Final Fantasy 6 Part 2 – Magicite and Terra’s Power

Last time, were introduced to some of the characters, and a learned a bit of the story.
Check it out here.

So, now that we have control of Sabin and Cyan, let’s explore the Veldt, the area we washed up on after Sabin jumped from the Barren Falls.
On the way, we run into a fight, and after, Gau appears and says he is hungry!
We don’t have anything we can give him at the moment, however.

Reaching the town of Mobliz, we hear about a young boy who loves Dried Meat out in the Veldt.

We also hear about how monsters from all over the world migrate here, which explains our odd encounters in the wild.

We buy some supplies, along with some Dried Meat and see if we can’t coax Gau into joining us.

We find Gau and feed him a piece of Dried Meat, and he loves it!
He and Sabin wrestle a bit, and Gau says he likes us.

He also tells us he will gives a shiny treasure because we gave him food.
He says it is on the Crescent Mountain.
He then joins us.

Gau is an oddball.
He has a move, called Leap, that he can only use on the Veldt.
When you use it, he disappears for a while, but then he comes back with enemy “rages” that he can use, and depending on what enemies you fought while he was “leaping,” he learns those rages!

While he is “raging” you lose control of him, but he uses certain moves depending on which rage you chose, as well, he also gains buffs, debuffs, resistances, weaknesses, a whole host of things, that correspond to what enemy the rage came from.

So if you choose a rage that came from an undead enemy, chances are, it will turn Gau undead, while giving him all the benefits and negatives of being undead, in addition to his attacks he will use.

Another downside, Gau can’t naturally equip weapons, but that shouldn’t be a problem with his rage abilities making up for that.

Honestly, he seems like a really cool character, I might try to use him a lot!
The game also gives you a very brief tutorial on how to use his Leap move.

With that, let’s train up Gau so he can learn some rages real quick!

After just a few battles, Gau has already got himself quite a collection of skills.
Those purple/greyish bubbles over Gau’s head indicate he is raging.

Once you choose a rage, he is stuck in it until he is killed and revived, or the battle ends, so choose wisely!

With that out of the way, let’s now make our way to Crescent Mountain and pick up this “shiny” that Gau has for us.

Upon arrival, we find the diving helmet, which Sabin says they can use to quickly travel to Narshe.
We jump in and let the rapids take us to where we need to go.
Fighting as we go, we eventually find our way to Nikeah, where we wash up on the dock!
We buy some quick supplies in town and board the ferry to South Figaro.
The scenario then ends, so let’s pick up where Edgar, Terra and Banon left off!
We get to Narshe, but the people there won’t listen to anything we have to say, even
Banon and Edgar can’t get them to listen.

We sneak in through the mines, using the same path that Locke and Terra went through to escape the city.
We eventually speak to the man who saved Terra, and they all agree to speak to the Elder of Narshe.

The elder wishes to remain neutral in this war, and over time, Sabin, Cyan, Gau, even Locke and Celes join up with the rest of the group.
Locke informs them that the empire is marching on Narshe right now.

We then get a scene of Kefka ordering his troops to kill anyone who gets in their way, even civilians.
Then, a guard comes and tells the elder that the empire is upon the city.
Along the way, Celes and Terra have a talk about how Celes was artificially implanted with magic, which is where her magical abilities stem from.
We are then in control of Terra, and have to make three parties.
Here are the teams.

We have to protect the esper from Kefka!
We fight off all of the troops, including this guy who is guarding Kekfa.
Our first run to Kekfa, I use the Terra, Edgar, and Gau party and get demolished.

Kefka uses pretty powerful magic, and he eventually beat us.
Next up, I am trying Celes and Cyan.

I am hoping with Runic, we can shut down his spells.

Still a no go.

If he manages to down someone, it’s over. I need Celes to be in Runic almost all of the time, since I never know when he is going to use spells.
I also need Cyan to be up as well, since he needs attack.

I eventually just reset, since I used up too many items and resources to try and beat the soldiers and Kefka.
Here is the new party setup.

I figured, even though the game doesn’t tell you, I think it is better to not spread out the party members as much.
The Terra, Celes, Sabin and Gau party will fight Kefka.

Oh never mind, you have to form three parties.

