Final Fantasy 8 Part 3 – The Sorceress Edea

Last time we started another SeeD mission… But some complications came up.
Check it out!

With Timber now in high alert after the kidnapping of the Galbadian president, Squall and the group, now with Rinoa and Quistis in tow, make off via train to the Galbadia Garden to report in.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 12-17-33-212
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 12-20-28-090
We leave the train, and enter the forest on our way to the Galbadia Garden and Zell is quite concerned for Balamb Garden’s safety.

Squall being Squall, has no words to offer, other than that the president may attack the garden.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 12-21-09-733
Rinoa gets in his face and accuses him of being callous towards his team, but then, he passes out, along with Quistis and Selphie!

We are once again thrown into the “dream world” with Laguna, Kiros and Ward.
It appears they are lost in the woods, once again.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 12-28-57-294
Shortly after, we come across some kind of facility, but are attacked by Esthar soldiers!
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-24-44-223
In battle, Laguna wields a machine gun, Kiros uses dual punching daggers and Ward literally uses a giant spear/boat anchor as a weapon.

Laguna’s battle theme is also one of the best battle themes, even to this day.

Any FF8 fan remembers “The Man with the Machine Gun.”
Look it up if you haven’t heard it.

They use the same stats and abilities for whoever fell asleep, so Laguna is Squall, Kiros is Selphie and Ward is Quistis, at least, I think that is how it goes.

Laguna and company travel around the place, doing nothing of importance, until we are eventually cornered on a cliff by Esthar soldiers.

We quickly wreck them, but the final soldier gravely injures Ward and Kiros.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-25-58-156
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-26-05-087
Laguna spots a boat at the bottom of the cliff, and proceeds to throw injured Ward and Kiros into the water.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-26-22-112
He then tries to safely climb down the cliff, only to fall and splash down with the rest of the group.

We finally wake up and continue our way to Galbadia Garden.
Quistis wonders what is going on, but Squall says it’s pointless to try and figure it out, so they set out.

Rinoa also tries to make amends with Squall, saying she might have said too much, to which Squall just remains silent.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-50-28-400
We enter the garden, and see it is much different than Balamb.
Quistis runs ahead to explain our situation to the Headmaster here, so we roam around for a bit.

We find a hidden draw point with Haste in it, which will come in handy.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-52-14-102
After a moment, we get an alert on the intercom to wait in the reception room.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-55-03-690
When we arrive, Quistis enters the room and tells us that Balamb will be exempt from punishment from the president attack…

Seifer, however, isn’t so lucky. He was executed.

This hits everyone pretty hard, especially Rinoa.
She tells everyone that she might have even been in love with him.

Squall then has a moment and yells at everyone that he won’t have everyone talk about him in the past tense like Seifer and runs off.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 13-59-37-713
We find Raijin and Fuijin, who inform us that they delivered our next mission from Headmaster Cid to the Headmaster here in Galbadia.

They ask where Seifer is, to which Squall replies that he was executed.
They don’t believe us and tell us they are heading to Galbadia to find him.

Outside, we meet with Martine, the Headmaster of Galbadia Garden, who gives us our next mission.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 14-04-49-772
Through a joint operation from Balamb and Galbadia, we are to assassinate the newly appointed ambassador of Galbadia, the sorceress.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 14-03-47-631
He tells us that a sniper, Irvine Kinneas, will be the one to get the killing blow.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 14-15-14-685
We form our party and head out to Deling City to get more information.

We head around the city for a bit, upgrade Squall’s weapon, and head to the Caraway Mansion to speak with the owner there and get more info.

However, it appears he wants to test our strength first.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 14-25-56-615
We are required to go to the Tomb of the Unknown king, find a code from a missing student and come back.

He gives us a map, and we buy a location display for the map for 5000 gil.
I remember this place being a pain, so I figured I might need it.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 17-53-11-881
We arrive at the tomb and see some students fleeing for their lives from the tomb?
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 17-54-39-860
We quickly find a discarded sword with the student’s ID number, however, there is more we can do here.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-00-41-269
We find a statue, and it comes to life when we inspect it!

This guy wasn’t tough at all.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-01-32-258
He could hit for a piddly amount, but he is great for his drawable magic.
Protect, Shell, Berserk AND Life!?

We do some Hi-Speed drawing, and eventually take him out easily.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-11-51-062
The only thing of note, as long as he is touching the ground, he heals slightly every so often, but not enough that Squall alone can’t out damage it.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-12-05-588
He runs off, and thankfully plops down a save point before he leaves.

