Final Fantasy 4 Part 3 – Stepping out from the Shadows

Last time, we saw Damcyan castle get bombed right in front of our eyes.

With the castle in ruins, the group finds Anna, Tellah’s daughter dying. The bard, named Edward, appears and Tellah attacks him, but Anna stops him and tells her father she truly loves Edward.

We also find out that Edward is the prince of Damcyan.

Tellah then runs off to find a man named Golbez, who is apparently responsible for the destruction and the death of his daughter. We also find out that Golbez is on a mission to collect all of the crystals for himself for some nefarious purpose.

With Tellah now gone, the group continues on their own mission to find the sand pearl for Rosa.
Edward says he can help and joins us.

We find and defeat the antlion who was guarding the sand pearl.
With it, we return to Kaipo and heal Rosa, who tells us she was told Cecil had died in the earthquake in Mist. Despite Cecil’s worry, she joins us and we head to Fabul to stop Golbez from taking the wind crystal there.

After Rydia melted an ice wall blocking the path, we journey up Mount Hobs and find a monk fighting off some monsters.
We help him and he introduces himself to be Yang.

We tell him about Golbez and his plan and we all go to Fabul to warn the king.
After many battles, the group finds themselves in the crystal room when Kain enters and attacks Cecil!

Golbez makes his presence known and kidnaps Rosa and commands Kain, who is under his leadership to steal the crystal.

With Golbez’s magic being too strong to fight against, the group was left on the floor of the Fabul Castle. Rydia heals the group and tells everyone that we need to rescue Rosa and the crystal.

Cecil suggests attacking Golbez by boat, to which Yang says he can request a boat from the king.

The king agrees and we now are about to board the boat to take on Golbez and rescue Rosa and the crystal!

Before we get on the boat, Yang’s wife wishes us safe travel and gives us a new Augment, Counter!

On the ship, we meet the captain who says we will be at Baron in no time.

Along the way, Yang asks Cecil what he plans to do once he is in Baron.
Cecil tells him about Cid, and how they need to find him.

Rydia also notices Edward acting strange, even shaking while on the ship. Sea sick?
Just then a huge creature is spotted in front of the ship…
It rocks the ship, tossing Rydia over-board! Yang immediately jumps in the rough waters after her.

Edward gets knocked unconscious against the side of the boat.
Cecil rushes over to help Edward when…
Cecil then wakes up somewhere, now alone. He wonders if he is the only survivor?

Let’s explore.
Looking at the map, we are far away from Baron.

We find a village and enter.
It appears we are in Mysidia! The same town that Cecil himself attacked and stole the water crystal from!
The mages in the town are less than pleased at his appearance.
They even poison Cecil! Maybe it would be best not to take to anyone right now.

The inn appears to be functional, but I am not sure it is such a good idea to sleep in a place where most of the populace probably wants you dead.
We meet with the Elder, who says he will hear what we have to say.

We tell him of what happened on our way to Baron, and the Elder, despite what happened with Cecil and Mysidia, sees a light in Cecil.
He tells him to journey to Mount Ordeals and be tested to become a paladin.

He says that as long as we are a dark knight, the darkness will slowly consume us.
He tells us that we will have no chance against Golbez while we use the dark arts.
He then has two mages accompany us.
The twins, Porom and Palom!
Palom is your typical black mage. He can cast basic black magic spells. He also comes with Bluff, which increases his attack power with magic.
Porom is your typical white mage. Like Palom, she can cast basic spells, white magic in this case. She can also Cry, which reduces the defense of enemies.

Together, though, they get Twincast, which lets them combine their strengths to cast powerful spells.

It’s at this point that I have a confession to make.
I am using a guide for the Augments.

Augments, while a fun addition to the game, have a lot of minute details that the game never tells you.

Like for instance, to get more rare and powerful Augments, you have to give Augments to characters that will eventually leave you!

Also, at level 70+, depending on what Augments your characters have equipped, it will increase their stats. So to max everyone’s stats, careful placement of Augments is a must over a few play-throughs.

Thankfully, you do get a New Game+ option, which allows you to get most of the Augments again, but it is a bit of a complicated process.

So, with that said, I am merely looking at an Augment guide to ensure I don’t mess my party over by not equipping the right Augments on the right characters.

Porom gets AutoPotion, Palom gets Item Lore, and Cecil gets Counter.

We do some leveling outside of Mysidia to get the twins up to speed.

Also, just a warning, the Heal Staff does not work like it did in FF2. I had Porom attack Cecil, thinking it would heal him, but then forgot about his Counter ability.
Poor Porom took a Deathbringer to the face.

On the way, we come to a chocobo forest with Recordingway inside!
He says that as much as he likes recording events, he likes camping even more, so he now becomes Campingway! We give him a Tent, since he says he ran out of his and get 300 gil in return.

Also, there is a white chocobo here that will fully heal our MP. Awesome!

We reach Mount Ordeals and prepare ourselves for our climb!
As we travel, there is a fire that is blocking our path. But Palom, our black mage, has no trouble casting Blizzard on the fire and putting it out.
But meanwhile, Golbez means to send one of his minions after Cecil, to stop him from becoming a paladin!
Kain wishes that Golbez would have sent him instead, but Golbez says that Cecil was once his friend, and that Kain needs to stay and guard Rosa.

We continue our climb up Mount Ordeals.

Shortly after, we find Tellah, who is apparently looking for a powerful spell called Meteor.
With it, he hopes to kill Golbez.
The twins mentions that if Tellah was to try and cast Meteor, it would probably kill him.

