Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2017!

Ah, Final Fantasy 5.

This game really stood out to me and stayed in my mind, even as I began to play FF6.

It was one of those games, much like FF1, 3 and especially FF Tactics, where you could think about the different jobs, how they work together, their strengths, weaknesses.

Finding strategies and synergies that force you to sometimes think outside of the box, or sometimes, in the box.

However, FF5 took it and increased by about 10.

The only other FF game that comes to mind is Tactics, which has the same amount of detail. Actually, probably more than FF5, now that I think about it, in its job system.

There is something that has been floating around on the internet for a while, called the Four Job Fiesta.

It is essentially a challenge run where you are forced to use a particular set of jobs through-out the game.

So if you get Monk, Red Mage, Geomancer, Dancer, you are forced to use those jobs through-out the game.

The kicker, however, each person must be at least one of those jobs.

No two characters can be the same job, the only exception is when you only have 1-3 jobs available to you, so at the beginning, for the wind crystal, you would have to use 4 monks, for the fire crystal, at least a Monk and Red Mage, water crystal, at least a Monk, Red Mage, Geomancer, then finally, for the earth crystal, you would use all four jobs.

This ensures you don’t just use 4 monks through the full game, or 4 dancers, or whatever job you get.

You are forced to use all of the jobs to the best of their ability.

You can switch them around as you see fit, as long as you follow the rules of each is in use during the game.

There is also a charity event, a lot of people get involved to raise some money for charity and play some games.

I won’t go into the finer details, if you wish to know more, go ahead and hop over here and do some research on it. There is a lot of information to be read, but if you are interested and love FF5, check it out.

I would also recommend checking out the Reddit page if you want to know more.

So, instead of “Gilgabot” giving me my jobs, I am going to just use a randomizer and use that for now.

I will be doing just a standard, Normal run, since this is my first attempt at a FJF(four job fiesta) run.

There are many different variants, such as totally random, all mages, no mages, natural, plus a few others.

Oh, and for those wondering, the extra classes that were added in the later games, the Gladiator, Oracle, Cannoneer and Necromancer, they won’t be used since you get them so late in the game.

One last thing, if you aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy 5 at all, you might want to either play the game yourself, or check out my run here.

I won’t be going into as much detail in this run, mostly just bosses and strategies, so if you want more of the story, check it out.

Let’s skip up until I get to the wind crystal, shall we, since I am forced to use Freelancer until then.

Oh another thing, I will be using the Steam port again, since I really enjoyed my time with it during my initial play-through.

I know some things have been fixed or altered, but it should be relatively the same experience.

Yes, that means no “fast-foward” or save states, but oh well!

All right, at the wind crystal, we now have the first set of jobs.

Drum roll!!!
We get…

Black Mage!

What a surprise! Black Mage, I think, will be extremely strong in the beginning and middle game, while probably tapering off near the end in power. Until then, it’s a matter of nuke or be killed!

Black Mage Abilities:
Level 1 – Black Magic 1
Level 2 – Black Magic 2
Level 3 – Black Magic 3
Level 4 – Black Magic 4
Level 5 – Black Magic 5
Level 6 – Black Magic 6
Level 7 – MP +30%

Pretty simple abilities. Each level allows them to cast a higher level of black magic. The final ability does what is says, increases an equipped character’s MP by 30%. Handy if we get more than one mage job.

With that out of the way, the game can begin proper!

A little side note, I almost got a game over on the very first boss. He never did anything but Breath Wing, which does a decent chunk of damage to the whole party. Thankfully, only Faris went down.

Karlabos went down very quickly to an onslaught of Thunder spells. He didn’t even use Tail Screw!

Siren went down almost as quick. She did Silence Bartz, which was annoying, but with three others blasting her with Fire when she turned undead, she went down quick.

Getting the Elven Mantle was pretty difficult, as it always is, but it really helped during Galura.

Galura… This guy is the first “difficult” fight. Once he gets down a certain amount of HP, he begins to counter attack with two physical attacks of his own, which hurt pretty bad.

