Final Fantasy 5 – Finale

Last time, we found all four tablets, got the legendary weapons, completed a bunch of side quests and are now going into the final leg of the game!
Check out what happened here.

Now, let’s beat Exdeath, once and for all!
Screenshot (614)
Screenshot (615)
We get a shot of all of Exdeath’s remaining minions, who tell us the Void will be our grave.
Screenshot (616)
Screenshot (617)
We quickly go through a mechanical area, then come out in Phantom Village, where everyone is frozen, and won’t speak to us.

We then enter a forest area.
Screenshot (618)
As we continue on, this woman fights us.
Screenshot (619)
She starts off the fight with Reflect, and bounces spells off of herself onto the party.
Screenshot (620)
With Hastega, Flare Sword, Rapid Fire and Mimic Bahamut, she went down really fast.
Moving onto the next area…
Screenshot (621)
We also run into this guy who is moving around down here.
Screenshot (622)
He pretty much demolishes us.

I probably won’t even try to fight him.
Screenshot (623)
Skipping over him, we find Apanda in a book who attacks us!

This guy actually was extremely fast, and could cast really annoying spells like Drain, Magic Hammer, Toad and Web.
Carbuncle helps a lot, but he does have Wind Slash to keep him from being shut down completely.
He only used Wind Slash once, however.

After beating him, we read some of the books in here about Omega, Shinryu, and the powerful spell, Gigaflare.

When we exit after beating Apanda, we find ourselves in some sort of floating castle area.
In here, we find the Hermes Sandals, which gives the wearer Auto-Haste.

We find a jail cell filled with a bunch of random people running about.
Screenshot (624)
We fight these old men.
Screenshot (625)
But then they transform!
This guy hits pretty hard, but if you are quick, you can take him out.
We have to fight three of these things to have access to a treasure chest they are guarding.

There is also this guy who asks if we bear the crystal shards or not.
We say yes…
Screenshot (626)
And he attacks us!
Screenshot (627)
He wasn’t that hard, he just knew a ton of annoying spells, like Level 2 Old, Level 4 Graviga, Aera, and the dreaded ??? attack, which hit Lenna for 9999 at the end.
Screenshot (628)
We then find this guy who knocks us back and attacks us as we try to enter another cell.
I guess this last area is literally a boss rush!
Screenshot (629)
He goes down pretty quick. I don’t even recall his attacks. He used Demon Eye, which did… Something, and physically attacked us, which missed both times.
Oh well!
Screenshot (630)
The woman that was locked in the cell gives Bartz a kiss and runs off.

When we try to leave, for some reason we are thrown back away from the door.
Screenshot (631)
We hear a voice speak to us.
Screenshot (632)
It is the woman, who says she gave us her kiss of death!
Screenshot (633)
She then attack us!

She was easy, other than the annoying “Ribbit” skill she used at the start of the fight, which turned everyone into frogs.
After that, she mainly hit us for over 3000 physical damage, but Golem could protect us as long as we kept re-casting him.
Screenshot (634)
After that, we continue on.
Screenshot (635)
We then are immediately thrust into yet another boss fight, except this time against this beast!
Screenshot (636)
Tidal Wave totally wiped us out. I didn’t even have a chance to heal.
Maybe he counters physical attacks with it, since Faris was nailing him with Rapid Fire…
Let’s see if we can’t tackle him this time.
Screenshot (637)
Screenshot (639)
Screenshot (638)
Okay, so after losing a few more times, I can confirm that he counters physical attacks with Tidal Wave.
Screenshot (640)
Screenshot (641)
Also, I don’t know if it was a counter or a coincidence, but he used Mega Flare right after Bartz summoned Bahamut.
How the heck are you supposed to beat this guy if he counters everything!?
Screenshot (642)
Screenshot (643)
I finally got him!!!
It was insane.

I found out that he has a weakness to Holy, which was awesome.
I made Lenna into a White Mage, thinking she could help with Holy and healing.
I kept Faris a Gladiator, I have no idea why, she was pretty useless except for throwing items, since he counters with Tidal Wave, and we do not want that.

I probably should have just made her into another White Mage, or maybe Summoner or Black Mage.
I also gave the Hermes Sandals to Krile, since she needed to be as fast as possible, as soon as possible.

With Holy spam, he eventually went down, especially because it seemed like he was a bit lenient this time around.
He did Mind Blast everyone, which paralyzed everyone but Krile (thank goodness) and she got the final Holy she needed to finish him.

I went back and saved and healed up.
I do not want to fight him again.
Screenshot (644)
Screenshot (645)
Moving on, we take a teleporter to somewhere… And we see Gilgamesh!
Screenshot (646)
We talk to him, and he attacks us!
Screenshot (647)
After a few rounds, he notices it is Bartz and the gang and stops attacking us.
He asks us where the exit is, and Bartz tells him.
He then says he would like to go on an adventure with all of us, but Bartz is busy saving the world right now.
He says that they will meet again, and he makes his exit.

