Final Fantasy 5 Part 7 – Tablets and Loose Ends

Last time… We saw the devastation that the Void could do.
Find out what happened here.

With the tablet in hand, let’s head over to Kuza and see what happens if we use it.

At Kuza, we see the chancellor along with some scholars are still alive.
We also get some clues as to the location of some of the tablets.

Someone mentions some sort of shrine, while another person mentions perhaps a waterfall.
Screenshot (558)
We also run into Exdeath’s Soul here.
He is much easier than the real Exdeath, only able of hitting us physically and casting something called Reaper’s Sword, which is an instant kill attack.
Screenshot (559)
Screenshot (560)
We place the tablet, and get a choice of three out of the twelve legendary weapons.
So each tablet will allow us to get three, so we need all four to get them all.

We pick up the Excalibur, Assassin’s Dagger and the Magus Rod.
Screenshot (561)
There is also a quick scene of Exdeath sending his minions after us.
After that, we head out to explore some more.
Screenshot (562)
We head to the ??? spot on the map and run into the Phantom Village.
So this town is in-between dimensions… Crazy.
The Phantom Village has some amazing shops.
Screenshot (563)
But we find a hidden magic shop that sells top-tier stuff!
I bought it all!

We also find a Thief’s Knife hidden away in a pot.
This place has some great finds in it!
Screenshot (564)
We find a man who wants us to run around the world with a chocobo.
Screenshot (565)
We find another piano, along with a black chocobo, but I am not sure how that will help us since we have the airship?

We explore around and find a shrine with the same gargoyles as the ones at the pyramid, signalling that there is a tablet in here.

We run into an enemy in a box, but he goes down quick.

This place was nowhere near as annoying and large as the pyramid was, so we traverse through it rather quickly.

Reaching the second tablet, we are stopped by one of the henchmen that Exdeath sent after us, Wendigo!
Screenshot (566)
This guy wasn’t that hard, just very annoying.
Screenshot (567)
He has three dummy targets that he can swap places with, and the tell to see which one is… Actually, I have no idea, I just attacked which one I thought was it.

Also, I believe if you target all of the Wendigos at once, they each counter with an ability. I only did that once, and they all countered with Frost, nearly killing us, so I didn’t do that again.

But anyway, he goes down and we get the second tablet.
Screenshot (568)
As well, there is a cutscene that shows that Fork Tower is now open to us, so that we can get more magic, namely Holy and Flare.

Let’s head to Kuza Castle and pick us up three new legendary weapons!
This time, we get the Sage’s Staff, Yoichi’s Bow and the Masamune.
Two more tablets to go!

Let’s head to the Fork Tower and pick up Holy and Flare.
Screenshot (569)
In the tower, we have to pick up Holy and Flare at the same time, otherwise the tower explodes, so we split up.

I send Bartz with Faris to the left and Krile with Lenna to the right.
Screenshot (570)
Okay… Those Tiny Mages have essentially an instant kill move?
What the hell game!

After that initial hiccup, Bartz and Faris make it through the tower encounter-free.

Next up, Lenna and Krile.
Screenshot (571)
So… I get to the top of the tower and this guy shows up.
Guess what? Magic is disabled.
This game sometimes…
Screenshot (572)
This time I send Bartz and Krile over to the left and Lenna and Faris over to the right.

It’s a good thing they didn’t put a save point in this dungeon.

I suppose the developers thought of this, because if you saved in the middle of the tower, it could really screw you over.
At least it is really short.

I also made Bartz into a Blue Mage with time magic, for a bit more defense.

Both parties make it to the top again, no real trouble.

We fight the Minotaur again, this time with Lenna and Faris. Before the fight, I removed Spellblade from Lenna, since it wouldn’t work here and put Image, since it seemed like the best option.
I am so glad I did.
Screenshot (573)
I just had Lenna spam Image and basically evade tank the boss. I had to hope he didn’t attack Faris, and thankfully, he didn’t!
Screenshot (574)
Screenshot (575)
He goes down, next up, Bartz and Krile’s fight.

