Final Fantasy 4 Part 6 – Princes and Pawns

Last time, we rescued Rosa, broke Golbez’s spell from Kain at the cost of Tellah’s life, and decided that venturing into the Underworld, where the dark crystals reside, would be our best bet at fighting Golbez.

In the Underworld, our ship was shot down during a battle between King Giott, king of the dwarves and Golbez’s army.

Cid goes to work repairing our ship as we find out Golbez has infiltrated King Giott’s castle!

After a battle where Golbez nearly kills us, Rydia comes back, alive and well, and much more powerful and saves our butts!

Golbez manages to sneak off with the crystal, however, leaving only one more dark crystal left.
King Giott comes up with a daring plan, however.

He says that while Golbez is busy getting the last crystal, we should climb his fortress, the Tower of Babil and procure the other dark crystals while he is away.
With that said, let’s do this!

We pick up the Reach Augment after finding a secret room in the dwarven castle.
It was an odd one, we had to fight this.

Anyway, I do some quick grinding to gain Rydia and Rosa some levels before we rest up and head out.
We get to the tower and see the dwarven tanks duking it out with the tower enemies.
Seeing our chance, we sneak in.

Going up the tower, we come across two trapped chests with an Icebrand and Ice Spear inside.
The monsters were fairly easy.

I equip the Icebrand and Ice Lance, even though the Dwarven Axe is slightly stronger, because I believe most enemies are weak to ice in here.
We also pick up a set of Ice Armor and an Ice Shield, which halves fire.
Cecil equips both.
We come up to an odd old man and Rubicante, the archfiend of fire.
Rubicante leaves the old man, who notices us.
After a few words, he attacks us.
These guys were easy. They went down without any trouble.
However, Dr. Lugae gets mad and fights us again, this time changing forms!
I will admit, I almost got a game over on this fight.

He started of the battle with Reversal Gas, which causes damaging attacks to heal and healing attacks to damage.

He then proceeded to heal us, but with Reversal Gas in effect, it dealt some nice damage.
Dr. Lugae can also Counter: Sleep Gas when physically attacked.
His main attack, however, was Beam.
It was essentially a one-hit-KO on anyone but Cecil at full health.
It was insane, and it got very close, but we beat him and get the Dr. Lugae key.

After the fight, Dr. Lugae mentions that the cannons are going to fire on the dwarves, taking them out, so the group decides to put a stop to the cannons.

We walk back down a few floors and unlock a previously locked door with the key we got form Dr. Lugae.
We enter a room with a few goblins manning the cannons.

We fight and easily dispatch the goblins, but they quickly dash up to the cannons and activate them!
With the cannons now going berserk, Yang rushes to try to stop them.
The group tells him to stop, but he instead kicks them out of the room and locks the door.
He gives a final good-bye, and the room explodes.
The group takes a moment for Yang and continues on.

As we make our way down the tower, near the entrance Golbez appears and sets a trap for us!

The bridge we are on begins to collapse.
The group runs for their lives, and jumps from the tower, right into the Enterprise! With Cid!
As we speak to Cid about Yang, a Red Wing airship begins to follow us.
Cid pushes the Enterprise to the limit, but the Red Wings keep up.
Cid, seeing no other opportunity, tells Cecil to take over, and jumps off the ship holding a bomb. Right before he does, however, he tells us to speak to his crew at Baron.

As the group leaves the Underworld, Cid’s bomb explodes, closing the crater, and sealing off the Red Wing airship that was chasing us.
Cecil sets a course for Baron.
When we arrive, we speak to Cid’s crew, and they tell us that Cid had them prepare a hook for the Enterprise when we got back.
They fix it up and tell us we can now take the hovercraft with us on the Enterprise!

They also tell us that we should head to a cave near Eblan castle.
We grab the hovercraft and head that way.
Exploring the rest of Eblan castle and getting the treasure I didn’t get to get last time I stumbled upon the castle, we find a Blood Lance for Kain, which is awesome, but it comes a cost.

It lowers all of his stats by quite a bit. I might not equip it, since he doesn’t really need healing all that much anyway, what with Cecil drawing attacks and him Jumping during tough fights.

We pick up the Silver Apple and the Sleep Sword that I had to leave behind and make way for the cave.
As we enter the cave, we come across people living in it?

