Final Fantasy 5 Part 3 – Blue Magic Hassles and Grandkids

Last time, we defeated some tough enemies, found some new jobs and escaped an exploding castle!

Check it out here.

After we escaped from castle Karnak, which exploded, we talk to everyone in town and see if we can’t find any information about where to go next.

We hear word about how the queen is in the inn resting after what happened.

Someone also informs us that the wall blocking off the Ancient Library has been destroyed in the explosion of the castle.
Screenshot (303)
We check on the queen… Who isn’t doing too well.

We buy a few things in town. The shop’s prices have gone up on account of the crystal blowing up.
But they do have a few new items.

We find Cid extremely distraught, blaming himself over what happened.
Before we can talk to him, he runs off.

We find him in the upper floor of the pub, but he won’t listen to anything we say at the moment.
Screenshot (304)
Exploring to the west, we find this fellow… Who demolishes us with his Aqua Breath attack. Reset!

We skip the desert for now and head to the Ancient Library, or Library of the Ancients, whatever.

Inside, we find Scholars who are in distress about how the lower floors are overrun with monsters.
We also hear about a boy named Mid, who is supposed to Cid’s grandson.

Up at the top, we find them burning possessed books.
Screenshot (305)
When we speak to one of them, Page 32 attacks us!
Screenshot (306)
He goes down quick, but then the pages turn to 64!

This guy could cast Level 5 Death, which will instantly kill anything whose level is a multiple of 5. Since everyone is level 14, it doesn’t hit us.
He goes down pretty fast as well.
Screenshot (307)
Exploring the basement area of the library, it looks enemies can appear one after another… I will have to be careful.
Screenshot (308)
Looking around, we find a book, and suddenly Ifrit challenges us!
Geez this game loves to throw random bosses at you!
Screenshot (309)
Thankfully, he wasn’t too bad. With Lenna using her Blizzara enchanted sword, he went down without any fatalities.
Screenshot (310)
When we come up to a possessed bookshelf that blocks our path, Ifrit gives it a bit of a burn and the bookshelf moves out of the way. Thanks, Ifrit!
Screenshot (311)
Going through, we run into a Page 64, which does this.
Thank goodness Galuf was behind a level, otherwise I would have got a game over!

I think as long as your level is a multiple of 5 and you don’t have total immunity to death, you are probably going to get killed.
It kind of sucks.

After a couple of resets, I finally get Level 5 Death for Bartz.
You see, the trouble is that the character has to be alive at the end of the fight and be hit by the move.

It was just a drag of a fight, since I had to wear out Page 64’s MP before I could revive Bartz, otherwise he would just kill him again with Level 5 Death.

Anyway, we make a run back to Karnak to rest and head back to the library.
We traverse through the library, and we come across a young boy, Mid by the looks of it.

He is off in a book, totally unaware, when a monster attacks us!
Screenshot (312)
This guy was horrible.
He knew a ton of debilitating status effects, could halve our levels, cast Drain on us, healing him, cast Protect on himself, as well as deal a boat-load of damage with his physical attacks!
Honestly, I thought he would be easy… HA!
Screenshot (313)
I went on the offensive with Galuf casting Fira, dealing some great damage to him.
Lenna spent most of the fight Confused, but thankfully, she mostly hit Bartz, who had Protect on him, so she dealt low damage.

I eventually had to have Bartz whack her over the head to get her out of it.
It got very close at the end. Very.
Side note, he didn’t even have the boss death animation!
All he did was spout off how his master’s seal was almost broken and just disappeared!

But thankfully, he is defeated, and Bartz learned Magic Hammer, a move that halves MP of whoever it hits!

We talk to Mid after the battle, who didn’t even realize there were monsters, nor did he realize that we just fought a horrible library beast to rescue him.

But, he closes up his book and shows us a shortcut to the front of the library.
He says that in the book he found, he might have a way to re-power the fire ship from Karnak.
Screenshot (314)
He then talks about how Cid is his grandfather and how he admires him.

The group tells him that Cid isn’t doing very well, and Mid runs off to presumably find him.

We chase after… Or rather, limp after, considering the damage that was done during the Byblos fight.
Screenshot (315)
We talk to Cid, who is still depressed.
Screenshot (316)
Mid then shows up and beats on Cid and tells him he can never give up.
Screenshot (317)
Seeing this for some reason, instills hope and determination in Cid, who agrees and snaps out of his bad mood.

Mid then shows him the book he found, and he and Cid get to work on fixing the fire ship!

When we arrive at the fire ship, Cid and Mid take over the engineer work and tell us to wait a little bit before it’s finished.

We enter the cabin of the boat and Galuf begins to have flash-backs of his past.
Screenshot (318)
Seeing Mid beat on his grandfather invoked a memory of Galuf’s own granddaughter, Krile.
Screenshot (319)
He then remembers that he came from another world, to stop a dark warlock by the name of Exdeath.
Screenshot (320)
Screenshot (321)
He says that 30 years ago, he and three others came to this same world and sealed him away, but now that the crystals are being destroyed, Exdeath will be free if all of them are destroyed!
Screenshot (322)
He collapses from the rush of emotions and the group rests for the day.