Gilgamesh is pretty cool character!
Screenshot (648)
Moving on, the encounters in this place are pretty tough. I don’t even bother fighting, since I want to keep up everyone’s HP and MP.
Screenshot (649)
We then open a chest to find this charming fellow.
Screenshot (650)
Who then deals 9999 damage with Tidal Wave to us!
Screenshot (651)
We move on and find this guy, who is guarding a “light.”

He has four Barriers that have to be taken out before he can be damaged.
The Barriers themselves have Reflect, so regular magic is a no-go on them.
Screenshot (652)
In fact, they bounce spells off of themselves to deal more damage.
I had Bartz cast Mighty Guard, which lowered the damage from their spells exponentially.

Unfortunately, my idiot self forgot about Reflect, and cast Holy with Krile, dealing almost 1500 damage to Faris, killing her.

We got her back on her feet and managed to take out the Barriers.
Screenshot (653)
Then, Gilgamesh shows up and tells us he wouldn’t leave us behind, since that would make him a jerk.
Screenshot (654)
Screenshot (655)
He and Necrophobe go back and forth for a while, and Gilgamesh tells us to be strong, and tells each of the party members some useful advice, before he cast Self-Destruct on himself, killing himself, but also killing Necrophobe!

After that, Gilgamesh and Necrophobe are no more, allowing us to use a save point.

At the save point, I decide to do some grinding here, since this is pretty much the last area of the game.
Screenshot (656)
I have to be careful of the King Behemoth, since he counters everything you throw at him.
Especially if you use magic, he busts out Meteor.
Screenshot (657)
Not good, but with Golem protecting us, we can wear him down with physical attacks.

So after a little bit of grinding, I realize that enemies give no EXP.
At least they give ABP, quite a bit compared to how much you usually get during the game.
I kind of love and hate that.

On one hand, it ensures players can’t just grind their way to victory right here, but on the other, what if a player is really under-leveled and just can’t beat the last boss?

Well, people have beaten this game every which way is possible, so I guess anything can be done, if given enough time and thought.

After doing some ABP grinding, I go ahead and set up my characters for the final battle.
Screenshot (663)
We find Exdeath, who says we are now too late.
Screenshot (664)
Screenshot (665)
He uses the power of the Void and changes himself into another form; a giant tree.
Screenshot (666)
He then begins to unleash the power of the Void to destroy the remaining villages and towns in the world, even taking Cid and Mid.
Screenshot (667)
He then turns the power onto us, and sucks us into the Void!
Screenshot (668)
Screenshot (669)
There, Bartz’s father appears, along with Xezat, Kelger and Galuf!
Screenshot (670)
They say they will hold off the Void while we defeat Exdeath.
They repel the Void and send us back.

Exdeath tries to send us back, but the Dawn Warriors, and even Lenna’s father stops it.

We are then given one last chance to change our setup before we face Exdeath.
Screenshot (671)
Screenshot (672)
Exdeath wasn’t much trouble.
Screenshot (673)
Screenshot (674)
We got a couple of Finishers with Faris, which dealt 9999 damage, and he went down pretty quick.
He does have some tricks up his sleeve, like Holy.
Screenshot (675)
Screenshot (676)
Screenshot (677)
Screenshot (678)
As we beat him, he gets swallowed by the Void!

But then…

He comes back as Neo Exdeath, stronger than before!
Screenshot (680)
This guy is major trouble.
He has four different sections of him, and they all can deal crazy amounts of damage and status effects.
Screenshot (685)
He can cast a multitude of spells, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Holy, and unique attacks like Almagest, which deals a ton of damage.
Screenshot (684)
Screenshot (687)
His other very annoying attack is Grand Cross, which inflicts everyone with a ton of status effects, which is weird, because I had a Ribbon equipped on Lenna and Faris, yet they still got inflicted with status ailments.
Screenshot (682)
Screenshot (686)
Screenshot (689)
We put up a good fight, but a combo of Almagest, followed immedietly by a Grand Cross, and we ended up killing each other because of Zombie and Confuse.
Screenshot (690)
Although, mini, zombie Lenna is pretty funny.

Second round!

This time, we go in guns blazing.
Screenshot (688)
Screenshot (691)
I also take this time to check up on some Chemist Mixes and start using Elixir + Dragon Fang, to double our HP.

In the Neo Exdeath phase, I had Lenna start throwing Elixirs and Ethers, since she was dealing the least amount of damage.

I had Bartz use Quick, along with double Bahamuts to deal a ton of damage to all of the parts of Neo Exdeath.

I also had Faris start using Bladeblitz, since that hits everyone.

Krile either used Curaga, Golem or Holy as the situation called for it.

What was great, we killed of the part that used Grand Cross so quick it didn’t even get to use it!
Screenshot (693)
Once we doubled our HP and killed the Grand Cross part, things went really smooth and we just killed it!

