Final Fantasy 4 Part 5 – Rescue Missions and the Underworld

After making our to Baron to where we though Rosa was being held, we were attacked by more of Golbez’s minions.

This time, Cagnazzo, the water fiend had the last laugh, trapping us in a room where the walls were closing in on us.

The quick-thinking twins, however, sacrificed themselves by holding the walls in place and casting Break on themselves, turning them to stone.
Not even Tellah’s Esuna spell could cure them.

There, we met up with Kain, who told us in order to save Rosa, we would need to get the earth crystal from Troia and bring it to Golbez, who would trade Rosa for it.

We find Edward, badly wounded, but resting in the Troia castle recovering.
He gives us the Whisperweed, and tells us that is all he can do right now.

We also find that the earth crystal has been stolen by a dark elf.

Arriving at the cave of the dark elf, we had to remove all of our metal weapons and armor, due to the magnetic magic that the dark elf had placed on the cave.

After finding the dark elf, he quickly defeats the group with his powerful magic.

But Edward, sensing us in danger, plays a special song on his harp, which plays through the Whisperweed he gave us, and stuns the dark elf!

Using the opportunity Edward gave us, we defeat the dark elf and grab the earth crystal.
When we take it back to Troia, Kain meets us and leads us to the Tower of Zot, where Rosa is being held.

Golbez says he will trade her for the earth crystal, but the group must travel up the dangerous Tower of Zot, all the way to top floor first!

Cecil, determined to rescue his love, leads the group up the Tower of Zot.

Going up the tower, this place has some pretty strong monsters.

We do find a Flame Mail in a chest though, that goes to Cecil. It halves ice attacks.
Especially when we get ambushed when we open a chest.

The Flamehound could use Scorch, which hurt pretty bad. It KO’d Tellah, but we got it with Cecil’s healing and just physically attacking him.
The Flame Sword is really good and Cecil equips it.
We also pick up a Gaia Hammer for Cid, who really needed an upgrade.
Along with a Hellish Claws for Yang and a Flame Shield for Cecil.

The Flame Sword is really putting in the work. A lot of the enemies present in the tower are weak to fire.
We continue up the tower and come across the Magus Sisters, who serve Barbariccia.
They tell us they have a Delta Attack that will defeat us.
The Delta Attack seems to be merely casting Reflect on Cindy and Mindy reflecting magic off of her to hit us. It hit Cid, and made him critical, but Cecil managed to heal him.

With Tellah, I had him Bardsong the song that Silences enemies to keep them from continuing the assault on us. After two rounds, they all were silenced and were no trouble at all.

Cindy did have Counter: Attack if she was attacked, but that was no big deal.
After beating them, we head up the tower even further.
We meet up with Kain and Golbez shortly after.
Cecil gives him the crystal, and of course, Golbez refuses to give up Rosa.
Then, Tellah runs up and fights Golbez by himself!

During the fight, Tellah gives it all he has, casting Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga, but Golbez doesn’t seem fazed.

Then, he unleashes the ultimate spell he learned on Mount Ordeals…
Golbez takes a major hit, but somehow manages to stay alive.
Tellah falls over, as does Kain.
Golbez says that the spell must have broken his hold over Kain.
Cecil tries to stop him, but Golbez bats him aside. He goes to finish him off, but stops?
Golbez leaves, and the group runs to Tellah.
He tells us to avenge Anna as his final words, and dies in Cid’s arms.
We pick up three Augments left behind from Tellah.
Recall, Last Stand and Fast Talker.
Yang gets Recall and Last Stand.
We then speak to Kain who is on the floor.
Kain is freed from Golbez’s control, but he feels incredibly guilty for what he has done.
Cecil asks him where Rosa is, and they quickly rush to her.

Cecil grabs her right before a guiltine slams down!
They have a heart-to-heart and Kain mentions that not everything he did was under Golbez’s spell.
It appears Kain has some feelings for Rosa as well.
But despite that, Cecil and Rosa ask him to join us in our fight.
He agrees, adding Rosa and Kain to our party!

With that, we do some equipment shuffling and ability learning.
Kain learns Cry (that is bit hilarious and perfectly timed), and Rosa learns Dualcast.

We go to leave… But someone stops us.
She reveals herself…
This woman put up a fight.

I honestly had to play it very smart. No mashing Attack or anything for this fight.
The main trouble was that she countered physical attacks and magical attacks with Lightning and Maelstrom, respectively.
Lightning hit the entire party for a good chunk of damage while Maelstrom instantly lowers everyone’s HP to single digits.
Not a good combo.

I had Rosa Dualcast Slow on her and Shell on everyone. Cecil was on healing duty as well.
I had to be careful when to strike,  since if everyone was below half HP, Lightning would probably give me a game over.

