Final Fantasy 4 Part 7 – Lucky Item Drops and Drama Bombs

Last time, we came up with a plan to steal the crystals back from Golbez while he was away stealing the last crystal, but we failed.

We fight a crazed Dr. Lugae, who was one of Rubicante’s minions.

Yang and Cid had to sacrifice themselves to help the party out of a tight situation.

Finding the ninja people of Eblan hiding out after Golbez attacked their castle, we come across the prince of Eblan, Edge.
After Edge loses a fights against Rubicante, he decides to join us.

Edge had the gang had to fight and kill Edge’s mother and father, who Dr. Lugae had transformed into hideous beasts.

Edge, angry at the death of his parents, challenges Rubicante to a fight, and the gang all joins in and defeats him.

Heading back, we find Cid still alive, who upgrades our new ship we found, which Edge calls Falcon.

With free-reign to explore the Underworld, we found a place called the Feymarch, where the Eidolons Asura and Leviathan resided, which we defeated in battle and Rydia can now call upon.

We also came across Yang, who is in a coma of sorts in the Sylph Cave.

Chasing after Golbez, who was hunting the last crystal, we found it and attempted to leave with it.

However, Golbez was ready, and once again put Kain under his control and forced Kain to grab the crystal and run off with it.

With all the crystals currently under Golbez’s command, can we stop him from going to the moon and gaining limitless power?

We speak to King Giott to see if he has any answers for us.
He begins to tell us of a legend of the Lunar Whale, which sounds just like the mysidian legend the elder told us about.
When we speak about Mysidia to him, Giott can’t believe it is real.
He says that we must go to Mysidia, that the elder is the only hope of stopping Golbez with the Lunar Whale.
The group tells him that the passageway to the surface world is blocked, but Cid appears and constructs a drill that he attaches to the Falcon.
Now we can go to the surface!

He also strains himself again and has to go back to the infirmary.
He tells that he can’t do anymore and that it is now up to us.
Thanks, Cid!

Let’s head to the surface right away!

When we arrive, we make a quick stop to Agart to talk to Namingway again, I mean, Cheatingway.
He is now trying to find some rainbow pudding for his girlfriend, and asks us to find him some.
For those unaware, rainbow pudding is an incredibly rare drop from certain enemies.
It is a 0.4% drop. 0.4%.

I find this incredibly stupid. I wouldn’t mind it, but it is something you have to do if you want to get all the augments.

There are people online who have never got one.

I tried to get one, but I gave up pretty quick.
I may go back later and try to get it, but I would actually like to beat the game sometime soon, rather than just spend my time farming.

There is an Augment that increases the chance of drop rates, but you get that after the rainbow pudding quest. So it can’t help there, but it does help for farming other stuff.

This means my Augment path will be messed up, but I honestly don’t think it will really matter.

That is mostly for getting max stats, which, I highly doubt it will be such a big deal if one character does have 99 in a stat.

I also find one of the lost friends in Kaipo.
He heads back to the Feymarch.
We find the Inferno Augment and continue on.

We come across a cave that we need the hovercraft for and inside we find a man and his son who are looking for tails.
We give him the Rat’s Tail and he is overjoyed, and trades us the Admantite for it.
We head back to the Underworld to that smith and give it to him.

When we arrive at the forge, we also find another missing person from the Feymarch and send him on his way back.
We give him our holy blade we picked up on Mount Ordeals, and he says he will finish it later.

With that done, let’s talk to Yang’s wife and tell her he is still alive.
When we tell her, she is relieved, and gives us a Frying Pan, which should knock him into consciousness?

Let’s find out.
It does! He wants to go with us, but he is still too weak, so the Sylphs let Rydia summon them in his stead.
It looks like the Sylph summon can drain enemies’ HP.

We also get the Focus, Kick and Brace Augments for Yang.
We hang on to Focus for now, but Kick and Brace go to Cecil.

With all that done, let’s finally head to Mysida.

As soon as we enter, the elder stops us and leads us to the tower.
We see the prophecy told to us again, and then, the water’s open up!
It reveals the Lunar Whale!

The elder explains he heard in his prayers a voice that said to head to the moon, that someone is waiting for us there.

The elder also tells us that on board the Lunar Whale is a crystal that will teleport us to the moon instantly.

Let’s check out the new ship!
Exploring the ship, we find a robotic fat chocobo!
The ship also has a free resting place we can use to heal up without paying anything.
We touch the crystal in the center of the ship and are blasted off to the moon!
We quickly complete the moon’s map and finally start looking around for places to explore.

We find a cave, called the Lair of the Father and nearly get a game over in the first battle against some Moon Maidens and a Dark Sage!

Thank goodness Rydia pulled out a clutch Leviathan summon. This place is tough!
Maybe I am not as over-leveled as I thought?

Okay, it is extremely difficult to keep Cecil alive during fights.

I removed his White Magic and replaced it with Brace, hoping that will give him the added defense he needs to not die in like two rounds.