Unlike the last fight, we are given some time to sort out our menu stuff before we fight the boss with Bartz and Krile.
Screenshot (576)
Screenshot (577)
Bartz and Krile’s fight go pretty smooth as well. He was weak to wind, so Bartz had fun blasting him with Aeroga.
Screenshot (578)
Screenshot (579)
Screenshot (580)
At the end, he did cast Flare and KO Bartz for all the Aeroga’s he threw at him, but then he died, and we got Flare!

With that, the Fork Tower is finished!

I will say, I liked that dungeon, it was different, however, I think the game should have at least mentioned that each of the towers had different effects.
Would have saved me a reset and a game over, but oh well.
Screenshot (581)
We find Cid and Mid in Crescent and they upgrade our ship to allow us to go underwater!
With the submarine function now on the airship, we head under the sea and find a Great Sea Trench.

When we enter, we find the familiar guardian gargoyles, so another tablet must be present here!

We come across some dwarves, which has a small armor shop.
As well, there is a dwarf who is digging a tunnel, but it doesn’t look finished yet.
Screenshot (582)
We move on, and I break down and change Bartz into a Geomancer. There is lava everywhere down here.
Screenshot (583)
We find the tablet, but we get ambushed by these three guys.
Screenshot (584)
Who take us out with three attacks.

Round 2!

So, these guys revive themselves if they aren’t all taken out at pretty much the same time, like some of the other boss fights, like the gargoyles,except for these three, they can actually be a pain because there are three, and their attacks can actually hurt us.

A mechanic that is extremely annoying, I would like to add.

These three take it up a notch, however, and if they revive, they cast Delta Attack, which deals low damage, but petrifies.

They each have different weaknesses, corresponding to their element.
The green one is weak to earth,
the red one is weak to water/ice,
the blue one is weak to lightning.
I think that is right.

In any case, almost all of the abilities and spells they have can be reflected, so Carbuncle actually got some use!

The only attack that I seen that wasn’t reflect-able was the blue one’s Frost Breath, which hurt really bad, for about 600 or so damage.
With Reflect up, I couldn’t cast Curaga, so I had to be careful.

I had to cast Return with Bartz on my winning fight since he ran out of MP because they just kept reviving.

After that, Lenna used Flare Sword, Bartz used Quick to cast Hastega and Carbuncle (in that order).
Krile cast Golem, just in the off chance they did attack.

It didn’t deal that much damage, but with Reflect, I couldn’t heal, so I had to prevent as much damage as possible.

I could have used items, or changed someone into a class that can equip the Healing Staff, but I just didn’t have room to change anyone’s job for the fight.
For items, I did throw a Hi-Potion here and there, but I had to stay on the offensive.
Screenshot (585)
Eventually, I managed to kill them, and let out a sigh of relief!
Screenshot (586)
We got the third tablet and Meteor! Bartz will be happy!
Let’s unlock some more of the legendary weapons.

This time we pick up Sasuke’s Katana, Holy Lance and the Rune Axe.
Only one more tablet, and we can get all of the legendary weapons!

We find the waterfall entrance and beat the gargoyles in order to enter Istory Falls.

We get some great loot in the cave, and finally get the fourth tablet!
Screenshot (587)
A monster attempts to stop us… But is demolished by Leviathan!
Screenshot (588)
He says he will aid us against the Void, if we can beat him!

He went down pretty easily.

He paralyzed both Bartz and Krile, but thankfully, they got up a Golem before hand.
If they hadn’t, I would have got a game over, because he hits incredibly hard.
With Lenna and Faris’ new equipment, they wrecked Leviathan.
Lenna was dealing over 4000 damage with Thundaga Sword!
Screenshot (589)
Screenshot (590)
After that, let’s get the last of the legendary weapons!
We get the Fire Lash, Apollo’s Harp and the Gaia Bell!
With that, we now possess all of the legendary weapons!
Screenshot (591)
Heading back under the sea with our sub, we find the sunken Tower of Walse!
Let’s investigate.
Screenshot (592)
We enter the tower, and of course, it is underwater!
Bartz says he can hold his breath for 7 minutes. (Which is a feat by itself.)

We quickly run through the tower and find the missing crystal shard that we had to leave behind!
But then someone attempts to take it from us!
Screenshot (593)
Gogo the mimic!
He says he will do everything we do.
So, we just wait.
Don’t attack. Don’t cast anything.

