Final Fantasy 6 – Finale

Last time we did a bunch of side quest in preparation for the end of the game.
Check it out.

Let’s head to Kefka’s tower and end this!
FF6 2016-04-13 13-04-58-335
Before we head out, I did some quick leveling and magic grinding in the desert of Maranda, and we ran into this guy!
FF6 2016-04-13 13-06-24-688
He hit really hard, using Knockdown, dealing almost 5000 damage to one person.

He then could spam 1000 Needles, sometimes 3-4 times in a row, which would definitely kill a few people.

Unfortunately, this was the weaker party, so they didn’t know Arise, some didn’t even know Curaga yet, and we lost.
FF6 2016-04-13 13-07-06-086
Even with Sabin dealing almost 9999 damage with Phantom Rush, we just couldn’t do it.

Taking a new strategy and team, I bring Terra, Sabin, Celes and Locke.

Everyone was pretty much there to support Sabin, although Terra got the kill with Ultima.
FF6 2016-04-13 13-49-21-529
I had everyone Reraise themselves first round, then Celes and Locke revived and healed as necessary.

Protect was almost pointless, since 1000 Needles always dealt 1000 damage.
We were in a good spot, so I had Terra Dual Cast Ultimas for the win.
FF6 2016-04-13 13-50-45-452
Thank goodness everyone had Reraise, because at the end, he spammed 1000 Needles a bunch of times before he finally croaked.
FF6 2016-04-13 13-50-56-972
But, for our efforts, we get the Cactuar magicite!
FF6 2016-04-13 13-51-25-740
Not bad, and a +2 speed is nice!

I head to Jidoor and stop by the auction. There, they are selling the Excalipoor. I finally have enough money to buy it, and end up spending half a million gil to buy it.

We then swing by the coliseum.

The coliseum is a place where you can bet an item, and then you face an enemy, except, the catch is, you can’t input any commands, it is just an auto battle, and it is a 1-on-1 fight.
They can use any ability or spell they know, so sometimes you might get unlucky and they do stupid things.

We bet the Excalipoor and fight an Onion Dasher. I have Locke enter the tournament, since he had the Master’s Scroll and a Genji Glove. He made quick work of his opponent, but then we are stopped by Gilgamesh who wants our sword!
FF6 2016-04-13 14-09-39-030
Gilgamesh hit pretty hard actually. I had everyone Reraise on the first turn, for safety, then Terra healed and cast Protect.
Sabin did his usual Phantom Rush while Celes and Locke healed.
FF6 2016-04-13 14-11-44-611
I had Locke cast Quick on himself, giving him two turns, and I had him attack twice, for a total of sixteen attacks. Gilgamesh then goes down!
FF6 2016-04-13 14-12-08-940
He says he misjudged our strength and he will join us!
FF6 2016-04-13 14-12-23-493
FF6 2016-04-13 14-12-32-234
Gilgamesh is a pretty good esper. Not sure what Valor does, but hopefully we will find out. +2 Strength is good.

For beating the Onion Dasher we get the Merit Award, an accessory that lets anyone equip any weapon or armor.
Gilgamesh gives us another Genji Helm.

With that, we now head to Kefka’s Tower.

Before we dive into Kefka’s tower, Celes has concerns about destroying the warring triad.
She wonders what will happen if they destroy the source of the epsers and magic.
FF6 2016-04-14 09-27-17-444
Strago says it could very well remove magic completely from the world.

They then wonder how it could affect Terra.

So, Kefka’s tower requires three parties, meaning I hope everyone leveled up every character somewhat, because you can only leave behind 1-2 characters if you want three full parties of four.
FF6 2016-04-14 09-28-49-419
Here are my teams.

With Mog on the first team, he can equip the Molulu’s Charm and stop all random encounters, so that will be a time-saver.

We go through a bit with Terra’s party and reach a dead end, so we switch to Celes’ group.
FF6 2016-04-14 09-46-39-887
We find our way to the cells, and meet up with this fellow who is locked in a cell.