His Rush really hits hard, plus, it causes HP Leak. After getting a few game overs, I eventually found a strategy that worked. With Faris equipped with the Elven Mantle and the Frost Rod, she spammed Blizzard while the others defended, hopefully absorbing as many blows as possible.

My healing item count was pretty low, but we got through with only Bartz dead.

With that, our job for the water crystal is…
Mystic Knight!

Mystic Knight Abilities:
Level 1 – Magic Shell
Level 2 – Spellblade 1
Level 3 – Spellblade 2
Level 4 – Spellblade 3
Level 5 – Spellblade 4
Level 6 – Spellblade 5
Level 7 – Spellblade 6

Mystic Knight is pretty good. Especially since I already have Black Mage as my first job, it fits perfectly with my party thus far. Magic Shell grants Shell when the user hits low HP, so it might be handy, although, usually, if you are that low, Shell isn’t going to help you unless you get healed.

Mystic Knight can equip some good armor and weapons, so it is decently tanky as well.

Its Spellblade allows it to use various magic to power up it’s attacks, like Fire Sword now allows it to hit with fire elemental, Blizzard Sword for ice, ect. In my opinion, it’s probably just a straight upgrade to Black Mage at this point, so I will most likely make three of my four party members Mystic Knights, leaving one as Black Mage (as per the rules at this point).

A small part of me wanted Time Mage, just so I could have a support user and someone who can use the Heal Staff, but oh well, I am not complaining!

Karnak was a welcome sight, since Fira, Blizzara and Thundara were all sold here, as well as the various elemental rods.

With these, our offense shot through the roof, allowing us to take on Shiva with
absolutely no problem.

Liquid Flame went down incredibly quick as well. I remember it giving me so much trouble my first playthrough, but this time, a shattered Frost Rod and two attacks were all it took to put it down.

The castle Karnak exploding was an annoying section. I ran out of time mere steps away from the exit my first time, so my next time, I just skipped most of it and grabbed what I thought was necessary; Esuna(why, I have no idea, I guess I just couldn’t bring myself to skip it), the Main Gauche and the Elven Mantle #2.

The “boss” at the end went down with a single Frost Rod shatter.

With that, our fire crystal job is…

Geomancer Abilities:
Level 1 – Gaia
Level 2 – Find Pits
Level 3 – Light Step

Well… This is different. In my first playthrough, I don’t recall ever using them extensively, so I have no idea how this is going to play out. It appears this party so far is pretty magical based.

Gaia is basically their geomancy move. Depending on the battlefield, various effects will happen. I have no idea how good it is. It probably starts decent, but I can’t see it having any lasting power.

Find Pits allows the party to see and avoid broken floors and pit falls. Could be handy.

Light Step allows the party to become immune to damage floors, like lava. I suppose I will be glad to have it when it comes into play.

The good news, Geomancers have decent magic, so I can level up Black Mage, then stick Black Magic on my Geomancer to give them a boost. I imagine later in the game that is probably what my Geomancer will be doing, just spamming Black Magic.

Byblos was actually a piece of cake! With everyone pounding him with Fira and Fira Sword, he didn’t stand a chance!

I did get a bit worried when he Confused Bartz, who is my Black Mage. Thankfully, we took him down before Bartz could rain magical devastation on our party.

Getting the airship and beating Crayclaw was extremely easy. Thundara all around basically killed it in three moves.

With the airship, I went and took out Ramuh, who actually could two shot anyone in the party with Thundara. Lenna went down, but with everyone spamming Fira, he eventually went down.

Soul Cannon actually was dangerous, as is the case most of the time. With it’s aging status ailment, it could severely hinder any party. I broke a Thunder Rod, which left the
Launchers with very little HP, so anyone could finish them off, so they went down fairly quick.

It still managed to get off a Wave Cannon, which took out Galuf, but after a Phoenix Down and more Thundara spamming, it went down.

This fight would have been way faster if I just bought a bunch of Thunder Rods, but I don’t want to just be super cheesy unless I have to be.

Archaeavis took two tries, which I struggled a bit, especially when he he was on his last phase. Since my party is pretty magical at this point, it was hard to damage him, since he absorbs all Fire, Ice, Lightning and is immune to Wind.