She also has a tornado form that she could enter, increasing her evasion to astronomical heights.
Thankfully, Kain’s Jump with his Wind Spear could knock her out of it.
Eventually, after some careful hits with Yang and Cid, we managed to defeat her.
Like the other fiends, she gives one final hurrah in the form of taking down the tower with her, but Rosa quickly Teleports us out.

We find ourselves in Baron.
The group discusses our next move and Kain mentions that Golbez doesn’t have all of the crystals.
He is missing the dark crystals.
He says thay are the counterpart to the light cyrstals.
He also tells us that Golbez found out they are in the Underworld.
Kain hands Cecil a Magma Stone, and tells him that Golbez thinks that the stone is the key to getting to Underworld.
With the group now rested, we depart to find out how to get to the Underworld!
We travel all the way back to the where the dark elf hid away the earth crystal and pick up another Augment.

We fly around a bit and make a stop at Agart.

There, we examine the well and pull out the Magma Stone, which begins to react.
Cid grabs it, and it starts getting hotter and hotter, causing him to accidentally drop it in the well!
So, Magma Stone + Well = volcanic explosion, got it.

Left with nothing but a gaping crater, let us investigate.

As we enter, we see that this world is filled with heat and lava.
Flying around, we find the Red Wings!
But they are fighting someone?

Like idiots, we fly right between the battle of the armies and the Enterprise takes a hit and goes down.

Now on foot, Cecil says we need to find a place to take shelter.
A short walk later and we come across a castle town of sorts.
We find this to be the castle of the dwarves.
The king of the dwarves speaks with us about the war he having with the Red Wing airships.
He says he wishes the Enterprise could fight with them.

Cid says he can get it working again, but he needs to repair it first.
The king says he would be willing to help with the repairs.
Cid then runs off telling us he will get to work on the Enterprise.
We also ask King Giott about the dark crystals.

He seems to trust us and tells us that two of the four have been captured, but one is still safe in the castle.
Just then, Yang says he senses a presence with us!

Waiting a moment, he says it is behind the wall where the king said the crystal is hidden!
We open the door to find… Dolls?
We fight six dolls. They hit hard, but after we kill a few of them, they combine into…

This big dolly can hit for a ton of damage. She went down easily enough, she just hit hard.
Then, the dolls say that they are defeated, but Golbez will be here soon.
On cue, he shows up, and speaks about how he is using the crystals to reactivate the Tower of Babil so he can get to the moon, where power beyond imagining awaits.
He then challenges us!

We buff up and get ready to attack, when he hits us with a paralyzing attack on the whole party.
He then says he will summon his shadow beast, and summons an Eidolon!
The Eidolon kills our party members, one-by-one until only Cecil is left.
But then, another dragon assists us?
Then someone heals Cecil!
It’s Rydia! She is still alive! Plus she got a lot taller all of a sudden?

Anyway, now for the real showdown with Golbez, and he was quite tricky.

He can cast powerful magic, but his main gimmick is his barrier shift. Similar to Hein in FF3, he can change his weakness up at will, except unlike Hein, he absorbs all other elements.

I was wondering why I kept healing him! It took a few turns of scrambling to realize to cast Libra and see what was going on.

But, before all of that, he cast Osmose on Rydia three times, completely absorbing her MP. I had to use a few Ethers during the fight, but we got him after Rydia hit his weakness a few times.
After the fight, they all ask Rydia where she has been, and what happened to her.
She says that when Leviathan swallowed her, it took her to the Land of the Eidolons, where she gained the trust of the Eidolons.

She also says that is why she is older, since in the Land of Eidolons, time flows differently.

She mentions that she cannot use white magic anymore, but her summons and black magic are stronger.
After that, once again, like idiots, we leave Golbez alone with the crystal just long enough that he snatched it and teleported out.

Speaking to the king, he tells us that Golbez is heading to the Sealed Cave to get the last crystal, but the cave is protected by a ward that protects it.
He says you need a special key to enter.

But, he does come up with a plan.
He says that we should infiltrate the Tower of Babil and get the rest of the crystals that Golbez stole while he is away getting the crystal in the Sealed Cave.

Everyone agrees it is risky, but they don’t have much of an option at this point.

The king says there is a tunnel beneath the castle that leads to the tower.
He also gives us the Draw Attacks Augment.

I buy a few things in the dwarven castle, and head out to save.
We also check out Rydia while we are at it.
She definitely got a boost in the Land of Eidolons.

With Rydia now in tow, I give her the Fast Talker and Bluff Augments.
I also give Cecil the Draw Attacks Augment.

I am starting to have to make some tough choices regarding abilities.

You only get 5 slots, one of which must be Items.

I take off Attack for Rydia, since she probably won’t need it.

I replace Cecil’s Cover for Draw Attacks.
Hopefully, with Draw Attacks, he won’t really need Cover anymore.
In addition, with Counter, he will be dishing out the damage every time someone attacks him, which should be all the time now!

Next up, we head to the Tower of Babil to steal the crystals back from Golbez!

See you then!


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