Talking with the residents, it appears survivors from Eblan have fled here.

They have all the amenities, such as an inn, item shop, weapons and armor and so forth.
Speaking to the people from Eblan, it appears that a young prince has left to go to the tower alone, to avenge the death of his mother and father.

We come across some guards who tell us the way to Babil tower and follow this Eblan prince.

We go through the cave and find a man and Rubicante squaring off.
Rubicante puts an end to Prince Edge quite quickly.
After the fight, Rubicante leaves and we rush over and assist him.

He doesn’t want any help at first, but Rydia has had enough of people dying.

Cecil manages to convince the man that if we work together, we can get the crystals back and defeat Rubicante.
Rosa heals Edge and he joins us.
Looking at his stats and abilities, he is a ninja all right, high attack, speed, low defense.
He does have some good abilities, however, like Steal, and Throw.

We teach him a few Augments, Tsunami, Whirlwind and Reach.

Afterwards, we continue to explore and find a Bloodsword in a chest.
It works just like the Blood Spear that we picked up for Kain, it lowers Cecil’s stats, but absorbs HP when he hits.

This time, however, I was tempted to give it to Cecil. Since he will be taking most of the damage, and the fact that he has Counter, I gave it to him to help lessen the amount of healing he needs.

We enter the tower, but we don’t have a way in.
Edge, however, being a ninja, quickly teleports us right inside the wall of the tower.
In the tower, we find an Ogrekiller axe, which goes to Kain, since Cecil has the Bloodsword.
Near the top of the tower, we come across Edge’s mother and father.
Edge runs over to them, but they change into monsters as he gets close!

They were incredibly easy. The fight automatically ends after some time has passed.

They come to there senses for just a moment, telling Edge to be safe.
After that, they fade away.
Edge is grief-stricken and angry over the mutation and death of his parents.
Just then, Rubicante comes and picks a fight with us.
Edge goes super sayian for a moment and learns Flood and Blitz.
Rubicante is impressed and actually heals us before he fights us.
Honestly, he went down really easily.

He can counter physical attacks with Fira, which did hurt, but with Shell and Rosa healing us, it wasn’t bad.

He can open his cape, but if you Steal with Edge, he closes it.

I have no idea what he would do if you left the cape open, probably the Inferno attack he used against Edge when he went up against him solo.
After the fight, Rubicante says we are strong indeed and he can’t wait for the day we may fight again.

Then, a man named Seneschal arrives, asking where Rubicante is.
Edge informs him we already defeated him.

Edge asks about Golbez and the gang tell him about the crystals and Golbez’s plan to get to the moon.
Hearing this, Edge decides to join us.

Seneschal tries to talk the prince into staying and leading the people of Eblan, but Edge tells him the fate of the world is at stake.
They then say their goodbyes and we continue up the tower.
As we enter the crystal room to grab the crystals, we fall down a trap door, all the way to the bottom. Lovely.

We got through some side parts of the tower and find a docked enemy airship.

Edge says we can use this to escape.
Rosa worries it might be a trap, but Edge doesn’t think so.
He names her Falcon and we lift off and head back to King Giott.

Heading to the castle, we hear word of an old man who was found outside and is recovering in the infirmary.
It is Cid!
We talk to him and tell him that we got an airship, the Falcon, but it can’t cross the hot lava.

He immediately springs from his bed and begins work on upgrading it.
When he finishes, he says that the Falcon can go over anything now.
He then passes out in the infirmary again.

We find a letter under his pillow that tells us to beat the bad guys, as well as the Analyze Augment.
We speak to the king, who gives us his daughter’s necklace, the key to opening the Sealed Cave.
With the Falcon fully upgraded, we complete the map of the Underworld.

We come to small cave that Rydia says she passed through here.
She says we should enlist the help of the other Eidolons.

There is lava all through-out this cave that damages you as you step across.
Thankfully, with Rosa’s Float spell, it doesn’t damage us!

The monsters in here are pretty tough.
Especially the Thunder Dragon. They cast Thunderbolt, which deals about 700 damage to Cecil without Shell on.
They are also really fast.

But between Dualcast Shell+Curaga and Rydia summons, they go down pretty easily now that I know what they are capable of.

We reach a teleporter that takes us to the Feymarch.

Speaking with the Feymarch residents, it appears they do in fact remember Rydia.

