Final Fantasy 8 Part 4 – Sacrifice

Last time Squall realized the power of the sorceress.
Check it out here.

We “wake up” to Laguna, in the small town of Winhill.
It appears a young girl, named Ellone, is with him, calling him Uncle Laguna.

She tells him that a man is waiting for him. We also hear word of a woman named Raine.

Let’s see who this man is.

In town, we meet up with Kiros, who quit the army and has been searching for Laguna ever since they escaped that place a year ago.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 18-32-07-890
Laguna mentions he barely recovered from the fall.

Kiros says he recovered fairly quickly.

Kiros tells us that Ward also quit the army, but never got his voice back. He works as a janitor at the D-District prison.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 18-35-34-869
We ask him about Julia and he tells us that she was recently married to General Caraway!?
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 18-35-43-110
We learn that her supposed true love went off to war and never came back…

Laguna seems upset, but he shrugs it off.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 18-37-49-298
We are then sent off on monster patrol duty.

The monsters are really easy, so they aren’t a bother at all.

Along the way, Kiros tells Laguna that he spoke with the chief of the Timber Maniacs magazine.

He says that the chief wants articles about world travel and that Laguna should talk to him.
Laguna agrees, although a bit hesitantly.

Back in town, we over hear a conversation with Raine and Ellone.

Ellone and Raine really like Laguna, but Raine is concerned that Laguna wants to see the world.
Living in a small country village just isn’t Laguna’s future.

We announce our presence and Raine tells us to take a quick nap after our patrol.

When we do, we are thrust back into Zell, Quistis, Rinoa and Selphie in some sort of prison!

Zell wakes up from the dream world, and talks about how Ward is the janitor of a prison.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-02-26-453
Rinoa mentions that if Ward is Galbadian, he must work here, since this is a Galbadian prison.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-02-50-877
Zell thinks to himself about what happened to Squall.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-03-13-157
We then see Squall is alive and well, in some solitary confinement.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-03-47-237
Seifer enters, and knocks Squall around a bit before sending him through some facility.

Back to Zell and the gang, some guards come in and start roughing up Zell pretty bad.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-04-28-257
They ask for Rinoa, so she gives herself up so they will leave Zell alone.

We are thrown back to Squall, who is hooked up to some machine, with Seifer interrogating him.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-06-14-971
He shocks him with the machine he is hooked up to and demands Squall start talking.

Back with Zell and the others, an odd creature comes in.

A guard comes in and starts beating the poor creature, but Zell and the others stand up to him and force the guard to leave.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-07-36-729
Selphie tries some healing, but it appears there is an anti-magic field around the prison.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-08-58-704
Back with Squall, Seifer demands Squall tell him what the ultimate goal of SeeD is.

But Squall is confused, and doesn’t know what he is talking about.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-09-06-031
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-09-15-947
We also learn that Edea plans to launch missiles at Balamb Garden!

Seifer says that when you become a SeeD, you must learn some “secret,” and Edea wants to know.

Squall tries to reason with him, telling him he doesn’t know what he is talking about and gets electrocuted again.

Seifer leaves, ordering one of the guards to finish up.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-10-28-539
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-10-31-123
Squall lies and tells him that the goal of SeeD is to spread flowers all through the world, demoralizing their enemies.

Then they strike.

Of course, it doesn’t work and Squall gets the shock treatment again.
FF8_EN 2016-07-26 19-11-34-496
Back with Zell yet again, the group tries to devise a plan, but with no magic and weapons, they are weakened.

But Zell realizes his fists are his weapons and he sets out with the odd creature to regain the weapons.

But first, they have to break out.

He tells the girls to act dead and summons a guard to their cell, saying a snake bit them.
Real clever, Zell.

But in any case, it works, and Zell knocks out the guard and leaves to find their weapons.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 18-23-41-648
We fight a few guards with Zell and manage to get everyone’s weapons back.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 18-31-18-185
As we gear up, Biggs and Wedge come up to rough us up, but they didn’t anticipate us being armed.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 18-33-42-989
They attack us, but before we trounce them, they have some very good magic to draw.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 18-40-27-312
Reflect, Haste, Slow and Regen are on the menu, and I draw 100 of each of those for each character. It took a while, even with Hi-Speed, but it was well worth it.

The battle itself was nothing of note. We were in no danger of dying, since they had Protect, Shell, Cure, and the aforementioned spells.

They quickly go down, and with the spells we drew, everyone has over 3000 health now and their stats are quickly rising!
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 19-03-01-423
We exit the room and an alarm blares, stating that monsters will be set loose on the floor.

That is no big deal, really, since we have Enc-None.

We make our way down and grab a few items along the way.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 19-11-34-242
We also find the Combat King magazine, issue 001, which allows Zell to learn a new attack for his Limit Break.

We head back up and find Squall and rescue him.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 19-17-17-968
We go to leave and one of the creatures says Laguna to Squall?

Before we can really question the creature, the gang goes to leave.

Instead of walking all the way down, Squall tells them to use the crane that Squall was in when he first woke up here.

Zell is volunteered to do it, since he has Ward’s memories and we split up.

