Final Fantasy 6 Part 5 – Side Characters and Espers

I can’t spoil anything, so just check it out!

Let’s fly around and see if we can find anyone else.

We head to a small island where someone had told us that a monster that eats people resides.
FF6 2016-04-07 08-58-30-899
Sure enough, we find the Zone Eater here.
FF6 2016-04-07 08-59-17-420
He uses Inhale and sucks us in and we find ourselves in the belly of the beast, so to speak.

The enemies here are quite tough, too tough in fact for our group, but I press on and find some good items, like the Red Jacket, which nullifies fire damage.

You can Teleport out, so we do and leave. Maybe we will explore this place later, when we are stronger.

We find Narshe, and come across a pickpocket, who tells us that the town is pretty much deserted besides one moogle, and all of the shops are locked up.

He does tell us that you would have to be a treasure hunter to get in the shops. Hmm…

We explore around and find this where we fought Kefka at the beginning of the game.

We then find a dragon!
This time, I was ready, and since it was a snowy area, I figured he it would an ice dragon, and I was right.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-24-01-674
It used Northern Cross and Absolute Zero, but I had enough Ice Shields to protect half of the party, and just made sure Shell was up for the others.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-26-56-619
Using fire spells, it went down incredibly fast, and we get the Force Shield, along with 6 dragons left!
FF6 2016-04-07 09-31-33-978
We find the esper that we found all the way at the start of the game.
When we get close, it reacts, and we fight it.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-31-41-092
He used a multitude of ice related spells and abilities, which hurt, but not that bad.

He could also use Rasp, to lower our MP, which was annoying. He targeted Relm, who didn’t that much and dropped her to 0, making her unable to Osmose more back.

I could have used an Ether and used Osmose, but oh well, he was weak to fire and taking a lot of damage, so I figured the fight wouldn’t last much longer.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-34-08-337
FF6 2016-04-07 09-34-34-275
We beat him and he speaks to us.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-34-43-191
He then turns himself into magicite and goes with us.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-34-57-784
Valigarmanda (that is a mouth-full) teaches the -aga spells, Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga, and gives a +2 magic, which is amazing.

It only teaches them at x1, however, making it a very slow process to learn those spells.

We jump off the part of the cliff and end up inside part of the mine.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-40-36-168
Going through, we find a skull with some magicite inside.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-40-51-472
When we grab it, a Yeti attacks us!

He hit decently hard with his physical attacks, but we eventually get him, since he was weak to Fire and Poison, Fira and Bio did him in really quick.

Afterwords, he leaves us be and we continue on.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-43-10-550
Midgardsormr teaches a few odd skills, like Quake, Graviga and Tornado. He does give a +30% HP bonus on level up, which is nice.

We Teleport out and save, and head back into Narshe to finish exploring it.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-57-12-947
We head back in and find a moogle, who can talk!
FF6 2016-04-07 09-57-24-830
Mog tells us that Ramuh came to him in his dreams and taught him how to speak our language, and told him that he had to help us.

So he joins us!

He also tells us that the “yeti” will join us, but only if Mog orders him to.
I guess that yeti we fought earlier wasn’t just a little boss fight!

Let’s go find him.

Mog is an interesting character. He can learn “dances” which can have variety of random effects.

These can vary from damage, heals, buffs, you name it.

He works similar to Gau, once he begins his dance, he will continue dancing until something stops him, like being KO’ed.
FF6 2016-04-07 09-58-09-976
We also find a Ribbon! This accessory, just like every FF game, prevents almost all status ailments!

Thank goodness! In FF6, status ailments are actually a problem. A lot of the earlier FF games, once you get to the later parts of the game, status ailments don’t really matter anymore.

But in this game, there are so many devastating, annoying and tricky status ailments, such as Zombie, Imp, Frozen, that this will help a lot!

We Teleport out again and shuffle Mog into our party.

FF6 2016-04-07 10-21-43-293
Mog is pretty powerful right now. I had him use his snowy dance, and he used avalanche, dealing great damage to the entire group of enemies.
Each dance has a number of moves it can use that it picks at random.
FF6 2016-04-07 10-24-37-430
We make our way back to the yeti and Mog literally says he is the boss and for him to join us.

He does, and that’s that!

works like Berserkers in FF5. He attacks, and that’s it.