Well, sorry Locke, but you aren’t really pulling your weight at the moment, so he is going solo.
This time, I had less trouble beating him.
After the fight, we check the esper to see that it is still safe.
But then, it begins to react to Terra!
Terra asks who she is, why she is feeling what she is feeling, and then, she transforms, into… Something, and flies off!
We wake up in the morning, and send out a search party to find Terra while the rest stay behind to protect Narshe and Banon.

I choose Celes, Sabin, Edgar and Gau.

When we arrive in Figaro, we rest and there is a flashback scene of when Sabin left the castle ten years ago.

It was decided who would rule Figaro by a coin flip, and Sabin won, so he got to choose a life of freedom instead of as king of Figaro.

In the morning, we speak to the engineer, who transports us to Kholingen in search of Terra.

In town, we find out that Terra did indeed travel through here, blowing up a house in the process.

They tell us that it headed toward Jidoor, to the south.
Shadow is also here, but tells us to leave him alone, which we do.

We also find out Locke has some attachment here, to a woman named Rachel.
We will have to check that out later.

Heading south to Jidoor, we arrive and we find out this place is mostly filled with middle-class and rich civilians.
The poor was forced out and moved into the mountains.

Looking around, we pick up a few things and talk to a few people who say they saw Terra go to northern mountains.

When we arrive at Zozo, the poor town in the mountains, it is raining, and enemies roam the streets!
We are attacked by this guy.
He wasn’t too much trouble. He could summon some henchmen, and he did heal himself and use Protect, but he went down without any real trouble.

We make our way through the town, until we reach the top of a building, and find Terra!
Everyone rushes to her side, but she appears to be in pain.

Then, a man appears and explains a few things to us.
He says that Terra is different from an esper, but she still is one, sort of.
He reveals himself to be Ramuh, the esper of lightning.

He tells us that he and his kin used to live along-side humans, until the war of the magi 1000 years ago.
He says that when humans found out that they could drain powers away from the espers, the espers fled, and created a realm where they could live safely.

They created a giant barrier that would stop the humans from entering, but about twenty years ago, someone found the door and got it opened, allowing humans to take the espers.
He says that he fled from the Magitek Research Facility, where some of his kin are still captive.

He says that draining power from espers doesn’t actually give you their powers, he says for the transfer to be full, the esper must be in magicite form.

Ramuh says that he will turn himself into magicite so that he can help us save his brothers and sisters.
He also gives us the magicite of the fallen espers who tried to escape.
Ramuh then turns himself into magicite, permanently, so that he may help us.
We now have access to our first set of espers!
So, as I had mentioned before, characters can equip espers and learn spells, as well as increasing certain stats as they level up with the esper equipped.

For instance, Ramuh here, teaches Thunder, Thundara and Poison.
The “acquisition rate” tells us how fast a character will learn those spells.
After battles, characters will earn AP, which go towards learning those spells permanently.
Thunder, for example, has a x10 rate, which means you x10 to the number of AP you get after battle.

So if we got 1 AP, it would shoot up to 10 AP!

Spells need 100 AP to be permanently learned by a character, then they are free to switch as they please.

The “at level up” tells us what stat, if any, goes up when the character levels up with that esper equipped, in the case of Ramuh, Stamina goes up by 1.

In battle, we can also summon espers, for a large amount of MP to do a strong, unique attack for us.
I think only one epser can be summoned per battle, per character? Something like that.

Looking over the list of espers,

Ramuh is the lightning esper, so it makes sense you learn thunder spells.
Kirin is the healing esper, teaching a multitude of healing and support ablities.
Siren is a mix of status and damage, in this case Fire.
Cait Sith is all status ailments. He also teaches Float, which will be handy against most earth magic.

You can also see who has what espers equipped at the moment.

With that, let’s move on and make our way to the research facility to save the espers captive there!

Heading back to Kholingen, we speak to the old man and the sleeping Rachel, and get a bit of back story about Locke and his connection to this place.
Rachel was the love of his life, but somehow, she died.

He had the crazy old alchemist concoct a potion that would preserve her body while he searched for a “legendary treasure” that would restore her soul back to her body.

After that, there isn’t much left to say, Locke just leaves.
On the way back to Jidoor to try and find a way to the research facility, I almost get a game over because of Stone, an attack used by Iron Fists.

First off, it deals a ton of damage, like 250, as well as confusion.

The only reason I lived was because Gau was in Bomb rage, giving him absorb Fire, and he used Blaze on the entire party, killing everyone, but healing himself.

