Final Fantasy 7 – Finale

Last time we did some last minute preparations and item gathering.
If you missed it, check out the last part here.
Now, join me for the finale of Final Fantasy 7!

I decided to do some grinding to get everyone’s level 4 Limit Breaks.

Just to have really, plus the Steam achievements.

I got Cid’s by going back to the Gelinka sunken ship, I completely skipped it over last time!

For Yuffie, I had to go to Wutai and climb the tower, fighting solo with her, until I beat her father in a duel.
FF7_EN 2016-07-06 14-24-10-790
Honestly, it wasn’t a challenge at all, I mostly just used Big Guard and attacked.

For the final party, I chose Cloud, Cid and Tifa.

My first playthrough, I used a similar party, but I used Yuffie.

I swapped her out with Tifa just to be different. I really like Cid, so I kept him in.

Cloud is required, so no choice there!

I have Cloud built to be my tank and massive damage dealer. I gave him Life linked with All, just in case anyone goes down.

Cid is a support and healer character, with the trusty Big Guard and healing. I gave him some counter moves, such as Magic Counter – Comet and Counter – Deathblow.

Tifa is my magic damage and support. With Ultima and MP Turbo, she drains her MP super fast, but hits really hard.

Everyone also gets HP Plus’ and Cid and Tifa got an MP Plus each.
In addition to all that, I also equipped everyone with their ultimate weapons, since AP doesn’t really matter at this point.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-08-50-063
We reach the center of the planet and we get to make our final party choice.

As we rush in, we are thrown into a boss gauntlet of sorts.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-10-04-161
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-11-23-377
All we face are these bone dragon guys and the iron giants.

They both go down without much fuss.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-20-33-214
Jenova then comes busting out of nowhere and challenges us.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-22-33-319
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-24-41-979
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-24-47-331
She went down pretty quick.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-25-22-149
We are then dropped into some sort of… Lifestream hell area with Holy?
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-26-13-068
But then Sephiroth appears!
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-28-12-163
He sends out a shock wave and begins controlling everyone, but Cloud reaches out towards
Holy and the planet and we gain control.

We then have to make two parties.

I stuck with Cloud, Tifa and Cid.
For the second party, it didn’t matter, since I never switched to them.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-28-22-086
We then fight Sephiroth in this form.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-29-17-254
This form wasn’t that tough.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-31-24-592
He had multiple parts that had to be killed, and he could heal himself, but he wasn’t much trouble.

After each part is killed, you get the option to switch to the other party, but I never do, since they didn’t have the good materia on them.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-31-57-850
After he is gone, the real Sephiroth fight begins!
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-32-04-800
This guy was pretty tough, and started off the fight with Wall, giving him increased physical and magical defense.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-33-25-765
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-33-56-028
We pounded on him with our Limit Breaks, while Cid healed and buffed us.

He also knew Shadow Flare, which dealt a good chunk of damage, even with Big Guard up.

Eventually, he used his ultimate attack, Super Nova!
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-36-37-827
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-36-42-910
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-36-54-738
This attack literally sends a small comet that goes through the galaxy, destroying planets and asteroids, until it eventually reaches the sun, and causes it to go super nova, dealing massive amounts of damage to the party.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-37-19-193
When I said massive, I meant it. I had Tifa throw out a Megalixir as soon as she could to prevent a party wipe, and we were back in the fight!
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-40-26-232
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-40-49-886
Cloud then got the kill shortly after!

After the fight, Cloud tells everyone good job, and that’s all we can do.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-42-13-505
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-42-14-705
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-43-03-639
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-43-11-091
As everyone is leaving, he begins to hear Sephiroth in his head and is transported to some place, and he and Sephiroth have one last battle.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-43-29-225
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-43-35-650
We then proceed to stomp his ass with our new level 4 Limit Break, Omnislash.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-44-03-164
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-44-22-964
After that, Sephiroth explodes, and Lifestream begins to seep out around Cloud, but then the ground crumbles away!
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-45-44-697
Cloud manages to save himself and Tifa just in time, but then the Highwind falls into the crater!

The whole place explodes with a blue light, and the Highwind goes flying with everyone hanging on.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-47-33-031
Then Cid hits the emergency switch and we take off before the Highwind crashes.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-48-16-164
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-48-41-498
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-48-54-363
We then see Midgar, and Meteor about to demolish it.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-49-20-497
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-50-05-964
Holy energy appears, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything?
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-51-03-364
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-51-08-630
Just then, green energy starts to appear from all over the planet, and Cloud mentions how it’s the Lifestream.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-52-11-631
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-52-25-497
It surrounds Meteor, along with Holy, and there is a massive explosion, and we see a quick scene of Aeris in a green light…

Then… Credits!

But, after all of that, we get a small scene.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 17-59-45-942
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 18-00-10-218
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 18-00-50-686
It appears to show Red XIII and some of his children running around, and we also get a view of an overgrown Midgar 500 years later.
FF7_EN 2016-07-08 18-00-59-218
Then, we see the logo one last time, and the game ends.

That’s the end of Final Fantasy 7!

Final Thoughts:

So FF7 was a roller coaster for me.

