Old School RPG! (GYSCO)

This time on Games You Should Check Out, we take a look at an old, hardcore, often praised CRPG…

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition for PC!

Baldur 2016-05-29 13-12-00-909

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Games You Should Check Out(GYSCO) -The best zombie game ever?-

Last time on Games You Should Check Out, we talked vampires. Now, let’s talk zombies!

Do you enjoy zombie games?

I do, but in this day in age, where there are just so many zombie games out there, you really have to be picky on which ones you buy.

Most aren’t worth your time anymore, or just don’t offer anything new, repeating the same old thing, time and time again.

Not saying they aren’t good, but really, once you play a zombie game, you have played many of them.

However, there is one zombie game that really has stood out in my mind as one of the top tier zombie survival games I have ever played, perhaps even the absolute best.
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