Final Fantasy 8 Part 6 – Sorceress Revealed

Last time, we faced off against Galbadia garden!

How did we do?

Check it out.

So now that we are inside the garden, let’s snoop around, shall we?
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 11-48-08-768
Squall finds Fuijin and Raijin, who say they are leaving Seifer to us.

They just want the old Seifer back.

Squall thinks to himself that Seifer probably can’t be changed back to his old self.

The gang finds a frightened student, who says he wants no part of this and gives us a Card Key.

He also tells us that two other students are hiding somewhere, that they also have Card Keys that open up restricted areas.

Along the way, Squall comes across some minor magic, like Protect and Life, but he also snags the second Card Key.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 11-57-47-726
As they are heading back, the group fights these… Hockey players.

Unfortunately, they can’t be changed into cards, so running it is!
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-00-47-794
Unlocking another door, a beast lies in wait…

Saving at the nearby save point, just in case, the gang rush it!
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-04-36-256
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-04-38-772
Cerberus isn’t that difficult, although he can hit decently hard.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-04-46-003
He has Quake and Double as his Draw magic, but I didn’t Draw that many Quakes, considering his damage can actually be somewhat dangerous.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-06-28-112
His main trick is that he can cast Triple on himself, allowing him to spam three spells in one go, doing a fair amount of damage.

During my fight, I was lucky and he only cast it once, which Quistis quickly dispelled.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-05-54-583
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-07-53-309
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-07-55-433
His Quake and Tornado spells hurt pretty bad, so the fight can’t drag on for too long.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-09-14-771
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-09-45-801
After the fight, we get his card, as well as the ability to use him as a GF!
Summoning him in battle gives the entire party Triple! Quite handy!

Moving on, Squall finds the last Card Key.

Seifer and the sorceress await the group at the top of the elevator.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-42-01-875
Seifer tries to talk to everyone, but Squall won’t let him.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-42-34-572
Saying he is the “sorceress’ knight,” he attacks the group.

Seifer was pathetically easy.

He could physically attack us for low damage, cast Fira and Firaga, which didn’t hit that hard and heal himself as the fight went on.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-43-53-762
At one point during the fight, he targets Squall with Demon Slice, which actually does some damage.

But other than that, he goes down quickly.

Also, Diablos just picked up a super helpful ability, Mug.

If you are familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise, you should know what this does, but it deals damage and attempts to steal from an enemy.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-43-36-663
Of course, it’s not a guarantee that you will successfully steal.

We do, however, near the end of the fight, finally steal 8 Mega Phoenixes from Seifer.
These revive all dead party members when used.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 12-46-57-546
The sorceress slinks away somewhere, leaving Seifer on the ground.

Saving once more for safety, the group follows after her.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-00-09-671
She makes a grand entrance by bursting through the ceiling.

Seifer hobbles up next to her, injured.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-01-03-950
She says that she is impressed, but all SeeDs must perish and attacks us!

Seifer goes down like a sack of potatoes after a few hits, which is understandable, considering the beating we gave him before.

We do manage to steal the Hero item from him before he goes down, which makes one character temporarily invulnerable to damage.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-02-34-613
After that, Edea herself steps up to bat, and boy, can she bat.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-02-51-003
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-02-53-583
She started off the fight with Maelstrom, which is a gravity attack that takes off a ton of percentage from your health.

But that’s not all, it also Curses you, making your character unable to use their Limit Breaks.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-03-31-594
Thankfully, she does have Esuna to Draw, so it can be quickly removed.

She also busts out Blizzaga, which deals a nice chunk of damage as well.

We Draw Alexander from her before she goes down, a new GF we can use.
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-04-01-745
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-04-19-050
After Squall was healed from Curse, one Renzozuken and a couple of Angelo Cannons was all it took to take her down, which is fine, considering how much damage she can dish out.

After the fight, the sorceress lets off a light and paralyzes everyone except for Rinoa, who limps over to Seifer.

He then gets up, and walks away, until eventually Rinoa just passes out.

The group hears Edea call out from the podium above them, but she seems… Different.

She knows everyone’s name, and says how strong everyone has gotten.

As well, she also asks Squall if she has protected Ellone or not?
FF8_EN 2016-10-03 13-06-17-284
We then fade to black and find Squall in his bed, pondering what just happened.

Rinoa appears to be in some sort of coma in the infirmary.

Quistis comes over on the intercom and says that Edea, or Matron, is at her house, so we should go there.

The gang heads there and finds Cid, who says he was put in a no-win situation.

He couldnt’ bear to see his wife killed, but he also couldn’t lose his most trusted SeeDs.

