Final Fantasy 9 Part 7 – The Destruction of a World

Check out what happened last time!

Let’s see what kind of information Hilda managed to get from Kuja while she was kidnapped.

Before the meeting can start, Steiner notices Dagger isn’t here, so he goes to find her.
FF9 2018-01-10 19-32-29-045
FF9 2018-01-10 19-32-30-985
FF9 2018-01-10 19-33-52-450
Speaking with Hilda, it appears that Kuja is from a place called Terra, which is connected to another place called the Shimmering Island.
FF9 2018-01-10 19-34-16-028
FF9 2018-01-10 19-34-30-465
To get there, we have to go to a place called Ipsen’s Castle and figure out a way to cross over.

We get a few scenes of Steiner and all of Tantulus looking for her, but they can’t find her.
Eventually, Steiner returns and tells Zidane he couldn’t find her.

We also get quick scene showing Cid building a new airship!

Zidane goes to Alexandria to try and track her down, but he isn’t having any luck, either.

Just then, he and Baku spot Beatrix and they speak with her. Zidane lets her know what is going on.

Beatrix tells Zidane to tell Dagger that she comes first, before Alexandria, and gives him a Garnet to give to her. She also tells him of a “resting place” where she might be.

He later finds her there, and she is able to speak again! They share a scene where she realizes that she just isn’t fit to rule Alexandria yet and wants to travel with Zidane some more.
FF9 2018-01-10 19-41-20-067
FF9 2018-01-10 19-41-40-370
FF9 2018-01-10 19-41-42-901
She then takes his dagger and cuts her hair!
FF9 2018-01-10 19-42-04-735
Then, it looks like Cid has managed to craft the Hilde Garde 3 and let’s us fly it!
FF9 2018-01-10 19-43-58-952
FF9 2018-01-10 19-44-11-482
This is pretty awesome, it comes with a map, and, if you click on a known location, you can travel there.

We do a bit of blue magic gathering for Quina and then head to Ispen’s Castle.
FF9 2018-01-11 19-58-31-898
Considering Hilda told us exactly where it is, and it is on the map, it isn’t hard to find.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-01-15-545
Inside, Amarant says he is going alone to find the key by himself. Zidane tries to stop him, but he runs off.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-05-21-530
When we start to traverse the area, there are some odd things to note about this place.

For one, it seems to change your weapon stats.

The stronger your weapon, the weaker your attacks become. Which is weird, since I equipped Freya with her weakest weapon, but she still didn’t hit for more than 100 damage? Oh well.

Moving on, we finally find Aramant, who has found the keys. He tells us he has won, so he doesn’t need us anymore and heads off.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-24-10-155
FF9 2018-01-11 20-24-21-222
FF9 2018-01-11 20-24-28-172
FF9 2018-01-11 20-24-37-690
Anyway, Zidane finds these mirror that seem to point to different locales on a map. Each one also has some kind of hint on it.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-25-07-454
After grabbing the mirrors, the group hears a strange voice…
FF9 2018-01-11 20-25-39-855
FF9 2018-01-11 20-25-48-208
Then this thing comes out! It speaks of Terra and demands the mirrors be put back. Of course, the group refuses and the battle commences!
FF9 2018-01-11 20-27-58-858
This guy could hit decently hard with his physical attacks and could cast magic as well.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-29-42-615
Equipping the Ribbon from Mog, Eiko is finally able to freely summon Madeen, the eidolon, who deals decent holy damage.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-28-26-914
Zidane steals all of the goods relatively quick and actually manages to help us attack near the end of the fight.
FF9 2018-01-11 20-30-17-464
Vivi did all of the work, however. With Focus + Firaga, he was dealing almost max damage against it. Freya was on support duty, since her attacks are hitting for such crap damage for some reason, even with her weakest weapon!
FF9 2018-01-11 20-32-07-519
After the fight, the group starts to head back, but nearly trips down a trap door.

With that out of the way, the group makes their way out, and the rest of the party says Zidane was the first out.

Zidane asks about Amarant, and apparently he is still inside the castle!
FF9 2018-01-12 19-13-39-680
Zidane rushes back in and he finds Amarant wounded. He goes on to them him that he is a part of the team, and that’s what a team does, they look out for each other.

He manages to convince Amarant to go with him and we finally escape the castle.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-16-57-168
Zidane informs everyone of his plan.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-22-06-027
He plans on attacking all of the shrines at once, hoping to break the seal. In order to do so, he is dropping two members off at each shrine.

