Final Fantasy 4 – Finale

Last time, there was a lot of information given to us.
I won’t spoil it, for those who might have not played the game yet, like myself, so go here
to see what happens!

Continuing our journey, let’s finish up some loose ends, like the Namingway quest, finally!

We go to the Feymarch, and I find a Defender in the Passage of the Eidolons!
It goes to Cecil, of course.
We then head back to Kokkul’s forge and grab the Excalibur!
I am actually surprised, the Defender increases Cecil’s defense by 20 points. That is quite a lot, I may actually use the Defender instead of the Excalibur!
Going back to Baron castle, a soldier there gives us the HP +50% Augment!

While we were in Baron castle, I stop by where the ghost of the king had spoken to Cecil.
He tells Cecil he is an Eidolon now, and that he will help us, if we can defeat him.
Odin was so easy, he went down in like 4 rounds.
Moving on!
We give him the rainbow pudding, and he leaves.

We find him again at the dwarven pub, drinking his sorrows away.
He is so distraught, he attacks us!
He only took one attack to go down.
He then says we opened his eyes, and give us the Eye Gouge Augment!
Going back to the Feymarch, we find him again, he says he thinks he has found true love this time.
He also asks us who we are seeing right now, so of course, I put Rosa.

He then leaves.
While in the Feymarch, we also speak to the man whose friends have went missing, and as thanks, he gives us the Piercing Magic Augment.
It goes to Rydia.

We find Lovingway in Mysidia, who says he is getting married.
He changes his name to Weddingway.
He also gives us the Rosa’s Love Augment.
Rosa’s Love gets stronger the more you use Cover. Since I have been just using Draw Attacks, it’s probably not very strong at this point. Oh well!

We then head to the moon and swing by the crystal tower.

We pick up Bless, Omnicasting and the Phoenix Augments.
Edge gets Bless, Rosa gets Omnicasting and Kain gets Phoenix.
Bless does the same as what it did for Fusoya, Omnicasting makes all spells hit all enemies and allies, so Blink can now affect the entire party when Rosa casts it!

Phoenix revives entire party at the cost of all of the users MP.
Since Kain doesn’t really need his MP, if we ever wipe, Kain can revive us!
We also find Weddingway again, who is on his honeymoon. He changes his name yet again.
We finally track down Hummingway, who says he is traveling around the world.
Which is true, Hummingway can appear in several different places, chosen at random.
I found him in the Baron chocobo forest.
Anyway, he changes his name to Goingmyway, and we get the Safe Travel Augment!
This allows us to not get into any random encounters while someone has it equipped!

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s head back to the moon to defeat Zemus!
In the crystal tower, we speak to the crystals, who tell us that Fusoya and Golbez went on ahead.

They also tell us that they will send us to the core, where we can find Zemus.

They teleport us and we begin our journey to Zemus.

The enemies here are pretty tough, like Dark Sages and Moonmaidens.
Silver and Gold dragons lurk here as well, and they hit pretty hard and have a ton of HP.

On the way, we find a Black Garb, which goes to Edge and a Dragon Shield, which goes to Kain.
The Dragon Shield halves Fire, Ice and Lightning damage.

I debated on whether or not to give it to Cecil, but I the only thing that can really hurt Kain is magic that hits the entire party at this point, so I figured he could use it better than Cecil.

I actually start putting on Safe Travel here, since this place is full of secret passageways.
It is just easier to explore without random encounters every so often.

We find some items, like the Sage’s Staff, Flame Whip, Dragon equipment.
This place has some good treasure!
As well, we fight this guy.
He wasn’t that tough. His physical attacks really hurt, but it was still manageable.
He could Counter: Slow physical attacks, but he died before it really became an issue.
Along the way, we get the Startdust Rod from a chest.
It goes to Rydia.
This item can cast Comet at will.

So yeah, Rydia probably won’t have to worry too much about MP anymore.
The only trouble, it takes a really long time to use it.
But the fact that she doesn’t have to use Bluff to hit almost 9999 anymore, it might make up for it.

Anyway, heading on and grabbing more items, we come across a Red Dragon.
Who proceeds to destroy us.

This is crazy, the Red Dragon has an attack called Thermal Rays that deals about 2000 damage to the whole party.
He loves to spam it.

