Final Fantasy 7 Part 2 – Moments from the Past

Last time, we went through the beginning bits of the game.
Check it out.

So, let’s explore this desolate train yard!
We have to do some train hopping, but we eventually make it out, picking up some items along the way.
FF7_EN 2016-04-16 18-38-50-163
We reach the sector 7 pillar, and find everyone is battling on it!
FF7_EN 2016-04-16 18-39-31-755
Wedge falls off of the pillar, and says Barret is at the top, fighting to protect it.

Cloud tells Aeris to stay here and look after Wedge, and Tifa tells her to go to her bar and rescue Barret’s daughter.

We quickly make our way to the top to help out Barret.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-12-20-548
We make it to the top, speaking to Biggs and Jessie along the way.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-14-33-208
When we reach the top, Reno swoops in from a helicopter and plants the time bomb.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-14-50-446
He then fights us.

Reno went down pretty easily.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-15-34-266
He can use a move called Pyramid, which will essentially paralyze one character, until another character attacks them to remove the pyramid.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-16-01-196
We had to do some minor healing, but that was pretty much it.
He can also paralyze with his electo-rod move.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-17-31-752
After the fight, he runs off, and we see that Tseng has kidnapped Aeris!

Aeris yells to Tifa that “she” is all right.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-18-21-425
The bomb then starts to explode!
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-18-59-889
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-19-20-355
Barret manages to get some wire and we all pile on to swing to safety before the whole plate collapses.

With sector 7 now crushed, Barret doesn’t know what to do with himself, firing at the rubble in blind rage.

He calms down, but Tifa tells him that she asked Aeris to get his daughter to safety, so she is probably safe.

Barret insists they have to take down Shinra to stop all of this, but Tifa just doesn’t know what to do.

Cloud then runs off by himself.
Controlling solo Cloud, we continue on through part of the slums.

Before we can get too far, Barret and Tifa come to us and tell us they are going after Marlene.
Cloud mentions he is going to get Aeris as well, but first, he wants to know about the Ancients.

He has a quick voice ring out in his head.
After that, we now continue on to try and find Marlene.

We head to Aeris’ home, and speak to her mother.
She tells us that Aeris was taken by Shinra.

She also explains how she found her and her dying mother outside of the train station after she had been waiting for her husband to come back from a war long ago.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-37-41-758
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 12-39-32-129
She says how Aeris always had strange powers, and spoke of the planet.

She also tells us that Aeris brought Marlene here, but Shinra found them, so Aeris went with them to ensure Marlene would be safe.

Barret runs upstairs to see her, and we follow suit.

We all agree that we need to head to the Shinra building and rescue Aeris, so Tifa and Barret joins us.
Barret asks that Marlene stay here for a while longer, and we head out.

The group discusses how they are going to get the Shinra building, and they decide to check out Wall Market for information.

Along the way, we pick up the Sense materia, which I believe acts like the Libra spell in previous games, which will tell us the enemy’s stats, such as HP, MP, weaknesses, ect.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 13-05-37-383
We finally arrive at the shinra HQ.

This is a big “dungeon” that we have to traverse though, mostly collecting various keycards to reach the higher floors.
You need clearance to reach the higher floors, so it becomes a hunt for the correct keycards.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 13-36-56-940
We do get an Elemental materia for correctly answering this guy’s puzzle.

Elemental allows us to imbue our weapons with an element, or protect us from an element by equipping it on an armor along with a elemental materia, say, Fire, in a linked slot. Awesome.

We climb our way to the upper floors and eavesdrop on the big-wigs meeting.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-12-20-973
They discuss how they aren’t going to rebuild sector 7, and they are going to go ahead with something called “Neo-Midgar.”

We also spot Hojo, a scientist working for Shinra that has plans for Aeris.

We find a specimen that Hojo is working on, and Cloud has another headache, and he speaks of Jenova and Sephiroth.
He calms down and we continue on.

We find Aeris and Hojo.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-23-24-399
Hojo then summons that specimen from earlier, and plans to breed Aeris with it!

Barret shoots the tank, and the specimen jumps out and attacks Hojo.
The specimen then speaks, and tells us it will help us!

He introduces himself as Red XIII, a name given to him by Hojo.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-25-18-400
Just then, we are attacked by this thing!
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-27-09-360
It comes with some small allies, but they mostly attack.

If they are killed, however, it can just revive and heal them, so it is pretty pointless to attack them.

It can also use Shady Breath, which poisons the entire party.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-28-32-198
Red’s Limit Break is Sled Fang, which deals some decent damage to one target.

