Final Fantasy 6 Part 3 – A Power Unleashed

Last time, Terra went nuts, we found some espers, and found out the truth behind Terra’s abilities.
Check it out here.

After spending an hour or two in the Veldt, we managed to get some really good rages, but we still didn’t get the main one I was after, the Aspirin rage, which uses Gigavolt, a very powerful thunder attack. Oh well!

One thing that is great about the Veldt, the enemies don’t give EXP, but give gil and AP, so it is a great place to “grind” without raising your levels.
Moving on, let’s head to Narshe to see how it is fairing.
In town, we speak to Banon and the elder, who say they have now accepted they must fight the empire.

Their plan is to open the Sealed Gate, the barrier between this world and the esper world.
If Terra can convince the espers to fight with us, we stand a chance at beating back the empire.

We head there now, to try to find a way to open the gate.
We get to the sealed gate and Terra steps up to it, but then Kefka appears!

They have been following us this whole time!
While the others keep Kefka busy, Terra opens the gate.
But then, even Kefka has a bad feeling about it, and powerful energy and espers fly from the gate, knocking everyone back.

The gate then closes.
A rock slide then shuts in the gate.
Terra suggests we head back to the airship.

Right as we are about to exit the area, Cyan appears and tells us that the espers were making their way to the imperial city, Vector.
On the airship, we drive toward Vector, Terra senses something, and then the espers attack us!
Locke manages to get everybody down but then we lose control of the Blackjack!
We careen off-course, but barely manage to get a landing spot close to Vector, before we set out for the city.

We arrive in Vector to find it in ruins.
Speaking to the the people here, who are mostly Returners, they are just as dumb-founded as we are.
We get an invitation to speak to the emperor, and he acknowledges defeat.
He says that the espers came to save the other espers, but when they saw they were already gone, they destroyed the city.

The emperor says the is over, and he invites us to dinner.

Then, he tells us to speak with as many soldiers as we can before dinner, and we are given a four minute timer.
We speak to about 20 soildiers, grabbing chests along the way, and the game suddenly crashed. Lovely.
Thank goodness for auto saves, and we pick up right where we left off.
We speak with the king, who allows us to ask some questions, such as why did he start the war.
He essentially says that he just wanted power. But when he saw what the espers were capable of, he instantly knew his folly.

He asks that we travel to Crescent Island and have Terra speak with the espers, to hopefully keep the peace between us and them.

He instructs General Leo to go to Albrook and accompany us to the island.
After the meal, Locke says he is going with Terra. He tells everyone else to stay here and keep an eye out, since he doesn’t fully trust the emperor.

Upon leaving, a guard approaches us and tells us the emperor was impressed with us and we get an item, as well as unlocking the imperial armory to the east!
He also tells us they are withdrawing troops from South Figaro and Doma.

We get the items, picking up some great loot and head to Albrook, where General Leo is waiting for us.

We leave and get a few cutscenes, such as how Celes and Shadow have been hired by General Leo to accompany us as well!?
Celes is very icy towards Locke for some reason.

Leo suggests we get some rest at the inn for the night for the trip tomorrow.
That night, Locke meets up with Celes, who once again, doesn’t say much to Locke.
Locke tries to make amends, hoping they can still be friends, but she leaves.

Then we get an awkward cutscene between Leo and Terra on how Terra wants to know what love feels like.
Shadow comes in and says she needs to find that on her own. He also tells her that some people have killed their own emotions.
We also see that Locke gets sea sick very easily.

The next morning, before we arrive on the island, Leo tells us we will be splitting up, Celes and Leo will be one group, while Terra, Locke and Shadow will be the second.
Celes tries to speak to Locke, but Locke totally gives her the cold shoulder! What a burn!
On the island, let’s explore!
Also, for some strange reason, Shadow’s HP is at 9999? What the heck?
So Shadow now has 9999 HP. It’s real, I thought it might be just a graphic thing, but nope, he will now be overpowered for the rest of the game. As well, Cyan also has 999 MP, which is funny, since Cyan is not a good mage at all!

I have no idea how this glitch happened. I can’t say that I am happy, since that means I won’t really want to use Shadow, although Cyan isn’t that bad, since he isn’t meant be a spell caster anyway.
If I use Shadow, I will feel like I am taking the cheap route.