He can’t be controlled, so he will just attack away until nothing is left.
Although, if I recall correctly, he has some built in resistances…

Honestly, Umaro is a neat concept for a character, but the fact that you can’t control him at all… No thanks.

I mean, yeah, Gau goes uncontrollable when he rages, but if I don’t want that, he can at least throw items or cast spells. Umaro is always out of your control.
Also, Gau’s rages are worth the loss of control, considering the variety of rages available.
FF6 2016-04-07 16-59-24-445
Moving on, we find a tower, and see Strago!

Relm knocks him out of his trance and he joins us again!
FF6 2016-04-07 17-00-14-852
Apparently, this is the tower of the Cult of Kefka, and only magic can be used here.

Since I am in the process of training up my characters, I am going to hold off on this place.

We speak to the crazy old man who might be Gau’s father, and he tells us about the emperor’s treasure, and how a man wearing a bandana asked him about it as well.

He says where the mountains form a star is where the treasure is.

Time for a treasure hunt!

After some searching, we find the star mountains and the jump down into the cave, which requires two parties! How exciting!

I choose Mog, Terra, Relm and Sabin for the first group and
Celes, Strago, Cyan and Gau for the second.

Going through the cave is pretty tough. The monsters here do not hold back.

Moving around, we have to sit one party on switches to allow the other party to venture forth.
Simple puzzles, but fun none-the-less.
FF6 2016-04-08 11-58-57-259
We eventually find another dragon!

He was actually the easiest of the dragons I have fought.
FF6 2016-04-08 11-58-59-720
With both Strago and Gau using Aqua Breath, along with Cyan using Flurry, he went down really fast.
FF6 2016-04-08 11-59-18-825
FF6 2016-04-08 12-00-01-102
For our efforts, we get the Murakumo, an excellent weapon upgrade for Cyan.

The chest it was guarding held a Dragon Horn, which seems to be for dragoon-types.
FF6 2016-04-08 12-26-09-769
We then find Locke, who is opening a treasure chest!

Inside, he finds the Phoenix magicite, but it is cracked, and falling apart.
FF6 2016-04-08 12-26-54-353
FF6 2016-04-08 12-27-11-301
We rush to Kohlingen, to Rachel, and he tries using the magicite to revive Rachel…
FF6 2016-04-08 12-27-20-368
FF6 2016-04-08 12-28-07-600
The phoenix then uses the last of it’s power to allow her to speak for a brief moment!
FF6 2016-04-08 12-28-30-033
She tells him thank you and that he made her so happy, before the phoenix is reborn!

Locke then joins us and even gives us the treasure he found in the cave!
FF6 2016-04-08 12-33-05-805
Phoenix is an amazing esper. lots of healing and support, and even Firaga!? No level up bonus, but a small price to pay for those spells!

We look around to find our next spot and see an odd formation of trees.
FF6 2016-04-08 12-46-55-127
When we walk into it, Duncan, Sabin’s old master is there!
FF6 2016-04-08 12-47-34-626
FF6 2016-04-08 12-48-18-075
After they exchange some words, Duncan teaches Sabin the ultimate Blitz technique, the Phantom Rush!
FF6 2016-04-08 13-58-03-584
Needless to say, Phantom Rush is pretty amazing, dealing over 6000 damage to the encounters in this area, and that is with no relics equipped on Sabin!
FF6 2016-04-08 14-03-25-018
Heading back to Cid’s place, we find the Quetzalli magicite on the beach.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-03-38-401
Finally, Hastega and Slowga! Those alone are really good.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-09-06-461
We make a stop by Narshe, and have Locke pick the doors open.
Most of them are empty, except for the weapon shop.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-09-30-844
An old man says he has been holding on to this stone for a while, waiting to give it to us.

It is a magicite!

He also gives us a choice; we can keep the stone as-is, or he can forge it into a sword.
I just go with the magicite as a stone, and we get Ragnarok!
FF6 2016-04-08 14-09-56-237
Ragnarok only teaches Ultima, the most powerful spell in the game and that is all it does.

Well, not true, you can summon it in battle to turn enemies into items. Seems neat.

We head to Thamasa with Relm and Strago in tow and apparently, a man named Gungho
has been injured by something called Hidon.

