Final Fantasy 5 Part 2 – Tough Fights and Exploding Castles

Last time, we were introduced to the main crew of the game.
We also got some of the first jobs, allowing us to change our abilities.
Check it out here.

After beating the Siren, the party was dumped outside somewhere on the world map.
Let’s see if we can’t get our bearings, shall we?
Screenshot (256)
Checking the world map gives us a lot of information.
We are near the town of Carwen, which is quite a ways away from our original destination.
Screenshot (257)
We also get a convenient mini-map! Awesome!

We head to Carwen. Maybe there we can find some help.
In town, we buy some better armor and a few spells; Sleep, Protect and Silence.
Screenshot (258)
In the pub, we play another piano, as well as hearing about a dragon residing on a nearby mountain.

We also hear talk about how the purple flowers on the mountain are poisonous.
We find a Frost Rod! It says that occasionally casts Blizzaga. Should come in handy.
Bartz equips it.

In town, we see that the ships aren’t sailing on account of the lack of wind, so, Bartz says we can’t go land or sea…
So we must go by air, I suppose. Let’s see if we can’t explore around, perhaps look for the supposed dragon on the nearby mountain?

We venture into the North Mountain, but get hurt pretty bad from the enemies inside and have to make back to the town to heal.
Screenshot (259)
On the mountain, the villagers were indeed right about poisonous purple flowers.
Walking over one poisons the whole party.
Screenshot (260)
Making our way up the mountain, Lenna finds her fathers helmet.
Screenshot (261)
When she goes to pick it up, however, she is struck with a poison arrow!
Screenshot (262)
As the gang tries to intervene, part of the mountain crumbles away!

A wind-drake huntress by the name Magissa appears and begins to take Lenna away to her husband.

Faris isn’t having it, and jumps across the gap!
When she does, the mountain path crumbles some more.
She tries to jump across, but falls as she tries to cling to the edge.

After a moment, Faris proves how bad-ass she is and climbs back up the mountain, and throws a rope to Bartz and Galuf!
Screenshot (263)
When we all jump on her, Magissa fights back!
Screenshot (264)
Magissa can cast basic black magic spells, so she doesn’t hit that hard.
Screenshot (265)
She then calls her husband, Forza who joins the fight, who does hit hard.
She also casts Regen on him, so we have to take Magissa out as soon as possible.

At the end of the fight, he one-shotted Bartz, taking him out.
Oh well, he only missed out on 6 ABP.

Another thing I forgot about the game, bosses in this game do not give EXP, only ABP.
Screenshot (266)
When we reach the top, there is a dragon waiting for us. I suppose because Lenna’s father’s helmet was here, it was the dragon he was riding on in the intro?

Anyway, it is poisoned, and Lenna runs through the poisonous flowers to get the dragon grass to heal the dragon, but in doing so, she becomes poisoned herself… Again.
Screenshot (267)
Screenshot (268)
She collapses, but Hiryu, the dragon heals her… Somehow.
But then we all jump on the dragon!
Screenshot (269)
It even has a cute little overworld sprite! It can’t fly over mountains, but now we can get to Walse!

We quickly fly to Walse and rest. We buy some armor, as well as finding some Silver Specs, which prevent darkness and head out.
Screenshot (270)
Exploring Castle Walse now, we pick up a few hidden goodies, but then get wrecked by a monster in the castle that is guarding some treasure.
There is also talk about how Shiva roams around the palace somewhere?

We go in and speak to the king, and tell him to stop using amplifying the water crystal’s power, but he is opposed to the idea.
Screenshot (271)
Before we can argue any further, another meteorite falls from the sky, this time near the Walse Tower!
Screenshot (272)
The king pushes us aside and says we will continue this later.
Screenshot (273)
We make a run at the treasure again, but we game over. Oh well!

Let’s go to the tower and see what happened!

We enter the tower and everyone speaks of a Garula, and how it went berserk.
Screenshot (274)
We find the king, who begs us to protect the crystal.

We enter and find a knight who is trying to stop this Garula beast, but the beast throws him aside.
Screenshot (275)
Screenshot (276)
Screenshot (277)
He rushes at us, and stomps the ever-loving crap out of us!
What the heck, this guy hits really freaking hard!