He goes down, and we make a party of three. I choose Tifa, Red and Cloud, while Barret gets Aeris to safety.

We also get the Enemy Skill materia!
This works just like blue magic does in the other games.
Oh, we also picked up the Poison materia not too long ago, which let’s us cast Bio.

We head to the elevator to get out of here, and we are grabbed by the Turks!
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-41-53-476
We are put in front of the president, who tells us they are going to use Aeris to search for the “Promised Land.”

He tells that the Promised Land is supposedly very fertile and lush… And full of Mako they can use to make even more money!

They are going to build Neo-Midgar there.
Barret is pissed, but we all get tossed in jail.

We speak a bit to everyone, and eventually fall asleep.

When Cloud wakes up, the cell is open, and there are dead guards outside?
We quickly round everyone together, while Red and Barret investigates ahead.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-53-03-073
We find Red, who tells us that the Jenova specimen escaped, and headed to the upper floors.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 14-58-17-365
We head to the president’s area and find he is dead, with a sword sticking out of his back!
Tifa and Cloud recognize the sword as Sephiroth’s!

Just then, Rufus, the president’s son comes in on a helicopter and tells us he is going to control the world with fear, now that he is president.

Cloud and Tifa stay behind, while Aeris, Barret and Red get to safety.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-06-21-567
We take the elevator, and are attacked by some robots!
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-08-35-716
This guy wasn’t that tough, even though he did KO Aeris with a barrage of attacks.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-09-26-084
I also accidentally wasted a Phoenix Down since it was hard to tell who the pointer was on, but oh well.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-09-35-775
Next up is this smaller robot, who could really do some damage.

It also had an attack that could damage the whole party and potentially put people to sleep, which was bad.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-11-51-318
We finally got him, thanks to Red’s Bolt and Aeris’ healing.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-15-20-999
As Cloud, we then fight Rufus and his pet.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-15-40-279
His pet could cast Barrier(Protect) and MBarrier(Shell), which was a nuisance.

As well, he could cast Bolt and attack, while Rufus himself mostly just used his shotgun on us.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-16-10-402
It boiled down to Cloud healing, and using his Cross-Slash, which is when he could deal some good damage, since Barrier cut his attack down by quite a lot.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-17-48-656
He then jumps onto his helicopter and rides off.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-20-11-019
Then, Tifa finds the others, and says Cloud is coming.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-20-17-952
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-20-31-285
Cloud then drives up in a motorcycle of all things, and Tifa and the others grab a Shinra truck.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-23-35-389
We are then treated to this mini-game of sorts.

As Cloud, I have to keep the others as safe as possible through horrible controls while we try to escape as Shinra guards are after us.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-25-57-753
We reach the end, but are then attacked by this thing!
He starts with a back-attack, that deals light damage to the party.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-27-50-247
Thankfully, he was weak to Bolt, so Cloud was dealing some nice damage to him through-out the fight.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 15-28-43-826
He had some pretty nasty attacks, but we eventually got him.

After the fight, Cloud says he is going to find Sephiroth, that he needs to settle a score.

Everyone agrees to leave Midgar, and Barret says to meet in the northwest town of Kalm.
I choose Cloud, Red and Tifa as my main group, while Barret and Aeris head to Kalm ahead of us.

With Midgar over, and the world map now open to us, let’s talk about some of the characters, shall we!

This game is somewhat similar to FF6, in that each character has slight differences, but can be made almost anyway you want.

I say somewhat, because unlike in FF6, each character is largely the same, except for weapons and Limit Breaks.

Certain characters can only equip certain weapons, so you can’t have Tifa running around with a Buster Sword, for instance.

Limit Breaks are another large part that separates the characters. Most of the early Limit Breaks usually just do damage, unlike Aeris, whose limit heals.

Each character has their own large set of Limit Breaks unique to them.

With the materia system, however, if you want Cloud to be a healer, go ahead!
Barret to be a mage, go for it.

Each character has slightly different stats, but in the end, it’s mostly irrelevant.
Materia plays a more vital role in how you build your characters.

With that said, let’s head onto Kalm.

When we arrive, we head to the inn and Cloud tells his story about when he was with Soldier, with Sephiroth during a mission in his hometown five years ago.

Tifa was hired as a guide, who was tasked to take them to a mako reactor that might have been bad.

There were reports of monsters in the area, so Shinra sent Soldiers to investigate.

During this section, Sephiroth is in our party, while Cloud is a lonely level 1, with Sephiroth being a mighty 50.

