Final Fantasy 5 Part 5 – Mistakes and Deaths

Last time, we got a few game overs, someone died and we learned the joys of Level 5 Death.
Check it out here.

Now that we are in Galuf’s world, let’s see what we can find.

When we walk around the island, there isn’t anything to do.

The only thing inhabiting the island aside from us, is an enemy called Pao that is really easy to kill. It does drop Tents, however.

I am not sure how you are supposed to figure this out, but you have to use a Tent. Maybe the game tells you at some point, but I wandered around hitting the A button on everything until I just broke down and used a Tent.
Screenshot (419)
During the night, Faris asks Lenna why she saved the wind drake on the mountain.
She says it reminds her of her mother.
Screenshot (420)
Screenshot (421)
But before she can say anymore, something comes and grabs Lenna and Faris!
It then attacks Bartz!
Screenshot (422)
He went down easily enough.
Screenshot (423)
Screenshot (424)
But he leaves behind a chest, that when opened, spews out a gas that knocks Bartz unconscious!
Screenshot (425)
We then wake up in Exdeath’s castle!
Screenshot (426)
He uses a magic mirror that projects our image into the sky, where we see Galuf and Krile leading an army of troops on Exdeath’s castle.

Exdeath says he will kill Bartz, Lenna and Faris if they get any closer.

Galuf retreats and instead flies in solo on a wind drake.
Screenshot (427)
He grabs our stuff from a chest, and we now are going solo as Galuf in Exdeath’s castle.
Unfortunately, he is still a White Mage, so a job change is in order before he can walk around without getting pummeled to death.

I change him to Samurai with the Red mage skill, so he can heal and protect himself.
Screenshot (428)
When we arrive at the jail cell the others are held in, Gilgamesh fights us!
He was really easy. One Protect, One Cura, and we just wailed on him until he fled.
Screenshot (429)
After the fight, we get Bartz and the others out of the cell and we all team up again!
I take this moment and change Galuf back into his regular White Mage job.
Screenshot (430)
We flee from Exdeath’s palace and head somewhere safe.
Screenshot (431)
We attempt to cross the bridge, but we are ambushed by monsters!
Screenshot (432)
We fight battle after battle with monsters, all pretty easy, until Gilgamesh himself fights us!
Screenshot (433)
He was actually pretty tough. Near the end of the fight, he acted like he was giving up, but instead, he cast Protect, Shell and Haste on himself and continued fighting!
Screenshot (434)
We got him though, and he ran for real this time.

Eventually, the gang reaches the end of the bridge, but Krile says to watch out for some kind of barrier.
Screenshot (435)
Exdeath’s castle lets out a massive shield that blows Bartz, Lenna, Faris and Galuf away, but Krile managed to take cover in time.

Checking the map, it looks like the shield through us far to the north.
Let’s head to the nearest town.
Screenshot (436)
Our first fight is against… These things.

We reach the town of Regole and buy a bunch of stuff, mostly new spells, but we also pick up a weapon or two and some armor.

We stay at the inn for free, and in the middle of the night, Galuf runs off to the pub for late night drink.

Bartz follows and they have a brief conversation.
Bartz apologizes, saying that if they hadn’t came, Galuf and his army would have been able to destroy Exdeath, but Galuf says that if they had marched on the castle, the shield that catapulted us here would have killed them all.

In the morning, we head out to our next destination.
Screenshot (437)
We come the Sealed castle of Kuza, where we find twelve sealed away legendary weapons.
With nothing really to do here at the moment, we head out, but on the way, find this thing!
Screenshot (438)
He could two-shot anyone, but, I just used Control, and made him kill himself with Blaze.
Screenshot (439)
We get some good EXP and gil for it, too!
Screenshot (440)
Moving on, we enter a forest, where a moogle is spotted!
It tries to run away from us, but ends up falling down a hole.

Bartz, Lenna and Faris have never seen a moogle, and Lenna suggests they help it.
We drop down into the cave and look around.
Screenshot (441)
That isn’t good for the moogle…
Screenshot (442)
We find the moogle staring down a skeleton, and we rush to save it!
Screenshot (443)
This guy hit hard. He also had a Poison Breath attack that hurt, and poisons everyone.
His main attack was the ??? attack, which deals damage based on how much HP you are missing from you max HP.

