Final Fantasy 8 Part 7 – A New Sorceress Awakens

Check out the last installment for some key information regarding the sorceress!

Now that we are in Esthar, let’s explore around a bit.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-32-29-149
The gang heads to the shopping center and picks up a few things, including a rare Rosetta Stone, which allows the user of the GF who has this ability to equip 4 abilities.

Squall also finds some hidden Draw points with some good magic, such as Quake and Curaga.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-43-41-623
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-45-18-269
Squall runs around the city for a bit, before finally leaving.

Here, he explores the outer city and comes across this huge monument of sorts, along with a Reflect Draw point.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-51-47-999
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-52-00-842
But, he also finds a Solomon Ring.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-52-26-269
Hmm… Looks like Squall doesn’t have the necessary items.

Leaving, the group makes their way to the Lunar Base.

Edea wishes to stay and work with Dr. Odine to suppress Ultimecia. Quistis says that someone should stay with the matron, to which Zell happily volunteers.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 13-59-51-011
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-02-34-003
With that settled, Squall, Rinoa and Quistis get blasted off to space, while the others stay behind.

As everyone goes to leave the facility, there is an earthquake that shakes the building.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-03-14-506
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-03-23-545
This… Thing, begins to hover in the sky, heading towards Esthar.

Edea says they should go to the city and consult Dr. Odine, that he might know what that is.

At this point, we are forced to take Edea into our party, so let’s show her off!
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-09-46-919
Edea starts at level 26, a massive head-up on our party, who is resting at the low teens.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-10-04-586
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-10-05-357
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-10-09-811
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-10-13-429
Her Limit Break, Sorcery, allows her to use that same Ice Strike ability she used to nearly kill Squall all the way back in Disk 1.
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-12-17-248
Her normal attacks consist of shooting a burst of magic at the enemy.

Hanging around Esthar is everyone’s favorite enemy, the Marlboro!
FF8_EN 2016-10-18 14-16-27-319
Yep, Bad Breath is here and just as annoying!

Zell’s group enters Esthar and makes their way through the city.

Zell picks up another fighting magazine, Combat King 004 and learns a new move.

Zell asks what is going on, to which Dr. Odine says it is something called the Lunatic Pandora.

Dr. Odine tries to explain, but Zell just wants to know how to stop it right away.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-44-31-134
Dr. Odine says that the ship, or whatever it is, will take 20 minutes to pass over the city.

At three different points at different times, there will be a small window to hop aboard the Lunatic Pandor.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-48-40-384
Dr. Odine also mentions monsters coming from the moon.

As the group leaves, they see the Lunatic Pandora making it’s way across the city sky.

We have to be at the right contact point at the right time, or we miss our chance to board it!
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-52-08-511
Thankfully, the game gives you a quite useful time bar and it will show you where and at what time the ship will pass by.

Zell and the others quickly reach the first contact point and wait for their chance.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-54-39-719
Right on time, the Lunatic Pandora slowly saunters by and Galbadian soldiers jump out to assault Zell and the others!

After the very easy fight, they board the ship.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-55-27-468
Inside the ship, the groups finds Meteor and Curaga Draw points. That will be useful later on.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 13-59-59-600
The group comes across this odd machine, to which Zell says they should pummel it.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-00-08-044
Unfortunately, this thing literally lifts them into the air and bats them outside of the ship like insects.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-00-43-293
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-01-06-406
With nothing left to do, Zell says they should just fall back for now.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-02-46-428
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-04-19-018
Switching back to Squall’s group, they finally arrive at the space station.

There is a save point present here, which is good, because we have more Triple Triad to play.
FF8_EN 2016-10-26 14-06-12-160
Almost every rule in the book. Just lovely.

Really, I don’t mind most of the rules, they make it pretty fun.

But Random is what kills it. Yes, you can’t just use your most powerful cards and mow over everyone, but the fact that it becomes a coin flip if you even have a decent deck every time you play, it’s infuriating.

Maybe they should have let you pick your cards from a random list of like 10 or something.