Not only that, but he gets like four attacks!
Well, that ended quick. Please tell me I don’t have to grind already…

This time, I made sure everyone was at full HP at the start of the fight.

I had Galuf cast Protect, but the only problem, you can only target one person at a time!

So, I had Faris go on Potion duty while Galuf was getting Protect up, which was still really hard because this guy gets so many powerful attacks!

Eventually, with Protect up, Galuf and Faris had an easier time keeping everyone alive.
Screenshot (278)
We then finish him off!
We go and check out the crystal…
Screenshot (279)
But it shatters.

Then, the guard that was here mentions Galuf!?
We try to get more information out of him, but he dies.

The crystal shards then imbue us with it’s power!

But before we can even think about that, the tower begins to sink!
Screenshot (280)
We have to leave behind a crystal shard, but we escape the tower, but we are still being sucked down into the water!
Screenshot (281)
Syldra comes and rescues us, just in time.
Screenshot (282)
But in doing so, it used the last of it’s strength, and fades away into the ocean.
Faris is extremely upset and tries to run after Sylda, but Lenna stops her.
Screenshot (283)
After that, we are dropped outside where the meteorite is, but with new jobs!

Berserkers are just that, uncontrollable, attacking fiends with high attack power.

Mystic Knights are kind of a mix between a fighter and a black mage. They can enchant their weapons to deal extra damage with spells, like Fire or Blizzard.

Time Mages are much like their FF Tactics counterparts, they can use magic like Slow, Haste and Quick.

Summoners can summon very strong creatures with a multitude of effects.

Red Mages are a bit of White and Black Mages. They can use a bit of both, and equip decent weapons and armor.
Screenshot (287)
I do some job swapping. At this point, I will probably not update every time I changed jobs.
Now that we have quite a selection, everyone will probably be job hopping to get abilities.
Screenshot (288)
We speak to the king in the castle and he tell us we must go to Karnak and stop the king from amplifying their crystal as well.

He also tells us a meteorite fell by Karnak, too.
Screenshot (289)
Screenshot (290)
Screenshot (291)
I attempted to make a run at Shiva, but she uses Blizzara for about 200 damage, so that isn’t happening right now. Her ice lackeys don’t help either.

But the good news, I managed to steal a few Mythril Swords from some of the enemies here, which will be a definite help.

I stay down here and steal some more Mythril Swords and let everyone gain a level.

We then head back to town, rest, and head out to Karnak.
With mountains surrounding this area completely, Hiryu can’t get us across.

We travel to the meteorite that fell by the Walse tower and find it’s now open!

We enter inside and find a warp point that takes us to the Karnak meteorite!

We make it to Karnak, and find some information about the surrounding area.

They say that a man named Cid built the crystal amplification machine, but for some reason, they have him locked up in the castle dungeon?
There are also reports of monsters coming out of the meteorite.

We also find out about how the Ancient’s Library has been telling the queen of Karnak to stop using the crystal.
She didn’t like that, so she built a wall to keep them out.

When we go to buy something from the weapon shop, a man comes in and stops us, saying that we crawled out of the meteorite like the monsters in the area, and they haul us off to jail!
Screenshot (292)
While we wander about the cell, the man in the cell next to us blows up the wall!

Of course, he made an escape… Into our cell.

Cid tells us that when he found out that his machines were destroying the crystals, he tried to stop the one here in Karnak, but they threw him in prison.

Just then, a man enters, opens our cells and begs Cid for help.
He says the crystal has cracked, and despite turning off the amplifying machine, it still is cracking.

Cid agrees to help, but only if Bartz and the gang can help.

At first the man is apprehensive, but when Cid says he is out if they can’t help, the man, having no other choice, agrees to let us help Cid.

As we explore the castle, much of it is off-limits, due to the castle being partially on fire from the fire crystal cracking.
On the way out, we also see the “werewolf” that everyone is speaking of.

Some guards scare it away by using some explosives.

We head back into Karnak to finish our shopping that was so rudely interrupted.
We buy a bunch of new awesome spells, like Cura, Raise, Haste, Slow, Regen, and Stop.
We also pick up the trio of elemental -ra spells.
Screenshot (293)
We head into the fire ship where Cid is waiting for us.
He tells us that the ship is crawling with monsters.
We enter to investigate.