Near the end of the fight, he started spamming it, dealing over 3000 damage.
Screenshot (444)
We beat him, though and the moogle shows us a path to another set of forests.
Lenna suggests we follow it.
We follow it to the moogle village.
Screenshot (445)
The moogles fear us at first, but we find the one that we helped and he gives us a bunch of items!
Screenshot (446)
We also find a moogle costume, which lets us get another chest.
Screenshot (447)
Screenshot (448)
Then, the moogle that we helped telepathically contacts another moogle with Krile!
Screenshot (449)
She hones in on our location with a wind drake and takes us back to Bal castle, where we find out Galuf is a king!
Screenshot (450)
Let’s explore Bal.

We find out that the wind drake that rescued us is dying from its wounds, but Lenna says Dragon Grass can heal it.
Krile has never heard of Dragon Grass, but Faris says they usually nest near Dragon Grass.
Screenshot (451)
Galuf says Drakenvale, to the north, is an old wind drake nesting ground. He says it’s dangerous, but we need to save the wind drake.

Exploring the rest of the castle, this place has an item shop, inn, weapon and armor shop, you name it.
Screenshot (452)
We also find a secret Great Sword in the moat outside of the castle.

On the way out of the castle, the guards inform us that Exdeath’s minions are right outside of the castle gates.
Galuf commands them to open it, and shut it behind us.

They say if they do, they won’t be able to let us back in?
Not sure these guys know how doors work, but okay.

We fight an Abductor, but he was really easy.
On the outside, let’s head north to the Drakenvale!

We enter Quelb, the werewolf village, but everything is empty and locked up.
We enter one of the houses and get ambushed by werewolves!
Screenshot (453)
Galuf tells Kelger, an old friend, that Bartz, Lenna and Faris are from the other world, to which Kelger flips out for some reason, and won’t even listen to Galuf.
He challenges Bartz to a fight, which Bartz wins easily.

Bested, and now hurt, he asks Bartz where he learned to fight.
He says from his father, Dorgaan, to which both Kelger and Galuf are stunned.
Screenshot (454)
They say that Dorgaan was one of the Dawn Warriors who fought and sealed Exdeath thirty years ago!
So Dorgaan is from Galuf’s world!
Screenshot (455)
There is a flashback where they seal Exdeath, and Dorgaan stays behind in Bartz’s world when the others go back to their own world.

Kelger says he will open the north gate to let us through to Drakenvale.
The town is now open to us as well.
Screenshot (456)
We find a crazy man in a well who is trying to find a frog.
We capture a frog for the man, who says if we give him the frog and 10,000 gil, he will give us a pot.
No thanks! Moving on…

Now on the north side of the village, we can continue up north to Drakenvale.
Screenshot (457)
Along the way, we run into this thing that hits us once then runs.
Screenshot (458)
Screenshot (459)
Later up on the mountain, he is being attacked by some creatures and asks for our help!
We take them out, and he says he would like to join us! We can now summon Golem!
Screenshot (460)
Screenshot (461)
Making our way through the mountain, we come across the Dragon Grass, but it attacks us when we get close!
Screenshot (462)
Screenshot (463)
This thing was tough in the fact that it could inflict a ton of different status ailments on us.

Other than that, it just had a lot of HP to get through.
Screenshot (464)
We beat it and procure the Dragon Grass. Let’s get out of here!

When we arrive back at the castle, of course, under Galuf’s orders, they won’t let us in.
Galuf has a plan, however and leads us into the castle via a secret entrance.

When we get inside the castle, Krile is bed-ridden from headaches.
Screenshot (465)
She says that a man named Ghido is psychically calling to her.

Galuf says that Ghido is a sage that has lived for over 700 years, and prophesied that the crystals would break in Bartz world.
He also says he may know a way to stop Exdeath!

Ghido is said to live on an island north of Drakenvale, so we will need the wind drake to get there.

We go to feed the Dragon Grass to the wind drake, but he won’t eat it because in this world, the Dragon Grass grew to that horrible monstrosity and killed all of the wind drakes.
Screenshot (466)
Lenna eats some of the Dragon Grass, to prove to the wind drake it is all right, but once again becomes poisoned by it.

Thankfully, Krile comes out of left field and gives Lenna a potion to cure her.
Then Krile almost passes out from a headache.
Screenshot (467)
Bartz pretty much sums up my thoughts, exactly.
With that settled, we then head off to Sage Ghido!
Before heading there, however, let’s explore the world a bit.