We find a Curaga Draw point, which will come in handy.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-46-02-812
Squall, Quistis and Selphie find Edea and Cid.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-46-40-080
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-46-42-791
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-46-49-271
Edea tells us that she was possessed by a powerful sorceress known as Ultimecia, who comes from the future.

Edea tells us she wants Ellone’s powers for her own, so to protect her, Edea gave herself to
Ultimecia, in a vain attempt to try and stop her.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-49-19-015
She says that Ultimecia is also looking for another sorceress, sorceress Adel, who had immense power.

She says that if Ultimecia were to possess Adel, their power would be too fearsome to imagine.

Squall asks about Rinoa, but Edea isn’t sure what is wrong with her.
It appears Squall has harbored some feelings for Rinoa after all of this time.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-50-50-671
The gang ask Edea what Ultimecia’s goal is, to which she says time compression.

It’s something that causes past, present and the future to merge together.

That doesn’t sound good.

Everyone goes back to the garden and updates everyone on what happened.

Our first objective is to now look for Ellone.

At the training area, we find a new weapons magazine before heading to the infirmary to check in on Rinoa.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-59-14-363
Squall desperately tries to wake up Rinoa, but she doesn’t respond.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 12-59-40-042
Squall is then thrust into the past, with Laguna, Kiros and Ward all together.

It appears they took a movie role to earn some money, with Laguna as the star.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-02-49-520
A dragon was supposed to come, with Kiros and Ward as the puppeteers, but a real dragon actually stomps up and attacks Laguna!
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-03-48-498
He fends off the dragon with a small mini-game, buying him enough time to scamper away.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-14-56-511
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-14-59-092
But, the dragon catches up, with Kiros and Ward now joining the fight!

With three of us against the dragon, it went down quickly.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-15-25-463
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-15-40-673
Especially with Blizzard junctioned to our attack and Fire to our defense, he couldn’t really touch us.

The dragon did have Fira to Draw from, so I got 300 of those quickly, along with an Inferno Fang with Mug.

After that, it was a simple matter of just limit breaking him to death.
I think you could have used Card here, but I forgot, so we got some unnecessary levels. Oh well.

After the fight, Laguna and company see something off in the distance, but the screen fades to black.

We then hear Ellone’s voice, asking for Squall.
She says that she is about to “disconnect,” as she calls it.

She says that she must be asleep, so she can’t control her powers at this moment.

We also find out that Raine died while Laguna was searching for Ellone after she was kidnapped by Esthar soldiers.

She says she tried to make him stay, but she couldn’t.

The connection between Ellone and Squall ends, but Squall pleads with her to send him to right before Rinoa was put into a coma.

He thinks he might be able to change what happened.

Squall gets the idea to head to Edea and ask if she might know where her SeeD ship with Ellone might be.

Speaking with Edea, she says that they move around a lot, but gives Squall an idea on where they might be.

She also entrusts Squall with a letter, telling him to give it to them, that they should let them in.

We then play Edea at Triple Triad to win a rare card from her.

And lose a lot. She uses the Random, Plus AND Same rule.

It’s pure chaos.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 14-15-48-673
Some backstory to this screenshot. I was doing fantastic, I had almost all if not all, of the cards controlled.

I even did a little smirk and muttered to myself, “Gotcha.”

She played one card. ONE card, flipped EVERYTHING on the table to her side.

And here I was starting to get the hang of Triple Triad.
FF8_EN 2016-10-04 13-55-01-611
Anyway, after about 20 or so tries, I won the Edea card.

She actually has some great cards, but this rule set is just bonkers, so I quit, I got what I wanted.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-08-01-049
Squall and company find the white ship, but the SeeDs present on the ship don’t believe us about Edea sending us here, so they ask us to leave.

They allow the gang to explore the ship, however, and we find Zone and Watts!
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-09-01-571
After everyone was split up, they barely managed to get aboard the ship as they made their escape.

They ask about Rinoa… So Squall gives them a quick summary.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-09-32-033
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-09-36-787
Zone flips out on Squall, but Watts calms him down.

Zone swears that if anything happens to Rinoa… Before running off.

Squall gets some info from Watts, who tells him that Ellone isn’t even on the ship anymore, that she was taken by Esthar soldiers some time ago.

With that new piece of information, Squall tracks down Zone to speak to him again.

Speaking with him a few times, he sees that Squall found that naughty magazine some time ago, so he goes ahead and gives it to him for free.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-14-24-759
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-14-26-056
He thanks him by giving him the Shiva card and a Rename Card, which let’s us rename one GF of our choosing. We just hold on to it.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-18-03-430
We also find a Draw point with Holy in it… Nice.