You can’t un-equip Sephiroth of his gear or materia, so don’t think you can get a bunch of awesome stuff early.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 17-29-22-715
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 17-29-46-489
In battle, Sephiroth is invulnerable, pretty much, with such powerful attacks that the enemies don’t stand a chance. Poor Cloud just sits on the side lines.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 17-47-15-527
We come up to a bridge, but the bridge falls, sending everyone tumbling down the mountain.

Thankfully, everyone appears to be all right, and Tifa says these caves intertwine with each other, and we should be able to get through.

In the cave, we find a Mako Fountain, which Sephiroth explains is a pure source of mako.

We also learn that materia is condensed mako energy, and that supposedly, the knowledge of the ancients is kept within materia, which is what allows us to use magic when we equip them.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 17-58-49-228
Moving on, we find the reactor, and inside we find that Shinra, along with Hojo, has been pumping people full of mako energy, turning them into monsters.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 17-59-45-367
Sephiroth flips out, saying that he was created this way.

Afterwords, Sephiroth runs off somewhere and we search for him in the old Shinra mansion in town.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-10-30-383
There, he finds old journals from professor Gast, a deceased scientist who discovered Jenova, who is Sephiroth’s mother, I guess?

Sephiroth then spends days in in the basement reading over these journals.

When Cloud goes to check on him later, it seems he has finally snapped.

Sephiroth says he was created by Gast, and that Jenova is his mother.
He says long ago, the Cetra, or the Ancients, settled the planet, but regular humans were also here.

A disaster struck, and the Cetra had to be sacrificed to save the planet, while the other humans hid and survived.

Gast used Jenova to try and create the Cetra again.

Sephiroth was the result.
Sephiroth then runs off, saying he is going to see his mother.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-11-16-978
When we exit the mansion, the entire village is one fire!
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-12-05-774
Yep, he snapped.

We chase after Sephiroth back to the reactor where we find Tifa, whose father was just killed by Sephiroth.

She grabs his sword and rushes at him, but he gets it away from her and stabs her!

Cloud then confronts Sephiroth, who says he has been chosen to take the planet back for him, his mother and the Cetra.

Then, the flash back ends.

Cloud says he doesn’t remember what happened after that, why he is still alive, since Sephiroth could have easily killed him all those years ago.

Barret gives us the PHS, a device that allows us to change party members at save points and the world map!

Let’s explore Kalm, now that we have the chance.

We buy a few new materia, like the Heal and Earth materia.
Heal allows us to cast Poisona, and eventually the handy Esuna.
Earth allows us to cast the Quake spells.

We leave, and start heading east, and we find a chocobo farm!

We speak to one of the chocobos, who gives us the Chocobo summon materia!

We speak to the people here, and they explain how to catch a chocobo.
First, he sells us the chocobo lure for 2000 gil! Pricey, but we need it.

If we find chocobo foot prints on the world map, we must run around there until we get into a battle, then immediately feed it some chocobo feed, kill off the rest of the enemies without hitting the chocobo, and bam, we get a chocobo.

We have to have the chocobo lure materia equipped, otherwise this won’t work.

He also sells a variety of “greens,” which vary in cost and effectiveness. The more you pay, the longer that the chocobo will stay without running away in battle, giving you enough time to kill off the enemies. I buy some of the mid-grade ones and head out.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-46-11-571
We grab a chocobo and head out past this swamp.

If you talk to the old man in the house at the chocobo farm, he tells us that we need the chocobo to get past a huge serpent that attacks travelers.
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-47-24-216
If you try to do this without a chocobo, and run into the shadow seen above, this will probably happen:
FF7_EN 2016-04-17 18-47-39-503
Yeah, this thing is incredibly tough right now.

We pass through and find one of those snakes impaled on a tree, and everyone wonders if Sephiroth was the one to do it.

We then find ourselves in some kind of mine.

We find a few items in this initial area, like a Mind Source, which raises one character’s spirit permanently, and the Long Range materia, which allows for full damage from the back row when equipped.

We then come across Rude and Elena, new members of Turks who tell us they are after Sephiroth.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-01-01-525
Elena lets it slip that Sephiroth is heading to Junon Harbor, then another, more experienced Turk comes and tells them to just move on.

We come out the other side of the cave and while running around, we come across a Mystery Ninja, who we take out pretty easily.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-11-39-851
We act like we are terrified of her, and convince her to join us!
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-12-47-690
She introduces herself as Yuffie.