He then knocked himself out of confusion by attacking himself and finished off the enemies with another Blaze.

Back in Jidoor, we buy some more Phoenix Downs and look around town to see if we can’t get some help getting to the facility.

We enter one of the homes and a man mistakes Celes for Maria, a famous opera singer.
Apparently, there is a man named Setzer who is coming to marry Maria… By kidnapping her.
But, he also owns the Blackjack, the worlds only airship!
Celes says that we can use the airship to get to the facility with ease.

We then head to the opera house where we will meet with Setzer.
We get to the opera house and there, Locke comes up with a plan, to use Celes as Maria bait for Setzer so they can get to Setzer and his airship.

We also see Ultros is back, and he has a nefarious plan!
We have Celes learn her lines, and she delivers a stunning performance.

At this point, Locke finds a letter from Ultros, saying he going to jam up the opera!
We then see Ultro is trying to drop a weight onto Celes’ head! But it’s too heavy, so it will take him 5 minutes to do it!

We quickly rush over, fighting some rats along the way and go to stop him, but then we fall down onto the stage, stopping the opera!

Locke, thinking quick on his feet, decides to act like he is apart of the show and says he will take Celes as his bride. Then Ultros challenges him to a duel!
Ultros went down so fast, he didn’t stand a chance. He did use Acid Rain a few times, but it didn’t become an issue.

After the fight, he runs off, but then Setzer shows up and takes Celes!

When he locks up Celes on the airship, she quickly lets the others on board.

When Setzer comes back, he wants nothing to do with us.
But we coerce him into hearing us out, at least.

We tell him what the empire has been up to, and he says he will help us…
For Celes’ hand in marriage!
To which Celes agrees!!!
But, she says only if she flips a coin for it. Heads, she wins, he helps us, tails, she is his wife.

She flips it, and it is heads!
Setzer checks out the coin and sees that it is a trick coin, a double headed coin.
He then agrees, saying fighting the empire, being tricked, he hasn’t felt this alive in years!

We park the Blackjack a bit ways away so as not to be spotted and Setzer says he will stay with the ship for the get-a-way.

We find the small town of Albrook and pick up a few things before exploring the surrounding area.

We find the town of Miranda, which is also occupied by the empire. We pick up a few things and head back to Vector, where we hope to find a way to the magitek facility.
The residents in Vector are… Less then hospitable towards us.
In town, we find the place pretty barren, but there is an old man who is part of the Returners and creates a distraction for us so we can sneak into the facility!

And then our game froze! Yay!

So, there is a glitch that has been affecting me ever since I got the espers.

Every now and then, when exiting the menu, my characters disappear, all NPC’s slowly disappear, and it is hard to move around. Exiting the menu again doesn’t fix it, but it helps with moving around.

Looking it up online, it looks like other people have experienced this problem, and is very annoying. I could understand if it was something crazy like, “do this and that, make sure you have this equipped and then use this, ect” something that the average player would never really see during their time casually playing the game.

I mean, bugs and glitches happen!

But all you have to do is apparently exit the menu.
That’s it.

If you can make it to the overworld, it temporarily fixes itself, saving and reloading will fix it for a time.

But it just happened in a dungeon, where I can’t save, and I tried to exit, but it froze on me.

This is extremely annoying. I am not sure if this is exclusive to the PC version or not.
One thing I will say, thank goodness this game has a semi-auto save, so I picked up right before the glitch happened in the magitek facility.

Anyway, moving on!

And it just happened again after equipping a new sword I got in the facility. Lovely.

Okay, it keeps happening, I guess because I chose “continue” instead of re-loading a save?
You know, I believe it has something to do with espers, because I never had this issue until I got them and equipped them.
Coincidence? Possibly.

So, after some research, some people say the glitch disappears after reinstall, so let’s try that, shall we?

I just hope I don’t lose my save data, I did some copying of the save files, so let’s hope I don’t lose my data.

I have Steam cloud enabled, so that should save my save data, right?

Okay, reinstalled, and we still have our save data! All right!
Well, after traversing through some of the facility, no glitch yet!
Let’s hope it stays that way…

We go through the facility and see Kefka, who says he is a god, and he is going to revive something called the Warring Triad?

He then casts away two espers that he has drained.
We follow after the espers, who fight us!
Ifrit fights us with powerful fire magic, so of course, we blast him with Blizzard.
After a while, he goes down and Shiva joins the fray, so we change our spells into Fire.