He hit pretty hard with his spells, like Tsunami, Firaga and Quake. He also used Southern Cross which did a great deal of damage to the entire party.

With Setzer using the Soul of Thamasa, he was on support duty while Celes was on healing duty.

I had Gau use the stray cat rage, and I got pretty lucky with his cat scratch attack, dealing 9999 damage quite a few times. Edgar used his drill for about 4000 damage to help Gau out.
FF6 2016-04-14 09-50-12-011
He eventually went down pretty quick, with not a whole lot of trouble.

He also unlocks a save point for us to use.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-01-25-889
We find another dragon, and he goes down extremely quick. He only used Thundara and Thunder, dealing almost no damage.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-02-13-424
We get the Crystal Orb, an accessory that increases MP by 50%. Nice.

There is only one dragon left!

We then run into some enemies.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-04-32-596
They hit hard.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-04-46-464
The ninjas can throw all sorts of items, Pinwheels, Fuma Shurikens, all dealing over 1000 damage.

The woman in the back is a deadly caster, capable of light healing, plus Holy and Meteor.

A couple of Arises, Curagas, and Meteors from Gau while raging got us through.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-31-38-368
As the third party, we make our way around and we are suddenly accosted by Inferno!
FF6 2016-04-14 10-32-16-468
This thing has its main body, and two arms, which it can regenerate.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-34-05-188
He wasn’t too bad, but he started using Meteor, and he also used Magitek Barrier, which buffs him.

Relm had Dualcasted Holy on him, but it reflected onto Strago, killing the poor man.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-35-04-950
He also used Delta Attack, and petrified Strago, but Locke ended the fight shortly after.

We get a save point for our troubles.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-43-06-904
We find the last dragon, the Skull Dragon!
FF6 2016-04-14 10-45-02-652
He wasn’t actually that tough. He likes to use status ailments, and he did cast Doom on Relm, but Holy did 9999 damage to him, so he went down pretty fast with Relm and Strago using those.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-45-14-063
FF6 2016-04-14 10-45-15-895
FF6 2016-04-14 10-45-23-879
Afterwords, we broke some kind of seal by defeating the eight dragons, and we get the Crusader magicite!
We also get the Muscle Belt from the Skull Dragon, an accessory that increases HP by 50%.
FF6 2016-04-14 10-48-35-661
Crusader is a pretty good esper. Meltdown is really good, and Meteor is awesome. +50% MP is great!
FF6 2016-04-14 10-54-09-668
We then hit both switches on the side of the door, which allows Terra entry.
We throw some weights onto the switches down below so Celes and Relm can enter the room with us.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-22-29-192
Relm’s group ends up being the one to continue on and we face the Guardian!
FF6 2016-04-14 12-23-48-734
FF6 2016-04-14 12-24-06-925
He went down incredibly fast. Thundagas just murdered him. I didn’t even really attack with Locke, I just had try to unsuccessfully Steal.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-24-12-570
After that, we get a save point and continue on.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-28-23-270
We then come up to one of the warring triad statues, Demon!
FF6 2016-04-14 12-30-20-450
He wasn’t too bad. I only had to heal once, because he used Wave Cannon followed by Southern Cross, but with Relm Dualcasting Holys and Cyan’s Tempest, he went down pretty quick.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-31-37-081
FF6 2016-04-14 12-31-50-488
FF6 2016-04-14 12-46-56-800
Next up, this one.

He hit pretty hard with his spells, even his physicals dealt okay damage.
Everyone was on kill duty while Gogo was support.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-48-53-579
I was surprised at Mog. Using Jump, with the Dragoon Horn, he was sometimes dealing over 15,000 damage after a jump. The Dragoon Horn allows the user to sometimes Jump multiple times upon using Jump. Not even Sabin and his Phantom Rush could beat that!
FF6 2016-04-14 12-49-17-888
FF6 2016-04-14 12-49-44-638
FF6 2016-04-14 12-50-01-133
He did have a move called Force Field that would alter his resistances. He became immune to holy, which wasn’t a big deal.
FF6 2016-04-14 12-59-31-728
The Goddess fight wasn’t that bad. She did use a move that forces one character to take all physical attacks that target the goddess, which is extremely annoying. I was forced to just use magic with everyone, except for Gau who was Stray Cat raging.

