meeting. She probably just had a cold, anyway.
Leaving Canaan, I stop by Ancient’s Village to purchase a few things, such as extra Antidotes, another Flame Mail for Arc and two Light Staves, since it is the only staff we don’t have yet.
We explore the map a bit, and find a town we haven’t been to yet, Gyshal.
It appears to be a very small farming/ranch town. They have a magic shop, but they don’t sell any spells we particularly need at the moment. We find some Gyshal Greens, however, and are told that in a certain chocobo woods, if we use the Gyshal Greens, it will summon the boss of the chocobos.

In addition, they sell a few unique items, such as Gyshal Greens and Magic Keys. As stated earlier, Magic Keys open locked doors, so you don’t need a Thief, but they are one time use. I buy 10, just to have.

We save, then make our way to the surface world!
As we ascend to the skies and head off towards the surface, we are hit with a powerful wave of darkness that saps the party’s strength. After a brief struggle, we punch through, to the surface world.
The surface world is pretty barren right now. We fly around until we find what looks like a shrine and a cave and investigate.
We find it is the Temple of Water! We enter, ready to find the water crystal, but all that remains is but a shard. When we attempt to touch it, an unseen force stops us. With nothing left to do, we leave and head to the cave.

We head into the cave, to find it is called the Cave of Tides.
Entering it, we find a short cave that leads to a locked door that we can’t open. Once again, left with nothing else to do, we leave.
Locating the last island we can see on our map, we come to a wrecked ship.
Inside we find some treasure, a Zeus’ Wrath and a Blood Sword! Awesome.
We also find an old man and a young girl. The young girl appears to be ill. The old man says that darkness shrouded the land and stopped time. The girl, known as Aria, tried to stop it, but she couldn’t.

We give her a Potion, which seems to make her feel better.
Aria says she can see the power of the crystals within us and that we can save the land. She asks to go with us to the Water Temple, so we can reunite the crystal shard with the crystal, hopefully banishing the darkness away.

She joins us, and we head to the temple to grab the shard.
When we do, she tells us that the priestesses of the land created the shard when they sealed away the crystal, to keep it safe.
We head to the Cave of Tides, and at the previously locked door, Aria begins to pray, which causes the door to vanish, allowing us to proceed.
During the next fight, Aria proves her worth as a priestess and heals the party with Cura. She also has the capacity to cast a party-wide Protect, lowering physical damage. Awesome.
There are also Cockatrices roaming around here, which, oddly enough, are not the normal Cockatrices you normally see in games. These are more frog/lizard like. Our party flees from these instead of facing them, because petrify sucks.
After exploring for a bit, we find a chest with Blizzaga in it! Arc happily learns it, although, unfortunately, he may not use it in this dungeon, since I think most things here are weak to Thunder.
Eventually, we come to the water crystal, which Aria reunites with the shard and prays, giving it it’s light back.

Just then, after it is done, she sees something and pushes Luneth out of the way, taking an attack in place of Luneth!
She collapses, and Kraken, another servant of Xande appears, saying he was ordered to stop us. We then battle.
Kraken hits hard. He has a Blizzara spell that deals almost 200 damage to everyone, plus his physical attacks are very damaging as well. Of course, he also gets two attacks per turn. He can also blind with his attacks, as well as cast Blind itself as a spell. Thankfully, it didn’t really matter if anyone was blinded, since I was using mostly magic.

I had Arc cast his new Blizzaga, which did a good chunk of damage and the rest of the party throw Zeus’ Wraths at him. Eventually, Kraken was putting out so much damage I had to have Ingus and Luneth go on healing duty while Refia and Arc threw spells at him.

By an extreme stroke of luck, an earlier enemy in the dungeon dropped a Heavenly Wrath, which casts Thundaga when used. I had Arc use it, dealing a massive 2200 damage to him.
The fight ended shortly after that, thankfully.
After the fight, Aria gives us the power of the water crystal and tells us to restore the light to the crystals. She then fades away in Luneth’s arms.
Then, a violent earthquake shakes the cave. The group heads for cover as the screen goes black.

We see a shot of the darkness clearing, revealing towns and grassland.
Then, while Luneth is unconscious, he has a vision of an old woman who says to seek Doga in the Dalg continent.

Luneth then awakens, confused as the party tells him they are in the water village of Amur, and that they have been unconscious for three days.
We exit the inn and begin to explore the town.

It appears everyone is talking about a man named Goldar, and that he has chained our ship up.
We also find a group of four old men who think they are warriors of light.
We rush outside of town and sure enough, our boat has been chained, preventing us from going anywhere! At a loss, the party decides to check out the rest of the town, but not before checking out our new jobs from the water crystal!

Viking: This job has great defense, much like the Knight, but instead of Defend, they get Provoke, which causes enemies to attack the Viking instead of allies.
Dragoon: If you have played FF4, you probably can guess how a Dragoon operates, by wielding spears and jumping.
Dark Knight: Once again, FF4, think Dark Knight Cecil. These guys can use their own HP to damage enemies.
Evoker: These casters are essentially “Summoners in training.” They can summon only weaker versions of the summons you can get in the game.
Bard: This job is great for support. They can equip harps and sing songs that protect and heal allies.

Next time we explore the town of Amur, and see if we can find out any information about this Goldor individual!

The job images were taken from the FF3 Wikia page:


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