Final Fantasy 6 Part 1 – Magic and Mind Control

So with Final Fantasy 5 out of the way, we now begin our venture into the next game into the series, Final Fantasy 6, or Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES.

This followed the same structure as FF4 did, since 3 and 5 hadn’t come out in the USA yet, it was merely called Final Fantasy 3.
This is another game that I am not that familiar with.
I have played a little bit of the game, but not much.

This game follows the same vein as FF4, where there are characters that have their own set of abilities and strengths and so forth.
There are a lot of characters in this game, however, and I don’t think you are forced to use a particular party all of the time.

Yes, some sections will require you to bring certain characters, but by the end of the game, you can use whoever you wish.

Another thing that sets this FF apart from the others is that characters learn spells by equipping “Espers.”
Once they travel around with the Esper for a while, they can learn new magic permanently.
In addition, if I recall correctly, the Espers also increase that characters stats as they level up, which varies depending on the Esper equipped.

Some characters are more naturally inclined to learn spells, and learn spells as they level up, but more on that later.

I will be playing the Steam PC version, which is a port of the mobile version.
FFV was a wonderful surprise despite it also being a mobile port, let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint.
With that said, let us dive into Final Fantasy 6!

Much like FF5, there is a handy guide on the game, which talks about controls, status effects, espers, the basics of the game.
We see some text go across screen speaking about the world.
We then see three people, one of which, a green haired female. We also see them in huge mech-like suits.
Biggs and Wedge, as they are called, speak of how there is a frozen esper somewhere down here, and that the “witch” that is accompanying them is being mind controlled to serve them.
We are then treated to some intro credits.
We then head out in search of the esper, but first, menu time!
It looks like our mystery girl comes equipped with some basic gear as well as Fire and Cure.
With that, let’s head out to find that frozen esper.
Moving along, it looks like we aren’t very welcome here…

I guess we are with the Empire, and people don’t like us because of that.
It also seems we might be in a town called Narshe.
It seems they really don’t want us to get to the esper, as they send guard after guard after us.
We all gain a few levels, and head into the mine proper.
There, they send a monster after us!
Biggs and Wedge tell us that it absorbs lightning and stores it in his shell, so if we attack the shell, we are going to get a shock!

This is a tutorial fight to teach the player that sometimes, they have to wait to attack.
If you do attack the shell, it will zap you and do a lot of damage.
We defeat him easily, and continue on.
We find the esper, but when we get close, it begins to react to the girl!
Biggs and Wedge are banished, leaving only the girl and the esper.
Sparks literally start flying between the two, and the next thing we know, the girl is by herself in a bed somewhere.
A man comes and tells her that she was being mind controlled by a helmet the empire made her wear.

She doesn’t remember anything, but the man says she will, in time.
She then suddenly remembers her name… Terra.

Just then, there is a pounding at the door.
More guards are looking for Terra!
The man quickly lets her out the back door and she makes a run for the mines.
We continue through the mines, but we get cornered.

Through dumb luck, part of the mines collapses, sending Terra down further into the cave.
There, she has a flash back of her getting the slave crown implanted, as well as some people she worked for, Kefka, and the Emperor Gestahl.

It appears the Empire are dead-set on ruling the world, through violent means, if necessary.
We are then treated to a scene, where a man named Locke is introduced.
The man that rescued Terra tells him that he found Terra, and Locke is intrigued.
The man then says to go after her and rescue her and take her to Figaro.

Locke does so and finds Terra, but once there, more guards come.
Just then, a bunch of moogles conveniently decide to help us.
We then get a “mini-game” of sorts, where three parties have to guard Terra.
We do so, and at the end, we fight the Marshal boss.
Who proceeds to decimate the weakened parties.

Eventually, we get him and Locke thanks the moogles for running away.
Terra thanks him, but says she can’t remember anything.

He then says he will stay by her side until she gains her memory back.
We exit Narshe and begin to head to Figaro.

Now that we have proper control again, let’s talk about the characters a bit.

Terra looks like she is a battle mage. She can cast spells, which she knows naturally, as well as equip some decent weapons and armor.
Since she is only one with Cure right now, she will be a big help.