Squall shows the leader of the ship Matron’s letter, who seems to be at ease with Squall’s group being there.

He tells Squall that Ellone isn’t on the ship, just as Watts had mentioned.

Apparently, they got caught by Galbadia, but then Esthar soldiers showed up and they all began fighting.

Esthar came aboard the white ship and asked them evacuate onto their ship, but they refused.

Then, Ellone just yelled something at them and jumped onto their ship before sailing away.

Back in Balamb, Squall sets a course for Esthar.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-26-03-165
Squall takes Rinoa and leaves early in the morning without anyone, but ends up meeting with the rest of group along the way, including Edea.

Edea wishes to see a Dr. Odine, hoping that he might be able to suppress her sorceress powers, so Ultimecia can’t control her anymore.

In fact, she can actually be used as a party member!

The gang reaches a large, barren area, where they begin to make their way across to Esthar.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-37-31-296
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-37-41-390
As the group traverses the landscape, this thing just pops up out of nowhere!
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-38-40-997
Abadon isn’t that tough. He is undead, so healing magic/items will harm him.

He has Cure, Esuna and Dispel to Draw from, so that is good.

He has two modes, crouching and standing. While crouching, he takes a ton of damage from attacks, and really only has weak attacks that can Curse.

With Esuna so readily available, this is mostly just an annoyance, than anything.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-39-23-960
When he stands, he takes very, very little damage from anything.

I am talking only 20 damage a swipe from Squall’s Renzokuken!

However, he can also status you with Blind, which is just annoying, or the quite infuriating, Confuse.

After a while, he goes back to crouching, where we can wail on him again.

I had Quistis Mug a Power Wrist from him, which is a very handy item that lets a GF learn Str+40%.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-48-46-232
Being undead, he also had a weakness to fire.
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-48-54-467
FF8_EN 2016-10-05 14-48-58-468
Selphie ended up getting the killing blow with her Slots. I got lucky and got Firax2, for a good chunk of damage.

Saving at a nearby save point, the group continues on.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-36-30-685
Running back, Squall and the gang pick up a few spells from draw points nearby, namely Meteor and Thundaga.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-41-46-412
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-41-49-580
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-42-17-758
Squall spots some kind of… Hologram and the group finds themselves in some warehouse of sorts.
The group arrives in a very large city, cloaked by the invisibility field.

As we get deeper in, everyone falls unconscious and heads to the dream world, with Laguna, Ward and Kiros again.

This time, it appears they are some sort of slaves to the Ethsar.

The group is separated, with Laguna helping out an older man and one of those animals that we seen before, a Moomba.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-45-53-689
Laguna finds out that the old man is part of a resistance group that opposes the sorceres from this time, Adel!

The old man says he wants Laguna to be their leader.

Laguna finds himself in a tussle with one of the guards, dispatching him with ease.

Eventually, something happens and Ward and Kiros burst into the room.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-49-43-535
They fight off a couple of guards and begin their escape.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 12-51-25-232
We also had Kiros Mug a Black Hole from the Gesper here, which teaches Quistsis Degenerator, a very powerful instant-death move.

Making their escape, they speak with the old man outside, who says Dr. Odine is looking for a girl named Ellone.

Before Laguna can rush back in, the old man tells him that if they work together, they can help Laguna get Ellone back, but with just the three of them, they won’t stand a chance against Adel and his men.

Laguna finds out that Dr. Odine might know where Ellone is, so, after agreeing to help out the resistance, he rushes back in to confront Odine.

Laguna finds a Weapons Monthly magazine, the first issue, in fact, which has some of the strongest weapons in the game in it!
We now know some of the recipes required to get them!

Laguna finds Odine, and demands he tell him where Ellone is.

But, some guards assault Laguna while Odine quickly makes his escape.

Laguna and the others pursue Odine after the fight.
FF8_EN 2016-10-09 13-09-01-789
Laguna finally gets a hold of Odine, who tells him where Ellone is.

He finds Ellone, but then Squall and the others suddenly wake up.

An Esthar vehicle picks them, along with Edea, who tells them the situation.

When everyone arrives, Dr. Odine himself tells Edea that it shouldn’t be a problem to remove Ultimecia from her.

Squall demands to know where Ellone is.

Dr. Odine tells him he will tell him…
But, he will only do it if he can observe Rinoa for a short time.

Squall agrees and the gang explores the city as they make preparations.

But that will be for next time!

Join me then as we explore the city of Esthar!


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