Final Fantasy 7 Part 4 – The Truth Behind Cloud

We found out some crazy stuff last time!
Check it out!

So, after that whole episode, we find ourselves outside of Gongaga Village.

After exploring around, we start to head to the northern continent, and we find ourselves in the Bone Village.

This tiny village appears to be a hot-spot for archeologists who are doing some excavating.
Speaking to the residents, some have said they spoke to a girl matching Aeris’ description!

They tell us that she went to the Sleeping Forest.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 12-30-25-344
In order to get through, however, we need to find something called the Lunar Harp, and they tell us we can find it by digging it up.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 12-34-09-488
By placing workers in various locations, when a bomb goes off, they use the tremors from the bombs to face the direction of the treasure, and then we have someone dig it up for us!

Digging up the spot gets us the Lunar Harp!
We also do a few more digs and get a Megalixir and a Buntline, a weapon for Vincent.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 12-47-10-381
Moving on, we move through a forest, picking up some treasure, and quickly find ourselves in the Forgotten City.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 12-57-50-784
Hearing Aeris’ voice in the north, we investigate.

We pick up a few awesome treasures, like the Aurora Bracelet, which absorbs ice attacks, and the Comet materia!
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 12-59-45-709
Coming to an odd crystal stairway, Cloud and the gang descend down the stairs and find themselves deeper in the forgotten city.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-03-20-136
We find Aeris and Cloud rushes over to her.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-09-116
Then, Cloud starts to lose control over himself again, and nearly kills Aeris!
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-16-585
Tifa and Barret stop him before he can do it.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-30-599
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-33-332
He snaps out of it, and Aeris seems happy to see us.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-39-665
But then…
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-43-332
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-49-798
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-51-065
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-05-56-865
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-06-12-798
Aeris is stabbed by Sephiroth.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-06-41-068
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-06-52-167
Cloud is extremely upset, of course.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-07-34-306
We then fight Jenova Birth!
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-08-04-099
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-09-39-409
This thing was pretty easy.

All it used were water attacks, and since we just picked up the Water Ring, Cloud would absorb everything it threw at him.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-11-29-313
Tifa and Barret weren’t as lucky, but its regular attacks weren’t that bad at all.
Aqualung, however, is a one hit-kill on everyone besides Cloud.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-12-12-337
Thankfully, I had Life-All equipped on Cloud and he could revive everyone and finish it off.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-13-43-336
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-13-57-003
Everyone pays their last respects, and they let Aeris drift off, deep into the water.

Then, on to disk two!
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-14-49-712
Cloud then asks everyone to form a pact with him, that they all go with him on this journey to beat Sephiroth for everything he has done.

He says there is a part of him that isn’t really him, and that it scares him, but he wants everyone to come with him to stop him.
No one really says anything. Barret just says, “I dunno, man,” and we continue on.

So that’s it. Aeris is dead. No more Great Gospel.

This is one of the most shocking parts of the game. It might not be super shocking now, but back when this game was new, people were flipping out.

And for good reason, too, the game gives literally no warning, then… She is gone.

So yeah, if you failed to get Aeris’ Great Gospel in disk one, you missed it forever until another play-through, so get it before this point if you want it!

We find ourselves in a snow area, and find the small town of Icicle.
They sell some amazing weapons, but they are expensive!

We only pick up Cloud’s, Barret’s and Tifa’s for now.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 13-56-47-896
Then, Elena and her henchmen arrive, and try to stop us from going any further!

Elena tries to punch us, but we duck out of the way and she goes tumbling down in the snow.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 14-00-11-479
We talk to a kid in town who can’t use his snowboard because of some injuries, so he let’s us have it, and we go snowboarding!
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 14-02-22-662
This snowboarding game is really hard to control. I have no idea what they were thinking, putting this mini-game in here.

They also sometimes put the camera right behind Cloud, making it nearly impossible to see what is right ahead.
To be able to turn easily, you have to come to an almost complete stop, which makes corners impossible to take without slamming into something, getting knocked back, and waiting for Cloud to get his bearings again so we get moving.

Anyway, we make it through in one piece and find ourselves out in the cold.

We do some exploration. This is a huge area that we have to traverse.
FF7_EN 2016-04-21 14-39-15-754
We do find some treasure however, like the Alexander summon we pick up from some woman we fight in a cave and the Added Cut materia.

Moving on, we find an old cabin, with an elderly man living in it.
He says that he has been here for 20 years and warns travelers of the mountain.
He then gives us a quick tutorial on how to scale the mountain, so let’s do it!
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 09-09-13-104
In this next section, we have to keep our body temperature as high as possible while we climb the cliffs.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 09-24-13-922
By tapping one of the buttons, we make Cloud do a little dance and raise his body temperature up.

The highest I ever seen it go was 38.

Honestly, as long as you warm up every time you get to a ledge, your temperature shouldn’t ever drop below 32.
I assume it’s either game over or you wake up back at the old man’s cabin if it drops too low.

As we climb our way up to the top, we find a cave with some treasure, notably, another Ribbon, which is nice.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-01-22-636
Moving on, we come to this room with four icicles that we must fight with some bats.

The bats can be somewhat annoying with Silence, and the icicles themselves only use
Icicle drop, which doesn’t do a whole lot of damage.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-02-32-574
We know when we win, because we are treated to a small cutscene of the ice cracking.

