Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2017!

Ah, Final Fantasy 5.

This game really stood out to me and stayed in my mind, even as I began to play FF6.

It was one of those games, much like FF1, 3 and especially FF Tactics, where you could think about the different jobs, how they work together, their strengths, weaknesses.

Finding strategies and synergies that force you to sometimes think outside of the box, or sometimes, in the box.

However, FF5 took it and increased by about 10.

The only other FF game that comes to mind is Tactics, which has the same amount of detail. Actually, probably more than FF5, now that I think about it, in its job system.

There is something that has been floating around on the internet for a while, called the Four Job Fiesta.
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Friday the 13th: The Game… A flop or a sleeper hit? (GYSCO)

Friday the 13th: The game, a fun mess, but still a mess.

Friday the 13th: The game, after having a very successful kickstarter and backerkit campaign (which I did donate to, as well as took part in the beta) has finally released… But it’s been a very bumpy launch so far, and probably will be in the immediate future as well.

It is another game in the rapidly climbing in popularity, “multiplayer asymmetrical horror” genre.
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One of the best rogue-likes, for free!?(GYSCO)

Anyone who is familiar with the rogue-like genre is aware of the many games out there, some amazing, some really bad.

I, myself am quite a fan of a good rogue-like game. I feel like rogue-likes come with some of the best replayability of almost any other genre.
It’s one of those genres where the games are usually built from the ground up to be played over and over again, trying different classes, races, gear and the like.
Couple that with the usually randomized elements of the game and it can be nearly endless.

Today, I want everyone to check out Tales of Maj-Eyal!
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