He doesn’t really need White Magic anyway, since he has to spend his time defending/bracing or he dies.

Rosa will just have to suffice, which I am sure she will, with Doublecast.
This guy in Mist talks about another Eidolon we can pick up.
We head back to Mist and grab an Augment I forgot, MP +50%! It goes to Rosa.

We then head back to the moon, where we will do some more exploring, and hopefully less dying.

I still can’t believe the difficulty jump of the moon. I think it is awesome, but man, how is this place possible under level 60?
We find a creepy face statue on the moon.
Nothing happens when I try to examine it.

We explore a bit and find a cave with a few items in it.

In the cave, the enemies aren’t tough at all.
I guess that first cave I went into is for later!

We find another cave filled with Namingway look-a-likes?

Most of them just hum, hence they are called hummingway.

One sells really expensive curative items, like Dry Ethers, X-Potions, even Elixirs.

We find another missing Eidolon and send him back to the Feymarch.

We also talk to one of the hummingway and he tells us one of their own built a ship and traveled to the “blue planet.”
He says he had a knack for naming things.
I wonder who that could be?
We also pick up the Level Lust Augment. It goes to Cecil.

When we arrive at the crystal tower finally, after traversing cave after cave, we come across a man.
He says that he is Fusoya, of the Lunarians, people of the moon.

He says that he is charged with watching over a sleeping evil, Zemus.
Zemus was once a Lunarian, but he insisted on destroying all life on the blue planet, our home, and take it as his.

He says that as Zemus slept, he got stronger and stronger, and that he is manipulating Golbez to use the crystals to open an inter-dimensional portal to allow something called the Giant of Babil, and Zemus into our world.

He also says that the Lunar Whale was crafted by Kluya, another Lunarian.
Kluya went to the blue planet and fell in love with a woman, and gave birth to two children…

One of which was Cecil!

So that voice on Mount Ordeals was Kluya, Cecil’s father!
That is why the voice called him son.

Fusoya tells us we need to go to the Tower of Babil by Eblan and stop Golbez from bringing Zemus into our world.
He then joins us.
Fusoya looks to be another sage-type, much like Tellah, except with 100 more MP, plus Meteor, which means he can actually cast it!

Unfortunately, he does suffer from really low MP for being a sage-type character.
But, he does come with an ability, Bless, that gradually restores MP to the party!
Sounds handy!

With Fusoya in the party, let’s try going to the Lair of the Father again and exploring around.

Holy crap!!!
On my way back through the caves I fought a battle with some flan type enemies and they dropped a Rainbow Pudding!
Wow, talk about lucky!

Now I can hopefully complete the Namingway quest!

In the Lair of the Father, we fight the dreaded Dark Sage and two Moonmaiden combo, and one of them drops Artemis Arrows.
At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but they are actually 10 points stronger than the Yoichi Arrows!
I am so lucky today!

Moving on, we find Genji Armor and a Genji Helm in some chests. Cecil equips them.
Suddenly, we fight a Behemoth!
This guy just suddenly appeared, I was shocked when it happened, hence Cecil here is delivering a Counter: Kick.

He also hits like a truck, but thankfully, Blink took care of that.
The fight took a while, since he had a ton of health, but it wasn’t that bad as long as Blink stayed up.
After the fight, I fight a Dark Sage and a Moonmaiden, like normal, but one of them drops a Ribbon!?

I immediately equip it on Cecil, Teleport out and save. I couldn’t risk getting a game over at this point.

We fight another Behemoth on the next floor, but with the Blink strategy, he can’t really touch us, literally.
We fight a third Behemoth and continue on.

We reach a point with two small children.
We also find yet another of the lost Feymarch people.

One of the children speaks of Bahamut!

So this must be where he resides.
We talk to Bahamut, who tells us that despite us having Leviathan, he needs to test us both in strength and spirit, and challenges us!
Not to mean here, but Bahamut has a small head compared to the rest of his body.
Just saying.

I started off with Rosa Dualcasting Shell+Slow.

He countered Slow with Reflect on himself, which did kind of suck, but thankfully, summons pierce Reflect, so Rydia was free to go hog-wild summoning Bluff+Leviathan.

Like most Bahamut fights, he starts a countdown at the start of the fight at 5, going down to 1. When he hits 1, he does his ultimate attack, Mega Flare.
I am going to be honest, I thought only Cecil would survive with his Brace, but I had everyone defend at 1, and it barely did any damage.
I took him out shortly after.
With that, Rydia knows Bahamut!

It costs 99 MP, but if she needs to blow up something, she can do it.

With that out of the way, let’s head back to Agart and give the Rainbow Pudding to Namingway.
Yeah, Bahamut! I know you have a small head, but you are still one of the coolest summons!

First, however, I finally managed to find the secret passageway over to a chest on B1 of the Lair of the Father.
It contained a Genji Shield!

