Final Fantasy 5 Part 6 – Power of the Void

Last time, mistakes were made that increased Exdeath’s powers… As well as losing someone dear to us.
Check out what happened here.

Let’s head to Exdeath’s castle and stop him from destroying the crystals!
When we arrive, we find some troops that have been demolished by Exdeath.

We reach a dead end, but Krile senses it is all an illusion by Exdeath.

She asks Galuf for strength in dispelling it.
Screenshot (501)
We then see Kelger who is visited by the spirit of Galuf and informs him of what is happening with Krile and the others.

Kelger then asks his men to send their energy to Krile to help her, and then Kelger dies as he sends the last of his energy to her as well.
Screenshot (502)
The illusion is then dispersed, revealing the real castle Exdeath!

While exploring, we find a hidden chest by some lava.
Screenshot (503)
The damage floors in this game don’t mess around. That was from full health after taking like 12 steps or so in it.

But we do find the Hayate Bow for Faris, a nice upgrade for her.
Moving on, we run into a Red Dragon and a Blue Dragon!
Screenshot (504)
These Red Dragons could use Atomic Ray, which dealt like 600 damage to the party, while the Blue Dragon could cast Frost for about 300.

Obviously, the Red had to go first.
Thank goodness Faris just happened to have Animals equipped, and she saved the party with a Nightingale.

Once the Red Dragon was down, it was smooth sailing from there.
Screenshot (505)
Also, you can get encounters in lava, unlike the other Final Fantasies.
I managed to escape, but only Faris was alive with 1 HP, so I just reset, counting it as a game over.

Then we reach the next area, where there are hidden pits that knock us back onto the lava floor if we fail.
That is evil.

I suppose you could use a Geomancer here to prevent that, but dang.

Whats makes it bad is there is no point in healing, since the lava will get you to 1 HP by the time you reach solid land. But, you can get into random fights in the lava. That is wrong on so many levels.

Especially when it does so much damage.
More incentive to use Geomancer, I guess!
Screenshot (506)
We find a summon here, Carbuncle, who challenges us to a fight.
Screenshot (507)
This guy was actually strong. His main gimmick is he always has Reflect on him, and he casts spells on himself to bounce them onto your party for extra damage.
He can even cast Bio, which dealt about 1300 damage to Krile.
He also loves casting Confuse, which sucks.

Thankfully, he could Silenced, so I had Lenna use Silence Sword and she attacked him.
But, it seemed like Silence wore off after a bit?
I had no idea that could happen.
Screenshot (508)
We beat him, and he joins us, so we can summon Carbuncle now!
He gives the entire party Reflect when used.

We finally get past that annoying lava section and get to a save point that I desperately needed.

We use a couple of tents to get everyone’s HP and MP up and continue on.
In the next room, we find an empty chest.
Screenshot (509)
When we attempt to go further, Gilgamesh stops us and says he took what was in the chest, and then fights us!

He was really easy. With Golem up, he could never touch us.
Screenshot (510)
Eventually, he transforms!

He says he has the Excalibur, and he will test it on us!
But it deals 0 damage.
He says he has been tricked!
Screenshot (511)
Then, Exdeath’s voice rings out and says he is through with Gilgamesh’s failures, and banishes him to another dimension!
Screenshot (512)
All we get out of that long fight was the Excalipoor.
Screenshot (513)
We eventually find Exdeath, who says that he is going to make the world like it was before.
He says we can’t even comprehend what he is trying to do, and attacks us!
Screenshot (514)
Screenshot (515)
So this guy hits hard, has a ton of nasty spells, and he killed us.
Level 3 Flare. It dealt about 1000 damage to everyone, and considering we are all level 30, it demolished us.

Golem is a must, just in case. He has an attack, called Vacuum Wave, that does almost 1500 damage, but Golem blocks that.

Reflect from Carbuncle helps, but he has a lot of attacks that just hit through it, and plus, Level 3 Flare pierces it, so it doesn’t help as much as you would think.
Especially when you can’t cast your buffs or Curaga, I learned real quick not to use Carbuncle.