The twins appear to know who he is, however, and they say he is famous in Mysidia.

Cecil tells him about Leviathan and what happened with Edward, Rydia and Rosa.
He also tells Tellah he is traveling up the mountain to become a paladin to also defeat Golbez.
Tellah then re-joins us.
As we climb up the mountain, we keep hearing strange noises. At first, Porom merely thinks this is Palom, but eventually, we come across the fiend that Golbez sent after us, Scarmiglione!
Scarmiglione comes with a battalion of undead. Being undead himself, he is weak to Fire, possibly even Cure.
He also counters magical attacks against him by casting magic right back.
He goes down really quick.
We make our way across the bridge and Scarmiglione attacks us once again, this time, taking us by surprise and back-attacking us!
Boy is he ugly under that robe! Sorry, Scarmiglione!

This time, he was tough!
Right out of the gate, he got a critical hit against Tellah, bringing him to near death. Before he could be healed, Scarmiglione hit him again, killing him.
Porom tried to bring him back, but Scarmiglione kept killing him!
He could also cast an ability that would Slow the entire party. That was a nuisance.
Eventually, we got Tellah up and he cast Blink on himself to ensure he stayed up this time. I had planned on casting Blink on Porom as well, but he started countering our moves with an attack called Gas, which seemed to work like Bad Breath, tons of negative status effects, including Silence on everyone!
Things got pretty close there at the end, but I had Palom start chucking fire attack items because he couldn’t cast his spells. Since he had Item Lore, it dealt some great damage.
He went down after Tellah joined Palom in tossing an item at him to deal some fire damage.
After the fight, Scarmiglione falls off the cliff, hopefully really dead this time.
We heal up and save at the save point before continuing on. Don’t want to have to fight him again.

We walk up to a shrine of sorts, and a voice speaks to us and teleports us into an odd mirror room.

There, a voice speaks, calling Cecil his son. He tells him he will give him his light.
Just then, a sword appears and hovers over to Cecil. When he grabs it, he changes!
Then, the voice says that he needs to cast off the darkness, and out steps dark knight Cecil!
This fight, my attacks did very little damage. The voice says to be a true paladin, a heart cannot hold any malice, so I instead defend.

Dark knight Cecil begins to attack by using it’s Darkness, dealing minor damage to me, but also damaging itself.
After a few rounds, it gives up.

The voice speaks again and says it will truly bestow it’s strength, the last of it’s strength, to Cecil. It says that Cecil must stop Golbez.
Cecil has become a true paladin!
Then, Tellah exclaims he remembers all of his spells! He even remembers how to use Meteor!
Looking at Cecil’s new stats, they are pretty low, but he starts at level 1, so time to re-level him!
But, he does have 600 HP at level 1, so he will probably always have the highest HP out of everyone in the group.

He does have some skill with white magic, of course, and being a paladin, he can Cover his allies and take damage for them.

Tellah has indeed remembered all of his spells!
He has Meteor in his magic list, but doesn’t have enough MP to cast it… I guess the game doesn’t want the player to have any fun.

After that, let us make our way back down Mount Ordeals.
Looks like we might have to babysit Cecil for a while. He deals about 20 damage a swing with his shiny new sword and takes about 250 damage from enemies. Although, to be fair, he isn’t wearing any armor.
I suppose he is level 1…

Thankfully, one fight gets him to level 6, so he should level pretty quick.

Traveling down the mountain, we pick up the Curse Augment which goes to Palom.
When we leave the mountain, I try out Palom and Porom’s Twincast.
I only managed to get Comet, but it hits all enemies for about 6000 damage!

When we arrive back to Mysidia via chocobo, I cash in all of my money I have been saving and buy Cecil some of the armor available in town. It cost quite a bit, but I still had some leftover.

I also bought a Power Bow for Rosa when/if she comes back as well as an Ice and Fire rod and a Healing Staff, just to have extras.

We talk with the elder who is surprised that Cecil has made it back. He explains that the twins went with us to make sure our intentions were honest.
He then asks about the holy blade that Cecil is wielding, and reads off an ancient Mysidian legend that is inscribed upon it.
Tellah also mentions that he learned Meteor on the mountain.

The elder thinks that was destined to happen, and that the fate of the world may lay in Cecil’s hands now.

He tells Palom and Porom to stay here in Mysidia, but they refuse, saying they wish to help Cecil on his quest.

Cecil has some minor reservations, but they say they are strong enough and with Cecil and Tellah looking after them, they will be fine.
The elder agrees to let them travel with us a while longer.
He then tells us to travel down Devil’s Road, a secret passageway that connects Mysidia with Baron.
With the elder’s blessing, let make haste to Baron!
And with that, we are instantly teleported to Baron!

We talk to a few people and hear about a monk that is at the inn.
We rush over to see who it is, and sure enough, it is Yang!
However, Yang attacks us on sight!?
After knocking some sense into him, it seems after the Leviathan attack he lost some of his memory and Golbez used that to twist his mind into thinking Cecil was an enemy.
Yang also mentions how Rydia was swallowed by the Leviathan. Poor girl.

After introductions, they speak about how they can sneak into the castle.
Cecil also mentions how they need to find Cid so they can procure an airship.

Yang, however, has just the thing, a master key to the Baron castle!

With this, the group can easily infiltrate the castle and rescue Rosa along with the crystal!
But that, is for another time!

See you then!


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