As we leave, it appears this was all according to her plan… What is she hiding?

We reach the town of Junon, but find it very empty.
We head down to the beach, and find a young girl playing with a dolpin in the water.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-46-35-848
But then, a huge beast attacks!
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-46-41-368
This guy was pretty annoying.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-48-03-726
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-48-18-097
He hit decently hard, but he could also trap our party members in bubbles, much like Reno could with his Pyramid move, except in this case, it can only be removed by magic.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-48-52-692
He also has the Big Wave attack, which deals light damage to everyone.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-50-12-441
We also try out our new Chocobo summon on him!
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 12-52-11-533
We beat him and have to do a CPR mini-game to revive the little girl.

She eventually wakes up and the old man rushes her to safety.
We rest at the inn and the girl that we rescued gives us the Shiva materia! Awesome.

We find out that Sephiroth may have already made it past the ocean.

We get a whistle from the girl and Cloud uses the dolphin she was playing with and manages to sneak up to an airship that is here with Rufus.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-02-13-947
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-07-52-361
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-08-13-561
We then get disguised as a Shinra soldier, and are forced into a parade for the president!

You have to step in time with the rest of the soldiers as well as knowing when to shoulder your gun.

I was horrible at this last time I played, let’s see how well I do this time.
It doesn’t go well.

That whole section is really dumb, and such a time-waster, in my opinion.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-26-02-786
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-26-15-891
Eventually, we reach the ship to where we can cross to the new continent and hopefully track down Sephiroth.

Everyone is disguised as Shinra soldiers, so we can sneak around on the boat.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-30-07-542
On the boat, we begin to speak to everyone who is disguised… Some better than others.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-32-10-692
We find Barret, who is listening in on Rufus, but then an alarm goes, saying a stowaway has been found!

Everyone gathers on the deck, and they wonder who the stowaway is.
Perhaps Sephiroth?

We make our party of Cloud, Red and Tifa and search around.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-47-58-849
We reach the lower levels and find Sephiroth, who says “it is time.”
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-48-09-830
We then fight Jenova Birth!
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-49-13-520
This thing wasn’t that bad. He hit decently hard, and could cast Stop, but we kept up the offensive and it was no trouble.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-49-36-707
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-51-20-207
Near the end, it did managed to Stop Tifa, but I gave Cloud an extra Restore materia, just in case he had to heal, so that wasn’t an issue.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-48-54-246
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-51-55-413
Red spammed Flamethrower, a fire enemy skill we picked up earlier, and it went down.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-52-44-589
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-52-47-628
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 13-52-51-691
Afterwords, Cloud gives us a brief recap of what has happened.

We grab the Ifrit materia!

We then finally make it to Costal Del Sol, a tourist area.
Rufus shows up with his goons, but leaves in a helicopter.

We grab some stuff around town, and even speak to Hojo on the beach.
He tells us to possibly head west, in regards to Aeris and the Ancients.

We exit town and explore our surroundings.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-02-11-614
Along the way, we get the Fat Chocobo summon, which has a small chance at happening
when you summon Chocobo, I believe it just deals extra damage to all enemies, as well as being cute.

We make our way to Mount Corel, and someone on the mountain says they spotted Sephiroth!

We find ourselves at a reactor of sorts.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-20-49-645
We also run into a hilarious glitch, where Cloud is extremely huge, and possibly upside down? It goes away after a battle though.

We continue on and find our way to a small mining town.

When we arrive, the townspeople are incredibly harsh to Barret, saying it is all his fault that the town is in the state that it is in.
We rest up and head out to a rope-way that takes us to something called the Gold Saucer.

Before leave, Barret gives us the scoop about what happened.

When Corel was a much larger town, Shinra came to the town to build a mako reactor.
Everyone was for it, except for Dyne, his friend.

Then, the reactor blew up and Shinra murdered everyone in town, thinking that it was a rebel attack on Shinra.

Barret and Dyne were out of town at the time, so now he blames himself for going along with building a reactor.
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-52-00-699
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-52-08-566
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-52-17-432
Anyway, we arrive at the Gold Saucer, and boy is it fancy!
FF7_EN 2016-04-18 17-52-33-298
Next time, we explore the Gold Saucer and see what we can find!


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 Part 2 – Moments from the Past

  1. I absolutely hated all the stupid mini-games in this game. I don’t care that they’re there, but I hated that they’re all at some point required to further the story. Ugh.

    I’m enjoying this little series you have going though. This wasn’t my favorite game, but I do like a lot of elements to it.


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