Locke is a thief, through-and-through. High speed, can Steal, equip decent weapons and armor, he will be a valuable asset in getting items.
There is also a handy mini-map that you can zoom in and out as you please.
There is a also a helpful tool-tip which will tell you what you need to do at the moment.
That is very handy.
We reach castle Figaro, where we meet another character, the King of Figaro, Edgar.
He flirts with Terra just a bit, and Locke runs off.
He says that Figaro and the Empire are allies, so she is free to rest here.
She then asks why they are being to kind to her, and if it is because of her abilities.
Edgar flirts some more, but says her “abilities” are part of it.

With that, let’s explore, now that Edgar and Locke are gone.
Speaking to some of the guards, it appears “magic” isn’t common place in this world, which I assume is the reason everyone is really after Terra.
We get confirmation that Edgar is indeed, a lady’s man.
Exploring the rest of the castle, we find out that Edgar has a twin brother, Sabin, who left the castle at an early age.
We speak to Edgar, but then someone says that someone from the empire is here to see Edgar!

We see that it is Kefka, the same man in Terra’s memories.
He appears to be quite an eccentric character.
He rushes to Edgar, and says he is looking for Terra, but says she is of no importance, that she merely stole some minor trinket… Riiight…

Edgar plays it cool and acts like he doesn’t really know, but then Kefka warns him that this will end poorly for him and leaves.
After that, Edgar tells his men to get ready, and everyone rests for the night.

Locke leads Terra to her room and tells us that Edgar is secretly apart of the Returners, a rebel group.
In the morning, Edgar notices something is odd, and rushes outside and sees his castle on fire!
Kefka appears and demands Terra.
Edgar says to get the girl ready, but then leaps off the castle onto a chocobo, taking Locke and Terra with him!
He then commands the entirety of castle Figaro to dive into the sand, which it does!
Kefka, furious, sends his magitek armors after us.
These guys hit pretty hard, but with Terra on Cure duty, it wasn’t bad.
When she casts Cure, Edgar and Locke flip out, saying they have never seen magic before.
Eventually, they calm down, and the battle commences.
We beat them and leave Kefka in the sand.

As they ride off, Edgar tells Terra about the Returners, a rebel group trying to defeat the empire.
He also mentions how no human has magical powers like Terra does.

Terra is extremely confused about herself and what she should do, but Edgar insists that they meet with their leader, Banon.

He says there is a cave to the south that leads to South Figaro.
We also see we can ride a chocobo in this game, and it is different!

So, Edgar appears to be kind of like a Chemist in FF5, in that he can use items to do devastating attacks, but he can’t combine items.

He has special items that we can buy/find that allow him to use special abilities, such as the Auto Crossbow, which deals damage to all foes.

As far as I am aware, these never run out, so they can spammed as much as you want.

Moving onto South Figaro, we go through a short cave and arrive at our destination.
There, we enter a shop and we get a brief tutorial on Relics.

Relics are essentially accessories that will give us unique abilities, like increase our walking speed, make us immune to certain status ailments, things like that.
We buy a few and head out to the pub, where we find a strange fellow, by the name of Shadow.
He won’t really talk to us right now, so let’s head out.

In town, we hear about a man named Duncan, who is training students on Mount Kolts to the north.
With nothing left to do in South Figaro, we head to Mount Kolts.

Traveling up the mountain, we catch sight of a mysterious shadow figure hopping around the mountain.

We come to a save point, and I check out my items.
Sleeping Bags make a return, except this time they fully heal a character’s HP and MP, but only one character.
Tents heal the whole party.

What is funny to me, Sleeping Bags cost 500 gil, while Tents cost 1200.

It is much more gil efficient to buy Tents, since you would need to spend 2000 to heal a party of 4, while only 1200 for a Tent.
That is odd, possible oversight maybe?

Anyway, climbing our way up Mount Kolts, we come across a man who reveals himself to be Vargas.
He fights us, but then, Sabin appears!
Sabin asks why Vargas killed their Master, Duncan, and he says because Sabin was chosen to be his successor.
Vargas uses a move called Blizzard Fist, which blows Edgar, Locke and Terra away, leaving only Sabin.
Sabin then fights back!