I am about 9000 EXP away from a level up, which I don’t want to have to grind out just to beat this boss, and in fact, I want Bartz to learn Level 3 Flare, but we shall see.
Screenshot (516)
Well, that was new, I have never seen the zombie status before. Poor Krile.
Zombie makes your characters randomly attack at 0 HP. They can’t be killed, healed or anything, they just keep attacking.

What is funny, they tried attacking, but Golem was still up, but Exdeath just threw out Level 3 Flare and ended it.

It seems like he also counters moves depending what you cast. Like, if you try to cast Slow on him, he casts Haste, if you try to cast Float (he can cast Earth Shaker), he casts 100 Gs and removes it, if you try to cast almost any buff, he Dispels it.
Also, did I mention he regenerates health?

What the heck!?

We finally got him after a few more tries!
Screenshot (517)
I got incredibly lucky and he never did cast Level 3 Flare. I will just have Bartz learn it whenever, if ever. I wonder if he casts that as a counter move? Not sure.
But, I learned to just focus mostly on damage.

I still had Bartz apply Hastega, while Krile healed as well as casting Golem and Shell when she could, but I stopped casting debuffs on him, since they never really work, or he just counters them, and you do not want a Hasted Exdeath in battle.

He would quite often cast Dispel on a character or two, but I would just re-apply buffs to keep him busy.
Also, for zombie, Esuna does not cure it, only Holy Water does.

I had Lenna throw all the Shurikens I had, along with Bartz spamming 1000 Needles and Comet when he was low on MP.

If I didn’t have Golem, this fight would have been extremely difficult. Between his onslaught of magic, his physical attacks were some of the most damaging attacks he had, especially Vacuum Wave.
Screenshot (518)
In any case, after the fight, he perishes and the crystals he was guarding explodes!
It then sends us somewhere, and Lenna and Faris look around them and find Castle Tycoon!
Screenshot (519)
Looking at the map…
Screenshot (520)
It appears there are locations from both worlds present here!
Where are we and what happened?

Let’s check out Castle Tycoon.

It seems the chancellor is overjoyed at Faris’ return… Which is weird… Because I thought we didn’t tell him about Faris?
Screenshot (521)
He then forces us into the castle, fixes up Faris, to which Bartz begins to drool over her, and we see a dance number.

Bartz and Krile are on the side-lines when Krile walks off suddenly.
We gain control and we try to talk to Lenna and Faris, but the dancers won’t let us through…
Hmm… I am not liking this one bit.

Let’s try to find Krile, maybe we can figure out what’s going on.
Screenshot (522)
We speak to Krile, who says she feels anxious, like Galuf is making them hurry or something.
Bartz says they need to figure out why they are in his world, and she rejoins us.
We still can’t speak to Faris and Lenna, so let’s explore the castle.
Screenshot (523)
We go leave, but find some curious information.
As we leave, a guard tells us that the west bridge is complete.

Bartz then says that Boko might still be around there.
Krile doesn’t believe him because he is so bad at riding wind drakes.

To which Bartz replies by punching a little girl.
Krile kicks him in the gut and they give up and continue on.
What the hell was that about?
Screenshot (524)
We arrive at the cave, and sure enough, Boko is still there!
Screenshot (525)
Apparently, Krile can speak to chocobos as well, and says he now has a wife, Koko the chocobo!

Bartz tells him that he has to go on another journey, and Boko agrees to help us.
Screenshot (526)
He also has baby chocobos on the way, but Bartz tells Koko that he will bring Boko back safe.
We now have Boko to take us places!

We travel around a bit, and come to a mountain section, but we fall down a hole.
Screenshot (527)
At the bottom, a monster attacks us!

He was easy, once we got our buffs up, we just spammed our attacks until he went down.

With the Antlion out of the way, Bartz wonders how they are going to get out of this cave.