Squall and the gang go to exit through a door, but sand erupts from it, signaling that they are underground.

They then start to hear gunfire, so they rush back to Zell who is running from a multitude of guards.
FF8_EN 2016-07-28 19-24-37-201
Squall jumps in to save Zell just in the nick of time.

The group begins to get assaulted by more gunfire, but Irvine and Rinoa come in and give them some cover.

Rinoa tells Squall that her father spoke to the military to let only Rinoa go, so Irvine went to go get her, but Rinoa insisted on saving everyone else.

Irvine tells Squall, Rinoa and one other to head back upstairs, while Irvine holds them.

Squall, Rinoa and Quistis head upstairs, while Irvine, Zell and Selphie get the idea to head down and use the crane to head back up to Squall and the others when Squall reaches the top floor.

We reach our destination with Irvine’s group and take control of Squall and the others.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-29-35-791
As we make our way out, we are attacked by some robots.

These things went down incredibly quickly.

The soldier in the back could cast support spells on the robots, but with our low HP, we spammed our Limit Breaks like they were going out of style, defeating them in a few turns.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-30-37-332
We also see another of Quistis’ new breaks, Electrocute. It deals lightning damage to all enemies.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-31-16-246
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-31-17-538
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-31-20-377
Here is Squall’s Fated Circle. It deals damage to all enemies as well.

Irvine and the others get our attention over the comms and we lift the crane they are in so we can meet them.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-35-37-962
We go to head out and we see what kind of facility we are in.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-36-11-546
Just as Rinoa and Quistis make it across, the building starts to drill down, leaving Squall stranded on the other side!
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-36-22-666
We very quickly have to shimmy across and barely make it.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-37-28-700
We find some cars and head out.

We stop and we talk about what to do now, what with the sorceress planning on launching missiles on Balamb and even Trabia garden.

Selphie says we have to stop them, while Squall says to warn the students.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-40-45-939
Just then, missiles get launched.

Irvine says they were going to hit Trabia first.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 13-41-03-780
Selphie is disheartened by this, as anyone would be in her position.
Trabia Garden was the garden Selphie transferred from.

Everyone elects Squall to choose who is going to head to stop the missiles and who is heading back to Balamb.

I choose Squall, Quistis and Rinoa to head back to Balamb while Zell, Irvine and Selphie try and stop the missiles.

I didn’t have a choice with Squall and Selphie, they always go with their respective groups.

We sneak our way onto a train with Squall’s group and head off toward Balamb.

With Selphie’s group, we take the military car to the missile base to hopefully disrupt the missile launch on Balamb garden.

We enter the missile base with no trouble, even securing a couple of Galbadian soldier outfits for disguises.

We also find an I.D. in the car, which we use to open a few doors in the base.

Going through the place, disguised, we attempt a bit of sabotage.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-16-57-133
We end up shutting off the power, change some of the missile data to where they will be incredibly inaccurate and then beating some guards that were about to launch the missiles senseless.

The gang starts looking for ways to stop the missiles from launching in the main control room.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-27-23-957
We shut down the missile launch, then find the self-destruct button of the facility.
Setting it for 10 minutes and escaping successfully will give us a SeeD rank up.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-28-40-393
One of the guards wakes up and launches the missiles before he passes out again.
Hopefully the data we entered will cause the missiles to miss their target, saving Balamb Garden.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-29-11-828
As we flee the facility, we are cut off by some soldiers in a huge tank of sorts.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-30-26-708
It goes down very quickly, with just physical attacks. It did have Stop available to Draw from and I managed to get a few, but with the short time limit, I couldn’t take my chances.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-30-56-425
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-31-06-518
After we destroy the tank, the soldiers inside come rushing out, which we trounce soundly.

We try to find our escape, but the busted tank is blocking the way out.

The gang takes a moment to contemplate their last moments before…
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-32-47-692
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-32-50-384
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-32-55-129
Bye Zell, Irvine and Selphie!
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-33-06-981
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-34-28-509
Back at Balamb, Squall, Quistis and Rinoa arrive to see things in relative order, but actually entering the garden, they find it to be in complete chaos!

It seems as if there are two sides, one of which is siding with Headmaster Cid, the other siding with someone called the Garden Master NORG.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-34-42-065
We lie and say we are with NORG.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-35-48-640
We find Raijin and Fuijin, who tell us that the garden is in a sad state.

They don’t know much more than we do, but when we tell them about the possible incoming missiles, they agree to try to evacuate who they can.

We go through the garden searching for Cid, grabbing items and helping people still loyal to Cid.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 18-59-59-420
We also have to fight a T-Rexuar!
But oddly enough, it never did attack me for some reason. Oh well, I’m not complaining!
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 19-15-58-249
We find Cid, who has been in his office this whole time. Go figure.

Anyway, he tells us that the garden was once a shelter of some kind, so he is hopeful that it can be used to protect against the missiles.

He gives us a key that allows us to go deeper into the garden’s underbelly.
There, he thinks there might be something to help the garden.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 19-16-31-921
We get a reminder that the missiles are slowly heading our way.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 19-22-49-779
We head down and find ourselves in some kind of oil refinery.
Squall tries to twist some sort of valve, but requires Rinoa’s help before he can actually do it.