Gungho tells Strago to avenge him, and he then he dies.

Strago musters up his courage and set off to Ebot’s Rock to avenge Gungho.
Relm tries to stop him, but he isn’t having it.
We then head north to Ebot’s Rock.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-21-43-695
FF6 2016-04-08 14-49-23-052
Going through this extremely annoying, very dark cave, where you have to feed a hungry chest coral for some reason, we finally find Hidon!
FF6 2016-04-08 14-50-19-538
He came with some smaller monsters, but they weren’t that tough.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-55-20-690
He mostly used poison attacks, such as Poison and Bio.

He only used it once, but he used Grand Delta, which hit everyone for a ton of damage.
If he had used that more frequently, that fight would have been a lot tougher.
Also, Strago learned Grand Delta, so that was awesome.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-55-54-039
In any case, we beat him and head back to Thamasa!
FF6 2016-04-08 14-56-34-285
Oh never mind, I guess Gungho didn’t die! Whoops!

Strago is so happy and just goes on and on about how he defeated him.

Eventually, Relm and Gungho talk outside after Strago nodded off to sleep.
FF6 2016-04-08 14-57-54-252
Relm had Gungho fake the whole injury thing, just to get Strago to defeat Hidon.

Well, at least we beat Hidon.

Let’s re-arrange our party with some more casters and take on the Cult of Kefka’s tower.
I went with Terra, Celes, Strago and Relm.

Making a quick stop in Jidoor, we go to the auction house and pick up another Zephyr Cloak, but we also get the Zona Seeker magicite!
FF6 2016-04-09 08-47-07-879
Zona Seeker isn’t that bad, he teaches Rasp and Osmose at a very high rate, which is great, but he is also another +2 magic esper, so that is good.

We then make our way to the tower.
Wow, you really are restricted to just the magic command.

Not even Strago’s Lore is available here.
Okay, this place is insane. My first run through, I came to the realization pretty quick that Reflect would be a godsend here.

Many enemies here employ Reflect on themselves, some even have auto-reflect, so it really pays to be able to Reflect things off of your own party to bypass the enemies’ Reflect and hit them.
Their A.I. isn’t that bad either, they will sometimes cast beneficial spells on you to hopefully bounce it off your Reflect and onto them.
Complicated and crazy, but still pretty fun.

Then enemies vary, but they all seem to follow a theme of “Level # Magic”.
The higher the number, the harder they are.
FF6 2016-04-09 09-22-28-388
I then fought a Level 90 Magic, which used Meteor, Meltdown, Flare, all of the best spells, plus others. It was here I realized how deadly this place is.

The only reason I beat it, it used Stop, which was Reflected off of one of my characters, and it was inflicted with Stopped for a while, long enough for me to Raise and heal everyone and defeat him.

What is also crazy, you really can only use a few commands, like Magic, Defend, Row, Equip and Run.
No Attack, Trance, Runic, Sketch, or Lore.
Which is odd to me, because, Lore is magic, but I guess not in this case.

Also, I couldn’t run from a battle, so can you not run from anything in here!?
Why is this place so insane!?
Oh yeah, these people worship Kefka, I forgot.

The only upside to this place, you get a lot of magic points, so everyone is quickly learning spells, which is very helpful here.

I was forced to leave and save.
Thankfully, I have a few Reflect Rings on hand, so that should help out.

Moving back up the tower, I pick up the Air Anchor, and get an achievement for finding all of Edgar’s tools!
FF6 2016-04-09 11-39-13-464
We then fight the White Dragon! This guy was actually pretty easy.
FF6 2016-04-09 11-41-27-518
FF6 2016-04-09 11-41-33-430
All he did was spam Holy and Dispel, but as long as we kept Reflect up, we never took any damage.
FF6 2016-04-09 11-42-28-621
We get the Holy Lance from him as well!
FF6 2016-04-09 11-54-59-659
We reach the top and find the Soul of Thamasa relic, which allows the use of Dual Cast!
Incredibly helpful!