We also pick up a Rat’s Tail in a chest. I have no idea what it is for, all it says is it’s a rat’s tail.
We buy a few things in town and continue to explore.
Going on, we speak to the King and Queen of the Eidolons.
The king, however, won’t really speak to us until we best his wife in battle.
Asura was an odd fight.
She cast buffs on herself, like Curaga, Protect, even Raise.
She never attacks, only Counter attacks, which could two-shot Cecil and one shot anyone else.

So, with Rosa, I cast Reflect on Asura, so she couldn’t heal herself, Bluffed then Summoned with Rydia, causing her to Counter: Attack Cecil, but with Rosa healing she bit the dust once I got the pattern down.
After the fight, we get the summon Asura.
It says summons Asura for random results. No idea what that means.

We go back and save before facing the Eidolon King, and we find an individual who is looking for some help locating his friends.

Rydia agrees to help, and the person says one went to go to see an oasis as a clue.
Once we get out of here we will have to keep that in mind.
Next, we fight the Eidolon King.
He reveals himself to be Leviathan!

Leviathan hit pretty hard, but with Cecil and Rosa both healing, he went down quick.
Especially with a thunder weakness, Rydia was dealing 9999 damage with a Bluffed Ramuh.
He goes down and we can now summon Leviathan!

On the way out, we pick up the Yoichi bow and Yoichi Arrows.
These boost Rosa’s attack to a whopping 100, more than even Cecil and Kain!

We leave and explore some more of the Underworld.

We come across another cave, Sylph’s Cave this time.

Much like the Eidolon Passage, there are damage tiles that hurt us when we walk over them, poison water, in this case.
Float, once again saves us.

This place isn’t tough at all, just annoying, what with the poison floors and the fact that nearly every enemy in here can inflict status ailments on us.

Marlboros are here as well, with their signature Bad Breath attack.
Finally going through Sylph’s Cave, we come across Yang!

Unfortunately, speaking to the sylphs here indicate that he is in some kind of coma.

We also find one of the people that the guy in the Feymarch was looking for, despite him not telling us about his location. Yay for accidental sequence breaking!

With nothing else to really find, we finally head to the Sealed Cave and try to stop Golbez from grabbing the final dark crystal.

Using Luca’s Necklace, the doorway opens and we head inside.

While in the cave, Rydia learns Death and Rosa learns Arise.

At about level 55, I am really worried I am super over-leveled for this point in the game, but that is with just me exploring and fighting almost all battles I come across.
At least it isn’t like FF3 and it’s horrible grinding you have to do.

We come up to a door, but it’s not a door…
It’s a monster!

It seems this monster is a bit of a gimmick fight.
He “targets” someone, then shortly after attempts to instantly kill them with Ninth Dimension.

Thankfully, it missed Cecil, and a Bluffed Leviathan took him out quick.

We fight another one of the doors, but this time, it shows off another trick it has.
It can summon a monster from the door.

It summoned a Yellow Dragon, which was pretty tough, HP wise, but we got rid of it.
We find a Lustrous Sword, a really good upgrade for Cecil.
The Blood Sword just isn’t really cutting it anymore.

It only heals about 150, which isn’t bad I suppose, when you count the Counters that Cecil gets, but this just really boosts Cecil’s stats.

We get to the dark crystal room to find it unguarded.
We grab the dark crystal and head out… But when we do, the walls attack us!
The Demon Wall didn’t have any attacks, but merely slowly moved toward the party.
Well, technically, he can Counter: Stone Gaze against magic attacks that has a chance to petrify, but it wasn’t an issue.

I don’t know what would have happened if he managed to touch us, but I am assuming it isn’t good.
Since I didn’t need to heal, I had Rosa cast Slow on the wall, and then Haste on everyone.
Kain used Cry before he started jumping.

The rest spammed their most powerful attacks.
He got pretty close before going down.
That was with Rydia spamming Bluffed Leviathans for 9999, so this wall had really high HP.

After the fight, as we make our way back, Rosa and Rydia levels up to level 60 and learns Holy and Flare, respectively!

We go to exit the cave when Golbez’s voice rings out!
He trances Kain under his control again, and Kain grabs the crystal from Cecil!
Now, with Kain, once again, under the control of Golbez, and now that Golbez has all of the crystals, what is going to happen now?

Tune in next time to find out!


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