I guess all you have to do is use a Blitz move on him and he goes down.

Edgar then speaks to Sabin, telling him that he is done being an empire lapdog, and he is going on the offensive.

Sabin then asks to join, to which Edgar happily agrees.

Sabin is a monk, except unlike past iterations of monks, Sabin must input his moves using the directional pad/stick, and depending on what you input, a different move comes out.
With that, let’s continue onto the returner hide-out.

We make it to the hide-out, where Banon, the leader is quick to tell Terra that is is the final hope of the world, that her magic is a blessing, not a curse.

After that, we all rest for the night.

Terra speaks to everyone, and eventually Banon, who asks her if she wants to help the rebellion.
We say yes, and Banon gathers everyone for a meeting.
He speaks of something called the War of the Magi, which happened 1000 years ago.

He talks about how the empire and their magitek might insight another war.

He also says that magitek runs by draining energy from espers.
His plan is to get Terra to speak to an esper.
Just then, a guard comes in and says that South Figaro has been taken by the empire and they are headed this way!

Locke sets out to try to run interference in South Figaro while Edgar, Sabin, Terra and Banon escape to Narshe by means of the Lethe River.
Also, we get a prompt saying that if Banon dies in battle, it is game over!
In battle, Banon can use Pray, which heals everyone for almost 200 HP. Quite handy, since he has the lowest health out of all of the party.
We make our way through the fast moving river, and eventually run into Ultros!

He can hit pretty hard with his Tentacle attack, and he also counters Fire magic with Blind, which doesn’t matter for Terra, since she is just spamming Fire.

I made sure Pray went off after each Tentacle attack, so that everyone was always at top health.
Eventually, he gives up and sinks into the river.
Sabin gets the bright idea to jump in after him, and ends up getting thrown from the raft, and goes down a different section of the river, now separated from us.
Here, we also get a choice for what “scenario” we want to play.

We have a choice between Locke in South Figaro,
Sabin who was thrown from the raft,
or Edgar, Terra and Sabin heading to Narshe.
I go ahead and pick Locke, since we haven’t seen him in a bit.

We find Locke who is quickly trying to evade capture from the empire in South Figaro.
Talking to some of the guards initiates a battle.
Which is really difficult with Locke solo.

But! You don’t actually get a game over, you just get sent back to your starting point!
That is nice of the game!

Entering the item shop, we find a merchant who attacks us!
We then Steal a Plumed Hat from him…
As well as his clothes!
Now that we are disguised, let’s look around the town.
Also, the game doesn’t give him a naked sprite, and instead just re-clothes him.
Oh well.

We do this a few more times, stealing a guard’s uniform so we sneak past some guards, re-steal some merchant’s clothes so we can give an old man some cider, who tells us there is a secret passage out of town.

We find the passage and continue on.
We then find a woman named Celes, who is a general in the empire’s army, but it appears she has had a change of heart, and is now considered a traitor to the empire.
We rescue Celes, but she can barely walk.
She says she would rather keep her pride and die tomorrow then try to escape, but Locke talks her into joining him.

We steal a clock key from the sleeping guard and head out with our new party member in tow.

Celes is a Rune Knight, so she is much like Terra, in that she can use natural magic, as well as equipping good weapons and armor.
Her unique ability is Runic, which allows her to absorb magic to refill her MP.

We make our way to the cave, and as we do, we hear rumblings from something inside the cave.
When we attempt to leave, this thing attacks us!

Celes explains that if it uses its magic on us, we will be decimated, but she says to use her Runic ability to absorb it.

So that is the gimmick of this fight, use Runic with Celes and attack/steal with Locke.

Only problem, it still has pretty decent physical attacks, and is very fast to boot.
Locke went down, and I tried to revive him, but he was just knocked back down with a Thunder.
I eventually had to alternate between Cure, Runic and attacking, and we won!

After the fight, Locke’s scenario ends and we get another choice between Edgar, Terra and Banon and Sabin.
Let’s go with Sabin.

We find a small home and Shadow, the mysterious individual we met earlier.
He says that the empire is heading to Doma now.

He then says he will show us the way, and joins us.
He also mentions how he may leave at any time…

Shadow is your typical ninja, and much like Locke, fast and can throw items.
Throw lets you throw an item to deal damage to enemies.