I know I am going to get some hate for this, but I really think it isn’t the best Final Fantasy ever made, nor is it the best RPG ever made.

Was it the best for it’s time? Yep.

Did it blow away everyone’s expectations and revitalize the genre and paved the way for future RPG’s? Heck yeah.

Is it great? Yes.

The best? No, not in my opinion.

BUT! I still had a ton of fun with it.

Regarding the roller coaster ride with the game; the very beginning was cool, minus Barret. I am sorry, but he was so annoying in the beginning, but about halfway through the game, after you finish up his quests and stuff, he mellows out and becomes a great character.
In fact, he almost made it in my final party, but I decided on Cid at the last minute.

Aeris dying was a major moment, and I still got a bit emotional re-playing the game, maybe even more so, since I knew it was coming!

Then there was just a “lull” in the game. I can’t really describe it. It just felt a bit hollow.
Maybe it was Aeris’ death affecting me, I don’t know.

I feel like once the Weapons were set loose and things really got shook up and got going, things picked up again in an awesome way.

The ending, however, was very vague.
Did everyone die?

We know Red still lived, even 500 years later, but what about what happened right after the explosion?

Did Holy and the Lifestream kill all humans? What happened?

I love and hate endings like this.
On one hand, I feel the players can formulate their own theories and endings with such an open ending as this one.

But on the other hand, I feel… A bit empty at the ending, like it didn’t come to a true conclusion.

I suppose yes, the planet didn’t get utterly destroyed, but what about everyone else?

In the very, very end, you hear creepy children laughing… Maybe that is supposed to signify there is still life?
I have no idea.

In any case, I do have some thoughts about a few moments in the game that had me scratching my head.

I really have no idea why Red’s mother told Bugen not to tell Red about his father?

What were they trying to hide? The fact that his father died a hero, protecting his village?
Red grew up thinking his father abandoned them!

Why did Corel and Dyne seriously hate Barret for the reactor exploding and Shinra attacking?
I mean, yes, he did want to go along with it, but so did everyone else except for Dyne.

Also, it’s not like Barret made the damn reactor explode himself!

But I think one of the NPC’s mention that they had to place the blame on somebody, might as well be Barret, which to me, is a crappy excuse, but oh well, drama!

Dyne going crazy over what happened, going on a rampage and killing a bunch of people could just be attributed to him going completely psycho.

Now, I may have skipped or forgot a few points, so you will have to forgive me for that, but
I didn’t really understand those moments, and wrote them down for this finale so I wouldn’t forget.

The whole infiltration thing with the walking in the parade and stuff. That was so annoying.

In my first play-through, I failed it, and hated it.
Same thing on the second play-through.

The constant “mini-games,” many of which weren’t intuitive or fun at all.
Especially the snow-boarding one… Man, I hated that one.

I suppose they wanted to be varied and sprinkle in things to spice up the gameplay, but most were not fun, were poorly explained(especially on PC using a controller) or were just plain bad(looking at you snow-board “game.”).

Thinking back, the only one which was kind of cool and worked all right was the one when you had to defend the car from Shinra with Cloud on the motorcycle.
That was one was pretty neat.

But, then again, maybe this was just a factor of age.
The game hasn’t aged very well.

Gameplay and the battle system, YES, I love the materia system and the active battles.

It was so fun trying to create combos and balancing the materia on your characters.

The graphics… Phew!
Well, they are ugly as Hojo at this point in time, but they get the job done.

Regarding Sephiroth… Honestly, I felt like Sephiroth wasn’t that great of a villain.

I felt he was a great character, when he learned of his past and went somewhat crazy, but after that, he gets all of this power, summons meteor and… That’s it?

Kefka actually put the world in ruin and became a demi-god of sorts. Kefka showed his power by just obliterating towns at a whim.

Yes, Sephiroth was trying to create a massive wound with meteor so he could bond with the Lifestream, and even became incredibly powerful, able to literally demolish planets and cause the sun to explode as an attack, but that was it, he never did anything else with it.

I felt like as epic as the final battle with Sephiroth was, (not the 1v1 with Cloud, the one before), it was all for show.

Plus, try not to make an attack the final boss uses take up like 1 minute of your time just sitting there watching it.

Thankfully, I only had to watch it once, which was great. I can’t imagine sitting through that multiple times, as cool as it was.

But, I don’t want to be too harsh on the game, it really is great in it’s own way and as I have said, paved the way for the future of RPG’s.

So, would I recommend this game?

Yes, I believe FF7 is one of those games that every RPG player should play through at least once.

While it may not have aged all that well, where it does shine, it really shines bright, and is a blast to play if you can handle it.

Especially with the remake coming soon, better check it out while you can!

Next up, we play an entry in the series that is a hot topic among the FF community.

Some hate it, some love it, join me next time for the game that holds a special place in my heart as one of the first Final Fantasy games I ever played…
FF8_EN 2016-07-09 15-26-07-051
Final Fantasy 8!

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 – Finale

  1. To me, Aeris’s death meant that I put almost no energy into leveling her up. I rarely used her since I knew the effort would be, essentially, pointless.


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