After a minute or two, he is thoroughly impressed with us, and let’s us take the Mime job!
Screenshot (594)
Mimes function a lot like Freelancers, except they can’t equip everything, like the Freelancer can.

Being Mimes, that character will mimic the last move done by the previous character.
So if you cast Holy, the Mime will cast Holy, no MP cost. It’s pretty simple I suppose.
It looks like their one and only ability is 999 ABP, which allows anyone to equip the Mimic ability.

Anyway, moving on, we find the Phoenix Tower.

It looks like some of the walls are fake, but they can also hold monsters!
Screenshot (595)
Remember good ol’ Liquid Flame?
Much easier, but it looks like he got a slight boost.
Screenshot (596)
In the tower, we run across this fellow who asks for Elixirs.
Screenshot (597)
Since I had been hoarding them, I give him a few, and eventually he flees, giving us 100 ABP!!!
This isn’t something I would do unless I had a lot of money to burn, since Elixirs cost 50,000 each, but still, 100 ABP is nice.
Screenshot (598)
I check out Mime, since Krile just mastered Summoner, and they can equip three abilities!
The catch is, they don’t have access to Attack and Items, unless you use up one of your slots, but still, that is awesome!

I am going to run with it for a bit, see how it is.
I gave her Summon, White and Mix.

After traversing thirty floors, we finally reach there top where Hiryu is waiting?
Screenshot (599)
Lenna rushes to his, but then he flies off, and leaps off the tower and kills himself.

Krile explains that he didn’t have much longer to live, and that he wanted to help Lenna.

There is a flashback for Lenna to a point when her mother was dying of an illness.
The only cure being a wind drake’s tongue.
Screenshot (600)
Lenna grabs and knife and rushes at Hiryu, and we get a choice?
I put no, and Lenna begins to cry.
Screenshot (601)
Afterwords, we hear Hiryu roar, and he gives Lenna his power, as he is now Phoenix!

Thank goodness, that tower was pretty insane.
The random encounters in the tower, you can’t run from them, making the tower even more difficult.

I am so glad there wasn’t a boss at the top.

Exiting, let’s head to North Mountain where Bahamut awaits us!
Screenshot (602)
We quickly scale the mountain and face off against Bahamut.
Screenshot (603)
Screenshot (604)
We were dealing thousands of damage to him, but he used Mega Flare and it was all over.
Is he even possible at this stage of the game?
Screenshot (605)
He is.

I went even further on the offense, only casting Hastega, and just wailed on him with everything I had.
Screenshot (606)
After that, we get Bahamut to summon!

We then take up the guy in the Phantom Village who wants us to go around the world on a yellow chocobo.
Screenshot (608)
I do so, but in the process, I find that you can enter the waterfall at Istory Falls with Boko and I find a Magic Lamp.
Screenshot (610)
Speaking to him back to the Phantom Village, he gives us the Mirage Vest.

We head to Jachol Cave and find Odin has taken up residence here.
He says he will only give us one minute to fight him.
Screenshot (611)
We wail on him, but he just instantly kills us as the end because we don’t deal enough damage.

So, quick, high-damage abilities only.

Second round, I found out Holy heals him. Great.

We prove the old, ancient proverb “third time’s the charm” right, and I managed to get him with like 15 seconds to spare!
Screenshot (612)
Odin is now ours to summon!
Screenshot (607)
We also hear from Kuza Castle that there has been an earthquake to the south.
Screenshot (609)
We check it out, and now bubbles are rising from the depths… Time to dive and find out what it is!
Screenshot (613)
We come to the ??? cave and find three crystal shards!
These are all new jobs that were added in the remakes of the game.

Cannoneer is a pirate-like class that can combine ammo that you can buy in the game to create effects, much like the Chemist, but I think the Cannoneer is more focused on offense.

Gladiator is one of the strongest physical damage jobs in the game. One of their abilities changes element depending on which character is using the job.

Oracles are a bit of an oddity. They can “Predict” magical omens to appear at random. Some are good, some are bad, but they can either effect the party or enemies.

These are some cool jobs, but they come so late in the game, I probably won’t use them very much.

With that out of the way, next time, we try to stop Exdeath from commanding the Void!
Stay tuned for the possible finale!


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