Final Fantasy 3 Part 6 -The Invincible

Last time, after restoring the water crystal, the darkness was lifted over the surface world, allowing us full access to it.
However, a man named Goldor chained our ship, making us unable to use it until we could break free.

Needing something called the Levigrass shoes, our heroes tracked some down in the sewers, and gain entry into Goldor’s Manor.
They fought and defeated Goldor, but Goldor would have the last laugh. He destroyed the earth crystal that was present in his manor, before dying and leaving behind a key to unlock our ship.

As we explored the surface world, the Enterprise was shot down and destroyed over the kingdom of Saronia. Seeing a civil war occurring in the kingdom, the group befriended the young Prince Alus, who had been exiled by his father, who was apparently being controlled by his adviser, Gigameth.

Making their way into the castle, the group stayed the night to await an audience with the king. Unfortunately, the king attempted to take his son’s life in the middle of the night under Gigameth’s spell!

The king stabbed himself instead of Alus, and broke free of the bonds that controlled him. Gigameth, left with no other choice, attacked our heroes.
After much trial and error, along with some levels, the group managed to barely seize a victory against Garuda.

The group now is looking for a way to repair the Enterprise.

We finally get to fully explore Saronia. We first enter the library, which houses some useful information, such as to the west in the mountains there is a place that houses the secret of the Dark Knights.

Those odd statues that were blocking us before? They require the four fangs before we can enter. It also says it will kill us with lasers if we were to try to enter.
It also talks about how the world was bathed in light, and that dark warriors had to come and bring balance.
Exploring the now open shops, we find some amazing spells, such as Raise, Curaga and Thundaga. These are the last spells that our Red Mages will be able to cast, but once we get some stronger jobs, we will replace them.

With Raise, we now don’t have to worry about our limited Phoenix Down supply as much.
I sold off ten of the Gold Swords so we can have some extra cash after buying two copies of those spells, plus others, like Blizzaga, Erase and Libra.
The Gold Swords sold for 2500 gil a piece!

We also buy a Light Rod, which casts Thundara, so Arc and Ingus had something to cast with. We then head back to the castle in search of a way to rebuild our ship.
We explore around, and the four engineers of Saronia talk of an airship they have recovered, called the Nautilus!

They give it to us, so we can now explore again! In addition, it can break through the fierce winds of the Dalg Continent!
With our new ship, let’s head that way.
The Nautilus is extremely fast, by the way. Much more like the Airships from the previous games.
We cut through the winds and come to a mansion. When we enter, a voice tells us to halt, and sends… Moogles after us?

After a moment of dancing around us, the Moogles stop and a man comes out and reveals himself to be Doga, the powerful wizard.
He says that Xande, the man we keep hearing about, is the also a powerful wizard who is spreading the darkness across the world.
Noah the magus had three apprentices, Doga, Unei and Xande. He bestowed on his three apprentices gifts, magic for Doga, dreams for Unei and mortality for Xande.
Xande, furious, tried to spread darkness throughout the world and stop time, so he would live forever.
Doga says we must go to the Cave of the Circle, so we can get to a place called Eureka, where powerful ancient weapons are held. He says they are the key to defeating Xande.
He then joins us.

You know, I kind of feel for Xande just a tiny bit. I mean, he was an apprentice to a powerful wizard, and when his master distributed his “gifts” all Xande got was a mortal life? That… Kind of sucks for him.  But still, evil is evil, I suppose, so he must be stopped!

We go through Doga’s Manor and find moogles everywhere. They mostly tell us the same information that Doga had already told us, but there are a few shops here as well. One is just a simple item shop, however…
The other sells level 6 magic! I was tempted to buy some, but my Red Mages can’t cast level 6 spells, so I decide to just wait and save my money for later.
In Doga’s office, there is a book that revives party members as well as a magic pot of water that fully heals us.

Activating a candle on the wall, it opens up a wall that allows us further passage. When we go through, we find a small hole that Doga tells us is the way to the Cave of the Circle.
Great, another Mini dungeon.
However, Doga proves his worth as a mage and can sometimes cast Flare on our enemies! Awesome!
Despite that, it is a very quick “dungeon.” When we reach the end, Doga says his time has almost come. He casts a spell on our ship that will allow it to travel underwater.
He tells us that we need a magical artifact to wake up Unei from the world of dreams, so she can help us.
He then tells us that he is going to find the key to Eureka, and teleports us out of the cave.
We now have the ability to explore under the sea with the Nautilus! You fight encounters while underwater, which is a bit of a bummer.

While flying around, we use the advice from Doga and find a suspicious ring of land.
We dive in it, and find the Temple of Time Doga was speaking of!
We enter and find a locked door. Looks like a job for Refia!
Unlocking the door and heading in, we find a Diamond Helm.

In the next room, we find some Diamond Bracers, which oddly enough, Knights can’t equip, so they go to Ingus.
Going further down, we pick up the Defender sword, a definite upgrade for Luneth. It also casts Protect, so that is handy.