We find a castle where one of the Dawn Warriors is king and he let’s us inside.
One of the guards tells us we can take anything we wish in the castle… Perfect!

In the castle, we go through some quick quests and pick up the spell Float!

Exploring the world, it seems most of it is blocked by mountains. I do find a cave that connects Bal and the outside, but while I was inside, I ran into some centipede like enemies called Undergrounders, who killed the party!
Screenshot (468)
They can cast Earthquake for about 700 damage. I had no idea they can pull that ability out.

Let’s just head to Ghido now.
Screenshot (469)
Screenshot (470)
When we reach the island, an earthquake roars out, and sinks the island!
Screenshot (471)
We find out it is all Exdeath’s doing. With the island now gone, we head back to castle Bal to see if Krile is still in contact with Ghido.
Well, all Krile says is he is still calling…
Screenshot (472)
We fly around a bit and fight a bunch of ships outside of Exdeath’s castle!
It is Xezat, one of the Dawn Warrior’s fleets!

He says we can rest up in the ship for tonight and they will make an attack on Exdeath’s barrier.

We are suddenly woken up by yells from up above, saying monsters are attacking!
We quickly jump from bed and make haste to the deck.
When we arrive, there are monsters attacking the ships!
Xezat fights on his own, and we face Gilgamesh.
Screenshot (473)
He wasn’t that hard.
Screenshot (474)
Once Enkidu, his “side-kick” came into play, things got a bit tougher, but we took him out and Gilgamesh followed shortly after.

Gilgamesh tries to take us down with him into the ocean, but the wind drake saves us.

After everything has quieted down a bit, we speak with Xezat below the deck.
We find that Xezat has a submarine!
Screenshot (475)
We also find out that the fleet was a decoy while he dug a tunnel under one of the barrier towers so we could infiltrate it and take it out, destroying the barrier.

He leaves to the bottom floor to stop the generators while we head up to the top to take out the antenna. He also gives us a Whisperweed, which is essentially fantasy walkie-talkies.

We climb up the tower a bit and find a treasure chest trapped with two Yellow Dragons!
These things had a ton of HP and could hit pretty hard, too.

But in the end, we get a Blood Sword from the chest.

One of the enemies on the tower drops a Reflect Ring! That might come in handy sometime.

Also, we find another trapped chest with two Yellow Dragons! Man these things are almost like bosses at this point.
We get a Gold Hairpin from the chest they were guarding.

The Gold Hairpin halves MP usage! Awesome, totally worth the effort! It goes to Bartz for now, since he goes through his MP the fastest.
Screenshot (476)
We get to the top of the tower and fight a guardian who is protecting the antenna!
Screenshot (477)
This fight was hell.
He knows Comet, Slowga, Old Age, and possibly others.

He is fast too, and seems like he resists Slow, unless I just got unlucky, but it seemed like it had trouble landing.

So, for starters, he loves to spam Comet. Comet hits one character for random damage, but it usually hits for about 800-1200. That is enough to pretty much one-hit KO anyone on our team right now.

He does this 1-2 times in a row, more than likely killing off 1-2 people.

He then has another gimmick;
Any dead party members slowly slide over to him.
I assume he just eats them if they get too close.

During this fight, I actually had to cast Return with Bartz.
Return causes the battle to start over, with everyone at the same state they were in at the start of the battle.
It is essentially a “do-over” button that only costs 1 MP.

I went through all of my Phoenix Downs trying to revive, healing was almost pointless because the damage was either enough to kill or not.
Thankfully, Galuf just learned the Chemist ability Mix.
Mix is amazing.

It allows the character to combine two items from your inventory and create very powerful effects, such as healing, revival, protection and even damage.

Chemists get another ability; Drink, which allows them to drink the various potions and tonics that are only available to people with the Drink command.

These can increase your attack power, cast Haste, cast Protect, double your maximum HP and even increase your level.
These all last for just a short time, probably until the end of the battle.

It was only thanks to Galuf as a Chemist that I won this fight.

I had him Drink the potion that doubles your max HP, and had him combine Holy Waters with Dragon Fangs, which does Holy Breath.
It deals damage equal to your HP, so it dealt almost 2000 damage every time he used it.