Celes doesn’t know Fire yet, so Locke took over magic damage duty while Celes healed.

They both go down and they tell us that they sense a kindred spirit with us, Ramuh!
They tell us that there are others, and they would gladly offer their aid, and they turn themselves into magicite!
Ifrit is a brawler, giving the user +1 strength, which is nice. He does come with some magic; Fire, Fira and Drain.
Shiva is where it’s at though, for spell casters.
Blizzard, Blizzara, Rasp, Osmose, and Cure? Awesome!
She doesn’t give any bonuses to level up, but Osmose alone is worth it.

Rasp deals direct damage to an enemy’s MP, while Osmose absorbs it, refilling the caster’s MP.

We also get a handy save point.
We find these guys, who bring back the dreaded Level 5 Death from FF5. No full party wipe, thankfully.
Moving on, we come up to what appears to be someone standing guard over a doorway.
When we interactive with them, they attack!
This guy wasn’t that tough. He did hit pretty hard and fast, but nothing Celes couldn’t Cure away.
We also stole a Blood Sword from him, and he dropped an Ice Brand! Talk about lucky!
We then enter a room full of espers!
We quickly turn off the machine, and they tell us that they are slowly dying, but they will entrust their power to us, and turn themselves into magicite.
Professor Cid comes along and looks over the situation and sees that magicite is much more powerful than draining from the espers themselves.

Then, he asks Celes if she has completed her infiltration of the rebels!?
Kefka comes up laughing, and says Celes has done a great job, and she needs to hand over the magicite.
Everyone is shocked, but Celes still doesn’t betray us.
Kefka, losing patience, sends his magitek armors after us, wiping us out, but Celes uses her powers and teleports her, the armors and Kefka away.
Cid then has a moment of clarity, saying he was threatened by Kefka to work for him, but he has changed his mind.

But we also get new epsers to equip!
Unicorn is much like Siren, being a support esper, but what is great, we can finally learn Esuna, which cures status ailments!
Maduin is a typical blaster esper, learning Fira, Blizzara and Thundara.
The +1 magic is great for casters as well.
Catoblepas is a mix of status and damage, but also has the +10% HP on level up.
Phantom is unique in teaching the Vanish spell, which causes physical attacks to miss.
It also comes with a +10% MP bonus on level up.
Carbuncle is a nice support esper, with the amazing Haste in addition to the other support spells he teaches.
Bismarck is awesome for two reasons: Raise, and a +2 strength on level up.
We then talk to Cid, who pushes us on a cart that takes us through the facility, but we are accosted by monsters along the way!
We end up fighting this guy.
He actually hit pretty hard.
He has a left and right blade that will attack us, so I used Slow on the arms, along with the main body before Gau raged.
Eventually, he went down.
But then, Kefka laughs and sends these cranes after us!
The cranes actually hit pretty hard with their spells, but Locke just learned Cura, so he cast that when he wasn’t busy trying to steal.
After the fight, we head to Zozo and check on Terra, who is still bed-ridden.
But then, the magicite begins to react to her, and she exclaims something about her father?
Her memories come flooding back, and we get a flashback of how she came to be.

To sum it up, a woman named Madeline was sick of the human world so she fled into a storm.
She wound up at the doorstep of the esper realm, and Maduin took her in.

Over the course of two years, he fell in love with Madeline, and they had a baby, Terra!
But then, the emperor found the location of the esper realm and invaded.

They fight back, and one of the espers blames Madeline, who then runs off like an idiot.

I understand the writers had to have a story about how Terra ended up in the human world, but why in the heck would she just suddenly run off?

Maduin already confessed his love for her, and she had a baby for crying out loud!

Anyway, she runs off, and the elder of the espers begins a ritual to permanently shut the gates, since the elder will probably die from the spell.

Maduin, Madeline, Terra, the emperor and others get sucked outside of the gate before it closes.
The emperor then kidnaps Terra and raises her as a slave.
Once all of that is done, Terra asks how Narshe is doing, and Locke says to check it out.

We then have the airship all to ourselves! Awesome!
Also, why does Cyan have 999 MP? Who knows.

First things first, we head to the Veldt and pick up some more rages for Gau.

But next time, we check out Narshe, and perhaps look for Celes in the process, hopefully with less glitches this time!


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