Final Fantasy 5 Part 4 -Forced Suicides and New Worlds

Last time we delved into an ancient library, got beat up by some rabid squirrels and now have an airship!
Check out what went down here.

Now that we have the airship, let’s really explore the world!
Let us hope it doesn’t sink/explode as soon as we land like last time.
Screenshot (350)
As we near the ruined city of Gohn, an odd… Spaceship thing rises from the wreckage of the town and disappears!
I will admit, I seriously thought the airship we just got was about to get blown to smithereens.

We stop by a town by the name of Istory and explore around.
It’s also here we get our first look of the Thief’s special ability Find Passages coming into play.
Screenshot (351)
Those lines show us a hidden passageway in the item shop, that leads to nothing! Great!
Screenshot (352)
A girl in town tells us about running around a flower bed, which we do and a frog pops out!
He drops the Toad spell for us to use!
Screenshot (353)
We also find an armor shop that has some great items, but are way out of our price range at the moment.

We come to a sheep that knocks us over a fence and we pick up another song from a traveling bard.

We also hear about an old man who walks in the eastern woods, who wields lightning.
In addition, there is supposed treasure hidden behind a waterfall somewhere near here.
Screenshot (354)
Following up on the wandering old man, we come across Ramuh in the woods!

He wasn’t that hard, especially since he could be hit with Stop. He did have a lot of HP and defense, but we just wailed on him, casting Stop as often as we could and he goes down.
Screenshot (355)
Ramuh talks to Ifrit and decides to join us!
So I think we need some weapon upgrades, because we are dealing crap damage right now.
Screenshot (356)
I had to run from these guys, since we were dealing less that 20 damage to them.
Then again, this may be a much later area, I am not sure.
Screenshot (357)
Leaving that area, we head to Lix, and when we speak to a few people, they seem to know Bartz!
We get a flashback of Bartz nearly falling of a roof as a child, which caused his fear of heights.
Screenshot (358)
This game cracks me up.

Anyway, we speak to the item shop owner, and gives us a discount! Awesome!

Entering into Bartz’s home, there is a bard here that lets us look around.
We listen to a music box that causes another flashback to when his mother collapsed due to an illness she had.
We speak to the bard again and he gives us another song!

After that, I believe we have went to all the towns on the world map.

Let’s go back to Jachol and see if we can figure out the cave.
Screenshot (359)
Searching around, we find a switch inside an open chest, allowing us further access.
This place is also a good area to get ABP from. The enemies, aside from the Skulleater, are easy and drop 2 ABP per battle, instead of the usual one.

If the Skulleater flees, you get 5 ABP, which is great. Of course, it is also likely to bite one of your character’s faces off with it’s Incisor attack.

While we explore around, Galuf finally learned the Beastmaster ability, Control.

It literally lets you take control of a monster and use it’s abilities as you see fit.
I am loving it!

The fact that I can now get Blue Magic for Bartz easier is a great boon, but even better than that, I can kill very strong monsters easily now!

Remember Prototype, the robot thing? If Galuf lands his Control, I can just make him Self-Destruct on himself, killing himself, no trouble at all!
We get full EXP and ABP as well!

We can even steal Ethers off of him while he is under Galuf’s control and he drops Dark Matters! It’s amazing!

The only downside is it uses the Beastmaster’s turn to control the monster, which, in hindsight, I suppose I should have put it on a different character that wasn’t going to be my healer, but oh well, 20/20 and all that.

We grab some more Ethers and Dark Matters and head back to Lix to stay at the inn, which is free.
We get a scene of Bartz and Faris late at night.

Bartz dusts off a grave, which reveals the grave belongs to his parents.
We head back to Walse Castle to see if we can get that treasure that was being guarded by the Jackanapes.

We get the Speed spell, 2000 gil and an Elven Mantle, which increases evasion.

It was still pretty tough. He couldn’t one-shot anyone, but he could two-shot. He also took forever to run from.

After that, we head back to Lix again to rest for free and head back.
Let’s see if we can’t get Shiva.
Screenshot (361)
Screenshot (362)
We stomp her pretty easily now, and she joins us!

We then make our way back to Tycoon.

When we arrive, everyone is happy to see Lenna again.
The chancellor is delighted to see Lenna again, but she tells him that she must save the world and continue looking for her father.
He asks us to stay the night, so we do.

During the night, Faris remembers some of her life here at the castle before she was separated.
Screenshot (363)
I guess Sarisa was her name before it was changed to Faris.

Lenna says they should keep it a secret from the chancellor.
If he knew, he for sure wouldn’t let them leave.

In the morning, we head out, but not before we raid the place!
The chancellor tells us that a staff has been in Lenna’s family for generations, and that we are free to take it!
But when we do, it’s a Diamond Bell? Okay… Not really a staff, but I will take it, regardless.

Oh! It’s the Healing Staff, it was just put into my inventory with no prompt at all.
Screenshot (364)
With nothing else left to really do, we head back to Cid and Mid, who tell us about how the spaceship thing we saw was actually a city that is being amplified by the earth crystal, allowing it to float.