After the fight, the icicle falls down to the room below.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-06-39-357
When we jump down, the room now has fallen icicles which we can use as platforms.

Eventually, we find ourselves in a small tunnel, and it begins to shake!
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-17-23-955
We are attacked by this double-headed beast!

Each head has different attacks as well as separate health, so you have to take out each head before it dies.

One uses fire, one uses ice.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-18-42-870
Using the amazing Big Guard, with Cloud casting Regen, we were never in any trouble, HP-wise.

Tifa went summon happy with Bahamut and Chocobo, while the others just attacked.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-19-33-993
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-22-36-841
When the first head started getting low on health, they began to use earth attacks, which did some damage.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-23-03-967
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-21-24-248
When the right head finally went down, it goes limp, and we quickly finish off the other head.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-23-23-076
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-23-41-782
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-23-44-654
I had Tifa use another Big Guard + Regen, since it all wore off, as well as Barret using his level 3 limit, and we trounced it.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-24-13-635
After the fight, we head back to the save point and run into a Blue Dragon!
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-24-31-330
This thing put the hurt on us pretty bad.

For one, Tifa was pretty low on MP, so no Big Guard, and second, his gale attack was nearly a one-hit-KO on the entire party.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 10-18-13-312
Thankfully, all that damage meant more Limit Breaks, and Cloud did some major damage with his Climhazard.
It also dropped a Dragon Armlet for us, which was nice of it.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 12-26-14-135
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 12-26-29-994
Heading back to where we were, we climb even further to the top of the mountain, and get a cutscene of some swirling, green energy.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 12-26-48-000
We head down into the crater, and Cloud mentions how something fell here, and that green energy is spirit energy from the planet, trying to heal the wound.

Tifa says that Sephiroth is using this energy to summon meteor.
FF7_EN 2016-04-23 12-29-48-243
We then find the Neo Bahamut summon materia!
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-13-58-884
We have to pass through the energy here while it’s weaker, so timing is key.

As we continue on, we see a small scene of Rufus, Scarlet and the others as they head this way.

Hojo quietly says to himself that the Promised Land belongs to no one. He also wonders whether Sephiroth will show up or not.
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-15-22-449
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-15-40-632
We then get attacked by Sephiroth after he disappears for a moment, but then reveals to be this thing!

With fire protection and Big Guard+Regen, we were invincible for the fight. No trouble at all.
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-17-03-403
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-17-21-571
We did get to try out Neo Bahamut, which was awesome!
FF7_EN 2016-05-08 14-21-05-500
After the fight, Tifa suggests we give the Black Materia we took back to someone else, so we give it to Red, since no one else will take it at the moment.

Moving on, we find that Sephiroth has created an illusion of Nibelheim all those years ago.

Cloud tells everyone to not be scared, since it is all an illusion.
Tifa, however, still seems uneasy.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 11-57-51-307
As Cloud and the gang go to investigate, Sephiroth appears in town, just like he did all those years ago, but instead of Cloud joining him, it is a black-haired man?

Cloud laughs it off, but Tifa seems really upset.

We are then showed more illusions, and Cloud isn’t budging.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 11-59-36-937
Sephiroth appears, and then shows that same black-haired man leaving the mansion during the fire, instead of Cloud.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-00-17-618
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-00-31-580
Sephiroth tells Cloud he was constructed by Hojo, all those years ago. That he is a failed experiment, a clone of Sephiroth.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-02-59-627
Sephiroth then shows Cloud the picture that was taken all those years ago with Cloud,
Sephiroth and Tifa, but instead of Cloud, that other, black-haired man is present.

Just then, Red, who we gave the Black Materia to, starts seeing darkness, and everyone disappears.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-05-51-809
Tifa appears and tells him to hurry ahead to help Cloud.

Red does so, but then Tifa turns into Sephiroth!
It’s a trap!

Just then, Scarlet, Rufus and Hojo appear, and find a huge cavern of pure materia.
Hojo speaks of something called a “Weapon,” a creature created by the planet that awakens when the planet is in danger and destroys everything.

It is basically a “reset button” for the planet if things go really downhill.

Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Red all suddenly appear, and Cloud convinces Red to give him the
Black Materia, all the while Tifa is screaming at Red and Cloud to stop, but no one can hear her.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-08-51-152
He also speaks with Hojo, who tells him he created him years ago as a clone, but it was a failure.
Hojo is surprised that a failed clone managed to get this far.

With Cloud now in possession of the Black Materia, he flips out and floats up to what appears to be Sephiroth suspended in a crystal or materia.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-11-37-851
Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia, and all hell breaks loose.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-12-08-729
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-12-23-196
The cavern starts shaking, things start exploding, and Rufus tells everyone to follow him to escape.
Weapons start crawling from the cavern, and flying off in different directions.

We then are treated to small scene of Tifa running to Cloud, but she can’t keep up, and then she awakens.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-17-21-995
Barret explains she has been in a coma for seven days.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-17-43-992
He tells her that the Weapons that escaped have been on a rampage, but Rufus is trying to fight back.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-18-21-248
Tifa asks about Meteor, and Barret shows her that Sephiroth indeed summoned Meteor, and it is headed right this way.
It seems everyone has kind of given up.
FF7_EN 2016-05-12 12-19-00-874
Rufus appears and tells them that they are to be executed for their crimes.

Barret is pissed, but we are tied up and forced to comply for now.

Will we really be executed? Where is Cloud? What about the Weapons running around?

Find out next time!


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