Dagger and Eiko are dropped at the water shrine.
Amarant and Freya are dropped at the fire shrine.
Vivi and Steiner are dropped at the wind shrine.
And finally, Zidane and Quina are dropped at the earth shrine.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-55-42-408
Here we get a few quick scenes of how everyone is doing at their shrines.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-55-01-060
It appears some creatures are designated the so called “guardians” of these shrines to protect Terra from intruders.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-56-47-862
Zidane and Quina then fight the earth guardian!
FF9 2018-01-12 19-58-05-131
He honestly wasn’t that bad. If you bring Gaia Gear, which absorbs earth, he is pretty much a cinch.
FF9 2018-01-12 19-57-03-661
I had Quina use Mighty Guard and Bad Breath. Then, he couldn’t touch us. His Thundaga, Blizzaga and Firaga did a small amount of damage, but nothing Auto-Regen couldn’t heal.
FF9 2018-01-12 20-01-45-300
After the fight, everyone regroups. We first head to Treno to check out the auction house and to fight the monster in the equipment shop.
FF9 2018-01-13 13-47-17-336
FF9 2018-01-13 13-48-57-593
The monster was really easy. I probably should have done this fight earlier. Two Thieverys were all it took to the put the monster down. We get another pair of Running Shoes for our trouble.

At the auction house, we snag the Thief Gloves.
FF9 2018-01-13 13-55-24-555
I think it just gives you a better chance at stealing “rare” items from monsters. Sounds great to me!

After that, we turn in the rest of our stellazzio coins. We almost have them all!
FF9 2018-01-13 14-15-44-783
Now, let’s head to this shimmering island, shall we?

As they near, the airship starts to get sucked in!
FF9 2018-01-13 14-16-54-833
FF9 2018-01-13 14-16-56-897
We get a final choice to press on, and everyone jumps into the teleporter!
FF9 2018-01-13 14-19-47-501
As Zidane comes to his senses, “old man” appears and starts speaking in cryptic messages.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-21-25-246
Zidane, still confused, begins to explore Terra.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-24-24-808
Going to the next screen, there is a young girl that runs off, who has a tail just like Zidane!?

Well, Zidane must be from Terra, somehow, then.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-30-07-652
The group follows the mysterious girl until they arrive at some kind of gate, where she says Zidane is “home” and that he needs to offer himself?
FF9 2018-01-13 14-33-36-845
FF9 2018-01-13 14-33-58-410
Just then, we get a view of a ship that starts to take off, and Dagger gets a flash-back of the eye that destroyed her island home!

She then faints and Zidane searches for a place for her to rest.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-33-13-890
Continuing exploring, Zidane finds a town of what basically look like Zidane’s family.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-39-24-892
He then finds a lab where they are creating them? Is Zidane a test-tube-baby-clone-thing!?
FF9 2018-01-13 14-44-24-450
They find an inn and let Dagger rest. Meanwhile, Eiko is trying to find some medicinal herbs to wake up Dagger with, but none of the villagers will talk with her.

That girl that led us here tells her to tell “her man” to meet her at the underground laboratory.

To which Eiko responds, “What a bimbo!” I am really starting to like Eiko, she is hilarious.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-46-48-257
Everyone talks about what to do, when Dagger awakens and says she remembers everything. Madain Sari wasn’t destroyed by a storm, but by that airship.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-47-37-437
Eiko comes in and has a few more choice words about the bimbo girl.

Zidane then heads off to see what she wants.

She takes Zidane through the town, dropping truth bombs on him left and right.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-52-08-528
FF9 2018-01-13 14-52-12-507
FF9 2018-01-13 14-52-28-890
FF9 2018-01-13 14-53-01-179
FF9 2018-01-13 14-53-26-099
FF9 2018-01-13 14-53-43-785
FF9 2018-01-13 14-53-47-041
So Zidane and the “Genomes” are basically souless vessels created by Garland so that all the souls that are sleeping can be reborn into the bodies of the Genomes when Terra overtakes Gaia.
FF9 2018-01-13 14-58-49-050
Pretty heavy stuff. She then leads Zidane to Garland while Eiko and the gang try to hunt Zidane down.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-05-45-244
Zidane steps through a portal and finds himself inside Garland’s place of residence.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-05-01-510
FF9 2018-01-13 15-05-07-487
Here, Garland drops everything on us. He created Kuja and Zidane to sow chaos in Gaia so that he can halt the flow of souls from Gaia and replace it with the souls of the Terra people.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-06-45-013
FF9 2018-01-13 15-10-28-954
But somehow, Zidane became too powerful. Even Kuja rejected his Genome heritage to do his own thing, but he still played into Garland’s plan of causing destruction in Gaia.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-13-32-920
Eventually, we get into a few fights one after another and I wipe on the first one.

Thankfully, this version has a Continue option, so I start right before the battle.

Developers, PLEASE do not do a 30 minute, unskippable cutscene before a bunch of boss fights. At least give the players a chance to save before the fights!

Anyway, the fights, once I figured them out, wasn’t too bad. The first one only had a single strong attack: Horn, which dealt over 1000 damage to a single target.

The fight starts with only Zidane, which is what caused my first wipe. Multiple Horn attacks straight to Zidane’s face equals a very dead Zidane.

After a few rounds, Freya and then Amarant join, thankfully, so we actually stood a chance at winning. Also, I don’t know what is going on with Freya, but she can’t hit for any amount of damage for some reason. Maybe she is just not leveled enough.

