Final Fantasy 4 Part 4 – Triumphs and Sacrifices

Last time, we were ship-wrecked by Leviathan, who suddenly attacked us on our way to Baron to stop Golbez.

Edward, Yang and Rydia all went missing, leaving only Cecil apparently alive.
Dragging himself back to civilization, which happened to be Mysidia, the place where Cecil had stolen the water crystal from, he was met with a hostile attitude from the mages there.

Speaking with the elder, Cecil was told to climb Mount Ordeals with the help from the twin children mages, Porom and Palom.
Along the way, they met up with Tellah, who told them he was looking for the spell Meteor to kill Golbez with.

Joining us, we continued up the mountain, only to be attacked by Golbez’s minion!
Defeating Scarmiglione twice, Cecil managed to overcome his dark and bloody past and become a true paladin!

Heading back to Mysidia with a holy blade in hand, the villager spoke of an ancient prophecy.
He allowed Cecil and company access to the Devil’s Road, a teleporter that links Mysidia with Baron.

There, we found Yang, who was still alive after the Leviathan attack, but he was brain-washed by Golbez to attack Cecil!

After Yang came to his sense, he informed Cecil that Rydia was dead, swallowed by the Leviathan.

He also gave Cecil a master key to the Baron castle, allowing us access to it, and rescuing Rosa and the cyrstal!

In town, we open the locked weapon and armor shop with the Baron key, to find Campingway inside!
He says he has found a new love, music, and changes his name to Jammingway. He lets us listen to the various songs in the game.

We buy some new equipment for everyone and head out. I had to sell Cecil’s old dark knight gear, but I doubt he will need it any longer!

We find another locked door that leads to the Ancient Waterway, which we can use to sneak into the castle!

While traveling through the waterway, picking up items along the way, we find an Ancient Sword near a save point. It is weaker than what Cecil has equipped right now, but it does inflict Curse status. Might come in handy sometime.
Continuing on, we sneak into the castle and find it suspiciously empty.
We come across a soldier, Baigan, who Cecil recognizes.

Cecil asks him if he has joined Golbez, but Baigan says he hasn’t.
Cecil asks for his assistance, and he agrees, and joins us.
As we walk, the twins stop everyone. They say they smell monster stink.
They then point at Baigan, saying it’s all an act.
At first he denies it, but sure enough, he transforms!

This guy counters magic with Reflect! I had Cecil cast Libra on him to see his stats, but that turned out to be a mistake.

He was tricky, but not necessarily hard. He has his main body, but his arms can attack and cast spells as well.

His arms could cast Haste on the body, but they didn’t hit that hard. The main thing was all of the status effects, he could Sap, Mini and Paralyze people with his various attacks.
I also forgot how little MP Tellah had. He blew through his MP casting buffs and he didn’t have any leftover for attacks. Thankfully, he still had his Ice Rod he could use.

Also, after the body was killed, one of his arms was still alive and it self-destructed on Cecil, dealing minor damage. Good thing it didn’t hit anyone else.

After the fight, we continue to explore.

With the guards gone, we raid the castle treasury for some recovery items.

When we head back to the throne room, we find the king, just sitting on his throne.
The king acknowledges Cecil’s growth in power since they last met.
But then the king acts as if he isn’t the king?
It’s another archfiend in disguise!
This time, Cagnazzo, the water fiend!

This guy wasn’t that tough at all, really. Since he didn’t have Reflect, Palom and Tellah were free to blast the guy.

He started the battle with Sleep, causing Yang to spend almost half the fight asleep.
He did have an annoying Counter: Hold against physical attacks as well as Counter: Silence against magic, but thankfully he went down before that really became an issue.

With Libra, we found out he was weak against Blizzard.

I noticed that he changed weaknesses after he created water at his feet. His weakness changed to Thunder. Also, when you nail him with a Thunder attack with the water at his feet, he makes the water disperse.
I really don’t want to know what would have happened if you don’t destroy it in time.
After the fight, Cid finds us.
We explain the situation, and it seems like Tellah and Cid… Don’t have a good first impression.
Porom thankfully calms everyone down and we follow Cid to his airship.
But then, Cagnazzo returns, locks the doors and starts to make the walls close in on us!
The group tries to stop the walls, but they can’t!

By the way, this cutscene was bugged a little bit. Cagnazzo’s voice-acted lines layered on top of each other because they took so long to voice. It was a bit odd.
Then, the twins come up with something.

They tell Cecil that he is like an older brother to them and Tellah should look after Cecil for them.
They then cast Break on themselves and turn to stone, stopping the walls from closing in any further.
Tellah tries to cast Esuna, but it won’t work…
Cid says they will get revenge for them. Cecil says Golbez will pay for this.
Meanwhile, Golbez and Kain are discussing apparent “complications” with the final crystal.
Kain says that they should make Cecil retrieve it for them, offering Rosa’s life as a trade.
Golbez agrees, and says when he arrives, they will just finish him off.

Rosa tries to stop Kain, but Kain says he is more than Cecil ever was.

Back with the gang, the airship was in the castle the whole time?
We get ready to set sail, but another ship flags us down.
Inside, Kain meets with us and tells us that in order to save Rosa, Cecil must bring him the earth crystal in Troia.
Everyone is taken aback by this.

Cecil tries to speak some sense into Kain, but Kain isn’t listening and leaves.
Yang asks Cecil what they should do, and Cecil says to head northwest to Troia.

We also have Cid now as a party member!
Cid appears to be a bruiser of sorts. He does come with Analyze, which works like Libra I think, as well as Upgrade.