She went down after a Flare and an Ultima or two.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-00-15-178
Setzer and his Fixed Dice, plus the Master’s Scroll deals amazing damage.

Setzer’s dice work by doing random damage, but with the Fixed Dice, if you roll triples, the damage skyrockets.

With the Master’s Scroll, you attack four times, so Setzer is a physical attacking fiend, especially if you are lucky.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-01-25-156
FF6 2016-04-14 13-01-38-103
She goes down, and the group says that magic isn’t fading away like they thought it would.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-01-45-903
They wonder if Kefka managed to extract the very essence of magic from the triad?
FF6 2016-04-14 13-11-11-160
All three of the parties step on the switch, and we get whisked away to Kefka…
FF6 2016-04-14 13-12-05-091
Who greets us.

He then talks about how he has absolute power, and the gang all tell him why they want to save the world.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-13-40-407
FF6 2016-04-14 13-13-53-480
He goes ballistic at one point and starts firing lasers all of the world.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-16-24-938
We then have to choose our “party.” I have no idea how this is going to shake out, but here we go!

The final battle!!!
FF6 2016-04-14 13-33-43-361
So for the final battle, you fight sets of bosses as you work your way up to Kefka.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-37-22-141
Honestly, none of the bosses were that tough. Some had multiple targets, and could cast a few annoying spells, but my party level was in the late 40’s and I had very little trouble.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-39-20-349
Each of the forms has a last ditch effort attack before they are killed, which almost got me a couple of times.

For instance, the first form I believe it was, cast Quake right as he died. Thankfully, a few of my party members had Float still active from exploring the dungeon, so it didn’t do as much damage to the party as it could have.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-41-19-265
FF6 2016-04-14 13-41-57-742
FF6 2016-04-14 13-42-38-527
The form right before the boss was annoying, since it could heal with White Wind and cast status ailments.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-43-36-804
When we arrive at Kefka, I had Terra and Celes buff and heal while Sabin used Phantom Rush and Setzer attacked with his Master Scroll’ed Fixed Dice.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-45-06-801
He said the end was near, and started shaking, which had me worried, so I started using Reraise and Shell to hopefully lessen the damage.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-45-27-205
When it hit, I expected the worse, but it only hit for like 800 damage to each person, so that was a bit of a dud.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-46-14-230
He went down after that.
FF6 2016-04-14 13-46-58-532
He slowly fades into dust, and the tower starts to collapse! Our magicite begins to disappear, one-by-one. Even Terra is weakened.

She Trances, and we all scramble to escape the tower.

There are cutscenes here and there, but nothing that was really important.

We all managed to escape, and the world is saved.

That was kind of it. Terra is still alive, thankfully, but we kind of just ride off into the sunset, and roll credits!
FF6 2016-04-14 14-08-48-189

Final Thoughts:

Wow… This game was pretty intense at times.

Let me start by just saying that Kefka is a pretty unique villian.

For one, he actually succeeded in destroying and conquering the world. He did it. We tried to stop him, but we lost.

I love that aspect. The very beginning of the sequence after you wake up as Celes and you realize what has happened after a year, it’s… Emotional, in a way.

Then you have to try to track down your friends who could be dead or alive, that was great.

Also, Kefka doesn’t have a tragic backstory, or anything like that, he is just purely insane, and lusts for power and destruction.

I mean, I guess a lot of villains don’t really have much of a motive for why they want to control/destroy the world, but I guess what makes Kefka different is he back-stabs, lies, and actually succeeds at destroying the world.