We search around a bit, find a Cura and the very handy Float in draw points.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-19-40-356
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-21-27-526
We have to open up and direct water to the center of the tomb.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-22-20-817
When we arrive, we find Sacred, who calls on his big brother to help him this time!
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-22-55-505
But, Minotaur, his brother, is a bit smaller than his younger brother, but that doesn’t mean he is weak!

They fight us, and they work much like the solo fight with Sacred.

They both heal while touching the ground, but first things first.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-23-08-872
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-24-46-983
Protect, along with our new spell, Float, will do wonders in this fight.

Sacred is pretty much the same, but Minotaur hits much harder than his younger brother, and even has an attack called Mower, which hits the entire party!

It’s still not devastating, especially with Protect up, but it can quickly drain our HP over time.

There is one attack that is dangerous, and that is the Mad Cow Special.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-25-46-940
But, if you have Float active, it misses!
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-26-57-494
If you don’t have Float active, prepare to take some good damage.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-28-25-786
To prevent them from healing, you can also use Float on them. As long as they aren’t touching the ground, they won’t heal.

The only bad thing, Float doesn’t last very long, and you don’t have many Floats at this point.

I had everyone cast Double on themselves as well, for quicker healing.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-27-18-990
We also see Rinoa’s Limit Break, Combine.

She uses Angleo cannon and literally shoots Angelo like a rocket at the enemies, which somehow causes a huge explosion. It doesn’t deal that much damage.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-31-30-819
Compared to Squall that is, who deals over 1000 damage every time he uses Renzokuken.

Minotaur goes down first, followed shortly by his brother.
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-32-34-107
FF8_EN 2016-07-23 18-32-55-455
They then decide to join us!

We also get some fantastic cards, Sacred and Minotaur from the battle!

In addition, our GF’s learn some new tasty skills, like Enc-None, which stops random encounters!

With code in hand, we head back to the Caraway Mansion to deliver it to him.

Before that, we take a moment to equip the Brothers onto Rinoa.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 11-50-05-391
With their boosts, she gets a massive boost in HP!
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 11-57-44-935
We head back to the Caraway mansion and deliver our code and gain access to the mansion.

Inside, Rinoa seems a bit agitated by something.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 11-59-05-408
In any case, we are forced to wait for a bit, until Rinoa eventually leaves, and drops a bomb on us.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 11-59-37-540
Caraway arrives, and there is a bit of a spat between him and Squall.

Squall tells him that under contract, he will do the job he is assigned now, but he also under contract with his daughter.

Squall tells him to not interfere, but Caraway isn’t backing down.

Caraway leads us out of the mansion, sans Rinoa, and explains the plan to us.

With Rinoa gone for the moment, I switch her out with Irvine to show him off.

Irvine uses a gun in battle, and his limit is using various ammunition to damage foes.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-04-14-050
Like Zell, he has a time limit for how many shots he can take. The lower his HP, the more time he has.

Normal Shot just does damage to a single enemy, while Shotgun deals damage to the entire enemy group, but is slower.

We will amass different types as the game progresses.

It is widely considered that Squall, Quistis and Irvine is the “best” party, due to their powerful Limit Breaks.

Back to Caraway, we learn that the sorceress’ name is Edea.

Caraway tells us the plan.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-07-09-220
We will split into two teams, the gateway and the sniper team.

The gateway team will be ready at a command switch to lower a gate down.

As the parade goes around the city, at precisely 20:00, the gateway team will slam the gate down, trapping the sorceress under the archway in the city.

Also at 20:00, the carousel in town will rise, where the sniper team will be stationed.

There, Irvine will have an open and clear shot to take out the sorceress.

Sounds like an excellent plan.

Let’s get started.

The sniper team will consist of Squall and Irvine, while the gateway team will be Quistis, Selphie and Zell. These teams are set, so I can’t change them.

Squall, Irvine and Caraway head out, but before the gateway team can head out, Rinoa appears and says she has something called an Odine Bangle, which will suppress the sorceress’ powers, but it’s untested.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-17-31-780
Quistis goes off on her, and we leave.

As we all get in position, Quistis has regrets on being so harsh on Rinoa, and goes back to apologize to her, leaving her post.

This is going to end well.

We quickly head back to the manor and we see a scene of Caraway and Rinoa.

He tells her to stay inside, and then begins to lock the door with an electronic lock!
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-36-35-674
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-36-39-722
Rinoa quickly escapes, but then Quistis, Selphie and Zell arrive in the room and locks them inside instead!