That way, it would still be RNG, but just a tad bit less, since you could pick some of the cards you want.
FF8_EN 2016-10-28 07-05-01-626
After hours of trying, I finally have a very lucky break and even manage to sweep the board on the last turn!
FF8_EN 2016-10-28 07-05-10-015
The Alexander card is now mine, finally!
FF8_EN 2016-10-28 13-42-30-503
Squall sets Rinoa down and we find Ellone. But first…

More Triple Triad!

Once again, this is an exercise in patience. All of the rules still apply, so it essentially trying to get Alexander all over again.
FF8_EN 2016-10-28 13-46-47-890
However, I did win one and this happened.

Abolishing a rule means that it won’t exist in this region anymore. Usually great, especially if you can get rid of the ever-annoying Random rule.

While not the best outcome, removing Elemental alleviates some of my pain.
FF8_EN 2016-10-29 13-35-25-157
Well, after trying for a few days to get it, I am giving up.

Honestly, I could live with the rules, but I have challenged her over a hundred times and she has only played the Laguna card a handful of times.

If I really want it, I can get it later on in the game.

Oh well, moving on!
FF8_EN 2016-10-29 13-27-10-535
FF8_EN 2016-10-29 13-27-36-233
Squall finally talks to Ellone and he asks her to take him to the past so he can help Rinoa.

She says that she can only take people to the past that she knows from her past, so she doesn’t think it would work.

He asks her to follow him to Rinoa so she can at least try.
FF8_EN 2016-10-29 13-29-08-492
Squall, Quistis and Ellone enter a command hub of sorts and it looks like there are monsters on the moon!

The men in the facility say that something called the “Lunar Cry” is about to happen.

We see a shot of Rinoa’s bed chambers open.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-03-48-854
As the group nears Rinoa’s room, the alarm begins to fire off!

Quistis takes Ellone to safety, while Squall heads to the Med Bay to see what is going on.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-04-09-721
We then see Rinoa stumbling out in a very odd way.

Every time Squall tries to get near her, he is thrown back.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-06-52-245
He rushes after her to the control room, and it looks like she is deactivating Adel’s tomb!

Squall tries to stop her, but to no avail.

Quistis says the Lunar Cry is starting and Ellone says that if Rinoa is trying to free Adel, there is one more lock.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-10-35-542
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-10-47-620
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-10-48-835
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-10-59-177
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-11-26-110
Then… The Lunar Cry begins.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-11-36-479
Squall quickly scrambles after Rinoa.
Squall finds her and sees her don a space suit and run off, so he does the same.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-12-55-905
She manages to get away before Squall can get to her, so he has to head back into the station.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-15-02-378
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-15-34-424
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-20-27-318
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-20-55-032
She also releases Adel, before being flung off into space from the force of the Lunar Cry.

Squall speaks with the others and asks Ellone to send him to Rinoa.

She says she will try before she is taken away with Quistis to be evacuated.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-22-10-385
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-22-14-796
The group barely escapes on the station’s emergency pod before it explodes from the Lunar Cry.

With Rinoa tumbling in space, Squall pleads with Ellone to send him to Rinoa’s past to save her.

We see a few cutscenes of Rinoa and others, a long time ago. Squall tells her that it’s too far back, so she tries again.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-25-24-158
She sends him back again, and we see that Ultimecia has taken over Rinoa!

Ultimecia senses our presence and knocks Ellone and Squall out of the past.

A very long cutscene plays of Rinoa hurdling through space, running out of oxygen with Squall trying to speak with her through Ellone’s power.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-30-58-779
Rinoa sees Squall’s ring and it wakes her up.

Squall and Rinoa are rushed back to the present and Squall heads out of the pod to get Rinoa.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-32-51-127
We have to go through a mini-game of sorts where we have to catch Rinoa in a certain amount of time by lining her up with the center of the screen. Not hard at all.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-33-54-145
With Squall and Rinoa reunited, there is another problem. They don’t have any oxygen or fuel left!
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-34-45-893
Squall spots a nearby Esthar ship and drags Rinoa to it.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-42-36-433
They land safely inside and we get to save the game! Phew! Crisis averted!

Squall and Rinoa then explore the ship.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-44-46-674
Traversing the inside of the ship, the duo see a hideous beast roaming around.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-44-48-874
Looks like we should prepare for a fight.

