Games You Should Check Out(GYSCO) -The best zombie game ever?-

Last time on Games You Should Check Out, we talked vampires. Now, let’s talk zombies!

Do you enjoy zombie games?

I do, but in this day in age, where there are just so many zombie games out there, you really have to be picky on which ones you buy.

Most aren’t worth your time anymore, or just don’t offer anything new, repeating the same old thing, time and time again.

Not saying they aren’t good, but really, once you play a zombie game, you have played many of them.

However, there is one zombie game that really has stood out in my mind as one of the top tier zombie survival games I have ever played, perhaps even the absolute best.

ProjectZomboid32 2016-04-27 17-14-28-404
Project Zomboid.

Odd name aside, this game is an amazing zombie experience. It has everything, hunger, thirst, weapons, craftable items, even emotions, such as panic and sadness.

This game has been in development for a long time, and I have been following it over the years.
But don’t let that deter you, they frequently update the game with new and exciting features, and listen to community feedback as well.
It finally came on Steam Early Access a while back, so I picked it up.

Now I know that the mention of “Steam Early Access” will probably frighten some of you, but this game is a really good one, and definitely worth your time.

In Project Zomboid, you create your character, give them traits, which can give various bonuses or negatives, such as Athletic, Eagle-Eyed, or even things like Deaf and Weak.

Of course, the game is balanced to where you can’t just pick the best traits.

There is a point system, where-in better, positive traits cost more, while negative traits give you points, so it becomes a balancing act of positive and negative traits.

You can also choose a profession, which will offer set bonuses, like Nurse having medical skills, Carpenter having wood-working skills, or Police Officer having gun training.

After that, you are thrust into the world.
ProjectZomboid32 2016-05-01 14-56-00-354
Your job: survive. That’s it.

Sounds simple, but the depth is quite deep. You have to mind wounds, sicknesses, weather, noise, light, all of those things and more while running through the game.
ProjectZomboid32 2016-05-03 14-36-17-155
Oh, and a bite from a zombie means you are infected. 100% transfer rate.
A scratch, about 1/4 or so chance. Better not get too cocky…

As I mentioned before, you even have to watch your emotions. Get too bored, and possibly become sad, get too panicked, and you will have a hard time steadying your weapon.
These, along with many others, called “Moodles” will tell you what your character is experiencing and feeling.

Keeping a mindful watch on your character’s moodles are the key to making sure they are in tip-top shape to survive the zombie apocalypse.
ProjectZomboid32 2016-05-02 18-16-30-152
Unlike most zombie games that are pretty restrictive, you aren’t restricted at all, in a sense.
You can roam the town, however you please, build a fort anywhere you please, take up residence in whatever house you see fit.

Keep in mind, this is a rogue-like, in that, if you die, that is it, you start over.
ProjectZomboid32 2016-04-27 17-13-23-407
This game isn’t meant to be “beaten.”
ProjectZomboid32 2016-05-03 18-43-04-124
The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you probably shouldn’t buy this game.

There is one more thing that I really, really, love about this game.
The choice to set the “options” for the world.

When you create a new game, you can choose from so many different things, to how many zombies spawn, how they spawn, the items you can find, how much of said items, how alert the zombies are… The list goes on and on.

If you want to do a “28 Days Later” scenario, with fast, hyper alert zombies, you can totally do that.

Want slow shambler types, but come in absolutely massive hordes? You can do that too!
You can even change how long it has been since the infection!

The longer it has been, the more zombies there will be, along with the lack of loot being found, since most of it has been taken already.

With these options, you can tailor your game experience however you wish. Easy, hard, impossible, unique, it’s up to you. I very much enjoy this, and ramps up the replay value by an incredible amount.

The music is a bit odd at first, not your stereotypical themes you see in most zombie games, but I found myself loving it after coming accustomed to it. There are a multitude of tracks, some heavy and heart-pounding, others light, but all of the themes always have that lingering tenseness that keeps you on your toes.

The sound design is phenomenal, hearing the undead shambling towards you, hearing their moans from the “safety” of your base, or even the distant sounds of gun shots ringing out in the city, they all sound great and put you right into the apocalypse.

The graphics are great. It features an isometric view, allowing you to see everything around you, which is a god-send, since you need to be aware of your surroundings.

But then again, I have never been a fan of graphics over gameplay, so in most cases the graphics are always one of the last things I look at when playing a game, unless they are absolutely terrible.

The only thing I have found, in regards to negatives, without being nit-picky, is that it sometimes a bit slow. Since you have to constantly watch your back, you can’t be too loud, it forces you to take it a bit slow in most cases.
But this is a very minor thing.

If you are expecting a “run and gun” zombie game, just move on, this game is not that.
In PZ, careful management of your loot, surroundings, noise and emotions are at the fore-front. Yes, there are a few guns in the game, but don’t except to get very far firing that very loud shotgun all over the city…

Other than that, there are few small things here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning.

This game does feature controller support as of writing, which I adore. It isn’t very polished, but it works wonders for me!
Yes, a mouse and keyboard might be better, but I just feel this game really plays well with a controller.

There is also some multiplayer, but it appears to be a bit on the buggy side at the moment, since it was only just recently added, but if you love multiplayer, it’s there.

They also plan on adding NPC’s that will roam the world, fighting along side you, or even against you, in the near future, which is a very hot topic in the community, and has been for years.

One thing I can say about these developers, they don’t rush. They take their time, and make sure the things they add to the game will be the best that it can be.
In my opinion, that is fantastic, if the end product is so much better because of it.

There is the old motto; “Good things come to those who wait!”

In any case, I highly recommend you check out this game if you love zombies and want a hardcore zombie survival game.
Pick it up on Steam,, or the Humble Bundle store!

Lastly, a little tip. If you are being chased by a horde, and you try to run through a house to lose them…
If a house alarm begins blaring, don’t panic and just leave quickly.

Don’t panic like I did, shut yourself in and try to climb down the second story window via a rope made of bed sheets and pants.
ProjectZomboid32 2016-05-02 18-17-27-103
What you find waiting for you at the bottom… Might not be very pleasant.


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