Final Fantasy 5 Part 1 – Comedy and Crystals

So, Final Fantasy 5.

FF5 was another FF titles to not hit the states for quite some time after it’s initial release.
It was first released on the SNES, then eventually made it’s way over to the USA on the Playstation.

I am kind of familiar with this game. I have played a little bit of a long time ago, but other than that, I don’t know much about it.

I do know, however, that this was the first game to really expand on the job system.
In FF3, you picked a job, that was it.

In FF5, you pick a job, but you can learn abilities in that job, then switch to another job, and use the abilities you have previously learned on your new job.

Obviously, there are some restrictions, you can only equip so many abilities, some combos just aren’t optimal, like giving Berserk to a mage class (which the in-game manual says to not do).

If anyone is familiar with FF Tactics, the game feels similar to that, except not as in-depth, but still pretty deep.

Also, if I remember correctly, they removed the horrible “job transition” phase from FF3.
Man I hated that.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and dive right into…

Final Fantasy 5!

Well, Steam overlay seems to be bugged and won’t open.
Which means I can’t take screenshots.

I can still take and save screens, but man that takes a while to have to edit each photo.
That’s a great start to the game.

I tested out FF4, overlay still works.
No idea why FF5 is bugged.

In any case… Let’s begin.
Beginning a new game, we are treated to a view of a castle.

A man comes and wakes up a dragon, when a girl comes out as well.

It appears that the man is this girl’s father.
He is going to check out the wind crystal, saying that something is wrong.
He heads off on the dragon, and the scene switches to a view of what looks like a pirate ship.
A woman on the ship says that the wind has stopped.

We return back to Lenna, who also notices the wind has stopped.
Then, an old man appears to be in some trouble.
Just then, something huge, like a meteor falls to the earth!

The man and his chocobo then take off to explore!
We find Lenna being taken by some goblins!
Our currently nameless hero rushes in and saves her!
After a moment, we introduce ourselves as Bartz.

We then hear someone calling out for help.
Okay. I am not going to be nit-picky or anything, but this sprite looks horrible, you can clearly see the tile edges!
Anyway, we find the old man, who apparently has hit his head so hard he has amnesia now.
But, he does remember his name is Galuf.

Lenna goes to leave, but mentions that she has to go to the wind shrine.
Hearing that, Galuf also remembers he has to go to the wind shrine!

Lenna agrees, and asks Bartz what he is going to do, but Bartz decides to not go with them.
Lenna thanks Bartz one last time and heads out with Galuf towards the wind shrine.
As we continue on, Boco, Bartz’s chocobo suddenly skids to a halt, throwing Bartz off of him.

As Bartz scolds Boco, Bartz realizes that he should have went with Lenna and Galuf.
Just as he contemplates this, the mountain begins to shake!

Running forward and facing some more goblins and earning level 2, we come across Lenna and Galuf passed out.

We save them and quickly escape the mountain.

Lenna wakes up and Bartz tells her that the meteorite that fell is causing landslides on the mountain, and that the direct way to the wind shrine is blocked.

She says that she must find a way.
Galuf also has a funny line here.

They all decide to head to the wind shrine, even Bartz, who says that “the wind is calling him.”

They all hop on Boco and head off.

So, looking at the status screen, everyone has the Freelancer job, much like in FF3.
This job is the basic job, but gets more powerful as you learn more abilities and master other jobs.

I think they can also equip most weapons and armor, if I am not mistaken.

Also, unlike FF3, you don’t have to worry about Min/Maxing your HP.
HP will change as you change jobs, so naturally, fighter jobs will have more HP, while mages will have less, but you can switch from a fighter to a mage and it won’t permanently mess up your HP.

Anyway, we head out to find the way to the wind shrine.

We find a cave, that Bartz says probably opened up during the earthquake earlier.
We enter and find a healing spring!
While here, I get a few quick levels for everyone before moving on.

We come to a pirate-looking man, who presses a hidden switch to open part of the wall.

Entering and going through a bit more cave, we find a Leather Cap.
Anything helps at this point!

We then come across the pirate hideout.

Lenna suggests we ask them if they will give us a ride to the wind shrine.
Bartz isn’t exactly keen on that idea.

Galuf says they will just have to sneak on board and steal the ship, then!
With most of the pirates sleeping, it is easy work to quickly board the ship, but Bartz says the ship won’t move?
Just then, the leader of the pirates, Faris, comes in and says there will be hell to pay.
Lenna steps forward and apologizes, saying she is the princess of Tycoon, and that she needs to go to the wind shrine right away!

Faris laughs and considers what kind of price they would pay for a princess…
Bartz is hilarious, of course.