I actually got a game over.

Thankfully, through Kain’s Phoenix spam, we managed to win on the second attempt.
This last dungeon is absolutely nuts. I am so glad I got Safe Travel, otherwise I would be tearing out my hair right about now.

We Teleport out, which, praise be you can, because if I had to walk all the way out, I would be only slightly annoyed, since I have Safe Travel, but if I didn’t
Anyway, we rest and save, and head back in.

Good news, we now have a complete set of Crystal gear for Cecil, and a complete set of Dragon gear for Kain!

We also found a White Robe, which goes to Rosa and a Protect Ring, which goes to Edge to help out his magic defense, which is still pretty bad.

Back in, we come across another weapon, this time, though, Dark Bahamut stands guard!
He wasn’t that tough. He used Megaflare right out of the gate, but Rosa patched the party up.

He could Counter: Attack physicals, along with casting Flare, and Reflect on himself.

I freaked out when he cast Reflect, but thankfully, the Stardust Rod pierces Reflect.
He goes down and we get the Ragnarok, which goes to Cecil!
We come across the Plague Horror guarding the Holy Lance.

This is a bit of a gimmick fight.

He starts off casting Doom on all of your characters, then tries to stall out the battle until you die.

He will cast Haste on your party (to kill you faster), Protect and Shell on himself, as well as healing himself.
As you can see, we cut it really close.

I don’t think Doom can be removed by anything, other than dying. But even if we lost, Kain had Phoenix to revive us, but it didn’t come to that.
But we now have the Holy Lance for Kain!

Moving to the next room, we are suddenly ambushed when we enter!
The Lunasaur was really easy. He started off with Bad Breath, which hit everyone except Cecil and Rosa, since they were protected.

From that, Rosa just Esuna’ed everyone and we just destroyed him.
But! We got two Ribbons out of it, so heck yeah! Cecil and Kain don’t have one, but Cecil is already protected, so that leaves just Kain who is still vulnerable to status ailments.

As we make our way further, we get a scenery change, and now Behemoths are random encounters.
They aren’t really hard, but you can’t mess around with them, otherwise they will put the hurt on you.
Coming to another legendary weapon, the Masamune, we fight a Leviathan palette swap, Ogopogo.
He can do some damage with Deluge, which hits the whole party for some decent damage, but he can also Counter: Blaze magical attacks, which can kill you if you aren’t prepared.

Despite that, he went down pretty quick with Rosa keeping the party’s HP up.
We now have the Masamune for Edge!
We head up the tower and find Fusoya and Golbez fighting against Zemus.
They start shooting every spell they have at him, until Fusoya and Golbez team up and finish him off with a Twin Meteor, dealing 99,999 damage!
Zemus falls and we head over. Everyone celebrates, but as you probably can guess, early celebrations like this in video games are bad, and Zemus changes!
Fusoya and Golbez once again rush to confront this Zeromus, but even Meteor is doing 0 damage!?
Then, Fusoya says for Golbez to use the crystal.
He does, but it doesn’t do anything!

Zeromus explains that Golbez has a tainted heart, and it won’t work for him.
He then retaliates with Meteor!
As they all lay there, Zeromus is about to finish them off.
But then, Porom and Palom see that the party are in danger through the crystal at Mysidia, and everyone begins to pray for us!
Then, Golbez hands Cecil the crystal, and says Cecil to be the one to use it.
Cecil grabs it and we fight!
Starting the fight, Cecil only has 1 HP and everyone else is dead, but then, everyone who is praying for us appears, and slowly, everyone is revived and healed.

Then, Fusoya and Golbez tell us to use the crystal.
We do so, and Zeromus changes forms yet again!
This form is where things get dangerous.

He can cast all sorts of nasty things, like Black Hole, which removes all magical effects, positive or negative, on the whole battlefield.

He can also cast Flare, but, his main attack that hurts, Meteor.

You can also steal a very rare item from him at this point only, the Dark Matter, so be sure to get it!

I had Cecil be our meat-shield, of course, and the Kick master.

Kain, I removed his Attack for Jump, had him Cry, then use Darkness on himself to boost his attack, and then he jumped. He always dealt 9999 damage.