As they turn back, they see one of the beasts!
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-45-13-476
This thing could hit decently hard. It had some good magic available to Draw, such as Cure, Esuna and Life.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-46-06-084
During the fight, we see Rinoa’s new Limit Break, Angel Wing.

Think of Angel Wing like a magical Berserk, where Rinoa will go uncontrollable and cast spells randomly chosen from her current stock of magic.

She will only cast magic that targets enemies, so no need to worry about her casting Cure over and over again, or something similar.

But, to get the best use out of it, you have to clean out her magic to ensure she only uses the best stuff, like Meteor.

Also, it won’t use up any of your magic uses when she does this.

Squall takes it out with a Renzozuken and we continue on.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-53-37-558
Squall and Rinoa then get rushed by a red one!
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-55-32-339
They defeat it, only to find a purple one!

They find another purple one, and here is the gimmick of this area.

These monsters can only be truly killed when you kill both of the same color right after another, so kill a purple one, then another purple one to get rid of the purple monstrosities.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 13-58-50-789
The good news, however, is that these things aren’t that tough. They can also use Thundaga, but with Thundara and Thunder junctioned to the party’s elemental defense, it now heals them a tiny bit instead of actually dealing damage to them!

They also don’t give EXP, so we don’t have to worry about gaining levels here.

In addition, you can also Mug Wizard Stones from them, which let’s us turn them into powerful magic, such as Curaga, Thundaga and the like.

Squall and Rinoa reach the cockpit after defeating all of the monsters and find that there is someone trying to contact us!

They give Squall commands on what to do, so they can make their way back.
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 14-24-06-661
Squall and Rinoa get a moment together to discuss their feelings of one another.

The radio contact chimes in and asks who is on the ship. When Squall tells him that Rinoa is on the ship, they flip out and tell him that Sorceress Rinoa will be detained when they arrive!
FF8_EN 2016-10-31 14-25-56-033
Rinoa doesn’t want to go back, but they must.

When they land, a group of Esthar take Rinoa, to seal away her powers.

They tell Squall they are headed to the Sorceress’ Memorial.

Rinoa tells them that she was possessed by Ultimecia, and that she must not be allowed to create a time compression.

Rinoa says her final goodbyes and leaves with the Esthar group, leaving Squall by himself.

Squall heads back to the Ragnarok on his lonesome and contemplates what just happened.
FF8_EN 2016-11-01 13-16-04-224
Then Quistis shows up and tells us that when she came to from being in the escape pod, Ellone was gone.

Then Zell, Irvine and Selphie show up.
FF8_EN 2016-11-01 13-28-40-543
FF8_EN 2016-11-01 13-28-44-595
FF8_EN 2016-11-01 13-28-56-550
Zell informs Squall on the situation down here after the Lunar Cry happened.

The Galbadian Army has control of the Lunatic Pandora, which seized Adel when all of the monsters fell from the moon.

Squall can’t take his mind off of Rinoa, however, and interrupts Zell’s briefing.

He explains what happened with Rinoa, to which Quistis tells him to save her, that he didn’t just jump into outer space and nearly die just to let her go, so Squall agrees.

Suddenly, the Ragnarok takes off!
FF8_EN 2016-11-01 13-31-49-163
With Selphie and Irvine at the pilot’s seat, we now have control of the Ragnarok!

This allows us to fly pretty much anywhere we please. It’s the Final Fantasy 8 airship, to put it simply.

The group quickly flies back to Balamb Garden to start a new quest, the Card Club quest.

To get the best cards in the game, we have to challenge each member of the so called “Card Club” of Balamb Garden. They are the best of the best when it comes to Triple Triad.

To start the quest, you have to win a certain number of Triple Triad games in Balamb.

With my set of great cards and due to the fact that Balamb has very simple rules, I beat Dr. Kadowaki a bunch of times as “initiation” to challenge the lower members of the Card Club.

I also win the Leviathan card, from the “Joker” of the Card Club, which is just an okay card.