Just then, a rope descends from above!
Bartz tries to grab it, but it keeps being pulled up before he can get a hold on it!
Screenshot (528)
Eventually, we make our way up and it’s Faris, who says to never leave her behind again.
She says she just isn’t cut out to be a princess.
She then joins us!

We then get a info dump.
Screenshot (529)
Screenshot (530)
Screenshot (531)
Screenshot (532)
Screenshot (533)
To sum it up, Krile got a splinter, but didn’t think anything of it, but then Exdeath reveals that he is actually a tree, and comes out attacks us.
Screenshot (534)
Screenshot (535)
We find out the reason he was trying to combine the worlds is because he is trying to control the Void, a powerful entity/power that was sealed away when the worlds were split apart.
That Void, now that the world is back together, has been unleashed and is destroying things left and right.
Screenshot (536)
Ghido fights off Exdeath.
Screenshot (537)
Screenshot (538)
Screenshot (539)
Screenshot (540)
Screenshot (541)
Screenshot (542)
At the Library of the Ancients, Ghido instructs us that we need four tablets and the twelve legendary weapons to have any hopes of defeating Exdeath and the Void.

Next destination, the pyramid in the shifting sands to get the first tablet!

When we head to the pyramids, the sand isn’t moving, allowing us easy access to the pyramid.

Krile guesses because the earth crystal shattered, there is no more power to make it move.
Screenshot (543)
At the pyramid entrance, we fight two gargoyles.
They weren’t tough, but they could revive themselves, similar to the Purobolos fight a while back.

While in the cave, we come across a glitch/oversight.
Screenshot (544)
These snakes are stuck in this hallway, and I can’t get past them.
Interacting with them does nothing, and there is no secret passages.

I had to Teleport out. If I didn’t have Teleport, I would have had to reset, since you fall down a hole to get here.
I am going to assume that wasn’t supposed to happen…

Making our way back into the pyramid, we find the snakes this time, and managed to get past them.
Screenshot (545)
If they touch you from the front(?) you get into a battle. Because of the way they were stuck, the battle never initiated, so I was stuck.
Major oversight there, but whatever.
Screenshot (546)
We then fight a Grand Mummy for a Cursed Ring.

I Teleport out and rest up at Surgate Castle nearby since one of those snakes Osmose’d most of Bartz’s MP.
Screenshot (547)
We come across a room that has a bunch of enemies running around.
Touching them will initiate a battle.
I thought this was pretty neat.

Man the pyramid is annoying! But at least we learned some things, such as how awesome the Ranger ability is, Rapid Fire.
Screenshot (548)
As well, Bartz learned Level 3 Flare after some Control and level changing hi-jinks.

Heading up, we find another Gold Hairpin, which is awesome.
Screenshot (549)
We grab the first tablet, and it has an inscription about Bahamut.
Screenshot (550)
We then see part of a landmass sink, and out comes Bahamut!
Screenshot (551)
He flies overhead and says he is waiting for us on the North Mountain.

Then a ship appears and sails towards the Library of the Ancients.

We make our way to the Library when Hiryu brings Lenna to us!
Screenshot (552)
But then she attacks us!?
Exdeath appears and makes a monster from the Rift possess Lenna, and they both attack us.
Screenshot (553)
Exdeath then uses the Rift to destroy the Library, along with everyone in it, and teleports away.
Screenshot (554)
Hiryu rushes at Lenna and sacrifices himself to expel the demon inside Lenna, and we all jump on her!
Screenshot (555)
She went down really easily. Hastega, plus Slow, and she never got a turn.
Screenshot (556)
Afterwords, Lenna joins us again!
She was dead, and had to be revived, which I thought was a funny touch.
Screenshot (557)
When we get to the boat, which is the airship, we see Exdeath let more of the Void free, and it destroys town after town, even Lix, Bartz’s home!

Bartz goes into a frenzy for a moment, but everyone manages to calm him down.

Next up, we attempt to get the twelve legendary weapons to hopefully stop Exdeath!


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