As we traverse through the ship, we get a few nice items, like some Elixirs, and a Moonring Blade, which goes to Faris.
Screenshot (294)
We come across the queen? As the group ponders on why she is here, she is enveloped in a dark energy, and a voice rings out!

She then summons flames to attack us!
Screenshot (295)
Okay, this boss fight is a pain in the ass.

First off, I made the mistake of accidentally entering the fight without full HP and MP.

But anyway, this thing can change its form, and depending on its form, its abilities and weaknesses changes.
During its human form, he can cast Blaze, which is major damage to the whole party.

Its tornado form, he casts Fira on himself, healing for about 250.
Screenshot (296)
Its hand form, he casts Fira on one person, nearly one-shotting anyone. Also, it appears to take 0 damage from ice attacks!

One thing, all of its forms appear to share HP, but they each have separate MP, because during my first fight, the hand form ran out of MP to use Fira (thank goodness), but the other forms happily spammed Blaze and Fira to heal itself.

We put up a good fight, but we lost.

One thing I have noticed, the bosses are incredibly fast. It seems as if they get 2-3 attacks in quick succession, then a wait period, then on the offensive again.

I have a feeling time magic, namely Slow and Haste will be a star player in this game.
Anyway, round two!

So, round two, I learned a few things.

One, it counters every time it is hit with something, which changes depending on what form it is in.

In the human form, it counters with Blaze.
Hand, Fira,
Tornado, Magnet. Magnet pulls a character to the front row. Not exactly threatening, considering it attacks with mostly magic.

We get yet another game over, but let’s hope with this knowledge I can get it this time.
Screenshot (297)
We finally beat the Liquid Flame!

I had to use some items, but we got it!

This boss fight was a tricky one, but once I figured out he counter-attacks, and when to attack, I beat him!

That’s not to say it was easy, however.
Screenshot (298)
Anyway, we beat the Liquid Flame and the queen falls over, and tells us she was possessed by some dark entity.

She then tells us to go protect the fire crystal.

When we arrive in the crystal room, the fire crystal is still intact.

The werewolf that has been sighted appears, but seems relieved the crystal is whole.
Screenshot (299)
He then notices Galuf, and runs up to him and greets him, but Galuf doesn’t remember who he is.
Screenshot (300)
As they start to talk, a random guard comes in, and slams the machine’s switch and breaks the handle.
The same darkness that possessed the queen is also controlling the guard!

This causes the machine to go into overload and flames start erupting everywhere.

The wolf holds off the machine and tells them to make their escape, because once the fire crystal shatters, this place is going up in flames.
The gang tries to help the wolf, but the floor crumbles beneath them.

The crystal shatters, and the room is engulfed.

On the lower floor, Bartz and company realize that the flames are dying out since the fire crystal is no more.

As they get to the crystal room, Lenna says now is the time to escape, since the castle will explode without the fire crystal? How the heck is that possible?

Anyway, we get a 10 minute timer, and have to escape!
Time to move!!!

We quickly go through the castle, getting into encounters, fighting monsters, getting chests we couldn’t get earlier, it is chaotic.

We do find a Shuriken, Ribbon, the spell Esuna, as well as learning some monsters skills.
At the end, we fight a Sergeant, who is stopping us.
Screenshot (301)
As we fight, however, he morphs!

He went down pretty easy, but I was worried because Galuf was out for the count and I ran out of Phoenix Downs.

He did cast Death Claw on Lenna, bringing her to critical and paralyzing her, but we got him shortly after.
Screenshot (302)
Outside of the castle, we were barely able to escape, but three crystal shards fall to our feet and give us more jobs!

Ninja is a speedy job that can throw items and dual-wield weapons.

Geomancers are odd mages, whose power comes from the terrain they are in. They can also prevent damage from floors that would hurt us, like lava.

Beastmasters can take control of monsters and force them to use abilities. In addition, they can also capture monsters, and make them use a one-time strong ability.

After that, we rest up.
Next time, we find out what to do next, and hope we can save the last crystal!


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