Squall works his way up the ranks, until he finds the Queen, who is Xu!
FF8_EN 2016-11-02 14-13-32-122
We soundly beat her and also win the Carbuncle card.

She tells Squall about the King, but doesn’t offer him much in the way of clues.
FF8_EN 2016-11-02 14-15-59-752
Squall speaks with Dr. Kadowaki, who tells him that she used to be the King, but passed it on to another girl four years ago.

She tells him that since he has beat everyone else, that she will find him.

We go and sleep in Squall’s room, when someone enters his room!
FF8_EN 2016-11-02 14-16-43-994
FF8_EN 2016-11-02 14-16-46-308
It’s none other than Quistis!
FF8_EN 2016-11-02 14-18-05-002
Beating her, we also win the Gilgamesh card!

With that, we have beat all members of the Card Club group!

Next, let’s unlock some new GF’s!
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 12-47-18-003
First, Squall heads to this mysterious place and hears a voice speak to him.

It says it is the legendary Odin!

This place also gives us a 20 minute timer, so better make it fast!

These ruins aren’t that difficult to figure out, thankfully.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 12-51-42-486
It mostly revolves around finding eyes for statues, getting a code and opening a door.

The good news; you can leave early once you unlock the final door and start with a fresh 20 minute timer every time!

Yeah, Odin yells at you, but it doesn’t matter!
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 12-54-28-704
Squall sees the literally big man himself, sitting on his throne. When he challenges him, Odin tells him he will aid them if they can beat him.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 12-54-50-624
In this incarnation, Odin is a cakewalk. He won’t attack or anything, allowing the party to just wail on him.

Before that, however, we draw 300 Triples from him!

Much like the spell Double, Triple allows a party member to cast, you guessed it, three spells in a row!

Plus, with the ability to reset the timer once you unlock the door, you will have plenty of time to beat him.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-00-12-237
I tried to have Squall hit himself so he could Limit Break, but Selphie and Quistis managed to defeat Odin before he had the chance!

Unlike the other GF’s, however, Odin is different. Despite what he says about “calling on him,” we can’t actually do that.

He will appear at random times in battle, usually when you are facing high level enemies or getting your butt kicked.

He will perform his signature move, Zantetsuken, and kill all enemies.

He also doesn’t have any abilities he can learn, since we can’t actually equip him.

After that, the group heads back in to get another GF.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-11-16-287
This time, we have to kill 20 of these guys, little Tonberries!

We also can’t Card them, since it won’t count.

Thankfully, these give no EXP, but only 1 AP, although they do occasionally drop the Chef’s Knife, which you can also Mug from them as well.

These things are tanks! They took 2 Renzozukens from Squall to take down!
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-27-11-409
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-11-33-048
They use a move called Everyone’s Grudge which deals damage based on how many monsters that character has defeated in battle.

It doesn’t deal that much damage to Quistis and Selphie. If Squall were to get hit by it, it would probably instant kill him, since he does all of the killing/carding, if it even counts Card as a kill.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-29-35-220
Yep, can confirm, Everyone’s Grudge does a crap ton of damage to Squall!
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-30-08-185
I even tried to use one of Quistis’ Limit Breaks, Degenerator, which causes instant death, but it appears Tonberries are immune to it.
Which makes sense, considering they are associated with death.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-55-48-587
After killing 20 Tonberries, the Tonberry King appears!

Since Squall was at such low HP, I was a bit worried.

But, he didn’t really get a chance to use most of his attacks.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-56-46-081
Junk, which hits the entire party, I thought for sure would kill Squall, but everyone only took about 200 damage or so.
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-57-27-647
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-57-31-007
FF8_EN 2016-11-04 13-57-46-670
With that, Squall kept wrecking him with his Limit Break, until he fell!

Tonberry is unique in that his ability selection is mostly themed around money and shopping.

He gets abilities that let you call a shop at anytime, lower the prices of said items and even get rarer items!

Another trick up his sleeve is his Level Up and Level Down ability. This does just what it says, allowing you to manipulate an enemy’s level. Quite handy for low level games that might need to change a monster’s level to get certain items.

With that, we will end off here. Join me next time when we unlock even more powerful GF’s and possibly even finish the game!?

See you then!


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