It boiled down to having my Geomancer with the Main Gauche stand in the front row
and along with my two Mystic Knights beat him down while my Black Mage healed. It got dicey at the end when he paralyzed two of my people, but we finished it.

So, with that, the last of the jobs are open to us. What do we get?

Chemist Abilities:
Level 1 – Pharmacology
Level 2 – Mix
Level 3 – Drink
Level 4 – Recover
Level 5 – Revive

So Chemist is pretty much a very powerful and nearly unstoppable force of healing and damage.

With their Mix command, they can mix together various items to create very powerful effects. This can range from full revives, amazing damage, even increasing or lowering levels and granting powerful protection.

With Chemist now on my side, I am not too worried anymore about the rest of the game.

The Chemist can be healer and damage dealer, basically plugging the hole that my group needed.

At least I have some healing now, I was worried I was going to have to spend the rest of the game with very little healing, other than healing myself with Drain Sword or with elemental absorb shenanigans.

Chemists can also equip staffs, so I finally have a use for the Healing Staff I picked up ages ago.

This means I should probably do some farming for some Chemist items.

The bomb brothers, or the Puroboros as they are called gave me some trouble, as is the case with most playthroughs. You have to kill them very carefully, since they will just Arise and fully revive anyone that is killed.

Using Sleep and Silence Sword, I took them out slowly, one by one.

The Manticore was basically a damage race. I barely won out with just my Black Mage at the end. I thought Silence Sword would work, but if it did, he was never silenced long enough for it to matter.

Before I fought Titan, I wanted to get Mix for my Chemist, since that would enable me to cast Float, which I figured would really come in handy against him.

I trained up in the Jachol cave against the Nutkins and the Skull Eaters there. The Skull Eaters could very easily rip my party’s face off at any time, but thankfully I got pretty lucky and only got a few game overs from it.

Back to Titan, I am so glad I got Mix first. Levisalve only casted Float on a single target at a time, but I still managed to get everyone up before his final Earth Shaker, which missed thanks to Float.

Earth Shaker can deal almost 500 damage, so I am very thankful for Mix right now.

After gathering a bit more supplies, we leave world 1 and head to world 2, Galuf’s world.

Gilgamesh solo with Galuf was incredibly easy. I changed him to Mystic Knight, had him equip the Main Gauche, a shield and the Elven Mantle and Gilgamesh never even connected a hit.

With that, the gang is back together, so now the full fiesta can begin again!

Fighting Gilgamesh with the whole group, he was much tougher, especially when he buffed himself. Jump did quite a bit of damage to my group, but thankfully, with my Chemist, I could fully revive anyone who went down.

In world 2, we finally get some more Black Magic! Drain, Break and Bio, to be exact. With this, my Mystic Knight can take care of itself through Drain Sword, or instant kill anything weak to petrification through Break Sword. Of course, my Black Mage is happy as well.

The first town we go to has some nice equipment upgrades, but I kind of spent most of my money on getting world 1 stuff, so we do a bit of money grinding to get what we need. I also take this time to sell off anything I can’t use like Ninja scrolls, shurikens and outdated gear.

With Gaia Gear on my Geomancer, any earth elemental Gaia effects will be boosted, so that will help.

Moving along, the next few bosses are just tiny road bumps, both vulnerable to some form of instant death, Phoenix Down for the Tyranosaurus and Break for the Abductor.

Once I reach Drakenvale, I take this moment to grind out some Dragon Fangs for my
Chemist on the Zombie Dragons that reside in the caves.

The boss of Drakenvale, the Dragon Pod and its flowers, actually went rather smooth!

The pod and the flowers have pretty high magic defense, but I got incredibly lucky with Gaia, getting multiple Earthquakes and Cave-Ins, which pretty much won me the fight!

Gilgamesh and Enkidu was fairly easy. I switched around my jobs before the fight and accidentally nearly killed my Black Mage when my Chemist went to Heal Staff him, forgetting that the game auto-equips the Dancing Dagger and she got Sword Dance!
With multiple Gaias, Drain Swords and a Sword Dance, Gilgamesh and Enkidu bite the dust.