With Freya and Amarant in tow, it wasn’t that bad.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-19-21-678
Zidane runs off without Freya and Amarant and gets into another fight, this time with Quina and Steiner facing off against a monster.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-23-13-863
FF9 2018-01-13 15-23-16-131
This one was fairly annoying. It’s Thundaga spell hurt a bit, but it’s High Wind attack is what caused a boat load of damage to the party. Also, Steiner is pretty under-leveled, so he had low HP and no auto abilities to speak of, so he went down pretty fast. Quina spammed White Wind, but it wasn’t enough.

Zidane tranced and managed to finish it off with a Grand Lethal.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-24-27-191
The last fight, Zidane was by himself until Dagger came and helped out. Thank goodness, an actual healer. The Shell Dragon knew an attack called Smash which instantly dropped someone to 1 HP, so healing at the right times were crucial.
FF9 2018-01-13 15-26-59-320
FF9 2018-01-13 15-27-07-229
It went down fairly easily, though.

After the fight, the group tells Zidane that they all look out for each other, and Zidane finally snaps out of his depressive state.

Then we get a chance to save, after all of that.

With the full party now in tow, the group explores to find and end Garland.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-02-53-130
Of course, this place is a literal maze, with tons of horrible monsters, such as the lovely Marlboro, who can cast Osmose and Bad Breath.
There is also a programmable elevator of sorts, where we have to play around with the various settings to get on the right floors to grab all of the chests.

This area also love to inflict Virus, so that is fun.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-08-41-756
Did I mention teleport puzzles?

Eventually, the group makes it to another moogle, thank goodness, before continuing on.

The group finds Garland, who asks Zidane one last time, “who he is.”
FF9 2018-01-13 16-20-56-473
He then sics a Silver Dragon on us!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-21-10-963
The Silver Dragon, thankfully, had a weakness to ice, so Vivi went to town with Blizzaga while everyone else stayed on support.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-23-24-699
It knew some very powerful attacks, however.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-23-44-445
FF9 2018-01-13 16-25-18-290
FF9 2018-01-13 16-26-01-266
Eventually, it goes down and Garland comes out to play next.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-27-47-482
FF9 2018-01-13 16-27-02-049
Garland was pretty mean, with spells like Stop and Flare.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-29-12-306
He also knew Psychokinesis, an attack that did a crap ton of damage.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-26-29-060
It was at this point that I busted out Curaga for the first time.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-33-26-684
Eventually, we manage to take him down after Vivi spammed Water on him.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-33-57-102
With the fight won, Garland gets paralyzed or something from the Invincible and we see Kuja in the cockpit!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-35-01-779
After he floats down, he thanks us for taking care of Garland for him and then fights us!

Kuja was actually pretty easy. He knew Thundaga and Demi, but that was pretty much it.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-39-07-335
I was very adamant on stealing a particular item from him, however. The Light Robe. It teaches some fantastic white magic spells to our healers. Namely Full-Life and Half MP, although I believe only Eiko learns Full-Life. The Auto-Regen is just a bonus at this point, since most of the party has it already learned.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-40-37-283
After a while, we grab it and Vivi starts laying down the smack down with his Water spell. I had him use Focus the entire time Zidane was attempting to steal, so his magic was through the roof by the time he started attacking.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-41-31-762
FF9 2018-01-13 16-41-45-583
FF9 2018-01-13 16-41-48-500
With Kuja down, he flips out and trances!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-41-57-479
FF9 2018-01-13 16-42-00-380
Welp, that’s not good!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-42-10-440
One Ultima was all it took to severely weaken the party and the fight ends.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-42-47-639
FF9 2018-01-13 16-43-01-436
He then starts to explain his plan…
FF9 2018-01-13 16-44-02-146
He kicks Garland off of the platform, but in his final moments, he tells Kuja that he is
mortal and his life will soon end.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-44-38-364
Kuja… Doesn’t take this information very well.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-45-18-004
FF9 2018-01-13 16-45-25-394
FF9 2018-01-13 16-45-38-640
FF9 2018-01-13 16-45-54-151
Kuja then proceeds to completely annihilate Terra!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-50-04-802
FF9 2018-01-13 16-50-07-131
Everyone books it out of there and hops into the Invincible while Dagger and Zidane grab all of the surviving Genomes and loads them on the ship.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-50-21-709
The group speeds through the destruction…

And makes it back to Gaia!
FF9 2018-01-13 16-51-48-773
Once they arrive, they realize that Mist has completely engulfed Terra. Zidane wonders what Kuja is up to.

The group stops by the black mage village and lets the Genomes stay there.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-52-51-542
FF9 2018-01-13 16-53-50-341
They mingle with the locals, although the Genomes are very new to everything.
FF9 2018-01-13 16-55-22-023
With that, the group decides to head to the Iifa Tree to take on Kuja.

But first, we finish up a few side quests!

Join me next time!


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