The others tried to help, but they just kept getting killed, so they were nearly useless.
Faris was up the longest and managed to deal some decent damage with her bow, and Bartz managed to Haste Galuf before he was down for the count.
Screenshot (478)
Eventually, he went down, and thank goodness too.

After the battle, I was thinking what could have helped me… I wonder if Comet would pierce Reflect? Because if not, then I could have equipped Galuf with it and had an easier time, maybe.

Anyway, with Atomos gone, and the generator down, the antenna explodes.

Xezat tells us to get out of the tower, since the whole thing is about to blow up.
Xezat gets trapped in the bottom floors due to electricity blocking the way.
Screenshot (479)
Galuf tries to run after him, but Bartz has to stop him by knocking him out and jumping off the tower onto the wind drake.

The barrier tower then explodes, and with it, Exdeath’s barrier as well.

With Xezat now gone, the submarine is now ours, and we make our way to Ghido’s underwater cave to see if we can’t find him.
Screenshot (480)
We traverse through the cave and find a turtle… Who is Ghido the sage!

He tells us the forest of Moore is a living forest, which is where Exdeath was born.
Screenshot (481)
He gives us the Guardian Branch, which allow us entry into Moore.

With that, we Teleport out and make our way to Moore.

In the town of Moore, people speak of how the trees can speak and even read minds.
We also hear about sprites that hide in the forest.
We find another piano to sharpen our skills.

Moore has some fantastic shops. Between magic, weapons and armor, we spend quite a bit of money here getting some stuff we need.
Screenshot (482)
Heading into the living forest, the Guardian Branch that Ghido gave us opens up the way for us, and we head inside.
Screenshot (483)
Inside the forest, we find a few items, when suddenly the forest burst into flames!
Exdeath is trying to burn down the forest!

After we scramble trying to escape a moogle rescues us.
After we spend some time in the cave, it moves and allows us to go back into the now decimated forest.
Screenshot (484)
Whatever was in this chest is gone now…

We find the Guardian Tree and the Guardian Branch opens the way for us.
When we get inside, we find four flames, and Galuf says these are what must be sealed away here.
Screenshot (485)
They then attack us!
Screenshot (486)
Well, an Aqua Breath followed shortly after by an Aeroga and the party was down for the count.

It looks like each of them absorb an element.
The top one absorbs fire and the bottom one absorbs earth.
So I can only assume one absorbs water/ice and the other lightning/wind?
Let’s try that again.
Screenshot (487)
This time, they were lenient on us and didn’t spam anything, mostly physical attacks, which Golem could protect us against.

After taking them down, Exdeath appears and thanks us?
Screenshot (488)
He says that these four crystals were sealed away to protect them, but by unsealing them, he now commands them!
Screenshot (489)
Screenshot (490)
He begins blasting us with the power of the crystals, but Krile senses something is wrong.
A moogle tells her our location and she flies to us.
Screenshot (491)
She zaps Exdeath and gives us a brief moment of respite, but he comes back, and begins to attack Krile!

Galuf stands up, and Exdeath continues the onslaught on the rest of the group, but Galuf won’t give up.

He walks forward, knocks away the crystal, saves Krile and rushes at Exdeath!
Screenshot (492)
Screenshot (493)
So in this fight, Galuf can’t die, thankfully.

I used an Ether since he was out of MP from the last fight, but that only restored enough MP for one Titan summon, so I eventually just attacked him with the Frost Rod he had equipped. It took a while, but eventually, Exdeath asks him what it is going to take to kill him.

He even blasts him with Flare, Holy and Meteor, but Galuf is still going strong.
The fight ends and Exdeath teleports out.
Screenshot (494)
Everyone rushes to Galuf’s side, but he is dying.
Screenshot (495)
Screenshot (496)
Screenshot (497)
Screenshot (498)
The group tries everything… But he dies. Krile falls on the floor where Galuf was and cries.
Then, Krile hears Galuf speaking to her.
Screenshot (499)
She rushes outside and he tells her that Exdeath is going to destroy the crystals, that she needs to fight with Bartz, Lenna and Faris and save the crystals.
Screenshot (500)
He also drops her a bracelet and imbues her with all of his abilities. She calls the wind drake and we head out!

So, Galuf is no more, but Krile has all of Galuf’s abilities, jobs, ect, so no need to worry about leveling her up or anything.

We head to Moore village to heal up.

Next time, we begin our assault on Exdeath’s castle to stop him from destroying the crystals!


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