Unlocking another door, we find the Diamond Mail, which goes to Luneth.
We also pick up a Behemoth Knife and Diamond Gloves. With that, Luneth is now decked out in Diamond armor.
Moving on, we start fighting some tough monsters. The Dragon here, has 11,000 HP, no weaknesses, hits for almost 400 damage, plus can cast Flame, which hits the entire party for a ton of damage, not unlike Lightning.

It took far too long, and made Arc and Ingus use almost all of the Cure spells, but we finally beat him.
Then these guys… The Chimera Mages. They can cast Lightning. Yep. Plus they come in packs of three.
This game hates the player.

And get this, on my way through a secret passage, I fought three groups of three Chimera mages in a row. I had to cast Teleport and get the heck out of there. I was running low on everything.

In the secret, I found a Blood Lance, Protect Ring and a Lamia Harp. Very awesome. The Protect Ring goes to Refia to help out her defenses.

After going back to Doga’s Manor for the free heal and picking up a few of the level 6 spells while I was there, we head back for round 2 of the Temple of Time.

First encounter, three Chimera Mages with a back-attack. Lovely. Thankfully, two used physical attacks, which still hurt pretty hard for being Chimera Mages, and only one used Lightning. I had Refia Flee and we got away just in the nick of time.

Later in the dungeon, we encounter the dreaded Chimera Mages again. Refia’s flee didn’t work this time, and all but one didn’t cast Lightning. Only Ingus got away. I just reset, counting it as a game over, since it was still pretty early in the dungeon, and I didn’t want to waste my Phoenix Downs reviving everyone.

Arc and Ingus only have one charge of their level 5 spells, so one Raise/Curaga.
I am not sure, but it seems like when you attempt to run from a fight, it gives the monsters the advantage. For instance, I would almost always go first against the King Seahorses (which cast Blizzaga), except I decided to just run from them instead of fighting, but then the enemies went first and nearly KO’d me before I could run? This game is crazy.
Here I was thinking that with Garuda out of the picture, things would be easier!

It sure seems like running gives the enemies advantage, because I just fought a group of Chimera Mages, but instead of running, I fought them and managed to kill all three before they even got a turn. If I ran, they all would attack before me. It seems like Refia has best chance at actually going first, but that is probably just her higher Agility from being a Thief.

Heading back to where we were, I find a Diamond Shield.
We also come across this Behemoth. I just ran. I didn’t even want to know what he was capable of. He could two shot pretty much anyone but Luneth, so thank goodness Flee worked.
We finally managed to snag Noah’s Lute, which we need to wake up Unei from her slumber. Now let’s get out of here and never return!
We find Unei in a hidden cave to the north and play the lute to wake her up.
She is rather energetic for sleeping for over a thousand years, but anyway she tells us we need to find the ship the Invincible.

She joins us to go find it, and she also gives us the Fang of Fire. She informs us we need the Invincible to get the last fang, the Fang of Earth.
In the Ancient’s Ruin, we find our first dividing/multiplying enemy. These will multiply themselves and divide if you attack them with regular physical attacks. They are fairly annoying.

We find some archaeologists who are studying the ruins as well as some boulders we can’t cross.
Unei, using her dream powers, obliterates them.
Much like Doga, Unei is a powerful mage and casts Holy! She can also cast a party wide Haste as well.

We pick up the Reflect Mail. It goes to Arc, since Ingus has the Diamond Bracers already. Also, it has slighly less defense than the Diamond Mail Luneth is wearing. The Reflect Mail does protect against some status ailments, though, so that will be handy.

We come across some people who have set up shop here in the ruins.
Boy what a shop! They sell some great items! I buy a White Robe to equip on Ingus. There is also a shop that sells Defenders, Blood Lances and Medusa Arrows, but I decide not to buy any weapons, since I like having the Blood Sword for Luneth.

We continue on and come across a hallway with some items in the rooms.
We pick up a Black Belt Gi, Chakra Band, Faerie Claws and a Rune Bell.

We make our way further down, running from the multiplying enemies, since they are annoying as hell to kill.

After traversing the entire ruins, we come to a very large airship. We board, and Unei does the honor of showing us around the Invincible.

The Invincible has everything, beds to rest in, an item, weapon, armor and magic shop, all selling top tier equipment and spells, plus it has a Fat Chocobo, which lets us store any items.

But, the main reason we need it, is for it’s ability to jump over small mountains.
It does travel at a snail’s pace compared to the Nautilus, but that is a small price to pay, I suppose.
Unei says Doga is calling for her, and tells us to go to the Cave of Shadows north of Amur to get the Fang of Earth.
She also tells us to meet back up at Doga’s Manor, that they need to give us one final item before we head off.
Exploring around the map, we find the village of Replito, a village of Summoners. There isn’t much here, but they do sell summon magic. They sell up to level 5 of summoning magic, which includes favorites like Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit and Titan.

I buy one of each for later. Speaking around town, it appears that Noah sealed away Leviathan and Bahamut somewhere… Looks like we will have to explore to find those.
Looking around town, we find some hidden goodies, like a Turtle Shell, which casts Protect when used and two Elixirs. We also find an old man who tells us there is a hidden cave underneath an island that looks like a triangle that has treasure in it!