I have to say, Gaia from Geomancer is really doing well. I know that soon its power will fall off drastically, but up until this point it has been pretty fantastic.

With most of my characters using Gaia, I am bound to get something decent eventually, for free, so it is great at taking out random encounters.

Atomos at the Barrier Tower was susceptible to sleep, so we just kept him sleeping while everyone wailed on him with magic.

We also take out Shoat really quick. He is pretty easy if you just time your attacks so he can’t counter-petrify everyone.

After, we head straight for Moore, where a ton of goodies wait for us. We grab a second Main Gauche, an Air Knife, a ton of armor upgrades and level 6 Black Magic, Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga!

This is a great boost to our power!

The Crystal Seal Guardians are proving to be quite the road block. Their physical attacks deal quite a chunk of damage to anyone in my party, as well, when they get low on life and start to unleash their super spells, they just devastate my party.

In addition, they each absorb a different element, are immune to poison and wind and have no weaknesses.

It appears I have to really rely on Mix right now. With little to no healing other than that,
I have to just hope I can take them out before they take us out.

And the crystals are down! I got very lucky in this fight and had a lot of blocks with the Elven Mantle, Main Gauche and Aegis Shield.

I am not sure if this was the breaker or not, but I had two people equipped with Mix use the Protect Potion, which grants Protect and Shell to one target. It took a few turns, but once everyone was protected, things didn’t instantly kill us every time.

I used a single Dark Matter to take care of the fire crystal, since my main source of damage was Firaga from my Black Mage equipped with a Fire Rod.

I left out the earth crystal until last, and used Levisalve on everyone, to grant Float. With that, I didn’t have to fear his Earth Shaker once he was low, and it was smooth sailing at that point.

With that, Galuf is gone, but in comes Krile!

Moving on to Exdeath’s castle, these dragons are fearsome! I am starting to get flashbacks of FF4 when I fought those red dragons!

At least Red Dragons are weak to Ice.

This was also the first point that having a Geomancer and its abilities were very helpful.

My party could walk over lava no trouble and avoid any invisible pits!

Carbuncle was easy, just play defensive until he heals himself, then put him to Sleep and wail on him with magic.

Gilgamesh went down pretty soundly as well, same old strategy of Drain Sword, Black Magic, with a Mix user or two if I needed it.

Exdeath was a tricky fight, as usual. He can be quite the road block for many playthroughs.

My main strategy was to use Bartz, who knows Drink and Mix. Have him drink a Goliath Tonic to increase his max health, then spam Holy Water + Dragon Fang for Holy Breath, which Exdeath is weak to.

The problem, however… I only had four Holy Waters! Plus, I forgot he had Zombie Breath and I had to use my last one to cure Faris.

Thankfully, Krile and her boosted Blizzaga became a great damage dealer in the fight, pretty much my only damage dealer, actually.

Also, only Faris with Drain sword could land any drain attacks against Exdeath, so that was annoying. I wasted a lot of Turtle Shells and Maiden’s Kiss’ trying to drain with my Mixers.

In any case, it was close, but we got him down with everyone standing. Used up all of my Phoenix Downs, but oh well.

In the merged world, the Gargoyles were no trouble. I Mixed a Holy Water and a Turtle Shell to Berserk them and finished them off without them reviving each other. As it turns out, I could have just used Sleep, but I didn’t know that at the time.

The pyramid was a bit annoying, with only three characters, but it was manageable.

Melusine was incredibly easy. She can change her weakness randomly, but she always starts the fight with a fire weakness. With everyone blasting her with Firaga, she went down before she could change it to something else.

We finally get Lenna back!

We then spend a while running around with our new airship, buying upgrades, doing a bit of grinding, ect.

I went to Phantom Village and bought Death and Osmose. Then I went and unsealed the Magus Rod, Assassin’s Dagger and the Gaia Bell. Regarding the Gaia Bell, I really didn’t have any other good choices, so I went with that, even though it’s not that great.