The story as a whole was pretty good. My favorite part is around the middle, where you are just trying to find a way to stop the empire and Kefka, while running around doing what you can, and then Kefka destroys the world, and then it’s like…

What now?

All of the characters I really liked. Their concepts were pretty unique and varied. I really liked Strago and Relm’s relationship, it reminded me a bit of Galuf and Krile.

Really though, I think my favorite character might be Celes. I love all of the characters, don’t get me wrong, but I just feel like Celes is a bit more mature than Terra, and goes through a lot, being with the empire, waking up from a coma after a year, even attempting suicide!

I wonder if we had saved Cid if she still would have tried to commit suicide?

Speaking of characters, however, there are some oddities, like Umaro. I liked Umaro as a character, but I would never use him in a serious game. Permanent Berserk?
I read that he isn’t even that strong anyway, so what is the point?

I liked the magicite/esper system, but I will admit, nearing the end of the game, it got pretty easy.
Some of the random encounters were more trouble than the actual bosses!

I used it here and there, mostly in the Cultist’s Tower, but it felt like Ultima was literally a “win” button.

Even with Strago, who didn’t have incredibly high magic would almost always deal 9999 damage to a single target and like 5000-7000 to multiple targets.

But, disregarding magic, Sabin’s Phantom Rush was really powerful, as was Fixed Dice, if you give Setzer the Master’s Scroll, which I think is fair.

The only real difficult section, which really surprised me, was right when you get to the floating continent.
That place is difficult.

But all in all, I had a lot of fun with the game.

I will say that in the beginning, the glitches I encountered were very annoying, but after a reinstall, they mostly went away.

The Shadow 9999 HP and Cyan’s 999 MP glitch stayed, but oh well.

Yeah, I did let Shadow die on the floating continent, but I didn’t know to wait for him.

In a way, I am kind of glad I did, because with him having 9999 HP for the rest of the game, that would have probably made the game even easier.
Plus, I really didn’t know you were supposed to wait for him until after this play-through.

Cyan’s 999 MP wasn’t that big of a deal, since he isn’t really a spell caster anyway.

Although I still consider Cyan to be pretty weak overall. I wanted him to be good, but his Bushido just took too long for too little effect, in my opinion.

However, it really makes me wonder how many ways you can beat this game. I think I read that you only have to have Celes, Setzer and one other person? Edgar, maybe?

Once you get to the world of ruin, you pretty much have the choice to assault Kefka’s tower as soon as you get the airship, if I recall correctly.
Does that mean you can leave behind a lot of the characters and just attempt to beat the game? Can you leave behind Locke, Relm, Strago and the others?

Yes, Kefka’s tower does require three parties, but can you really go through it with only three characters, one in each party?

That would be interesting and crazy.

The music in this game… Amazing to the ears. I loved everyone’s different themes. Funnily enough, I think my favorite theme might be Relm’s. It really suits her personality to me.

Of course, Terra’s is iconic, no denying that.

So, would I recommend this game?

Yes. I really would.

If you don’t have it, and you want it on Steam, this version is pretty good.

However, know, that this is a mobile port, and it does have a few bugs in it, but if you start to have the same problems I did, back up your saves, and reinstall.

I won’t say it will fix all of your problems, but it fixed mine. After that, I never had any trouble, other than the aforementioned HP/MP glitches.(Which is hardly “game-breaking,” anyway. Well, maybe the 9999 HP glitch.)

You can tell that it is a mobile port, but it still plays all right with a controller.
FF5, even though it was a mobile port, played amazing, I could never really tell.
But this one is passable.

I know some people were not happy with the sprites in this game, the same with FF5. I can kind of agree, but oh well, I got used to them.

I guess I am just not that picky, I am just happy to have the Final Fantasy games on a platform that is easily accessible (PC and Steam).

But with that, we now move onto one of the most renown games in the series…
FF7_EN 2016-04-15 10-12-18-009
Final Fantasy 7!


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