Cid and Mid tell us that with admanatite, they can fix up the airship to fly that high so we can save the earth crystal.
Screenshot (365)
Galuf tells us that in the meteor he fell from, there is adamantite in there!
We head there immediately.
Screenshot (366)
We grab the adamantite, but we are attacked by something!
Screenshot (367)
This turtle was easy. He hit pretty hard with physical attacks, but he had a devastating weakness to ice, which meant we demolished him pretty quick with Blizzara.
Screenshot (368)
We head back to Cid and Mid to make our way to the floating city!
Screenshot (369)
We drop off the adamantite to Cid and Mid who work so fast they create clones of themselves.
Screenshot (370)
Cid tells us we can now fly higher in the sky to reach the floating city!
Screenshot (371)
But, they warn us that the city is protected by powerful cannons that we will have to disable if we want to reach the inner city.
Screenshot (372)
With that in mind, let’s make our way upwards!
Screenshot (373)
We fight some flamethrowers, which weren’t too bad. We also learn a blue magic spell by the same name.
Screenshot (374)
These were a little bit trickier. They can use an attack called Rocket Punch, which deals some good damage, as well as inflicting Confusion.

Their first attack hit Lenna, causing Confusion. Thankfully, she killed herself and Galuf just revived her.
They also know Missile, a move that lowers the target’s HP by 1/4.

I also found out that with Mug, an attack that deals damage and attempts to Steal at the same time, you can steal an item, even if you miss the attack!
Screenshot (375)
Anyway, we take care of all of the cannons.

We then see another huge cannon come out from the city!
Screenshot (376)
We take it out no problem. I think this is a case of a monster that builds up an attack, then unleashes a super strong attack, much like Bahamut in past games.
Once we took out it’s Launchers, it didn’t do much else to us.
Screenshot (377)
We enter the city and explore the inside.

We also learn White Wind for Bartz in here! Now he can help out with healing if need be.

This place is huge. The enemies aren’t that tough, but I can’t mess around with them.

Control has really helped a lot, actually. I can force enemies, like Lamias, to kill themselves (that sounds so horrible) with moves like 1000 needles, and I can have Enchanted Fans heal me with White Wind, so I don’t use my MP.
Screenshot (378)
We also spot King Tycoon and some monster, but we can’t get to them yet.

Bartz also got level 6 Time Mage learned, which means that Bartz can now use all time magic.
I am not going to master Time Mage, since all you get is the ability to equip rods. That’s it.

I switch him over to Blue Mage and give him his time magic. He is pretty much set for the rest of the game, I guess.
That was my original intention with Bartz, Blue mage support with time magic.
Screenshot (379)
We finally get to King Tycoon and the monster… But King Tycoon doesn’t seem like himself.
He demands we fight the monster, and we do so.
Screenshot (380)
This guy was a fight!

He could change his weakness, at will, with seemingly no tell as to when he changes his weakness, also, it seemed like half of the time, he didn’t even have a weakness, unless Libra was lying to me.

Anyway, the only thing I could possibly get out of this fight is that his attacks change to correspond with his weakness, somewhat.

For instance, when he was absorbing fire attacks, he used Blaze.

He hits really hard and he is fast as well, so a Slow first thing is in order.
Lenna and Faris were just not dealing any damage this fight, so it was up to Bartz to save the day with his blue magic.
Screenshot (381)
After finally killing him, he is instantly revived!
King Tycoon says it is the power of the crystals at work.
Screenshot (382)
Screenshot (383)
During my first fight with him, this is where I got a gave over. He just wore us down, and he inflicted Sap on everyone, and used an attack that lowers everyone’s HP to single digits.
Not a good combo, so we died shortly after.

Giving it another go, we go in with some fore-knowledge now.

I removed Mug from Faris, since he has no items and replaced it with her new Ranger ability, Animals.

Animals randomly summons animals that can damage, heal or have various other effects. I figure anything was better than a wasted Mug ability in this fight.

Which, I am glad I switched, because I got lucky a few times and she used Nightingale, which heals everyone for about the same as a Cura.

Of course, I couldn’t rely on it, since it is random, but whenever I needed it, it went off.
Maybe the game checks everyone’s HP levels as you use Animals, and has a greater chance if you are weaker? Or maybe I just got lucky.

He did his revive thing, but none of our attacks were really dealing any damage.
I cast Libra with Galuf to see what his weakness was…
However, something I noticed, he was level 20. 20 is a multiple of 5, so Level 5 Death should work right?
Screenshot (385)
It did! Thank goodness, Bartz, you just saved the party.
Screenshot (386)
After the fight, King Tycoon laughs like an evil villain (that can’t be good), and runs off towards the crystal.
Anybody want to take bets on whether he is possessed by Exdeath or not?

Actually, it would be more of a plot twist if he wasn’t.
Screenshot (387)
We enter the earth crystal room and of course, King Tycoon has been possessed and is trying to destroy the crystal.