Edge, I had him Steal the Dark Matter. When that was done, he began to throw Fuma Shurikens for 9999 damage, or just under. I had about 12-13 or so, and he ran out, resorting to throwing just regular Shurikens.

Rosa was on buffing, and major healing duty. I didn’t even take a chance, and had her always use Curaja if someone was hurt. I Dualcasted Curaga on Cecil, to make sure he was at full HP, then Curaja on everyone.

All Rydia did was spam the Stardust Rod for almost always 9999 damage with Comet.
Things got close at the end after he shot off a Meteor, but we lived!
Zeromus spouts off his, “I can never die!” speech and he explodes, like any good final boss should!
The group talks about what Zeromus said about as long as darkness remains the hearts of men, he will never die, but Fusoya tells them there will always be darkness, but there is also always be light.

Golbez says he wants to travel with Fusoya, and they leave, but not before Cecil says goodbye to his brother.

Cue credits!

I won’t go to in-depth to the ending, since you really need to see it yourself.
But, to sum it up, Cecil and Rosa are king and queen of Baron, everyone is in their respective kingdoms, like Edward is rebuilding Damcyan, Edge can’t stop thinking about Rydia, ect, and everyone is happy.
We are treated to a final The End screen with Kluya, Cecilia and little Golbez, or Theodor.

Final Thoughts:
This game was pretty amazing. I am just starting it off right there. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, play this game.

Now, I can’t speak for the original on the SNES, but this version, the PC version, which is a port of the DS version is amazing.

Many people don’t like the 3D look, but I loved it!
I can see why, for nostalgic-sake, that people miss the sprites, which is understandable, but do not let that deter you from this game.

The reason I love this version, it just has so many modern systems in it, such as an easy access map, the Augments system (even though it can be a bit obtuse at times), voiced dialogue, better writing…
The list goes on.

One thing I enjoyed about this game, not that many people died!
Compared to FF2, where pretty much only two “guest” characters were the only ones who lived, aside from the main party, the death count in FF4 isn’t as high.

Yeah, they did the whole “Oh no, this character is dead! Never mind, fooled you!”
But I thought it was done okay.

One death in particular stood out to me, Tellah’s.

Tellah didn’t really die “protecting” you, or that he sacrificed himself. I mean, in a sense he did, but he only did it for revenge for Anna, not to the benefit of the party, so that was different, at least in my eyes.

I actually like how Golbez at the end went with Fusoya.
He knew the things he did were evil, and he knew he would never be able to be forgiven, so, he just left.

He reminded me of Leon in FF2, at the end when he left, despite Maria begging him to stay.

Except, in this case, Cecil didn’t beg him to stay, but he still forgave him for what he had done.

A few negatives I do have with the game, however…
The drop rates of rare items. This is insane. Yes, there is an Augment, Treasure Hunter, that doubles drop rates, but you get it at the end of the game!

Also, you need to get 100% map completion of every map in the game.
I, unfortunately, did not get it, but oh well.

Another thing, speaking of Augments, was how oddly placed a lot of the Augments were.

I assume they just wanted players to explore to find them, but why would players tromp around in dungeons they have already cleared out and finished?

I guess to possibly farm items, maybe.

Also, the game doesn’t tell you that Augments are permanent! Did you put that Draw Attacks on Rosa by mistake?
Better stick with it or reload!

A redeeming factor, however, is that Augments you collect are transferred to New Game+.
Yep, this game has a New Game+.
Essentially, the only things that transfer over are Augments, (whether in your inventory or on your characters, but they stay on that character through multiple play-throughs), map completion, any rare items, like tails, onion equipment, the Dark Matter and things like apples and Soma Drops.

Everything else is wiped.

There is a bit of oversight on the apples and somas, however.

You see, apples and somas are decently rare in the game, and when used, increase that character’s HP or MP depending on what is used.

Well, if you use all of your apples and somas on a first playthrough (which most players probably will), they will have essentially wasted them because HP and MP don’t transfer.
The item itself does, but not the bonus from them.

This wouldn’t be so bad, but you get a lot of apples and somas from map completion, and that doesn’t carries over, so you won’t ever get those map completion bonuses again on a New Game +.

So you have to hoard the apples and somas until your third and final play-through (that is the limit the game let’s you do New Game +, three times), or you might be at a disadvantage.