Exploring the island, we find the town of Thamasa, where the people are quiet, and tell us they don’t get many villagers.

We find a home, with a strange old man, who tells us he doesn’t know a thing about espers, but seems really shady about it.
He reveals himself to be Strago.
We then are introduced to another character, Relm.
Locke isn’t convinced the town is just a quaint little village, and suggests we look around.
We stay at the inn, and when we do, during the night, Strago comes to us saying that Relm is in a house fire!
We run to help her, but the building is ablaze!

Then, Strago surprises us by using magic to try to put the flames out!
Then, the entire village uses magic to try and put the flames out, but it doesn’t work.

Strago then starts to go in after Relm, but Locke and Terra stop him.

They go in together, and eventually find Interceptor, Shadow’s dog, trying to save Relm.
We then fight this thing, the Fire Eater!
With a glaring weakness to ice and water attacks, we hammer him with Blizzards, Aqua Breath, even Shiva.

After we damage him a bit, he gets tricky and casts Reflect on himself, and begins to bounce Fire magic onto us.
Eventually, however, he goes down and, but the building starts to collapse, and knocks everyone unconscious.
Interceptor is desperately trying to beat back the bomb monsters and flames, and then Shadow appears and saves the day!
Afterwords, everyone appears to be okay, and Strago tells us this is the village of the Magi.
The Magi are the people that have magical powers from long ago during the War of the Magi.

He tells us the magic is fading because of the thinning magi blood, but everyone has some magic potential in the village.

Locke and Terra convince him to help us search for the espers.

He agrees and tells us that in the western mountains, the espers may have gone there because of the magical energy present there.

Then Shadow ups and leaves us again.
Bye bye 9999 HP, overpowered Shadow!

Now with just Terra, Locke and Strago, let’s go to the western mountains in search of the espers.

Strago is a blue mage. The key difference between him and FFV, he doesn’t have to actually be hit by a spell/ability to learn it, he only has to see it!

We enter the cave, and see Relm running around in here too!
We make our way to three golden statues, and Strago explains to us that this is the statues dedicated to the Warring Triad.
Locke asks what that is, and Strago says that the Warring Triad were three gods that created magic and espers.

When they first came into power, they fought over their magic, until eventually, they realized it was futile, and turned themselves to stone.

Terra thinks the espers were drawn here because of the power of the statues.
Before we can continue on, Ultros appears!
Ultros put up a bit more of a fight than last time.
Since Strago hasn’t had a lot of time to train yet, He was pretty weak. I gave him the Healing Rod so he can help heal if need be, since his starting “Lore” as they are called, weren’t that effective against him.

Terra blasted him with Thundara while Locke was on stealing and support duty.
He then changes to where he says if we use elemental attacks on him, we will be sorry.
I switch over to physical attacks and after a while, Relm literally drops in during the battle!

She wants to draw Ultros’ picture, but he shoos her away, causing her to cry.
They talk him into letting her draw his picture, and when she does, it comes to life and attacks and defeats him!

Convinced she won’t stay at home, Strago lets Relm accompany us.

Relm is a bit of a different character than normal.
She doesn’t know any magic, so you have to teach her through espers, but she has high magic to become a great mage.

Her skill, Sketch, causes her to draw an enemy, and depending on the enemy drawn, it will use an attack.
Like Strago, we put her on the path to mage-dom and continue on.
We find the espers, who tell us that when they fled to help their friends when Terra opened the gate, they lost control of their powers, and destroyed a village, even when they didn’t mean to.

Locke tells them they should come with us to make peace, and they are quite happy to do so.
She is referring to Locke and Celes.

Back in Thamasa, General Leo and Celes are there, and Leo explains that the espers and the humans must make peace, that they both made mistakes, but now is the time to correct those mistakes.
Then, Kefka appears, and attack us, and starts taking the espers as magicite, under the emperor’s orders!
Leo, who has had enough, attacks Kefka.
They fight, and then Kefka surprises Leo by conjuring an illusion of the emperor, and then kills Leo!

Then, a huge wave of energy pours out and espers come forth from the sealed gate and head towards Thamasa to help us!
But, when they arrive, Kefka defeats them easily, and turns them all into magicite!
The Blackjack then comes to Thamasa, with everyone, and Edgar tells us that a woman helped tip him off to the emperor’s lies and they managed to escape.
With that, Strago and Relm say they have to go with us, to stop the empire.