Whooo! We beat the game!
Screenshot (694)
Screenshot (695)
Screenshot (696)
Screenshot (697)
As Neo Exdeath fades away, the gang realizes that the Void is still here, and that it will shortly leak out and take over everything.
Screenshot (698)
But then, the Dawn Warriors come, and tell us to use the power of the crystal shards.
Screenshot (699)
Screenshot (700)
Screenshot (701)
Screenshot (704)
We do so, and the world begins to heal itself, as well, the crystals start to reform again!
Screenshot (702)
Screenshot (703)
The Dawn Warriors summon a wind drake and it whisks us away from the Void.
Screenshot (705)
Screenshot (706)
Screenshot (707)
Roll credits!
Screenshot (713)

Final Thoughts:

Final Fantasy 5 was an amazing game.

This game took a step up in quality over FF3.

Four has a better story, but this one has really good gameplay…
It’s really tough. I can’t say which one I enjoyed more.

Final Fantasy 5 did have some odd moments, however.
It was very playful, silly and funny at times, which makes it feel like an entirely different game to the other FF’s.

It didn’t take itself that seriously.
And that was part of it’s charm.

The job system is fantastic, and I can see why people still play the game to this day.
I can very easily see myself coming back to play this game sometime in the future, try some challenge runs or something.

There are so many job combinations it’s crazy.

Yes, there are the “ultimate” combos, like the Ranger’s Rapid Fire and Dual Wield, Double Cast and Bahamut, or Mix. Mix is pretty amazing just by itself if you know what mixes to use.

But despite that, there are thousands of builds out there to play around with.
After beating the game, I now have a ton of respect for people who do challenge runs, like four White Mages, or a solo game.

I am definitely going to have to do some research to find out how this game is possible in some of these challenges.
It’s one of those things where you watch them play it, but if you haven’t actually played the game, some of it just goes over your head, since you haven’t been there to experience it yourself.

I also feel like the PC version might have been a bit harder than the other versions of FF5, but maybe that was just because I was the one playing it, and not watching someone else play through it.
Just to give you an idea, here are my game overs for the game:
-Liquid Flame x2
-Dhorme Chimera
-Page 64
-the ???? fight
-random encounters in Exdeath’s Castle due to the annoying lava floors
-Exdeath 1 x4 (yeah, he was really tough when you first fight him.)
-Tiny Mages
-Triton, Phobos, Nereid x2
-Odin x2
-Omega (this guy is optional, and I am so glad he is.)
-Twin Tania x3
-Shinryu (this guy is also optional, and really freaking hard.)
-Neo Exdeath

It seems to be a theme where I fight the boss, learn their gimmicks, die, and the next fight I win.

Which, is just how most RPG’s operate anyway, you have to learn the enemies before you can really win against them.

I would say Exdeath 1 and Twin Tania were the hardest fights.
Neo Exdeath a very close third.

Here are some stats the game gave us at the very end:
Screenshot (709)
Screenshot (710)
Screenshot (711)
Screenshot (712)

One thing I liked about this game that continued from FF4, that most bosses don’t just let you hammer on them.
They can counter your moves, so you have to be strategic.

I think my first real instance of this was Liquid Flame, who has three forms, who all have different patterns and counters to them, so it was a tricky fight to learn.
I can only imagine trying to beat this game in a challenge run. Sounds insane, but fun!

I did run into a glitch here and there, but nothing that was really game-breaking.
And of course, what game isn’t complete without at least a few glitches?

Well, getting stuck in the pyramid because of the snakes was annoying, but I had Teleport, so it wasn’t that bad.
That wasn’t the only time I got stuck, but as long as you have Teleport, you should be able to just cast it and reset your self.

Yeah, you have to travel back into wherever you were, but it never happened really deep in a dungeon or anything.

The only other glitch that really comes to mind is that sometimes, if you have the settings set to memory for the cursor and you hit the command too fast, the game automatically makes you do something else.

Like, let’s say you have someone set to use an ability like Aim, for instance.
If you have memory set, and as soon as their turn comes up, attempt to select the command, it just jumps to another command, like Defend, or Row.

Not that bad, once you learn to chill out and wait just a split second before you select a command when someone gets their turn, it’s not a big deal at all.
Once I figured that out, I never had trouble with it again.

Oh, and there was the whole, Steam overlay not working at all.
Looking around, that seemed to be a common problem with a lot of people.

That was a bit annoying, but whatever, still very playable.

In any case, would I recommend this game?
Yes. I really would.

But, only to people who want a somewhat light story, but great gameplay with the job combos.

Don’t get it if you want a deep, engrossing story. It’s there, but nothing like say, FF4.

But it did have it’s moments, such as Galuf dying, Gilgamesh sacrificing himself, and Bartz had some story to him, with his parents passing away at a young age.

So all in all, a fantastic game, that I honestly, will probably come back to sometime later.

Next time, we begin our next quest in…

Final Fantasy 6!
Screenshot (714)
See you there!


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