Now as solo Rinoa, we make our way through the city to confront the sorceress.

We pick up another weapons magazine in the sewers and continue on.

Rinoa appears to the sorceress, and tells her that she has a gift from her father.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-45-06-875
As she approaches, she is blown back with a light, and then is magically strung up and knocked out.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-45-37-921
The sorceress stands, and seems to have Rinoa in some kind of trance.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-46-28-269
She heads out to make a speech…
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-46-47-779
Yeah, she is crazy and wants to kill you all.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-47-06-591
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-47-17-226
She goes on for a moment, and then kills some guy.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-46-39-381
Squall and Irvine see Rinoa at this point.

The sorceress then brings some lizard statues to life, and sics them on Rinoa.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-48-49-065
Irvine wants to rush and help her, but the gate is still closed, so they can’t get in.

Back with the gateway team, Quistis and the others try to look for a way out.

Eventually, Selphie mentions how one of the paintings in the room is fishy.
It depicts a woman holding a glass of wine.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-50-32-152
Quistis finds a glass of wine, and puts it in the hands of a nearby statue, which opens up a secret path!

They quickly make their escape.

We find ourselves in the sewers, just as Rinoa was a few moments ago.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-56-32-017
The parade begins, and we see the sorceress making her way through the parade…
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 12-57-57-040
With Seifer!?
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-00-23-033
The scene switches over to Squall and Irvine, who sneak to where Rinoa was, and find her on the ground surrounded by the beasts summoned by the sorceress.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-00-32-642
These things were easy. They didn’t hit very hard, but they did have a few drawable magic.

One, Carbuncle, a new GF.
Second, they have Esuna and Cure.
Third, a new one, Break.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-01-03-934
They only had one “dangerous attack,” which still wasn’t enough to really put the hurt on Squall or Irvine.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-07-30-525
We draw up to 100 on our magic, as well as drawing the important Carbuncle, and just demolish them with Squall.

After that, we see that Rinoa isn’t really fit for battle, as she clings to Squall out of fear.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-08-56-111
We get in position, and Squall hands the sniper rifle over to Irvine…
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-10-23-615
Who is having second thoughts on the mission.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-10-26-797
Squall face palms, and we return back to Quistis and the gang still tromping around in the sewers.

We make our way through the sewers, and as we make it out, we see Squall, Irvine and Rinoa hoisted up on the carousel.

Quistis slams the gate down just in time and traps the sorceress.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-33-48-039
Squall tells Irvine to just take the shot, even if he misses.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-34-34-478
He shoots, but the sorceress deflects it with a magic shield.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 13-36-42-743
Squall tells Irvine to take care of Rinoa and jumps down from the platform, hijacks a car, and speeds off towards the sorceress.

Squall arrives, and has a few words with Seifer, telling him he is the sorceress’ lap dog.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-14-23-815
Seifer attacks us, and honestly, we just trade blows with him a few times, and he goes down.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-15-19-534
Next up, the sorceress herself.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-15-23-600
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-15-25-406
Right as the battle starts, Rinoa and Irvine appear and help out.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-15-38-443
The sorceress Edea attacks with magic, of course, and pretty powerful magic, in the form of Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga.

But, with Squall and Rinoa’s high HP totals, she has no chance at killing them. She can about 2-3 shot Irvine, however.

There is some good news, though.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-19-05-231
She has Cura drawable from her!

We load up on 100 for each character, along with Dispel, and start our assault.

First up, let’s test our new GF, Carbuncle.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-22-17-374
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-22-23-445
He pops out of a hole in the ground, and shines a light on the party, giving a full-party Reflect. Handy for this fight.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-23-14-937
But the sorceress isn’t that stupid. She will cast Dispel on anyone with Reflect up.

Rinoa also busts out Brothers, which is hilarious.

The brothers throw the ground Edea is standing on high into the air.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-24-05-794
Then the brothers play rock, paper, scissors, the larger brother loses out, so the smaller one throws him at Edea, exploding the ground she was on and causing a shower of rock and rubble to fall on her.

It dealt minor damage, but more than Rinoa’s physical attack at this point.

Squall deals one more attack, and she is done.

But, she has one final trick up her sleeve.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-24-49-161
She summons ice shards, and sends them right at Squall!
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-25-11-333
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 14-25-15-946
They go through his chest, and he falls off of the parade float, all the while Rinoa reaches for him.

That ends Disk 1!

Is Squall dead? What happened to Rinoa and Irvine? Find out next time!


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