I give it to Strago, since he just learned Ultima… Hehehe.
FF6 2016-04-09 11-56-11-816
On the way out, we are stopped by Kefka’s worshipers who want us to return “Kefka’s treasure.”
Then, a ghost comes along and attacks us!
FF6 2016-04-09 11-56-28-322
This guy would have been an utter pain in the neck. He can change his weaknesses and resistances around like every two seconds, making regular elemental magic almost pointless, since even if you cast Libra, he will probably change right after you scan him with it.
FF6 2016-04-09 11-57-20-434
But, Ultima is non-elemental damage, so Strago just Dual Casted Ultima to his heart’s content! Yeah, a bit of a cheap strategy, but at this point, I just wanted to get this tower over with. Plus I wanted to use it since I just got it.
FF6 2016-04-09 12-00-26-052
Thank goodness Terra also learned Reraise shortly before the fight, since he cast Ultima at the end and wiped everyone out except for Strago and Celes!

The trip down was so scary, I did not want to get a game over. (Even though the game has an auto save that would have just dropped me off before my last fight.)

Even Dual Casting Ultimas against some of the higher level magic enemies can be a pain, since they love to use Osmose, Berserk, and just plain hurt with Meteor, Flare and Quake.
At least Float helps with Quake.

After a long trek down, we reach the bottom and save!
Phew! Glad that is over! Now to switch around the party, since this party has all of the magic I could ever want for the rest of the game.

Not a bad place to level for magic points. You don’t get EXP here, so you don’t have to worry about over-leveling.

I switch my party around to Locke, Cyan, Edgar and Setzer and head to Figaro.
When we arrive, we get stuck on something in the ground, so we go and investigate.
FF6 2016-04-09 13-55-22-347
Making our way through a cave, we fight this little guy.

He wasn’t that tough, although he did use Traveler quite a bit, which was pretty much a one-hit KO on almost everyone, but it only hit one person at a time, so it wasn’t that bad.
Traveler increases in power the more steps you take in the game.
FF6 2016-04-09 13-58-25-607
FF6 2016-04-09 14-14-57-215
Moving on, we come to a castle, and we see a flashback to a battle during the War of the Magi 1000 years ago.

We see Odin, defending the castle, until a monster turned him into stone.
FF6 2016-04-09 14-24-18-678
FF6 2016-04-09 14-24-35-807
Going through the castle, we fight this samurai, who wasn’t that tough, but we get the Master’s Scroll from him, which allows the person to attack four times with their weapon, or EIGHT if they have the Genji Glove equipped!

I gave it to Locke, and he is now a force to reckoned with.

We find Odin’s statue, which crumbles away when we touch it, and we get the Odin magicite!
FF6 2016-04-09 14-30-09-886
Meteor and +1 Speed? Awesome!

Moving on, we find a secret switch that opens up a passageway and we find the Blizzard Orb, which says to equip on a yeti (haha, like I will ever use Umaro) and another Gold Hairpin, which cuts MP usage by half.

We continue through the castle and find a diary from the queen, who confesses her love for Odin.
FF6 2016-04-09 14-39-36-939
We find the Blue Dragon as well! I didn’t even see him until I was right next to him, I was running so fast with the Sprint Shoes!

Thank goodness I was quick enough to get into the menu to change equipment around and fully heal before the battle.

The Blue Dragon was actually pretty tough, he used water attacks, which hurt decently bad, especially to Cyan, who didn’t have much elemental protection.
FF6 2016-04-09 14-41-50-938
Casting Shell on everyone as well as some Reraises for extra measure, helped alleviate the damage.

He also has Reflect on him, so I just had everyone attack while Setzer spammed Curaga + whatever spell I thought was necessary. (I gave him the Soul of Thamasa for double cast.)
FF6 2016-04-09 14-42-29-707
We beat him, giving us the Zantetsuken, which is a sword that has a chance at dispatching enemies when you attack them. Neat. Cyan holds it for now.

In the room, we also find the queen, who has been turned to stone.
FF6 2016-04-09 14-44-05-494
The statue, however, let’s out a single tear and it powers up Odin, transforming him into Raiden!
FF6 2016-04-09 14-44-16-551
Raiden is now a +2 Strength, and teaches Quick.
I am not sure which one is better. Quick seems really helpful, but I didn’t have Meteor, nor do I have an esper that grants +speed. Oh well! Hope Quick is worth it!
FF6 2016-04-09 14-46-09-067
On the way out, we fight this thing who actually put up a fight. His laser attack hurt.

We exit the cave and roam around to see what else we can find.