For this sequence, you have to repeatedly press a button to turn it.

The first time you do it, it is nearly impossible to do by yourself, but if you fail, another party member will help.
If you fail again, the other party member will help as well.

The game tells us about how to junction… Again.
If you made it this far without junctioning anything, good job on you.

Anyway, moving on.
FF8_EN 2016-08-01 19-25-40-808
We find a ladder, but it looks like it can only support one person. Squall goes on ahead, which, good thing he was alone, since the ladder falls back, crashing into an upper room.
Squall manages to land safely in the room and flips a lever that opens the rest of the way down.

We meet back up with Rinoa and Quistis and find a much needed save point.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-48-22-181
Squall opens up a door, but before we can enter it, some creatures burst from the oil beneath us!
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-48-33-262
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-49-58-201
These things weren’t that tough, but they could hit hard, dealing almost 2000 damage with one of their special attacks. It might have been a percentage attack, I am not sure.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-50-37-616
They also have a move that hits the entire party for small damage.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-49-06-677
They could also blind, but since we could draw Esuna from them, it wasn’t a big deal.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 13-49-17-226
They were also weak to fire, so Quistis and Squall were dealing decent damage with their attacks while Rinoa was on the side-lines, curing and removing status as needed.

With that, we continue on.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-13-43-877
We climb down a ladder, and get quick cutscene of the missiles still heading our way.

Back with Squall, we enter a small room and poke around a little.

Squall pushes a lever here, hits a button there and the machine roars to life!

We are then jettisoned to Cid’s office, where the entire garden begins to come to life and
levitate off of the ground!
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-17-15-146
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-17-28-493
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-17-46-770
Then, the missiles find their target, but thanks to Selphie’s data she entered, it hits right beside the garden and not a direct hit. Thankfully, with our new-found movement, we narrowly escape the blast.
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-20-14-619
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-20-26-630
Squall and the gang head outside to see we are indeed floating above the ground at a steady pace.

Heading back inside, we get word that Cid needs us right away.

When we arrive, he says he doesn’t know how to control the garden and that we are about to crash into the town of Balamb!
FF8_EN 2016-08-03 14-21-36-705
Everyone screams at Squall to do something, he panics and starts slamming buttons on the control panel, causing the garden to turn just in time to safely land into the ocean instead of Balamb.

Cid says the worst is behind us, that we can now take a rest while they figure out how to drive this thing.

Some time passes and Squall wonders how Irvine, Zell and Selphie are doing.

Rinoa then comes in and asks for a tour of the garden, so we head out to do so.
We lead her around a bit, making our way to the library.

When we arrive, she looks around and we find the girl that we saw at the very beginning of the game in the infirmary.

When we speak to her, Squall mentions this and she thanks us for saving her from the monster as well.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-27-07-162
He asks about her, but she is cryptic and merely wants us to “remember” her.

Squall is confused, so we just leave.

One of the garden staff finds us and tells us that the garden master wishes to see us right away.
We get permission to head down to B1, so we head to the elevator.

When we exit on B1, Quistis finds us and tells us she is looking for the headmaster.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-38-16-695
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-38-19-508
We hear Cid arguing with someone nearby and we see him get thrown down by one of the garden staff!
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-38-27-505
Cid mentions that he wishes he would have never opened the garden if he knew the garden master was the way he is.

Apparently, the garden master loaned Cid the money to open Balamb Garden, but right now there is some rift in their relationship.

We tell him that we need to give him our report and that the doctor wishes to see him.
He says to head by his office later.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-40-30-086
One of the staff comes and gets us and we are presented in front of the garden master, who is not human at all!
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-42-15-805
He tells us that Martine, the man from Galbadia Garden who assigned us this mission, was in fact, not really working with Balamb and set us up!

NORG, the Balamb garden master, tells us we were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, so Martine used us.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-43-44-422
He also drops this on us! Cid and Edea are married!?
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-42-46-876
NORG also mentions how he is going to kill us and offer us as a peace offering to the sorceress!

Of course, Squall and the gang aren’t having that, so we get ready to defend ourselves!
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-44-14-444
NORG’s trick is that he is in a pod, with two lights that change from blue, to yellow, to red.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-45-10-277
If they hit red, they begin to cast very powerful magic, but the color can be reset back to blue by attacking the corresponding light.

So the battle is essentially, Quistis and Rinoa are responsible for making sure the lights stay blue, while Squall tears into NORG.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-45-50-423
But, first things, first, after we destroy the main hood of the pod, revealing NORG, we draw Leviathan, the GF, from him.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-47-40-657
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-47-50-872
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-49-35-072
After that, as long as we made sure the lights were blue, he didn’t do much. He could only use some weak spells and a few special attacks.
FF8_EN 2016-08-05 12-49-54-668
We now have a new GF, Leviathan!

He goes down, but Rinoa is worried about what he just did.

Squall is confused and feels like a puppet being manipulated.
He decides to just head to Cid to tell him what happened.

What the heck is going on with Cid and the sorceress? What will Cid say about our self-defense against NORG?

Find out soon!


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