But first, let us go to the Cave of Shadows.
I guess you can still get encounters while on the Invincible! I forgot about that. It doesn’t seem that frequent, however. Also, the ship can fire on the enemies dealing a nice chunk of damage.

After mountain hopping for a while, we finally make it to the Cave of Shadows.

We enter and talk to a Dark Knight who says they are training in the cave. They say that the enemies here divide and multiply. Great.

We find a secret passage right at the start and grab a Black Musk! It says it causes Instant KO.

Along the way, we find a set of Dark Claws and an injured Dark Knight, who gives us their Kotetsu, saying they were too weak for the cave. They then fade away.

Continuing on, we find a hidden Tranquilizer, which causes Paralyze.
This place seems to love it’s hidden paths. We find a Lilith’s Kiss, which casts Drain and move on further down.

We find a pair of Genji Gloves in a chest! Unfortunately, no one in my party can equip them right now. I have been pretty much running from every fight so far. I just hate dividing enemies.

We pick up a Kiku-Ichimonji and head down more stairs.

Right out of the gate, we find a chest with a Genji Shield inside.

We also pick up a Genji Helm on the next floor. I guess this place has a full set of Genji gear. Too bad I don’t have anyone that can equip it!

Yep! We find the last piece, the Genji Mail in a chest hidden off to the right.
We get to the Fang of Earth, but as we go to grab it, a dark energy attacks us!
Hecatoncheir (That is a mouth-full) attacks us.
He hits somewhat hard, with two attacks, but the real danger is the Quake he can cast. That deals some decent damage to the whole party.

When he started casting Quake, I had either Ingus or Arc heal, as the other one cast Blizzaga. Luneth and Refia continued attacking after Refia stole a Lilith’s Kiss from him.

Well, Arc went down after an attack and a Quake, causing Ingus to have to Raise him. Unfortunately, that meant no Cura that turn. Then it all started to fall apart.
People kept dying, they would be Raised, only to be immediately killed by a physical attack or Quake. At the end, only Arc remained. Through sheer dumb luck, Arc used his Light Rod to cast Thundara twice, killing Hecatoncheir. I was shocked.
After picking up the Fang of Earth, we Teleport out and save. Thankfully, the game is merciful enough to fully heal everyone.
We leave and pick up the Nautlius, since we need it to go through the rough winds near Doga’s place.

We arrive and find them telepathically speaking to us. They tell us to enter a portal and come to them.

We enter Doga’s Grotto and begin our search for Doga and Unei.

We find two chests with 10,000 gil in them each, which is awesome.

What isn’t awesome is how freaking strong these enemies in here are. They have a ton of HP, and hit like trucks, dealing almost 500 damage a hit on Arc and Ingus.

I might have to just grab the treasure and run, because this place is crazy. I will probably have to do some grinding before I can go any further.

Going further in, we find a Rising Sun, an upgraded Boomerang that goes to Refia as well as a Lust Dagger, and a White Musk, which I believe casts Holy.

Moving on, we find a Chocobo’s Wrath, which casts Flare. We also find two Phoenix Downs.
We Teleport out and rest in Doga’s Manor for free. Time to grind!

I had everyone gain a few levels on the first floor of Doga’s Grotto, going back to heal up at Doga’s Manor if need be. Everyone is level 40 now and Refia also hit job level 99 for Thief. I hope that should be enough. I might just run from every encounter to the boss, since they just take too long to kill and aren’t really worth my time.

I also switched Refia from a Thief to a Dragoon, since she was already at job level 99, I figured I should start raising another job. Of course, she deals a lot less damage than when she was a Thief, but she seems more tanky. Also, if an enemy is weak to Wind, she can absolutely destroy them with Jump, usually dealing 9999 damage to them!
Anyway, heading back to the grotto, we make our way back down.
At the end, we find Doga and Unei, saying they must open the key to Eureka… By fighting us?
They say that to open the key, it needs the energy from Doga and Unei, which means they must die.
Of course, the group is against this, but they don’t give us a choice.
Doga attacks us, turning into whatever the heck this thing is. You would think after all that grinding, it would be in the bag, right?

Nope! We barely managed to beat him before Unei jumps in right after the fight pretty much giving us an instant game over.

Doga, despite being a mage, hits freaking hard in his… Eye brain form.
But, being a mage, he can cast Firaga, Thundaga, Drain and Flare, plus others I might not have seen. Yep, he still has Flare. If he uses it, it is always a one-hit KO at this stage, dealing almost 2500 damage. Of course, he gets two attacks per round.

I have also realized how inefficient Raise is to cast in battle. Unless you cast it after the enemy goes, there is a good shot that they will just be killed again due to their low HP, even if you guard.
Despite that, I managed to kill Doga with just Refia standing, bringing in Unei right after, no rest in-between. In a futile attempt, I used a Phoenix Down on Arc, but then Unei physically attacked both Refia and Arc killing them for the finishing blow.
I think that is a good place to stop for now.

Next time, we will once again try to beat Doga and Unei! Join me then!


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