When we all come to, Mid and Cid are passed out on the deck of the ship, but they tell us the ship can now sail without any wind!

They say that they will be heading back to the library, and we should be careful.

Now that we have the boat, we pretty much have free-reign to go where we please, so let’s do some exploring!
We still get encounters on the boat, which are actually somewhat tough right now.

Right now, Lenna is the main damage-dealer, with dual-wield and her Spellblade, she can deal almost 1500 damage if she nails a weakness.

We come to a small village of Jachol. Talking to the townsfolk, they tell us they have great weapons and armor excavated from a nearby cave.
The weapons and armor are pretty decent here, but they are expensive!
We buy some armor to help everyone’s defense, since we seem to be good on offense.

Everyone also seems to be talking about a place called Crescent Island.
We will have to check it out next.
Screenshot (323)
We check out the cave everyone is talking about and almost get a game over from one enemy after he summons a bunch back-up!

Looking around in the cave, it doesn’t look like we can advance much further at the moment, so let’s head to Crescent.
Screenshot (324)
We check out a few small islands, and run across this thing.
He is unbeatable right now, all of my attacks did 0 damage, and he has 5000 health.
Screenshot (325)
Screenshot (326)
Screenshot (327)
As soon as we arrive in Crescent, an earthquake shakes the place and sinks our ship in a whirlpool.
Great, after all that trouble we went through to get that thing up and running.
Screenshot (328)
In town, we find a minstrel, who has a piano we can play as well as teaching us a song, Mighty March!
Screenshot (329)
In the forest south of Crescent, we find a black chocobo, so now we can fly around!
It can even fly over mountains!
However, as we go to take off, it flies back down and throws Bartz off.

Faris investigates, and says he is choking on something.
Screenshot (330)
She gives him a few good smacks and he barfs up crystal shards!?
That is gross, but we get two new jobs!

Bards can sing songs that will help the party or hinder enemies.

Rangers can equip bows and summon animals.

Anyway, now that the black chocobo can fly again, let’s head back to the library and tell Cid and Mid their ship sank.
Screenshot (331)
Screenshot (332)
When we arrive, they tell us it is no trouble, they will just build another one, but they also tell us there have been reports of people seeing King Tycoon entering a desert to the west.
They say that the desert is impossible to enter on foot, but someone says they saw him floating.
Faris suggests we head out immediately.

But first, let’s see if we can’t snag the blue spell Aqua Breath from that Dhorme Chimera in the desert near here.
Screenshot (333)
These Mythril Dragons were actually pretty tough, they didn’t hit that hard, but they just had really good defenses.
Screenshot (334)
We got it on the first try! He was a bit easier this time around, especially because he didn’t spam Aqua Breath.
Screenshot (335)
Along the way, we also get Galuf to level up his Red Mage job again.
But the next ability costs 999 ABP!?
Yep, the final ability for Red Mages is the Dual Cast ability, which lets them cast two spells at once.
I can see how this would very useful, almost game-breaking, but no thanks getting 999 ABP. That would probably take until the end of the game!
Screenshot (336)
We arrive at the desert, but just like the rumors had said, it is impossible to get across due to the shifting sands.
But then Cid and Mid come in behind us and tell us they have a plan.

They are going to use a device to call the sandworm, we kill it, and use its body as a bridge across the sands!

We have Cid and Mid call the beast…
Screenshot (337)
The Sandworm can jump from each of the holes, so if you aren’t careful, your attacks can miss.
I had Bartz try out his newly learned Aqua Breath…
It did over 4000 damage!
Screenshot (338)
Needless to say, he went down without a fuss.

We come to a pyramid that is locked, and make our way out to the other side of the desert.

There, we find a town, the town of Gohn.
As we arrive, we find the town empty and in ruins.

We also see King Tycoon!
We chase after him, but he keeps leading us on a wild-goose chase until we corner him.
Screenshot (339)
Screenshot (340)
Faris then exclaims that King Tycoon is her father?
But then the floor drops out from under us!
Screenshot (341)
At the bottom, Lenna and Faris talk about being sisters.
Faris said she wasn’t sure, so she didn’t say anything.
We then brush ourselves off and explore our new surroundings.

We come across a room that teleports us under Crescent!
Screenshot (342)
But when we reach the other side, the machine malfunctions and explodes!
Meanwhile, Cid and Mid bring the black chocobo over to Crescent, conveniently.

In the Crescent facility, we flip a switch that causes Cid and Mid to fall through the floor from the chocobo forest!
Screenshot (343)
As we explore, we find the fire powered ship, along with another ship… With propellers? I smell an airship!
Screenshot (344)
At that moment Cid and Mid come crashing through the ceiling.
Screenshot (345)
Screenshot (346)
Screenshot (347)
After Cid gets the airship up and running, we start to take off, but find a monster is hanging on tight!
Screenshot (348)
This thing went down in 3 rounds. One to buff, two to kill.
Cid mentions how that lobster just got served.
Screenshot (349)
This game… I swear! Haha!

With the airship now at our disposal, next time we figure out where to go next!
Stay tuned!


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