After getting the Mirage Vest and the Magic Lamp, Odin wasn’t a problem. With three Spellblade users using Break Blade, he went down in the first 15 seconds.

For the second tablet, the Wendigo went smoothly. We put them all to sleep, then I just spammed Black Magic at all of them until they all died.

In preparation for the Fork Tower, I went ahead and stole some Reflect Rings with the Thief Knife in the Phoenix Tower.

For the Fork Tower, I sent my Black Mage and my Geomancer with Black Magic up the magic side. They both had Reflect Rings, so they were pretty much set.

For the physical side, I was bit more worried, but I sent up my Mystic Knight and my Chemist.

As suspected, Minotauros was somewhat difficult. I mainly had my Chemist use Drink to buff itself and then attacked with the Chicken Knife while my poor Mystic Knight kept in the back row and defended, since the damage wasn’t that great.

Also, I had a funny moment during this fight. I picked up the Defender knight sword in the Fork Tower. It casts Protect when used in battle. For the first like 30 seconds of the fight, I thought I could use it from the item menu, but in FF5, if a party member can’t equip it, they can’t use it at all, not even as an item from the menu! So, I guess no Protect from the Defender for me!

Omniscient was easy. With everyone wearing Reflect Rings, he couldn’t touch us, not even with Flare. It was then just a Black Magic spam until he went down.

Leviathan was pretty much a cinch. With four Coral Rings to absorb Tidal Wave and spamming Thundaga, he went down quick.

Bahamut was actually pretty easy as well! With four Reflect Rings, he couldn’t really touch us. Even his Mega Flare got reflected back to him and he killed himself with it.

I even went through Phoenix Tower for the heck of it. It was definitely challenging, especially since they make you go through it twice if you don’t have a Time Mage with Teleport! Death from Black Magic came in real handy on a few of the enemies here.

I did manage to almost max everyone out with their jobs using the Magic Pots, though, so that was good.

We unlock the last of the legendary weapons, which are of no use to us, buy some last minutes restorative items and head to the final area!

Calotisteri went pretty well. With my Geomancer using Recover anytime a status ailment was inflicted, we weren’t in any real danger.

Omega… Honestly, I tried once, and just gave up. Maybe later on, but at this point, it’s impossible at my level.

Apanda actually gave me a game over the first time through! He just spammed Wind Slash and took us all out.

Second try went much better and we got him.

Azulmagia was annoying, but with plenty of Flares and some Mix, it wasn’t that bad, just a tedious fight.

For Catastrophe, the plan was to use Levisalve to put someone in Float status, then equip them with a Reflect Ring. His A.I. is programmed to try and dispel someone with Float with 100 G’s, but, if they have Reflect on, it just bounces off. He will keep doing this essentially forever, so it’s pretty fool-proof if you can use Float.

Halicarnassus was fairly easy. Before the fight, I had everyone turn into frogs, so that she would turn us back into our regular forms at the beginning of the fight. Then, it was just Reflecting Flare and Firaga off of our Reflect Ring wearer while we stayed alive.

Twin Tania was actually really simple as well! I remember having a lot of trouble with him on my first playthrough, but now that I know he can counter attack everything, I came prepared with Reflect Rings, causing him to reflect everything he could throw at us, minus attacking, back at him!

He went down even before he began charging Giga Flare!

This is it, we are in the home-stretch now!

Necrophobe was pretty tough! I started out with a Reflect Ring strategy, but that didn’t really work, since the Barriers themselves can just reflect their own magic off of themselves since they have innate Reflect.
A reflected Flare and/or Holy hurts us pretty bad.

Eventually, I had everyone except for my Chemist equip Flame Rings, while the one shield user equipped as much elemental absorb and resistance as possible.

Then, my Mystic Knight used Break Spellblade, which instant killed each Barrier. It took four turns, but they eventually went down. This fight would probably not be possible at my current level without this.

After a lot of restorative Mixing, we finally got him. I didn’t get to steal the Genji equipment from Gilgamesh. I made a separate save file in case the final boss is absolutely impossible, but we shall see.

Now then… The final boss!!!