Also, with Augments, when a character reaches level 70, they stop gaining stat bonuses, and only start getting stat boosts depending on what Augments they have equipped.

There are a ton of guides on Augments and stat maxing, and if you ever plan on getting 100% in the game, I really recommend you read them and get as many Augments on the right characters as you can.

So, some forethought is recommended if you are going to play the game.

Speaking of characters from the game,
For the longest time, I always saw Rydia, and how popular she was, but since I had never played the game, I never knew why.

Rydia was unique at the time the game came out. During the game, the game really told the player, “Yeah, she’s dead.”

Of course, I knew better, but when she did make her come back, saving the party’s life during the Golbez fight, it was really monumental.
Also is the fact that she didn’t learn the spell Fire until some time into the game because she had a crippling fear of fire from her village being burnt down.

That was different and well done.

Is she my favorite character? She is up there with Rosa, just because I love white mages, but Rydia is an amazing character, who I will actually admit, probably has the most personality and character growth out of all of the characters, aside from possibly Cecil.

The only downside, if you can really call it that, gameplay wise, once Rydia returned with a handful of summons, notably Dragon, I almost never used black magic. Ever.

I used Osmose a handful of times, and Flare just to try it out, but other than that, summons just dealt more damage for the MP cost.

Also, in this version, you can skip the summon animation, so there is no reason to not use summons almost all the time.

I am sure some people can come up with some niche circumstances where it would be useful, but until I got the Stardust Rod, I was spamming Dragon/Leviathan/Bahamut like crazy.
I was also using the Bluff Augment quite a bit as well.

Although I did use Sylph a few times as well to help Rosa with the healing.

A lot of people hate on Edward, but in this version he got buffed. He can now sing any song from a list, instead of random, and in terms of story, if it wasn’t for Edward during the Dark Elf fight, Cecil and the gang would have been killed, thanks to the Whisperweed and the song Edward played.

I thought Edward was a good character as well. He was so distraught over his love’s death, but overtime, became a strong and courageous individual.

But other than that, would I recommend this game?

Heck yeah.

This game is really, really, good.

Unless you want some really old school challenge (which, I have read this game is actually harder than the SNES version), play the DS/PC/iOs version. (I recommend the PC version. You would be hard-pressed to see me recommend a mobile version. I am just not a fan of mobile ports in most cases.)

Also, I totally forgot to keep track of my game overs, and I missed the final stats screens,
but the average level of my party was in the 70’s.

One thing I enjoyed about the game, I never really felt like I had to grind. With the Auto-Battle system, I could just run around exploring, and the game would pretty much fight for me.

I felt that at the end of the game, level 70 was pretty good. I only ran from maybe like 10 battles, at the most, and that wasn’t because they were too hard, I just didn’t want to fight them. It was only until later that I realized the joy of Auto-Battle.

Although, I will say that some of the random encounters/trapped chests were some of the hardest battles in the game.

When you first start to fight Dark Sages and Moonmaidens in the Lair of the Father, they are incredibly tough. Harder than most bosses you have fought.
I got incredibly lucky and had one of them drop a Ribbon, so that probably really helped me out in the long run.

Red Dragons follow that same difficulty too, except they are even more difficult.

I would say through-out the whole game, I got probably about 8 or so game overs.

A good chunk of them was from going to Eblan Castle early and trying to get the Sleep Sword in that trapped chest.

I would have gotten a lot more if wasn’t for the Phoenix Augment. Geez, even with it I still got a game over against the Red Dragon. Bastard.

Now, some of you may be aware that a spin-off sequel of sorts to this game was released a while back, called Final Fantasy 4: The After Years.
It basically tells the story of different characters, such as Ceodore, Rosa and Cecil’s son, plus many other new characters.

It also introduced a few new mechanics, like the moon phases and “bands,” where certain characters could team up and do super attacks that do a variety of effects.

I own the PC version, and I will be playing it, but not right now. I am going to save that for after I complete the main FF titles.
I remember playing it back when it first released on the Wii and I enjoyed it.

But in any case, that about wraps up FF4…

Next we move on to a bit of a lesser played FF, but one that has a cult following…
Screenshot (198)
Final Fantasy 5!


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