Lenna and Faris stop us from attacking their father, but just as he is about to destroy the crystal, a meteorite falls out of the sky!
Screenshot (388)
Screenshot (389)
Krile comes out of nowhere and zaps the king!
Then, seeing Krile, Galuf gets his memory back!

Of course, it’s all for naught as the crystal still explodes.
Screenshot (394)
Screenshot (395)
Then, there is some magical eruption somewhere, and Exdeath appears, finally free!
He somehow commands the crystal shards to attack us and disappears, saying he is going to destroy Galuf and Krile’s world.

We are left with the crystal shards, which dance around us and attack us.

The king, however, uses himself as a sacrifice to stop the crystals and break them from Exdeath’s control.
Screenshot (396)
Lenna and Faris try to save him, but he dies.
Screenshot (397)
We get the power from the earth crystal, and the city begins to fall, because the earth crystal is no more!
Screenshot (398)
We quickly make a dash for the airship, and make it just in time before the ruins plummeted to the ground.

Galuf says he remembers everything now.
Screenshot (399)
He says that thirty years ago, he and the Dawn Warriors sealed away Exdeath in this world after they chased him down.

But, something was happening to the crystals, so Galuf came back to investigate, but he was too late, Exdeath is now free.

Bartz blames this world for using the power of the crystals too much, but Galuf places the blame on himself for sealing away Exdeath in this world and not his.

We head to where Krile crash-landed. Galuf says he and Krile are heading back to their world to stop Exdeath.

Bartz wants to go, but Galuf won’t allow it, he says the meteorite only has enough power for one more trip.

If they all went, they would never be able to return.
Screenshot (400)
Galuf and Krile then blast off at the speed of light.
Well, the game just took our healer. Lovely.

But in other news, we now have four more jobs!

Dragoons are… Dragoons. They can jump and equip spears. They do get a special ability that allows them to heal themselves and damage enemies.

Samurai are sword-fighters who can throw money at enemies for high amounts of damage.

Dancers can dance to perform a random effect, which can have a multitude of effects.

Chemists are item masters. They can mix items and create varied and very powerful effects, from healing, damage, status, you name it. Pretty powerful.

With Galuf now gone, I suppose Bartz will have to take over healing duties for a while.

When we take off on the airship, Lenna and Faris talk to Bartz about how they need to avenge their father, and they want to help Galuf.
Screenshot (401)
Bartz agrees, and says we should find Cid, maybe he can find a way to power the meteorites.

Let’s see if we can’t find Cid and Mid, see what they think of the situation.

We find a note in Cid’s work station that says they went to return the leftover adamantite to the meteorite. Lenna is worried something might have happened to them.
Screenshot (402)
We find Cid and Mid who tell us that the adamantite is letting off some energy.
When they place it on the center pad, it begins to absorb the energy from the stone.
They tell us that may be the key to getting to Galuf’s world.
Screenshot (403)
Mid says that they will need more adamantite, maybe if we combined all of the adamantite from all of the meteorites that have fallen, it will be enough power.
We head to the one in Walse and investigate.

We get to the meteorite and they get the adamantite.
Screenshot (404)
But then we are attacked!
Screenshot (405)
Well… That ended quickly, three Self-Destructs was all it took.

Second round, I got lucky and they didn’t start the fight with Self-Destructs.
Screenshot (406)
This time, I went in with the strategy to just wail on them the best I could, which would have been fine, but they can cast Arise, and multitarget it as well!?

This fight dragged on, I tried a lot of things, Level 5 Death, I even tried Mute, hoping it would stop their Arise, but it still didn’t.

Thankfully, after they revived themselves countless times, they ran out of MP!
Then I just had to hope they didn’t Self-Destruct.

One did, and killed Bartz at the end, but that was fine, we still won!
Bartz also learned Self-Destruct at the end!?

I thought whoever was to learn a blue magic spell had to be alive at the end of battle to learn it? Wow, I guess I was wrong. Maybe it’s different for the PC version.

Anyway, after the fight, we head to Lix to heal up for free and continue on to the next meteorite.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the Ranger’s Animal ability. It is random, which can be frustrating, but if you get the right animal summons, it’s decent.

When we arrive at the meteorite near the desert, they take longer than usual, so we head inside to check on them.
Screenshot (407)
Screenshot (408)
The Manticore went down pretty easily compared to the last fight. He did cast Frost, which did some damage plus inflicted us with Sap, but he went down without any troubles.

Next meteorite!
Screenshot (409)
Screenshot (410)
This time we fight Titan! He wasn’t that hard, but he did have one final attack when he dies, Earth Shaker.
Screenshot (412)
It took out Lenna because she was at about half health, but oh well.
We also get Titan as a summon!
Screenshot (413)
Cid and Mid show us a map to where the warp point of the meteorites are.
We heal up and head there.
Screenshot (414)
Screenshot (415)
When we get to the warp point, everyone says their final peace and we jump in, and once again, blast off at the speed of light.

When we wake up, we are on an island somewhere.
Screenshot (416)
Checking the map, we can see the world we are in.

Next time, we explore Galuf’s world and try to put a stop to Exdeath!


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