When we get on the airship, Setzer tells us that the empire is heading to the Sealed Gate, because they found some statues, causing Strago to worry.
Terra senses something, and suddenly, a huge landmass rises into the sky!

Before we fly to the floating continent, let’s discuss Setzer, now that we can really use him.

Setzer is a gambler, and as such, his main ability, Slots, allows him to use a slot mini-game to determine outcomes.
This can vary between pitiful healing, summoning random espers, dealing damage, or even killing everything on screen for a game over!

Yep, if you don’t have Reraise, since I think his slots pierce death protection, if you get the “mega-bad” result, game over.
Cool character concept, we may use him from time to time.

Before we take off, we are only allowed three party members.
I chose Terra, Locke and Gau.
We head to the floating continent, and get assaulted by the empire’s flying weaponry!
However, I managed to snag Aspirin as a rage for Gau before hand, which deals over 3000 damage with Gigavolt against these enemies!
After a while, we then fight against Ultros.
We blast him with Thunder attacks like crazy, dealing some amazing damage.
Eventually, he calls a friend, Typhon.
It was at this point I decided to try Terra’s Trance ability.

Trance allows her to temporarily change to her esper form, which allows her to deal very high damage with spells.
There is a bar that slowly drains , and I am assuming when empty, she reverts back to her regular form.

Near the end of the fight, Typhon uses Snort, and blows us off of the Blackjack!
As we are falling, this thing attacks us!
This thing was pretty annoying.

It has multiple parts to it that can use pretty powerful attacks, but it also can summon “bits,” which draw and absorb all magic cast, even healing spells on your party get diverted to the bit.
It got close for a second, especially when Gau kept using Gigavolt, which the bit would absorb, but eventually we got him.
Also, the entire time, there was a countdown to something.
I made sure to finish it off before then.
After the fight, we fall down to a small section and find a save point, as well as Shadow!
He joins us and we continue on.

The enemies in this area are tough.
They hit really hard compared to past enemies.

It is a good thing I bought all of those shurikens when I had the chance.

We get a few treasures, and finally make our way through this maze of hell.
We find something waiting for us…
Ultima hit pretty hard, and could even cast Flare, but I had Terra Trance, while the others buffed and then started dealing damage.
He goes down and Shadow once again leaves us.
We come upon the Warring Triad statues as well as Kefka and the emperor.
Celes also appears, and tells us she has been following us.

The emperor is happy to see us, and uses some of the power from the triad to knock away and paralyze the group.
Celes powers through, and the emperor has a proposal… Kill the others, and procreate with Kefka to start a new empire!?
This guy is crazy!
Kefka hands her a sword, and she acts like she is going to kill Terra, but then lunges at Kefka, mortally wounding him!

Kefka, seeing the sight of his own blood, goes even more insane, and jumps into the center of the triad statues!
There, he demands for their power.
The emperor tries to stop him, but all magic just gets absorbed by the statues.
Kefka has the statues kill the emperor!
He then pushes his body off of the floating continent!
He then begins to push the statues out of alignment!!!
Shadow comes rushing in, and pushes a statue against Kefka, pinning him, while he tells the others to just run.

As we do, there is a shower of energy, pushing us away and causing the floating continent to crumble!
We have about five minutes to get out of here!
Near the end, we fight this woman, who was pretty simple.

She cast Doom on us, but with Trance Terra and Gau raging, she goes down pretty quick.
We jump off onto the airship with the others.
Then, the statues let off an enormous amount of energy, causing the world to crumble!
Then, the airship gets blown in two, throwing everyone off the ship!
We get a long pan of the view of the world.
Red. Barren. Quiet.
We find Celes in bed, and Cid, who is tending to her.
When she finally wakes up, she asks how long it has been…
She was in a coma for a year!?
She asks about the others, but Cid tells us he doesn’t know.
It appears Cid has been ill, and Celes offers to help him out.

We bring him a fish and he eats it as he rests.

We take a moment and process this.
Kefka destroyed the world.
He actually did it!

I believe this is one of the few times where the villain actually succeeds in destroying the world.

What has happened since that year? Are the others still alive? How has the world changed?

Join me next time!


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