The pirates then apprehend us, but not before Faris notices Lenna’s pendant…?
In the brig, we are treated to some dialogue.
Bartz mentions that Galuf was the one who suggested it, but Galuf goes back to his amnesia story.
Does he really have amnesia or is it just for show?
In then pans to Faris, who wonders why Lenna has the same pendant as him?

The next day, Faris unties the group and tells them they will be heading to the wind shrine.

But, Lenna is curious as to how the ship can sail without any wind.
Faris laughs and commands a giant sea beast, Syldra to say hello!
Faris puts the men to work and we set off!

We get a choice here, and I let the game take me to the wind shrine.

There, I check out Faris, who is also in the Freelancer job.
But, he does come with a Leather Shield, so that is good.

As we arrive, we find some people who say that there are monsters in the shrine, and Lenna’s father hasn’t returned yet!

Faris suggests we all go take a look, so we do.

The game also features save points in dungeons, much like FF4, thankfully.

On the way, we get an item drop, some Leather Shoes. Lucky!
Immediately in the next fight, we get another pair! Double lucky!
We come across this beast, who attacks us on sight!
He was really easy, just wail on him, but when he closes his wings, don’t attack him or he will counter back!
His Breath Wing is pretty powerful, but you should be all right if you leveled at least a few times on the way here.
After the fight, we continue on.
When we arrive in the crystal room, we find it has shattered.

But, there is a glow, and suddenly we get a shot of a crystal shooting out a light, which enters Faris.

Faris gets Courage, the essence of flame,
Lenna gets Devotion, the essence of water,
Galuf gets Hope, the essence of earth,
and Bartz gets Passion, the essence of wind.
We also see Lenna’s father, who appears in spirit form and tells us that the crystals have chosen us, that we need to protect them.

He also tells us about a dark presence that is attempting to cover the world in darkness.
The wind crystal has been shattered, but we can still save the other three!

After Lenna’s father fades away, the crystal shards come to us and give us the ability to change jobs!
From left to right:

Knights are heavy melee fighters. They get some unique abilities. I believe they can Cover allies as they level up.

Monks fight with their bare hands, and get really good HP bonus abilities.

Thieves can dash, as well the classic Steal ability.

White Mages are the healers of the game. Unlike FF3, there is no Devout job, the White Mage can just cast all white magic spells.

Black Mages are the magical damage dealers of the game. Also unlike FF3, there is no Magus class, so the Black Mage will probably always be the best at using black magic.

Blue Mages are different, and this is their first appearance. If you are familiar with FF games at all, you probably know how these work, they get abilities from monsters, but the catch is they have to be hit with that ability to learn it.

This is a bit tricky, since sometimes, monsters only use certain abilities under certain circumstances, but they are usually pretty good, with a mix of offensive and defensive abilities.

Anyway, I change Bartz into a Blue Mage, Lenna into a Monk, Galuf into a White Mage and Faris into a Thief.

The good news about this game, you are pretty much free, and encouraged to try different classes so you can level up and learn different abilities.

So, I could have Lenna learn some Monk abilities, then switch her over to a Knight and learn some Knight abilities if I wanted.

This, put simply is one of the star features in this game, and the reason this game is as popular as it is.

When I played it long ago, I remember I loved messing around with class combinations.

But anyway, let’s head back to the ship and find out what we should do next!
As I was changing jobs, I saw an odd typo in the Thief job? Espy? Was that supposed to be spy?
On the ship, we can also dash, which is pretty funny.

When we enter Tule, Faris and the pirates head to the pub while we explore around.
That means our Thief just left, so no dash for us, unless I change someone else into a thief.

But anyway, we come across the tutorial house and grab a few items, like Potions, Tents, even an Ether and a Phoenix Down.

This place just explains new things in the game, I don’t think this place was present in the original game.

Moving on and exploring town, we find the magic shop and buy up all the magic they have, which is just the basic white and black magic.

Cure, Libra, Poisona, Fire, Blizzard and Thunder.

In this game, if you buy a spell once, all characters can use it, as long as they either change jobs or have the corresponding ability equipped to use magic, so that is nice.
In the pub, we find a piano which we can practice at.
I can’t recall exactly, but I think these are the key to leveling up the Bard job.

If you want the best songs, I believe you have to play a certain number of pianos in the world, or something like that.
I am not sure if we will ever use Bard, but I will keep my eye out, regardless.

In the pub, we also head upstairs to talk to Faris.
Inside, we find Faris sleeping. Bartz goes to investigate…
While he checks out Faris, he jumps back and runs outside, with a heart over his head.

He denies seeing anything, however.

Galuf heads in after Bartz, but he too is mesmerized.
I guess Faris is just too handsome sleeping and Bartz and Galuf fall in love!