In preparation, I equipped everyone with Mix. I figured this would be strongest thing I could use.

I equipped two Hermes Sandals on two of my characters, while the other two equipped Protect Rings for the Regen.

Phase one of the fight was essentially power up to the max. Using Mix and my Chemist’s Drink, I went to town chugging all kinds of potions, tinctures and mixtures until my group could survive.

First thing I did was give us all Dragon Kiss to avoid White Hole. Then, just powered up with everything I had, increasing our Max HP and our level, for starters. After that, I wailed on him with magic.

Then the real fight begins.

Neo-Exdeath is a real monster of a final boss.

With four different parts, each capable of doing nasty things, it’s a real hectic fight.

I had saved the Magic Lamp exclusively for this fight, since I knew I needed powerful group damage.

I also knew that the back piece was weak to Odin’s instant kill attack, so I figured I didn’t really have to worry about it.

After that, it was just attack with everything we had, while healing with Mix anytime we could.

I tried to spread out the damage as much as possible, since if you leave one piece alive at the end, it goes nuts and starts casting all kinds of really damaging stuff.

Thankfully, once there was only one piece left, it merely did one Almagest before finally biting the dust!

And that was that!

Here are the final character stats:

FFV_Game 2017-07-04 14-17-07-212

FFV_Game 2017-07-04 14-16-11-126

FFV_Game 2017-07-04 14-15-15-840

FFV_Game 2017-07-04 14-14-17-787

Now, there are a few optional “super-bosses” that I could try out.

Shinryu is a mean mofo, and in fact, seems somewhat possible at my levels. But I just don’t have the patience for it.
About the only strategy that would be viable is berserking him with the Wonder Rod and just reviving and attacking when I can.

I tried this, but the pieces had to fall into place perfectly for it to work at my level. Since he attacks so fast, people were dropping like flies, especially since he can deal over 6000 damage when berserked to my party.

Omega, honestly, is extremely difficult, especially so in a FJF. I attempted him a few times, but never even got close.
Reflect Rings helped, but he kept healing himself off of his reflected attacks way faster than I could deal damage, even with 9999 Thundaga Blades. Also, it seems his evasion is through the roof, since I couldn’t even hit him half of the time.

The Sealed Temple I am not even going to attempt at all.

But, not bad for my first fiesta! I am content for now! No triple crown this year, but oh well!

I honestly got a really good party for this one. I had some trouble here and there, but once I got Chemist, it was pretty smooth sailing.

Black Mage remained very strong through-out the game, what with the various elemental rods and the wonderful Magus Rod. In fact, I would say it was my heaviest hitter! Plus, status ailments like Sleep, Silence, Toad… They all ended up being helpful in ways you might not know. Break even helped, although that was mostly regulated to my Mystic Knight.

Mystic Knight was amazing and saved me many times with things like Break Blade and instant kills with Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga blade. Also, inflicting status ailments like Sleep and Silence were great. I thought they would have dealt more damage, but it was still an amazing asset to my group. Damage doesn’t matter if you can just instant kill it!

Geomancer… Was great when I first got it, and really helped out in certain areas. But after that, it pretty much became dead weight. I mostly used it for Mixes and support. Using the Chicken Knife helped here and there, but in most cases I had to have one or two people on constant heal duty, so my Geomancer usually filled that role.

Chemist. Chemist is an amazing class, and honestly, I feel that if you get Chemist, you have won, as long as you know which Mixes to use and aren’t severely under leveled. (Which, in my case, I consider myself very under leveled and still beat the game.) I had a list of Mixes, which I kept nearby. I didn’t even use half of the Mixes, but the ones I did use, especially the full revive one, was extremely helpful.

Also, since they can equip staffs, the Healing Staff was such a gil saver, since I wasn’t constantly using curatives. By the end of the game, its power was mediocre, but it still helped a lot.

Well, that ends that! The Four Job Fiesta was really fun! It made you think in different ways and find strategies based on what jobs you were given.

Let’s hope next years is just as successful!

Thanks for reading!

Here are the links for information on the Four Job Fiesta:


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