Dust, modules and monsters! Dungeon of the Endless(GYSCO)

Dungeon of the Endless is a rogue-like game that was released a few years back. It was always on my radar, but I never got around to playing it.
After spending some time on it, I thought it would make a wonderful addition to the GYSCO line of games!

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Friday the 13th: The Game… A flop or a sleeper hit? (GYSCO)

Friday the 13th: The game, a fun mess, but still a mess.

Friday the 13th: The game, after having a very successful kickstarter and backerkit campaign (which I did donate to, as well as took part in the beta) has finally released… But it’s been a very bumpy launch so far, and probably will be in the immediate future as well.

It is another game in the rapidly climbing in popularity, “multiplayer asymmetrical horror” genre.
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One of the best rogue-likes, for free!?(GYSCO)

Anyone who is familiar with the rogue-like genre is aware of the many games out there, some amazing, some really bad.

I, myself am quite a fan of a good rogue-like game. I feel like rogue-likes come with some of the best replayability of almost any other genre.
It’s one of those genres where the games are usually built from the ground up to be played over and over again, trying different classes, races, gear and the like.
Couple that with the usually randomized elements of the game and it can be nearly endless.

Today, I want everyone to check out Tales of Maj-Eyal!
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Best free ARPG game on the market!? (GYSCO)

So, does anyone remember the good old days of Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction for the PC?

I sure do. I spent a majority of my teen years pulling all-night gaming sessions of that game.

D2 is such a nostalgic game for me and at the time, one of my favorite games.
It still remains a very fond memory in my mind of the countless hours spent questing, killing and building characters.
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Games You Should Check Out(GYSCO) -The best zombie game ever?-

Last time on Games You Should Check Out, we talked vampires. Now, let’s talk zombies!

Do you enjoy zombie games?

I do, but in this day in age, where there are just so many zombie games out there, you really have to be picky on which ones you buy.

Most aren’t worth your time anymore, or just don’t offer anything new, repeating the same old thing, time and time again.

Not saying they aren’t good, but really, once you play a zombie game, you have played many of them.

However, there is one zombie game that really has stood out in my mind as one of the top tier zombie survival games I have ever played, perhaps even the absolute best.
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Games You Should Check Out!(GYSCO) -Vampires!?-

So there are a lot of games out. A downright staggering amount.
There are thousands of games I have never played, and I am assuming another thousand that you, the reader, haven’t played as well.

But that is what I love about the gaming community and the power of the internet. Long lost, forgotten games can be talked about, seen, even played, opening up a whole slew of new and old games to play for gamers!

But with this new series, maybe there are some games I can shed some light on that would otherwise be overlooked.

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