Faris then wakes up and shoves us out and locks the door.

Wandering outside, Faris quickly finds us and we level up our jobs!
As you defeat monsters, you get Ability Points, which go to whatever job you are currently in.
Get enough points, you level up that job!
Bartz gets the Check ability, which I assume is essentially a free Libra-lite. It tells me the HP of a monster I use it on.
I’ll take it!

Galuf also gets level 1 White Magic, which means he can now switch jobs and if I set that ability on him, that job can use level 1 White Magic as well!

Moving on, we hear talk about the water crystal beyond a canal, but also hear about a monster that lurks there.

We head to the north part of town and find Lenna mentioning a man named Zok, who built the canal, who might let us through.
When we talk to him, he says that the monsters in the canal have grown in number, and that unfortunately, he lost the key.
At a loss, he lets the group stay the night.

Bartz wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks on the crystals.
He also thinks back to when his parents were still alive.

We get a flash-back of young Bartz and his family.
His father was a protector of the crystals as well, but he didn’t want Bartz to have to go through what he did.
The scene ends and Bartz heads back inside, and Zok finds us.
He then gives us the canal key?

He says that he lied because he was trying to protect princess Lenna, but he gives it to us anyway.

Well rested, we head out in the morning and Faris joins us as well.
He orders his pirates to stay here, since he says it will be a long journey, and someone needs to guard their treasure.

The pirates agree, begrudgingly, and we head off to the canal to head to Walse!
On the boat, Lenna and Bartz speak of how the world is become unlivable if all of the crystals are destroyed.

Galuf and Faris join in, saying that they will protect the crystals as well.
Bartz takes a moment, and agrees to join as well.
We enter the canal and suddenly are pulled into a whirlpool!
The whirlpool sucks us in, and out comes the beast of the canal!

This guy was pretty easy. He didn’t hit that hard, as long as everyone kept their health up.
He has another attack, Feeler, which does some damage with a chance to paralyze.
The only attack you really have to worry about is Tail Screw, which causes a character to drop to single digits.

Bartz bit the dust, so I used a Phoenix Down and healed him, since I didn’t want him to miss out on the EXP and Ability Points.
After we defeat the creature, Syldra is sucked into the whirlpool.

With nothing to do help Syldra, the group just drifts along on the waters.
We eventually find ourselves in the ship graveyard, where undead are now crawling everywhere!
Thankfully, you can rest up in the ship for free.

As we explore the ship, we must dive underwater to get to further points in the ship, but Faris for some reason, has some reservations about getting wet.

Despite that, we continue on and find a bit of a safe haven.
Lenna goes to change, while Bartz and Galuf start a fire.

As they dry off, Faris tells them not to worry about him.
Galuf and Bartz try to take off Faris’ clothes, but then…!
They realize Faris is a woman!?
She says that when she was little, the pirate band took her in.
But she didn’t want to be the only female with a bunch of pirates, which is actually pretty smart of her.
With that, she runs off to get some sleep.

After resting, everyone seems okay with Faris being a woman.

Galuf wishes she would dress more like a woman, because, “such assets shouldn’t be hidden,” but in any case, we continue on despite Galuf’s perviness.

We find a World Map shortly after! This should come in handy!
We then come across a… Fishy place.
Then, Bartz mother appears and puts him in some kind of trance.
Lenna’s father does the same to Lenna and Faris.
A girl appears, and calls Galuf grandpa, but he can’t remember who it is.
Then, a woman appears and takes Bartz, Lenna and Faris’ souls!
She tells Galuf to just run away and she will spare him, but he won’t leave everyone behind.

He then slaps some sense into everyone, breaking the trance.
Then Siren attacks us!

Siren hits pretty hard with black magic.
She can also cast Slow, which really sucks, and Haste herself.
About halfway through the fight, she can change her form into an undead form, increasing her defense sky-high, as well as giving her a super strong attack, Venomous Clasp, which deals about 100 damage and poisons.

She killed Bartz with it, but a Phoenix Down and a Potion got him back up.

While in undead form, she is weak to Fire and Cure spells, but I didn’t have a chance to hit her with Cure, since Galuf was busy keeping everyone alive.
After the fight, she drops a Bronze Armor.

As we exit, we are popped outside somewhere on the world map.
Next time, we explore and see if we can find out where we are!

I have to say, this game… Is oddly written.

Comedic, and I love it, but just such a departure from FF4.

The only thing that really pushes me away from the game is when you can really see the sprite tiles, that is very ugly, but oh well.
That and the whole Steam overlay not working during the game.

But, join me next time when we make our way to the water crystal, hopefully!


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