Upgrade says it uses items to change weapon’s damage type. I guess he can add elemental effects to his weapons?
We head back to Baron to pick up an Augment when the ghost/spirit of the king appears and tells Cecil that he needs to return here when he finds the land of the Eidolons?
We grab the Tsunami Augment in the Ancient Waterway and make our way back to the castle.

Going back to Mysidia, we pick up some more Augments from the elder, this time Dualcast, Cry, Bluff and Twincast.
Twincast goes to Cecil and Tellah.

Exploring around, we find the village of Agart and buy some armor for Cid, who really needs it.

We also find a castle, Eblan and explore it. We find some good treasure, but then we get ambushed trying to get a chest.
It didn’t end well.

This happened again in Eblan with another chest that housed a Silver Apple.
I had to just skip those chests.

Exploring the rest of the world map, we come to a town of tiny people, pigs and frogs named Mythril.
Aptly named due to the mythril gear they sell.

I pick up a few shields for Cecil and Cid as well as a helmet and gloves.
I skip on the set of mythril armor since it cost 17,000 gil!
Heading out, we finish completing the world map!
Anyway, we fly around and head to the northwest.

We arrive in Troia and look around.
We find what appears to be… A brothel!?
We leave and find Namingway who is waiting for a date… Or two?
Jammingway changes his name yet again, this time to Cheatingway, the two-timer.

He says he booked a date with two women, but he needs our help.
He says he wants us to buy him some time by talking to the other girl so he can finish his date.

We begrudgingly agree and speak to the woman at the pub for him, awkwardly trying to keep her occupied until Cheatingway comes back.
He finally does so, and says that he gave his music box to a chocobo in the forest.
Sorry lady, but he is probably at the brothel house right now.

After finding some pretty decent hidden items, let’s head to Troia castle now.
This place is literally full of pervs and women… Of ill-repute.

Entering Troia castle, we hear word from the guards that a man was rescued here.
They say he claims to be a prince.
Edward might still be alive!
Sure enough, we find Edward, although he appears to be fighting for his life.
He wants to go with us, but of course, he needs to stay and rest.
We catch him up on what is happening and he gives us the Whisperweed.
He says this is the only thing he can do for us right now.
We take it and continue to explore the rest of the castle.

Speaking with the populace of the Troia castle, it appears that this place is mostly made up of women.
Fashionable… Sure.

We speak to the Epopts, 8 sisters who protect and watch over the earth crystal.
But it appears that a dark elf has stolen it and made to an island to the northeast.
They say that they will allow us to “borrow” it if we can retrieve it, but we first must bring it back to them.

They also give us some hints about the cave the dark elf has made residence in.
Apparently, the dark elf has magnetized the walls of the cave, making it so that no metal weapons or armor can be worn.

They also tell us, however, that the dark elf has a weakness to said metal weapons.
With that knowledge in hand, we travel northeast to hunt for the dark elf!

I believe we found the cave, but we can’t land the airship anywhere close to it.
Perhaps a black chocobo could allow us to fly over to it?
Heading to the north of Troia, we find a chocobo forest with a black chocobo in it, and use it to fly over to the cave.
I guess the people in Troia were right about wild black chocobos living in the northern woods!
When we arrive in the cave, Cid tells us that we need to remove all metal weapons and armor if we want to be able to move around in the cave.

Yang says his claws aren’t affected, thankfully, for some reason.
Since Cid wields a wooden hammer, that is okay too.
Poor Cecil is going in pretty much naked!

Going through the cave wasn’t that tough. Even without most of our equipment, the enemies here weren’t particularly strong, thankfully.

At least Yang’s claws weren’t affected. If they were, this dungeon would be terrible.

Cecil was regulated to Cover, Defend and healing duties while everyone else attacked.
I still had Tellah use his heal staff mostly, just because of his low MP.
We reach the dark elf, and battle him.
I Analyze him, Slow him, Protect and Shell us and start wailing on him.
After a few more rounds, he unleashes Fira, which decimates everyone but Cecil!
I freak out and attempt to revive, but he soon casts another spell and kills us.
But then, Edward senses that we are in danger and drags himself over to his harp, despite the nurses trying to stop him.
He starts to play his harp and his song reverberates through the Whisperweed he gave us, stunning the Dark Elf!

With this, we can now re-equip our gear!

Second round, we go in guns blazing at him.
He hurts with his spells, but they aren’t one-hit KO’s anymore.
After a few rounds of attacking, he changes forms!
The Dark Dragon was a tough one!
He hit decently hard, but his Dark Breath attack is what really hurt.

I had to use some Phoenix Downs plus an Arise and Osmose from Tellah, but we got him!
After the fight, we grab the earth crystal and Teleport the heck out of this place!

Let’s head back to Troia castle to return the earth crystal and thank Edward for saving our butts.
Heading back, we talk to Edward, who tells us how he came about the song he played that saved our lives.

Tellah finally accepts Edward and no longer blames him for Anna’s death.
Tellah tells Edward he will avenge Anna… For both himself and Edward.
He then hands over the Bardsong Augment. Tellah gets this one.

As we go to take the crystal to back to the Epopts, a voice rings out.
It is Kain. He tells us to take the crystal to the Enterprise and he will take us to the place where Rosa is being held.

Seeing no other alternative, the women of Troia castle let us take the earth crystal.
Before we go, we are told we can enter the store room and take whatever we need.
We greedily take it all, of course.
The highlights include an Elixir, a new bow and elemental arrows.

As we get on the Enterprise, Kain’s ship comes and hovers by ours.
He tells us to follow him to the Tower of Zot, where Rosa is being held.
When we arrive, Golbez tells us to climb the tower to the highest floor, where he will trade the crystal for Rosa.

The group, left with no choice, climb the tower… Next time!

Join me then for the Tower of Zot!


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