We enter an imperial camp, and it looks like many of the soldiers have resentment towards Kefka and his ways.

We then see that they are storming the Doman castle as we speak.
We are then introduced to Cyan, a Doman retainer to the king.

We then get a game over when Cyan attempts to fight their leader.
Second time, we win.

Now back in control of Sabin and Shadow, let’s explore the camp.

We see a man, General Leo, who is summoned off by order of the Emperor himself.

We then see that Kefka has plans once General Leo leaves!
He plans to poison everyone in Doma, even captured soldiers of the empire!
Sabin can’t stand it any longer and jumps out of hiding and fights him, but Kefka runs after one attack.
We follow Kefka around and he eventually gets away and poisons the river!
Soldier after soldier in the Doma castle begin to die from the poison, and Cyan rushes to warn the king.
We find the king, but we are too late.

Cyan says we have to look for other survivors in the castle, so we do that.
Cyan finds his wife and child also dead, and flies into a rage, attacking imperial soldiers.
Sabin finds him and helps him out.

After cooling off a bit, Sabin tells him they need to escape, otherwise they will have the entire camp on them.

Sabin then has the idea to steal some magitek armor to escape.
Unfortunately, Cyan has little experience with magitek armor, and has some trouble controlling it.
We rush out, and Cyan says there are some woods that head to Narshe.
Sabin says they need to head that way.

Cyan is described as a samurai. He hits hard, but his main skill, Bushido, allows him to “power-up” for various amounts of time to unleash skills.
The better and stronger the skill, the more time you have to wait.
From what I have read, he used to suck in the original, because you had to wait while it was Cyan’s turn, but now, he can charge while other characters get their turns, so he is usable again.

With our escape from the imperial camp, we now head to Narshe.
We enter the Phantom Forest, and find a train in the middle of the forest.

Sabin goes to investigate, but Cyan tries to stop him.
They all get on, but then get locked in, and the train starts to move!
Cyan then says this is the Phantom Train, which takes souls to the afterlife.
Sabin is not having it and we try to find a way to escape.
We also find an ally ghost that fights with us!
Ghosts are very weak, but they have an ability called Possess that is essentially an instant kill that almost always works.
Unfortunately, it also kills the user and removes them from the party.
But we can find more helpful ghosts as we move through the train.
We fight some enemies, and eventually get surrounded by ghosts!

Sabin, using his monk training, leaps from the top of the train to the next one, but falls in as the roof collapses.

They continue their pursuit of us, but Sabin quickly detaches the car, giving us a moment of reprieve.
We continue on and eventually run into this guy, who fights us over a treasure chest!
He did piddly damage, and we kill him in one strike.

But, he pushes us aside and grabs whatever was in the chest and runs off!
Guess we will never know…

Moving on, we find the engineer car, which we can use to shut down the train!
When we attempt to do so, the train speaks to us and attacks us!

The train was really easy, all I did was Aura Cannon, Shuriken and Fang with Sabin, Shadow and Cyan respectively, and he went down. I never even needed to heal.

All he did was an attack called Wheel that did about 30-50 damage, so nothing very serious.
After the train is stopped, we see departed souls entering the train, two of which are Cyan’s wife and son!
He tries to stop them, but the train takes off.
His wife and son say their final goodbyes, and are now out of the Phantom Forest!
We explore the area, and Shadow leaves us, like the mercenary is!
Nice knowing you, thanks!

We go through a cave, where Barren Falls lies before us.

Cyan says that past the falls lies the Veldt, a harsh and wild place, full of danger.

Sabin says if they go back, the empire will be right on their heels.
So Sabin does the sane thing and jumps off the falls!
We then fight some enemies, and fight this fish mini-boss. I don’t really consider him a boss, since he went down really quick.
Although he did do some decent damage with Megavolt, followed up with a Blizzard, it wasn’t an issue.
Sabin and Cyan wash up somewhere, where we meet another character, the young Gau.

Sabin wakes up and asks him who he is, but before he can finish his sentence, Gau runs off.

With that, we are now free to explore the Veldt, which we will do next time!


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