We head to the opera house, and the owner tells us that there is a dragon onstage!
FF6 2016-04-10 11-35-10-152
We jump down and fight him.
FF6 2016-04-10 11-36-22-412
He hit really hard. Thankfully, Float could nullify most of his attacks, except for Horned Tusk, which was pretty much an instant kill without Protect up.

He could also dispel Float on the party, but it wasn’t that bad to just cast it again.
FF6 2016-04-10 11-37-48-144
With Locke and Cyan attacking and Edgar and Setzer on support, he goes down pretty quick.

Next, let’s head back to the Zone Eater and see if we can’t more easily explore what’s down the monster’s gullet.
FF6 2016-04-10 11-48-22-610
In the belly, there is a section where floating sections of the ceiling fall down, and if you get caught by it, instant game over!
FF6 2016-04-10 11-49-44-126
FF6 2016-04-10 11-49-52-959
We find some good items here, but we also find this fellow, Gogo the mime.

Those who have played/followed my FF5 series might remember how there is a boss named Gogo later in the game.

Anyway, he says he has been down here for quite a while and asks us what we are doing.
When we tell him to save the world, he joins us to help.

Gogo is a mime, that much is for sure, and as such, can mimic an allies last action with the mimic command.
FF6 2016-04-10 12-40-08-647
Much like the FF5 counterpart, he can equip three extra commands out of all of the party’s list of abilities, such as Attack, Item, Magic, even unique ones like Runic, Blitz or Sketch.
Unfortunately, he can’t equip any espers(he knows all of the spells that the current party knows, so even though he can’t equip espers, he will be able to cast magic as long as someone in the party knows magic), and his stats are pretty horrid.

But, he can fill pretty much any niche you need him for, albeit a tiny beat on the weaker side, so I made a party of Locke, Setzer, Gau and Gogo, with Gogo filling the role of mage with Magic, Runic and Lore as his abilities.

Just to test him out, see how he plays.
FF6 2016-04-10 13-17-29-589
While flying around, we run into Deathgaze!
This guy scared me, but he wasn’t that bad. He started off the fight with Level 5 Death, which missed everyone but Gogo.
FF6 2016-04-10 13-18-36-987
With Locke buffing us with Hastega, Gau using his Tyrannosaur rage for Meteor, plus Gogo using Grand Delta, he was taking a ton of damage.

He eventually fled.
FF6 2016-04-10 13-18-57-111
FF6 2016-04-10 13-24-20-228
We then had to track him down two more times before we finally got him.
FF6 2016-04-10 13-37-02-263
For the last fight, I brought out Strago so he could learn Level 5 Death, and he also happened to learn Aero as a bonus.
FF6 2016-04-10 13-37-21-524
In the end, he drops the Bahamut magicite!
FF6 2016-04-10 13-37-41-097
Bahamut gives +50% HP, which is amazing, as well, he teaches Flare at x2!

While doing some leveling, I stop by Jidoor again to go to the auction house, and first auction, we buy the Golem magicite!
FF6 2016-04-10 14-05-20-279
Golem looks okay, but he is kind of out-dated at this point, since I didn’t get him earlier in the game. Oh well!

We head to Nikeah to board the ship and we get attacked by a sea beast!
FF6 2016-04-10 15-03-46-890
Leviathan was tough.
FF6 2016-04-10 15-04-47-009
He hit extremely hard with El Nino and Tsunami. Poor Mog didn’t stand a chance against the damage, but he spent most of the fight in the air with the Jump command.
FF6 2016-04-10 15-05-31-707
I don’t know what happened, but after I cast Libra on him, he retaliated with El Nino, and two Tsunamis, all back-to-back.

Only Setzer lived with a little over 100 HP. Mog was in the air, so he wasn’t effected.
FF6 2016-04-10 15-06-45-673
Mog got the kill after a Jump, and the Holy Lance triggered the Holy spell, dealing a good chunk of damage.
FF6 2016-04-10 15-06-53-768
FF6 2016-04-10 15-07-15-697
We then get the Leviathan magicite!
FF6 2016-04-10 15-07-34-535
+2 Stamina is just okay, but he does teach Flood, which seems like a rarity, since there aren’t very many water spells.

We now head to Kefka’s tower, to put a stop to him once and for all, next time!

Join me then for the finale!


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