Horror movie rule #24: Don’t get caught. (GYSCO)

Some of you may have noticed a game creeping up on the Steam store page.

Stalking… Always watching…

Well, I am shining my flashlight on that stalker, and revealing… Dead by Daylight!

The game will soon be released, but before then, the developers were kind enough to offer a closed beta of sorts.

By going through a process available on their website at night(links will be at the bottom), you have the possibility of getting a beta key.

But before all of that, what is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which one crazed killer hunts four friends through a terrifying nightmare. Players take on the role of both killer and survivors in a deadly game of cat and mouse. It’s a Mature Gamer take on the thrills of Hide & Seek!

The game features procedurally generated levels, so players never experience a repetitive map. Be the killer and massacre all your victims before they escape, by using your speed and power in 1st person, or team up with your friends to try and outwit the killer with your superior awareness and agility in a 3rd person’s view as he hunts you through a nightmare world.

I had found out about the game through watching various YouTube videos about it.
It looked incredibly fun, so I set out on trying to procure a beta key, which I did.

Please bear in mind, everything I am going to say represents the beta build of the game.

After spending a few hours playing the game, I can thoroughly say I am completely enthralled by the game.

Now, I have never been much of a horror gamer, but this game isn’t about jump scares, or intense and gory violence. It is about intensity, heart-pounding moments of praying, hoping you don’t get caught by the killer.
Because if you do, to the hook you go…
05_Game Screenshot_Meat Loker
But don’t worry, you have a few friends to help you out!

Up to four players can be survivors, all desperately trying to escape with their lives.

As you start a match, it is the survivor’s jobs to repair a certain number of generators that will power the doors to the exit.
All the while, the killer looms and stalks the survivors.

As a survivor, you have no weapons, no guns, or anything of that sort. The only real defense you have is hiding and evading the killer.
The killer is slightly faster than you, so you can’t expect to outrun them forever, but as a survivor, you do have a few tricks up your sleeve.

You are more agile, meaning hopping through windows, turning corners, and jumping over obstacles. While the killer can do mostly those things as well, they are much slower at doing so, and a timely window jump can buy you a few precious seconds to escape.
05_Game Screenshot__Foundry
As a killer, however, you also have a plethora of devious traps and abilities to aid you in your blood lust.

In the beta, only one killer is available, the Trapper, but at launch, three killers will be ready to slice, dice, and sacrifice survivors to something called The Entity with glee.

The Trapper, who is the handsome fellow in the first picture, wields a classic machete, but, true to his name, uses bear traps to lock down potential survivors if they stumble over one without paying attention.
When a survivor is trapped, the killer gets notified on screen who and where the trapped survivor is… So better hope you can escape soon…
A lot of people are debating on whether or not the game will become repetitive, and while I do see how they could come to that conclusion, I think with the various things that will open up at launch, I think the game will do fairly well.

For instance, every player and killer has access to something called the Blood Web, some kind of connection with the Entity, and allows the players to get items, perks and offerings to help them survive, or kill, in later matches.
By playing the game, you amass Blood Points, which can be spent on things in the Blood Web.
The Blood Web is also procedurally generated, so you never know exactly what you might get for each level of the Blood Web, for which their is a max of 50.

Every time you fill up a level of the Blood Web, your level increases with that particular character(there are four currently), or killer(there is one currently, but will be three at launch).
In doing so, you get another batch of items, offerings and perks to use.

But, don’t despair, even at max level 50, once you fill the Blood Web, it merely reloads the Blood Web again, while staying at level 50.
This is to ensure you don’t permanently miss out on any good items or perks.

These perks can range from anything like increased running speed when the exit is opened, to faster generator repair speed if you are injured, even some unique ones like the killer being notified if something disturbs crows, which are littered through-out the level.

In addition to perks, which are permanent, you can use items, such as a flashlight, which can blind the killer, maps, which reveals generators, or even a toolkit which lets you repair faster and sabotage hooks and traps.
But be warned, these items don’t last forever, and if you die with an item, you lose it forever!

And then, there are things called add-ons and offerings.

Add-ons are small, one-time-match  buffs that usually correspond to an item, like giving the flashlight a more powerful beam, or gloves that increase the ability to heal.
The killer gets unique ones as well, such as a bear trap add-on that makes it so if a survivor gets caught in one, they instantly go in a downed state, just ripe for the picking.

Offerings are similar, except they affect everyone in the match.
These are quite unique, such as making the match darker, more fog, or increasing Blood Points earned during the match.
While these are one-time use, they are usually pretty powerful.

With three killers heading our way, with a huge assortment of goodies to unlock and use, I think Dead by Daylight will be quite fun to play.
Another factor, the game is cheap, at only $20! That is such a steal, in my opinion!

You can pick up the game on sale right now, on Steam, for only $17.99!
While you are there, try getting a beta key before you buy. You can try the game yourself.
The game is set to release June 14, 2016.


All screenshots were taken from the media kit from deadbydaylight.com.
Info excerpt was taken from the media kit as well, available at deadbydaylight.com.

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