Anyway, time to head back to the Earth- I mean, blue planet and finish the Namingway quest. I hope anyway.

When we arrive, something is happening at the Tower of Babil!
Fusoya says we are too late and it summons a Giant!
But then, everyone joins in, the dwarves, Cid, Edward, Yang, even the elder and Porom and Palom!
They all begin to fire at the giant, stunning it for a moment.

Cecil and the gang see their chance and flag down Cid who flies us into the mouth so we can take it apart from the inside.

Inside, we get some items, like a Soma Drop, Elixir, but we also come across a Namingway look-a-like who runs a shop.

He sells basic curatives, plus a few attack items, like Heavenly Wraths and Shurikens.
Since I had money to spend, I bought 99 Potions, Hi-Potions and Shurikens.
There is also a save point conveniently nearby.
Along the way, we are stopped by the elemental archfiends, who have been given life by Zemus!

Rubicante heals us again, and we now fight them, one after another!

It was an easy fight. Even back-to-back, they went down really quickly. Only Barbariccia gave me any trouble, due to her tornado form, and her attack that lowers everyone’s HP to single digits.
Other than that, the other fiends didn’t really stand a chance.

We go back and save and continue on.
We then come up to the CPU core that controls the giant!
This guy was tough, but I didn’t think so, not at first.
I thought I had this fight in the bag, but boy was I wrong.

The main CPU comes with an Attack Node and a Defense Node.
Makes sense, one attacks us, one heals the CPU.

Before the fight, Fusoya mentions how the Defense Node will heal the main CPU and to take it out first.

Take out the Attack Node first.
It has an attack called Laser Barrage which will do this if you mess around and kill the Defense Node first, like I did.

Thankfully, with a Phoenix Down, and Dualcasted Arises, we managed to get everyone back on their feet.

Also, the CPU can cast Reflect on itself.
But once again, with Rydia’s summons piercing Reflect, that doesn’t matter.

But, the CPU has an attack on it’s own, called Object 199.
It deals a ton of damage. 9999 to Edge, in fact, and like 4000 to Cecil with Brace active… So yeah, essentially instant death.

Thankfully, he only pulled this out twice, once the other nodes were destroyed, but he can revive them as well.

Oh and by the way, if you beat the CPU and nodes are still alive during the battle, don’t think you get a win.

You still have to kill the nodes as well, who are more than happy to Laser Barrage you to death.

I don’t think the Defense Node does anything if the CPU is dead, since I never saw it cast anything while I was taking out the Attack Node after I killed the CPU.
After the fight, Golbez shows up!

But, Fusoya seems to recognize him?
Fusoya casts a spell on him, and Golbez comes to his senses, free from Zemus’ control!
I guess the spell really took it out of Fusoya.

Then, Fusoya asks him if he knows his father’s name… To which he replies…
Cecil and the gang are stunned at this fact.

Golbez is Cecil’s brother!

We are then treated to a flash back sequence, where we control child Golbez, or, Theodor.
We see Kluya and Cecilia, Golbez’s and Cecil’s parents.

Apparently, Kluya was teaching people the ways of lunar magic, but many don’t agree with Kluya’s teachings and they attack and kill him!

With Kluya now dead, Cecilia gives birth to Cecil shortly after, but dies during child-birth.
With Theodor now left alone with Cecil, he begins to hear voices, Zemus’ voice, who tells him that Cecil is the cause of all of his problems.

Zemus also gives him the name Golbez.

Then, Theodor, now being manipulated by Zemus, leaves Cecil by Baron, and Cecil is found by the king of Baron.

After the flash back, Golbez says he needs to finish this.
Fusoya recovers his strength and bit and tells Golbez that Zemus is lunarian, like Fusoya, and that he will go with him to the moon to stop Zemus.

Just then, the giant begins to shake.

Cecil, however, is so stunned, he can’t move.
Kain suddenly appears, and tells everyone to follow him.
Edge is wise enough to at first not trust Kain, but Rosa insists that we follow, since we have no other choice.
As we leave, Kain tells everyone how he has his mind back.

Once again, Edge doesn’t believe him, but Rosa says that if Golbez was freed, so was Kain, thanks to Fusoya.

We also get a quick flash back of Cecil, Kain and Rosa.
Let me say, Kain was a little prick even as a kid.
After that, he joins us again, and we get ready to go to the moon.

However, Cecil says that Rosa and Rydia should stay behind.

Cecil, hear me out. Who do you think heals you? Deals the damage?
Rosa and Rydia.

I am sorry, but between You, Edge and Kain, you don’t stand a chance.

Rosa and Rydia run off the ship at Cecil’s orders, angry.

Cecil then plots a course for the moon.
As we arrive and go to leave, Rosa appears!
Thank goodness.
My thoughts exactly, Rosa.
Rydia also appears, and force themselves to go with Cecil.

With that, we will leave this off for the next time, which might be the finale!

See you then!


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